38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-22-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I was watching TV. It is completely beyond me how some can get their jollies by causing trouble for someone else.

    Someday they will be called into account.
    I try to be as nice as possibe, but I know someday, I whll answer to “WHY” a

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  2. Good morning.
    I was hitting the keys for good and on the d, Miss Bosley butted at my hand so she could get to her lap spot and I hit an f instead of a d making it into goof.

    That’s right. She goofed me up. And she is purring about it!

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  3. Just a curiosity. But I was watching TV. It occurs to me that I wouldn’t want to go through childhjood/adolescence with the name “Hunter”.
    It’s hard to imagine that.


  4. It’s a dreary looking day after a night of rain. A strong cold front is suppose to roll in so I need to cover up my mum for a couple of days.

    Glad the prediction for Thanksgiving is for more pleasant weather than this.

    Ut oh, someone’s car horn is blaring in alarm. That can be so embarrassing if one does not quickly get it cut off.


  5. NEGATIVE! We got our Covid tests Saturday and they were negative so we can fly out of the country. My goodness!!!!! It’s gotten really complicated. We had to register with Barbados and we have to have apps on our phones and printed out documents to show. Yikes! Of course, tomorrow afternoon it will be worth it. Good thing I am married to Mr. P who is on top of everything.
    While I am gone, BG will be staying here to take care of the dogs. Please pray for her. She will be ALONE and I want her to use this time to really be alone with herself and figure some things out. So pray that God will reach her while she is alone with herself.

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  6. Chas, i agree on both your comments.

    Why do people “get their jollies causing trouble for someone else?” One case I know involves someone whose mother abandoned her as a child. I think those early wounds like that make some folks want to hurt others as they have been hurt themselves.

    The word hunter is associated with aggression. The name could have been a family name, though, so some people might want to name a child Hunter for that reason.

    Art had a tax client with that last name. If she”d married and had a son then she could have chosen to use that name. It would not have negative connotations for her.


  7. Janice,

    I can beat that. Gemma has already walked across Cheryl’s desk and deleted an email. Then she spilled Cheryl’s coffee on her desk and laptop. Then she jumped to my chair when I got up to assist Cheryl with the mess and watched. It was quite the ruse, spilling coffee and causing mayhem just to steal my already warmed seat.

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  8. Evil. The word needs to be used. We need to have compassion for those who have been abused etc. but not excuse. We need to acknowledge we all have evil impulses at some point in our lives. We need to acknowledge a need for a Savior and a new heart and then learning to walk in the Spirt so that we less and less have that impulse or respond to it. We need to acknowledge that some reject God and walk more and more the way of evil and with the influence of the devil.

    Everything was perfect for Cain, but he murdered Abel. Many people with fabulous life histories do evil. Many people living through horrible life histories do good.

    The bible is clear of the progression of small steps that lead to big evil. We can see it in individual histories of people and in our own lives. We need to acknowledge it and teach it to one another. That is part of being light and salt. That is part of rejecting the philosophies of this world.

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  9. I grew up with animals in the house. 🙂 My mom grew up with animals (cats) in her house in Iowa. My dad grew up on a farm. I think they had dogs but mostly animals were of the farm variety and kept outside.

    An older reporter friend — my first journalism teacher in college who regaled us with tales of covering the Manson trial and landing the first interview with him in jail (he continued calling her, off and on, through the years) — lived on top of the peninsula and inherited a mostly blind horse with the house she bought; she brought the horse into the house one night when it was raining.

    There are animal people and there are non-animal people, I’ve concluded. Some connect, others don’t. Part of it may be upbringing but I wonder if we aren’t just differently hard-wired in that area.

    So it’s Monday again, I see. We’re getting another brief heat spell with dry, desert winds and high temperatures (but chilly nights).

    Looks like I have a port meeting this afternoon and a couple other stories held over from Friday I need to try to finish up or make progress on.

    But coming up will be 5 days off, from Thursday through next Monday.

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  10. Yes! Kathaleena, so true. Absolutely echo your thoughts on that.

    AJ, such a mischievious cat, that Gemma! That makes me forget whatever little thing that Miss Bosley did.

    Miss Bosley is our first ever totally free range indoor cat/creature. It works well in many ways, but there are moments I would prefer her to be outdoors.

    I am cooking a lot of banana blueberry buckwheat pancakes, a triple batch to work for either breakfasts or snacks this week.

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  11. Both Art and I grew up in homes that did not allow animals indoors.

    It is a totally different view of animals and their place in people’s lives.

    Of couse I had an alternative view of the other way in my best friend’s family.

    I spent a lot of time at their home. I even got the keys and had responsibility to care for their dog while they vacationed.

    I took on the difficult job of putting ointment on their pekingese dog’s eye ulcer. I am sure I did not get paid enough!


  12. A 2nd or 3rd cousin of my mom’s once told me about visiting my mom’s Iowa house (they were teens back then).

    She said she noticed a cat early on.

    Then another.

    And another.

    One curled up on the wood stove.

    One curled up somewhere else …

    My grandfather, a gentle and towering man, was a nurseryman by trade, loved trees, birds and most all of nature.

    We only had 1 cat at a time when I was growing up.

    I always wanted a dog but my dad said dogs are for farms, they don’t belong “in the city” — we finally got one when a stray wandered our way and my mom’s efforts at finding the owner never panned out (she really did look); by then we were all attached, of course, so he stayed. After my dad passed away, my mom and I took in a 2nd dog, but we still had a cat.

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  13. And I would argue that mostly people belong on farms. Or at least in the country. And there, they can have dogs and cats and chickens and pigs and cows and steers and horses and llamas and all is good. Even sheep, right?

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  14. This time it turned out well for me. He read that some people weren’t getting in to the spa. So I called and now have a reservation for Wednesday and Saturday.
    I think some of you saw my FB post where one of my agents Venmo-ed me $250 and told me it was to enjoy a well deserved vacation.

    I am packed. All I have to do in the morning is drop my makeup bag in my carry on and go. He is repacking and has decided to take up the extra room in MY suitcase. Oh Lawdee

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  15. My employer, based in Florida, was asking us to register vaccination status by next week. This morning they said we did not have to do that.

    I had been praying about what God would have me do. Rather than just let my rebellious nature be in charge of my response.

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  16. Waiting out a glitch in the livestreamed port meeting where the sound system is getting a repeat echo on everything that’s said by participants; they’re trying to fix it but can’t.

    So we get: ” — Is it fixed? Is it fixed? fixed fixed fixed? No – no no no. Commissioner commissioner?

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  17. I did laundry and made batches of banana blueberry buckwheat pancakes all day long.

    One more load to dry.

    I got the mum covered with a brown paper bag and a plastic bag over that.

    I wore three layers while out walking. It feels like winter in Georgia, cold and without snow. But still not Dog Park Cold!


  18. I cannot imagine what it is like in the dog park now. People milling about with hats and scarves and boots and thermals. Dogs cowering in designer vests and berets and booties. It may be down into the low seventies already.

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  19. They say on TV that Biden refuses to acccept responsibility (didn’t say what, doesn’t matter.). You can’t refuse responsibilit after it has happened. Either he was part of it or not.
    I think he, Biden, is up to his neck.

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  20. I miss the ice-age dog park days. That dog park has been locked up, by the way, ever since the pandemic struck. But there’s a new park on the other side of town that everyone goes to now. I’ve never been although I used to take my former dogs there in the early mornings where a few of us would illegally off-leash (because there was no dog park at all in town back then).

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  21. When I was a child, and we lived in a nice suburban home, my parents insisted that our beautiful half-collie/half-German shepherd Boots could only be in the kitchen, which was tiled, rather than in the carpeted areas. The sad thing about that was that my parents didn’t spend a lot of time outside, except for some in the summer, and every evening they spent the whole evening in the living room watching TV while Boots lied at the doorway from the kitchen to the living room.

    I remember that I would sometimes go and sit there to pet him for a bit. It’s not that my parents didn’t care about him, they just didn’t want him getting the carpet and furniture dirty.

    Then we moved into a different house in a different town, and right off the tiled kitchen there was a tiled family room where we would hang out mostly. So Boots was finally able to spend more time with his people, and we all enjoyed that.

    Sadly, Boots died after only a few months in that house. Mom and Dad felt guilty about the years of his life when he had to spend so much time alone, waiting for someone to go into the kitchen, so the next dog that my parents had, Taffy, was allowed to be on carpet and on furniture and on their bed (as we/they lived in another three homes after that one).

    As I type this, my Heidi is curled up snoozing on the loveseat in my living room, as I sit on the couch. Later, she will accompany me to bed. 🙂

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  22. Btw, my dad was not real happy about watching TV all evening, but that’s what Mom liked to do. So sometimes he would read if he wasn’t interested in a show.

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  23. oh, that is so early to leave, hope you can sleep on the plane

    Just tried to book the commercial flight for my Christmas trip and it was declined. I will try again tomorrow.

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  24. You got prayed for this morning.
    Just by showing up here, you were mentioned.
    Not by name, but God knows.
    Among other things: I am extremely blessed.
    I am all alone now, but I know Elvera is with the Lord.

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