53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-10-21

  1. Good morning. I just finished online Bible study. We are soon to finish Exodus.

    I only felt the touch a cold on Monday so I feel thankful for that quick departure.

    Weather lady said high in the seventies for today and to enjoy it while we can. The pleasant weather will be gone by tomorrow. I need to consider what I should work on outdoors.

    I am watching/listening to a children’s book summit all week and need to listen again to parts and take notes. It’s free for 48 hours or attendees can pay $79 for lifetime access.

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  2. Morning! Pretty photo up there!
    It’s a go nowhere kind of day for me…hurray! I will read some and work on my stitching projects. I might even tackle my painting the laundry room project. A work in progress… 🎨
    Tomorrow I have an appt for an annual physical…I always think I’ll probably come home with something being exposed to others at a doctor’s office!

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  3. Enjoying hearing fifteen play the piano. I am not a musician and can not really help them much with music but did buy them some books and helped them get started. They have carried it through. I am certain a piano teacher could find room for improvement but there is not one available to us so we are just enjoying.

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  4. I did my little outdoor projest of taking out all the scraggles left from the blanket flower crop. I also broke off a dead part of a shrub that now needs cutting up with a saw. I think I need to cut down the two parts it was between and plant something new perhaps. Sad to see them go since they have been here from before I was here. Another project for snother day.

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  5. I do not know if it is connected though I suspect so, but fifteen is now able to spell. Not something he could do before as he saw no purpose or rhyme or reason to it.

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  6. Mumsee, that is so good – both the music and the spelling.

    We have had about 5″ of snow in the last two hours and it’s still coming down. The drive to work was interesting. Very thankful for winter tires and all wheel drive (not to mention heated seats and warm interior)

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  7. Our water outlook is bleak again this year.

    It’s a phone calls, some writing and finding stories day for me today. I have to try to connect with the media office for the secretary of Navy.

    We’re getting up to 70 degrees today — ad into the mid 80s for Thursday and Friday, or so they’re telling us. The nights and mornings ae still chilly.

    I’ll have to call “someone” about the electrical issues in the garage today. Maybe it’ll be quicker and easier than I anticipate.

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  8. This is part of the park where we had our walk the other day. There are two disk golf courses. One is in the woods, this one is open grass.

    AJ- Did you get the Pigskin email? I sent it late last night.

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  9. Yay Kare has snow!! Just a tad bit jealous! ⛄️
    I love poppies!!! And I need to get some Christmas stamps…wreaths and winter berries sound lovely!!

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  10. I used to get numbers showing up on my TV screen. But I eventually ditched the land line (which was what was connected digitally to the TV service at that time).

    Now everything comes on my cell. I also will let unrecognized phone numbers “go.” If it’s legit, they’ll leave a voicemail.

    The cell service also can id and tag some calls as “Spam Risk” so those are always ignored.

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  11. My phone rings at times, but not out loud as the sound is turned off. But I don’t often answer. Most of my children know not to call without texting to let me know they are calling so I will pay attention. And nobody can leave a voice mail as that is not set up. But no important calls ever come my way, I only give out husband’s number.

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  12. Texting is pretty great. I just texted the Real Electricians and they called me in a heartbeat. They’re on their way over now. Must be a slow day.

    A fish has yanked on the line.

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  13. If it’s legit, they’ll leave a voicemail.

    The problem is when it’s a robo call and leaves a voicemail. What I do with an unknown number is answer and hang up right away so I don’t have to go to voicemail. Plus, I’m getting a lot of calls now that I’m 64 about Medicare plans. Ugh!

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  14. Medicare is a maze, there’s no understanding it.

    And blocking numbers is good — except, the same pitch will come through just using another number later. But yeah, I hang up on robocalls calls if I accidentally answer them, but easier to deal with just deleting a vm later.

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  15. only 6:30am here. I have begun to read My Utmost for His Highest again. Does anyone remember the date of Oswald’s death? I remember that Michelle said that that day had a meaningful message, as they all are.

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  16. I went to the eye doctor yesterday here. I didn’t even know we had one. She gave me the most thorough exam I have ever had. Even dilated my eyes twice. And I learned a lot as I mentioned things and she would tell me what could be causing them. Very interesting. and she said that she would write it up for me as my auditory memory isn’t as good.

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  17. Dilating eyes is not pleasant, I’ve had a couple appointments lately that involved that. Things get complicated.

    Real Electricians charged $142. Very cheap, problem was isolated and figured out quickly, an “arcing” cable that ran from the back of the house to the garage.

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  18. Beautiful fall scenery in the header. A very nice place for a stroll.

    I have a small walnut tree that has turned that brilliant yellow. I have been trying to get a good shot when the late sun shines on and through it.

    I listened to my friend Florence’s brother, a pastor, doing an online study using the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. He is doing the study Sunday afternoons. Since she is 91, I guess he is in his late 80s. They lost their sister to Covid so it is nice he is doing that for all the many who have had more than the usual number of losses in the past couple of years.

    I also listened to Dr. David Jeremiah while I did the dishes. He is doing a series on Biblical prophecy based on his new book Where Do We Go Ftom Here?

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  19. I have been on the line for 25 minutes thus far trying to make an annual appt with a different doctor. At first the message said my wait time would be 10 minutes…after 15 minutes it said less than 5 minutes…now it is saying my estimated wait time will be more than 10 minutes…is it any wonder no one wants to go to the doctor?!! And that annoying music they play over and over and over while waiting!! (I told him last year that I am being held hostage for being prescribe my estrogen…no visit, no estrogen…I am just about ready to call it a day and take myself off of these pills!!)


  20. I will try to make the pear and lentil salad a little later. I found a video or several showing ways to effectively get the seeds out of a pomegranite without making a big mess. They make it look so easy. We’ll see if I can do a good imitation. It has to be better than my eggs on the floor no matter what! Art gets potato salad for dinner which I don’t eat.


  21. dj, we probably take the same amount of vitamin d as my pills are just 1000.
    The eye doc asked me what I took and then asked if I took any omega 3. I was unsure and then remembered that I take fish oil, yup, that is what she meant.
    I upped it this morning to see if it helps with the knee pain. I noticed before that not taking fish oil showed that I have some arthritis.

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  22. Seriously: One og of the things I am thankful for is that at 91 years, I have no serious problems. Vision. But otherwise I am in excellent health.
    Problem is: Vision. You will have to tolerate some errors, like above, because fixing them is more trouble than the original mistake.

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  23. Still doing school here. Daughter is working with her microscope in biology. Son is catching up on a reading/writing assignment. Me? I am supervising so it does not turn into play time.

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  24. Kim, I hope you see this. That salad, Lentils and Pears, is marvelous. I had to slightly tweak it like using walnuts for pecans and left out the feta. I put a whole small pear instead of a half, etc. I loved the pomegranate in it. It had a great crunch and the lentils almost blended in with the dressing so they tasted great in it. Thank you for a winning healthy recipe.❤🥰


  25. So I am up at 2 on my day off because I went to bed about noon. I have a batch of Chinese plum sauce simmering on the stove. It has been one of the projects I started but have not finished. I have a gallon of white peaches that I worked up last week that will be made into jam. I hope to work up the last of the garden tomatoes by either canning or turning them into green tomato mincemeat. My goal is to get all of the canning DONE and out of the kitchen. I am tired of boxes of both full and empty canning jars. It will make so much more room and my hubby will be happier. I have 5 more days off before I start an 8 day run. I am trying to make hay before the sun shines.

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