Prayer Requests 10-14-21

It’s Thursday, so don’t forget to pray for Jo, her students, and the people of PNG.

Anyone else?


Psalm 67

May God be gracious to us and bless us
    and make his face shine on us—
so that your ways may be known on earth,
    your salvation among all nations.

May the peoples praise you, God;
    may all the peoples praise you.
May the nations be glad and sing for joy,
    for you rule the peoples with equity
    and guide the nations of the earth.
May the peoples praise you, God;
    may all the peoples praise you.

The land yields its harvest;
    God, our God, blesses us.
May God bless us still,
    so that all the ends of the earth will fear him.

10 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 10-14-21

  1. As you may know, actor William Shatner (Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk) had a quick trip into space yesterday morning as the oldest person (at age 90) to travel into space. Here’s a quote from him after landing:

    “What you have given me is the most profound experience,” the actor said as he disembarked. “I hope I never recover from this. I hope that I can maintain what I feel now. I don’t want to lose it.”

    I am praying that he will soon find that sense of transcendence in worshiping and following Jesus.

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  2. My dear Nightingale seems to be burning the candle at both ends these days. She works fulltime, is doing college part-time, raising her son and dealing with things in his life, and doing all the various duties that an adult has, such as paying bills and trying to keep her part of the house in order (which she admits she is not too good at right now), AND she has a couple dates each week.

    She has not been up to her usual decorating for the seasons (which she used to love to do), and is even losing interest (due to time constraints) in the cooking and baking she used to love to do. She also says that she always has what she describes as “anxiety in the background”, which occasionally comes to the foreground, especially at night when she should be sleeping.

    Speaking of sleeping, she often shorts herself on sleep to get in her studying late at night, and she also tends to have insomnia even when she does get to bed at a decent time (which seems related to that low-level anxiety feeling worse in the nighttime).

    It is her life, so I can’t tell her what to do, and if I did, she would continue to do things her way anyway and resist any advice I might give. (Yes, she is aware of this trait in herself – to resist my suggestions or advice – and knows that it is not a good trait.)

    I am praying for some wisdom and guidance for her on how to loosen up her schedule/routine a bit, such as maybe only having one date per week. But most of all, I pray that she will finally throw herself at the feet of Jesus, and let Him be her Burden-Bearer, the One she can cast her cares upon. One of my prayers has been that once she is finally saved, her background anxiety and her insomnia will vanish, or at least diminish noticeably.

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  3. I saw that quote yesterday from Shatner, Kizzie. It did, indeed, sound optimistic that he momentarily goyf past himself to realize Aha! Something bigger than self! Maybe I should take a second look (my interpretation which could lead him to Jesus).

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  4. Kizxie, my son does not have near the personal level responsibilities as Nightingale, but I think he has the professional responsibilities of his work along with writing articles for publication, and preparing to present his work at conferences, etc. that means he probably works near eighty hour weeks. He has asked for prayer for rest. It has been a long time since he, like the rest of my family, has had a true vacation. Prayers for Nightingale and all of us.🙏

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  5. My folks are touring a ‘home with care’ right now. Please pray that they will be accepted to live there. The decision will be made this afternoon.

    It’s a lovely place and stepmom’s sister and her husband live there and are enjoying it.

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  6. Pray for the children as we adapt to these further constraints. I was so flustered at recess and God just told me to slow down. I gave them a longer centre time and the day just got peaceful. So praise and prayer for wisdom.

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