62 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-14-21

  1. I hope everyone is feeling better today than yesterday.

    When I made the comment about Shatner yesterday, I admit to being totally ignorant that it was only a ten minute trip. I thought it would be for some days in space. I did not realize it was like the ultimate in amusement rides. Obviously my not watching much news coupled with lack of reading news has left me vulnerable to seeming to have illogical thinking. Now I know and will have to work around this new revelation about my situation.

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  2. Our days will be warming up with the dry east-to-west winds (blowing desert air out to the coast instead of our usual cool and moist onshore marine breezes flowing in the opposite direction). But that also means cold nights. I need to get the floor register cleaned out this weekend, it gets really packed with pet hair shed throughout the year and I didn’t clean it last year, which was not like me. I think the pandemic caused a few things just to be “missed” in the normal routine. But it’s getting time to get that heater ready to use. Brr.

    Today I drop the dogs off early at the vet, I need to leave in about 30 minutes and will have to get them into the car, one at a time, here shortly. Things that used to be easy with and for them are now complicated.

    I emailed a 1-page note (which I’ll also hand off to the vet tech today in a hard copy) about how each dog is doing, concerns, questions, etc. Hoping the vet will be able to give me an assessment for where each is at right now. Both are struggling, but I don’t *think* we’re quite to the end yet with Cowboy. Hoping Tess has even more time, but she’s overdue for a checkup.

    Then I need to be back here for a 10 a.m. assignment that’ll keep me busy all day — but I’ll have to finish that all up by 4 at the latest so I’ll have time to head back to pick the dogs up before they close at 5. Afternoon traffic is always heavy.

    I didn’t catch much about the trip to space yesterday but am glad for Shatner, it all seemed to go well and it was quite the experience for him — and fun for all his longtime fans to see, I’m sure. I wasn’t a Star Trek fan, but it had quite an impact on the culture during my younger years. One of my high school girlfriends had quite the crush on Leonard Nimoy.

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  3. (AJ, the article link may be of interest to you concerning Covid Long Haulers.)

    I did not do the coffee yesterday, but made it today. So far, good.

    I read an article about how Covid and the vagus nerve work together to bring change to some people’s taste and smell.

    I have known for years that I have an over active vagus nerve. It can cause me to faint when I vomit. I think that is the culprit with the coffee aversion.

    I found a short article about Long Haul Covid and some things that long haulers might do with vagus nerve stimulation to help with lingering symptoms:


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  4. Our heat went on this morning for the first time this season. It took me a minute to remember what it was–and then I went hunting to see if I left any windows open!

    45 degrees right now as I prepare for my walk. It’s supposed to be 75 after lunch. That’s California in the fall!

    The paper today commented that this is the first time in two years the vineyards are having a simple harvest–as in no fire to worry about. Of course, there is drought, but that often makes the grapes sweeter.

    This morning I thought about how lovely it has been to not feel threatened this fall. “Wow, Lord, no fires! What a blessing.”

    Then I remembered the Sierras have been ravaged.

    So, while California continues to burn, I’m thankful we have been spared.

    But everyone offers the qualifier, so far.

    An arsonist lit four fires in town yesterday within an hour. They got him pretty quickly.

    We’re praying for rain, the start of the season, next week.

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  5. Other than the fall colors in most trees right now, we are greener than we have been all summer. My husband hardly had to mow at all. Lots of leaves on the ground right now, but they are wet. The weekend is supposed to be a good one to get some of the winter prep done outside. This is later than normal. I am not complaining.

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  6. Morning! Frost on everything this morning with crisp breezes in this high 20’s temp! Brrrr (the fireplace was on as we sipped on our coffee in the family room!) snow predicted for this evening with a possible two inches…hey…we’ll take it! ⛄️
    I let the neighbor’s doggie out this morning and he was happy with the cooler temps…I am his human for the next five days and he doesn’t seem to mind it at all
    Bible study this afternoon which has been a bit overwhelming for me…16 ladies cramped around tables…I may just zoom the study after today but our leader wanted to carpool today which causes more uneasiness for me as I feel as though I am held captive! Prayer appreciated that I might get through it! 🙃

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  7. Dropped the dogs off but it was a process as they already had folks in the parking lot and the vet literally was jogging car to car, person to person. He said they’d gotten a lot of emergencies already that day as he passed by me once.

    The vet tech told me I should plan to pick them up by 4:30. My 10 a.m. news conference will likely go until noon then I’ll have a fairly major story to write (supply chain again). I told him I’d do my best. He reiterated “4:30.”

    There are so many tugs and pulls on my days right now, I feel like I just can’t always juggle it well.

    And the house is quite chilly, I won’t turn the heater (which is old) on until I get that register/vent cleaned and a new filter put in, a task that I’ll need at least an hour to do — so not until Saturday.

    I also have a pulled or tweaked muscle behind the left side of my neck/shoulder this morning, guess I either slept weird or it was the long day yesterday at the computer and on the phone.

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  8. It’s 57 degrees inside my house at 9:45 a.m. — The weather is supposed to warm up today but meanwhile i’m bundled in a heavy, hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, and wool socks.


  9. Good morning!

    Cold night last night.

    We are working on canning. I have 2 grands here helping. We also have 4 sacks of Chile 2 work up. 2 green and 2 wet red.


  10. Nancy J.
    (I started,in fact, posted and deleted some wise remark that could be misinterpreted. When in doubt don’t. When it’s posted it’s up there forever.


  11. How can y’all have such cool temps. The news said we’ll be near record highs (today or tomorrow) around 87 degrees. I am all about short sleve shirts over tank tops. Off and on, off and on, depending on what I am doing.

    I went to Dollar Tree early and bought $35.00 worth of stuffings for Operation Christmas Child boxes. I guess that would be 35 items. Wow! My first time in a dollar store for about two years. I also bought a few items at Marshalls. Since I always shopped early in such stores before, it seemed like old times with few competitors in the aisles. Isn’t shopping considered a competitive sport?


  12. But it’s also a name that likely will “date” a generation of folks. I wouldn’t foresee it becoming a standard name, long-term, but maybe one that comes in and out of popularity.

    Why are there no Edith’s anymore? Or Mable’s?


  13. The man I share an office with has a 5-ish year old daughter named Edith.
    A friend was telling me the other day that it would be funny when Shatner landed if the first people he saw were wearing Planet of the Apes costumes. He would have probably thought it was hilarious.

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  14. So what are you up to Kim?
    My friend Leslie’s (she died February of 2018) is getting married Saturday. I had lunch with the Navy Wives, the bride and Leslie’s mother yesterday. Lunch turned into dinner, and dinner turned into more. I left for lunch yesterday at 12:30 and got home at 9. The three of them work so seamlessly, and effortlessly together.
    It will be the first time the Wives meet the stepmother. I had my own bad experiences with her back the Summer of 2018. The last words I said to the bride’s father was: “I love you but I don’t do middle school drama”. Suddenly I was blocked from everything. I am a little nervous about seeing him. He still seems to be under the new wife’s spell.
    Anyway, the Navy Wives are doing brunch Saturday for the bride and bridesmaids so I am doing breakfast for the groom and groomsmen since the groom is from Ohio and who knows where the rest of them are from. Two of the grooms”men” are women and two are vegetarian. I can make that work
    I met the mother of the groom via FaceTime Tuesday and met her in person yesterday. She is a lovely woman.

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  15. I know someone with the last name Hunter. Sometimes peole use a name like that from family ties for their babies (like my cousins who named their boy Keller from Pastor Tim Keller).


  16. Hunter is a pretty popular name right now.

    Interesting how popular names change throughout the years. Recently, I said something to Nightingale about “common” boys’ names like Bill, John, and Bob, and Nightingale replied, “Mommy, no one names their kids those names anymore.” Oh.


  17. As for weather, we’ve been having a fairly warm October, for Connecticut. It starts out pretty chilly, then gets up into the upper 60s or low-to-mid 70s.

    Right now, I have windows open and am in short sleeves. But as evening comes on and the sun goes down, it will chill off again. Supposedly this weather will last the rest of this week, and then the temps will go down. The forecast high for Sunday is 60, which is still relatively warm, but better than in the 70s.

    Last year at this time, I was so cold each day, because our rule in the house is that we don’t turn on the heat until November, even though October can get cold.


  18. I normally don’t start using my heater until November, but the nights and mornings have been chilly.

    After the virtual news conference I finished the story sooner than I thought, so it’s a relief knowing I’ll be able to get the dogs in time before they close. They’re doing more testing on Cowboy’s skin rash, he will be sent home with antibiotics and maybe an anti-fungal product, depending on what further testing shows. We’re up to $600+ so far just for him. They hadn’t gotten to Tess yet when they called.

    But the dogs have been so uncomfortable, Tess also has itching on her tummy that anti-kitchen spray hasn’t helped. Groomer comes Tuesday, at last, and vet is also sending home a medicated shampoo for them to use on Cowboy.

    I’m washing his bedding now.

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  19. I really missed out on being one(A Navy Wife) but here I am. :). I’ve Little Miss who isn’t feeling very well right not. She has a throw up bug. She has been attached to me today.
    Michelle, I really do want R to have happiness. Everyone has agreed that if anything gets out of hand we will leave rather than engage. Daughter will have at least 5 “mothers” there. One is her godmother who was also Leslie’s best friend. They talked every day no matter where they were. When they were in the same place they raised their children together.
    One of the Wives made an Italian soup. Rioliita? Oh my. That’s what was for dinner last night. My job on that was I saved the bread for burning.

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  20. Shirt sleeves and open window here, as well. It is over forty outside, maybe forty two. But inside, it is close to eighty two. Son got a little heavy on the firewood in the stove. I thought he was trying to cook us. He was perplexed when I said to open the window.

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  21. The problem for me, though, is that it has also been humid. We currently have 72% humidity. I’m over it. This is October in New England. Start acting like it, Weather!

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  22. Mumsee – In a former apartment, when Hubby would get up in the wee hours of the morning in the winter, he would crank the heat up to 80, thinking that somehow that would make it warm up quicker as he got ready for the day. Of course, it did not.

    Then he would leave for work, forgetting to turn it back down. I would wake up to a hot apartment, which I did not appreciate. But I think he only did that for a period of time, and then realized it wasn’t really helping him, so stopped.

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  23. We have also had the no heat till November rule, but I am freezing. We need to move the box of apples a figure out where the cat box needs to live, as we acquired the cat after we stopped burning the stove in the spring.

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  24. For anyone intetested in an informed presentation and discussion of CRT, it starts at 7 p.m. EST.

    My lecture tonight on “Critical Race Theory: A Critical Analysis” can be accessed via Zoom using the link below. (This will not be a Facebook Live event as indicated in the last email.) Please share this with anyone else who you think is interested in logging in for this presentation.

    Of course, you can also join us live and in-person at the Cobb County Republican Party headquarters at 799 Roswell Street in Marietta, directly across from Roswell Street Baptist Church.

    I hope to see you either in-person or “virtually”.

    Thank you.

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  25. It’s warm outside now, in the low/mid 70s, with 37% humidity. We don’t get a lot of humidity, thankfully (as I find it so hard to tolerate). But I’m still in my sweatshirt inside where it’s now up to 71 degrees (but it tends to be cooler in the back of the house where I have my work station).

    Tess had fleas so that probably explains her itching. None on Cowboy, though, which reminds me of that old Far Side cartoon — fleas are walking on the back of an old dog with thinning, sparse fur, holding up signs that read “The End is Near!”

    The dogs (and fleas) will be ready to be picked up at the end of the day. We have a new flea medication to use now.

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  26. It’s 31 degrees here and heading to 21 tonight…lightly snowing. The pine needles are covered in snow and it appears to be winter tonight. 🎄
    I drove home from Bible study leader’s home on slush covered roads and a couple inches of accumulated snow on my car…singing jingle bells!!

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  27. The humidity got up to 90% and I put a couple air conditioners on. I will let them dehumidify the house until I go to bed, then turn them off and leave the windows closed. Although I might leave my bedroom ac on for some time after that, because the temps are not going down as quickly tonight as they had been. (Since I get up in the middle of the night – twice – to go to the bathroom, I can turn it off then.)

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