6 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-20-21

  1. 😦 We spent a little time freezing on the front porch visiting with two neighbors who were trying to help get the steer that had fled to the back of our house. It had been all over the yard and across the road earlier. The owner of the steer didn’t respond to my text or message, because he was out hunting, apparently. One of the neighbors saw wolves chasing the herd. He heard them at three in the morning and then used his pick up lights to watch in the field (across the road from his house and next to our house) to watch as the wolves were out and the cattle scattered. The other neighbor had a pony bolt through the electric fence for the same reason. The pony was found in another farmer’s yard a distance away. It is so irritating to hear people supporting more and more wolves or opposing wolf hunting or trapping. They don’t have to worry about being bothered by them; losing cattle etc. or having cattle that scattered out on the roads in the dark.

    One of the neighbor boys hit a horse many years ago and has been paralyzed since.

    I heard from one woman whose son was being circled by wolves while out hunting. This happened to my SIL, years ago, while in a stand. He finally was able to get out and home safely.

    😦 We had a cougar warning too.

    🙂 At least the bears should be sleeping.

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  2. I firmly believe, from Revelation, that God will allow wild animals to become more aggressive and involved with killing people.

    Revelation 6:8 ……..to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

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  3. Predator protection will be an interesting environmental trend to track. We all love wolves (from a distance). But …

    Seems like there is a sensible, middle-road approach that allows for control without extinction.

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  4. Oh dear! And yes many Coloradans voted for the reintroduction of wolves…ugh.
    Our bears are still out and about foraging and messing around on residential properties. They are so confused….and fat! And a rancher a mile down the road warned everyone of a prowling mountain lion last night. They are beautiful animals but can be so dangerous….
    I drove out to Elizabeth and visited with the ladies of the Carriage shoppes…and I found a couple more presents to put in friends Christmas bags….then on to the Big R and found a couple fleece beanies and a Yeti coffee cup for husband. They had the cutest Fraser firs out front and I was so tempted to get one an bring it home but I know all too well how quickly they dry out here..so it was a no go 🌲

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  5. Wolves are wonderful and amazing animals. But… when they threaten livestock and livelihoods they need to be dealt with. They are protected in the national park on which boundary we live, however, if they come out into the provincial lands and harass/kill livestock, they are dealt with appropriately. I do love seeing them gliding through the trees and listening to them howl. But they have plenty of food in the park and have no need to come out and do damage.

    I was followed once in the dark wilderness by a ‘tame’ wolf. I had gone cross country skiing and my binding broke so I was hiking back along the highway (in the dark) and the wolf ‘pet’ came out to me. He followed me at a distance but I tripped over a drift in my driveway and when I fell and then looked back, he was much closer! It kind of freaked me out even though we had met and petted him many times. Even ‘pet’ wolves are wild animals and very unpredictable. I did enjoy watching him hunt ground squirrels from my kitchen window. Wait, I was watching from the kitchen window as he hunted outside. :). He also stole our son’s winter boots from our garage once.

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  6. We’ve had wolf/dog hybrids in our neighborhood (and at the dog park)l They can be unpredictable, was the caution I’ve heard.


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