14 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-11-21

  1. And we’re off…..

    Vax You, part 1…..


    “Might he spread the disease to other players? Sure. As with many other diseases from time immemorial. But the vast majority of NFL players have been vaccinated, so that risk mostly reflects the fact that the vaccines aren’t very effective at stopping the virus from spreading.

    Pressure on those who have not been vaccinated to get the shot, coming mostly from the Left, has become crazed even as evidence mounts that the vaccines, unfortunately, don’t work as well as expected. You can see that from the CDC’s chart showing daily trends in new covid infections. When the vaccines first became widely available around the beginning of 2021, covid cases were about to peak. New cases declined rapidly after that, presumably due in part to the vaccines, but also to the natural ups and downs of the disease. Beginning in late summer, cases rose sharply again, reaching another peak in September. This would not have happened if the vaccines had been as effective as advertised:

    Currently the CDC says that 78.6% of Americans have received at least one shot of an anti-covid vaccine, but at the moment cases appear to be rising again.

    At Healthy Skeptic, Kevin Roche comments:

    [I]t might be helpful if we had vaccines that appeared to actually make a difference in terms of reducing the number of cases and the rate of spread. The current ones don’t appear to do that for any length of time. It might also be helpful if a vaccine limited serious disease in the elderly who are most at risk. …
    Part of the problem is our continued absurd testing regimens where we constantly are testing people who have no symptoms. The inevitable result is lots of low and false positives and disruption of the lives of people who likely are not infectious. It is also pretty clear, as noted above, that the vaccines aren’t keeping people from getting infected, at least according to the definition of infected used in our over-sensitive tests. So no matter what the public health “experts” say, we are headed to an epidemic of the vaxed. Vaccinating more and more people isn’t a long run exit plan.

    Experience indicates that the vaccines are useful primarily for limiting the severity of breakthrough infections, not for limiting the spread of the disease. But that puts vaccines squarely in the category of self-interest. If people think getting vaccinated is the best bet for their own health, as I do, great. But there is little or no argument for forcing them to get vaccinated for the sake of someone else’s well-being.

    Which brings us to Joe Biden’s new OSHA rule (an “Emergency Temporary Standard”) requiring all employers of 100 or more people to, in turn, require their employees to be vaccinated or undergo constant covid testing. This rule Emergency Temporary Standard raises at least two separate legal issues: first, does it lie within the constitutional authority of the federal government, and second, is it authorized by the OSHA statute?”


    And part 2….


    “I wrote here about the fact that, unfortunately, the anti-covid vaccines do not reliably stop those who get them from either contracting or spreading covid. This negates the argument in favor of vaccine mandates and passports, since the real benefit of a vaccine is in reducing the severity of infection, not in preventing its spread to others.

    But data released yesterday by the Minnesota Department of Health cast doubt on the effectiveness of the vaccines, even as to those who receive them. For the week ending November 8, 111 out of 168 newly announced “covid deaths”–66%–were among the fully vaccinated. Likewise, 347 out of 883 hospital admissions for covid (or with covid)–39%–were of the fully vaccinated. (Via Healthy Skeptic.) There is nothing unique about Minnesota, so I assume that these numbers are being replicated, more or less, elsewhere.

    Here in Minnesota, our state government is relentlessly pressing everyone to be vaccinated, including small children. The state is offering $200 to kids who get vaccinated, and entering them in a lottery to win $100,000 in college scholarships. Given how little effect covid has on children–possibly less, in some cases, than the vaccines themselves–this is madness. But the machine of state rolls on, demanding that all of us be vaccinated even as the case for mandatory vaccination has fallen apart, and the prudential case for vaccination grows weaker.

    A final point: watch for leftists like Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to tell us that the number of vaccinated “covid deaths” should be disregarded because the vast majority of those people didn’t actually die on account of covid. They died of cancer, fatal accident, etc., and coincidentally tested positive for covid. The same with hospitalizations.”


    But when we pointed out the same co-morbidities about counted Covid deaths under Trump, we were anti-science conspiracy nuts.

    Nice to see them coming around to reality.

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  2. This is why you can’t take these clowns too seriously….


    So what’s changed, other than the color of the defendant?

    Reverse racism is still racism clown.






  3. The stupid…..

    It hurts…

    That is exactly the time you want a gun morons.



  4. They don’t care what you think or want, their agenda is all that matters.







  5. I watched a whole lot of the trail and was very surprised at the testimony that varied so much with what has been shown in the news. To have people in office talk in such an irresponsible way is terrible. I really don’t care what their party affiliation is; it is a violation of ‘do unto others.’ It is especially hypocritical of those who claim to love others and do justice. It is also the reason there is so little trust for the media in general.

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  6. But the media hacks in the MSM are strangely silent…..

    See above, this guy has the wrong ideology too, so off with his head….

    The media sucks at this journalism thing….


  7. Unless of course it’s their favorite kind of journalism, yellow journalism.

    That’s their specialty.

    “Anatomy of a media hit job — how press pushed Clinton’s lies against Trump”


    “Russiagate has fallen apart, with special counsel John Durham exposing the notorious Steele Dossier as a collection of lies and made-up stories. But you wouldn’t know it by reading most of the media, which have mostly ignored the story.

    More importantly, they haven’t faced up to their own part in pushing this witch hunt. Relying on one anonymous source — ex-British spy Christopher Steele — they spun a supposed conspiracy between Donald Trump and Russia. But they never revealed the fact that Steele was being paid by Hillary Clinton’s campaign for opposition research, and they never examined Steele’s sources, who were unreliable or nonexistent.”


    “The media’s coverage of the Trump campaign, fueled by the Steele Dossier, finds a Russian under every bed. But in the end, little comes of it. Michael Flynn is fired as national security adviser after media outcry over his pre-inaugural conversations with the Russian ambassador, but such outreach is typical of incoming administrations. Papadopoulos pleads guilty to one count of making false statements to the FBI, with no suggestion that he worked with the Russians. Carter Page, despite months of wiretaps, is not charged. The most serious charges are against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, but are entirely related to tax and bank fraud with his own businesses.In the end, the Mueller report finds no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The dossier is debunked. Yet these stories remain unflagged by Twitter or Facebook. The headlines are still there.”


    They’re garbage.


  8. He’s not wrong…..



  9. Being a hack means never admitting you were wrong, and lied, and spread false info…

    And where have all the lying Never-Trumpers gone?

    “Dishonest press go dark on discredited dossier designed to divide and destroy

    It’s easy to forget just how much the legacy press freaked out about Trump and Russia”


    “Turns out that even when you say something is made of Steele, it still falls apart.

    The media built four years of “Russia, Russia, Russia” with the Steele dossier. The press claimed President Donald Trump was a Russian “asset” or “agent.” Several outlets used the fancy Russian word “kompromat,” meaning he was compromised because they had dirt on him—including the media obsession with the so-called “pee tape.”

    Journalists loved the idea of throwing mud at the man who called them “fake news,” even if every allegation proved Trump right.

    Then the Russian narrative collapsed.

    The “primary researcher” for the dossier, Igor Danchenko, was “charged with lying to the FBI about his sources,” wrote The New York Times. The paper described the dossier as “a compendium of rumors and unproven assertions suggesting that Mr. Trump and his 2016 campaign were compromised by and conspiring with Russian intelligence officials to help him defeat Hillary Clinton.”

    It sure got a lot of coverage given that description.

    A year after the presidential election, it’s easy to forget just how much the legacy press freaked out about Trump and Russia—every report designed to undermine his presidency and prevent a second term.

    The airwaves were filled with stories. ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs devoted 2,634 minutes in two years. That’s more than 100 minutes a month.

    Print was just as bad. The Washington Post lists more than 900 Trump and Russia stories from the date of his election. The paper ran just three pieces since the story fell apart—and only one admitting the media’s responsibility.

    The whole conspiracy was just like one of those Russian dolls, but with lies hidden within other lies. The Steele dossier was designed to destroy a presidency, even if it crushed what little credibility the traditional media had left. Sure, this latest news doesn’t erase every Russia story of the last five-plus years. Just most of them, and guts many others.

    The problem now is the dossier was disproven and few in the press are honest enough to admit it. If they do admit it, many couldn’t care less.

    Because it worked. Journalists swept their lies under the rug. The broadcast network evening news shows didn’t report the fall of Steele whatsoever for five straight nights. They’d be more likely to report on Danielle Steel than this.”


    They are an enemy of the people.

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  10. In response to yesterday’s posts by Tychicus about luciferase:

    “COVID vaccines do not contain luciferase, and the chemical is not named after any of the versions of Lucifer that have dotted human stories since pre-Christian times. Rather, the name is taken from the Latin meaning of “lucifer,” which is “light bearer.” Luciferases are enzymes that act on high-energy molecules in animals like fireflies. The released energy from this breakdown gives these animals their glow, or bioluminescence.
    This unexpected focus on bioluminescence offers a teachable moment about how researchers have borrowed these enzymes to use as lab tools, including in animal studies of some COVID vaccines.”


    There are many more pieces also debunking the luciferase rumor.


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