13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 11-13-21

  1. 🙂 Isn’t snow just the most marvelous thing? To make something like that to cover over a whole lot of gray, insulate the earth and feed the soul with beauty is so remarkable. Simple elements combined to do that is amazing. It just makes me praise God all the more.

    😦 Well, I wasn’t so happy that we missed out on some of the wonderful Veteran’s Day deals and meals because of not wanting to be on slippery roads. OTOH, we are fortunate to be able to remain inside on many of those days.

    🙂 A woman went into a ditch filled with water in our area and was saved by four lineman who had to break her window to get her out. Grateful she was saved and for those who are about and about keeping power to our homes and the roads cleared etc.

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  2. Nice visit in Moscow yesterday. Good to see my stepmom feeling like herself. She had one of those infections but got that treated and is back to sparkling with love and good humor. My dad is as ornery as ever. In a pleasant way.

    We talked about our backpacking trips and I asked how he managed to not lose me. One trip, I recall us heading down the creek to go fishing and I was left by myself in my stretch. I loved it at the time, just as he suspected. But in retrospect, I wondered how I could not get lost as I do not have any direction finder in me. He said they left me alone, but not in a way to get lost. In other words, stay by the creek, while he went one way and my brothers the other, leaving me surrounded. I started going on the backpack trips when I was eleven. It is a wonder I survived. But they are all pretty good in the woods.

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  3. Maybe a bigger wonder is how I managed to take eleven children (my four and four nephews and two nieces?) camping out in the mountains and did not lose any.

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  4. Thank you all. Barney had a good life. He did what he was designed to do. And he was a lot of fun. We were expecting it for the past few months. He got old fast but he was always up for grabbing a mouse or a small bird. Sadly, chickens were of more interest than mice for the past few years. We will miss him, we are glad we had him for the time we did. Lots of good Barney stories. Our favorite was watching him pounce on the mice through the snow. A killing machine.

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  5. Nightingale’s dog Janie seems to have a killer instinct of some sort. She managed to grab and kill a baby groundhog one day when Boy let her out without putting her on the tether. Another time, she grabbed my neighbor’s miniature poodle by the neck and shook her.

    Fortunately, little Phoenix was not harmed, but boy-oh-boy was she terrified! She will no longer walk past our driveway on her own. Denise has to pick her up and carry her if she is taking her up to the school bus stop.

    Phoenix is named Phoenix because she has already “risen from the ashes”. As a stray (I think), she had been hit by a car, and had to have a leg amputated. My neighbors took her in some time after that, and gave her her current name.

    Hey! Maybe she’s really a shaggy, barky cat, and is using up her nine lives? Seven more to go!


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