101 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-9-21

  1. Good Morning Everyone. I am off today to do a FaceTime showing of a house. I had intended to stay home today and clean my nasty house. I am going to have to clean it at some point, I just don’t know when it will be.

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  2. It’s a dreary day out there.
    Rain won’t fall
    Sun won’t shine
    Just dreary.
    No cars passing by because it’s Saturday
    I am the ony personleft in the world
    Except for some on TV

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  3. Okay, that is done. Got my walk in. Now another at noon and then the bike in the afternoon. Blood pressure is back to very good. Thanks for praying. Weird anomaly.

    Children are off to their karate tournament. Daughter is off to her worker’s but is very angry and does not think she likes going there. The lady is very nice.

    Husband is coming down with something. But keeps on going.

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  4. I don’t think Fox cares, unless you have a smart TV. Your computer, on the other hand, keeps much closer watch.

    Now, the Chinese may be keeping an eye on you through that tv.


  5. Like mumsee, I have chores. I’ve been a slug on the past couple weekends, but today I must get to it. Everywhere in the house needs work. I’ve started by cleaning out the tub and ‘snaking’ the drain which brought up some hair clogs (I use a good “hair catcher” over the drain when I shower, but it doesn’t catch everything). Then I got the Chewy.com box folded down and bagged for recycling, a few mail items ripped and separated for recycling.

    I also applied some Bendryl gel to my right foot and ankle, I apparently have another mosquito in here … I’ll put the repellant on after I shower.

    I sometimes leave TV on a news channel but muted. If in the course of my working in the house I spot something that looks interesting, I’ll flip the sound on, then mute it again when it’s over.

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  6. Leaving it on mute allows you to skip all the commercials and Brittany Spears stories.

    Flip the sound on when they’re talking about something substantial, then, in 2 minutes, you can flip the sound right back off again and get back to your chores, slapping at mosquitoes, or whatever else you need to do.

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  7. It’s a beautiful fall day here with sunshine and blue skies mixed with falling leaves.

    I caught a ride with a friend to our Word Weavers critique session at the Country Club. We could not have a nicer place to meet. We are so blessed that when looking for a new meeting venue that when I asked at my church, the answer I was given made it out of range for us to meet there. A group member was able to get this most beautiful space for us as part of their existing membership. When God closes one door, He often opens a better door.

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  8. It looks like we’re getting an early (for us) fall here — more rain overnight into Friday and temps have been in the high 60s. (We can sometimes be sweltering, still, during this month.)

    Today the sun is out but I still threw a sweatshirt on after getting up this morning.

    The Dodgers drew a wipe out last night in the first game of its series with the Giants. Ouch. Painful to watch, they never even scored. The Giants’ pitcher was pretty impressive, only 24 years old and was a star football quarterback in high school.

    We’ll see if LA can regain its footing in Game 2 tonight.


  9. Ya’ll were talking about the 80th anniversary of Cheerios.

    There’s also another cereal celebrating a milestone. I’ll share the photo on Monday. 🙂

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  10. Good Saturday to ya’ll. I’ve been watching Heartland at a marathon pace in the evenings since husband headed to the mountains on Thursday…so when I saw that header photo it just made me smile! Horses! 🐎
    I got to thinking that I should probably should have kept my box of Cheerio Oats unopened…it might be worth a bunch someday seeing how it’s an 80th anniversary box and all 😂 (they still taste like good ‘ol Cheeerios)

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  11. Grammy is exhausted.

    3 loads of laundry, start to finish, including a thrilling time when he stood inside the washing machine dropping clean wet clothes into the clothes basket, then climbed out, put them all in the dryer, then climbed on top of the dryer, turned the dials, pushed the button, and started it.

    (In that exercise, he also learned how to sort: whites, colored, heavy colored).

    We made blueberry muffins, and he insisted on breaking all the eggs. (3). A little crunch never hurt anyone, right?

    He picked strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and chose a pumpkin.

    Then, total thrill, pulled up and ate carrots!

    Not to mention harvesting the green peppers.

    He placed the pillows on the bed when we made it.

    Loaded his cup in the dishwasher. Wiped down the glass outdoor table.

    We read 4-5 books.

    He commented on my paint job in the bathroom. (I now need to finish).

    Ate constantly, and learned how to push the correct buttons on the microwave to cook his quesadilla.

    The conversation never ended.

    Grammy started to flag around 1, when the warning came it would be another hour.

    We folded laundry, “I can do the towel,” which was bigger than he is at 3 years, 3 weeks.

    I then took him for a walk around the block, including a side trip to see the silly decorated plastic ducks up the street, then continued for 5 more blocks.

    He ran, I plodded, calling out the names of plants—plumbago, society garlic, redwood trees, anything else I could think of.

    His dad and siblings were here when we returned (Mom and sister are in San Diego— which he pronounces correctly), and he cried when his father said it was time to go home.

    The house is a disaster, I’m tired, and my husband spent the morning trying to fix the computer. He’s now off to buy a cable so I can work.

    Deadline: Friday.

    Dinner party here: tomorrow. Lasagna— needs to be made.

    I’m going to eat chocolate, find a book, and relax a bit.

    Some sort of meat just went into the crop pot.

    It’s a great life.

    I’m thankful.

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  12. I heard that there were more restrictions coming to our province, but can’t find the update. We have some exemptions so will be able to continue in person school. I think that i need to sign up for updates from the US embassy.


  13. Jo, is there a way to ‘register’ or reserve a church spot? That’s how we did the limited-number services, but not sure the church would have online access or how that would work. Maybe first-come? Get there extra early?

    Heartland! i’ve got to get back to that, just went through Season one a few months ago.

    Plumbago! It’s thriving in the backyard but sometimes Tess comes in covered in sticky blue pedals.

    Real Estate guy is busy with real estate again so he’s happy. He’s at an open house today for a very nice (and pricey, I’m sure) property on “The Hill” (the hilly and “horsey” part of the Peninsula).

    Not doing as much laundry as M — and I’ve never put on a proper dinner party so that’s quite impressive! — but I have accomplished a few things around the house, including washing the shower curtain, tossing the old liner into the recycle bag, prepping the oil-rubbed bronze fixtures for cleaning and waxing.

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  14. Sounds like a terrific day Grammy.
    I wrote two offers and am showing property tomorrow. It have been a very good year.
    The song that matches what I said isn’t appropriate…but you all understand.
    I have a 24-25 year old Coast Guard Academy grad who is here for flight school. He wants to buy a house and then turn it into a rental when he goes.

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  15. For the 20 at church, someone just stands at the door with a clicker to count. But if you really mean only 20: there is the speaker, the music leaders, the person doing announcements, the sound guys. You could easily get up to 20 with all of those folks.

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  16. Finished painting the second bathroom (same color as downstairs bathroom which meant I could touch up what I missed last Sunday), picked up all the rotten apples off the ground, swept, put the remaining 4 pumpkins on the front porch, spread bark in the backyard, am about to vacuum, and then will throw all the clothes in the wash–why not run it one last time?

    I probably should mop the floor, too. Sigh.

    I think I’ll hide the apples I picked in the garage and finish the lasagna tomorrow.

    The Adorable found the device to make applesauce, so there’s that.

    I did eat a lot of chocolate . . .

    Reading a fun book called “Licensed to Parent,” a child-rearing book by former spies. They have a lot of excellent points for helicoptering parents. This may become my new baby gift for millennial parents. 🙂


  17. My floors really need mopping. Tonight or tomorrow.

    Got the groceries, almost took a Ford Explorer home from the store — it was the same color as my Jeep (which was 2 more spaces down). All SUVs look alike, as i’ve said before.

    Talked to the neighbor who’s working with a new occupational therapist now for her right hand and arm following her stroke (in the spring). They’re off to a family birthday party tomorrow which works out perfectly since I’ll be at church when they leave (but I told them again, any time they want to just go out on the weekends or during the week, beyond their scheduled therapy appointments, all they need to do is holler and I’ll get my car out of the way).

    Jo, I’d think if they said 20 could attend they’d mean “attenders,” but maybe not.

    Watching the Dodgers, hoping they do better tonight but we’ll see. The Giants are very good (but so are the Dodgers again this year).


  18. I took a nap this afternoon. It did wonders.

    I need a double portion of the energy God has blessed others here with! Is there a drug for that? Oh, caffeine. I don’t do that much these days! I do clean up lots of cat vomit if that counts for anything.☆☆☆☆☆


  19. The Dodgers are doing well tonight (so far, things can always change). They lead 6-1 in the 6th inning.

    I take breaks to continue waxing down the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.


  20. Mumsee, I forgot, or did I know?, that we both have Foresters. I am missing mine. It felt like it was home to me when I lived with others.
    I got a green one, which helps when you need to find it. I remember Michelle when she got her new suv, when a ways to find a white one.

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  21. I like the green cars I’m seeing on the road — the colors are muted, neutral, and very cool looking. A nice break from the usual silver and gray that have dominated.

    I’ve seen a color that’s sort of a ligher/mid matte gray and blue/green, some kind of a mix, that’s very nice on some cars.

    And the two-tone is coming back, many SUVs now that that look which is nice.

    9-2 Dodgers, still in the 8th inning.


  22. My cousin bought a Forester and settled for silver — only because she was getting so stressed out in the negotiating room and just wanted it to be over with (she bought ‘new’). So she signed for the silver model.

    She said the first time she went to the mall, she walked out and a sea of silver cars! Where was hers??

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  23. Now the most common car color seems to be the gunmetal gray, which is what I have.

    Which is why I almost came home tonight with a Ford Explorer from the supermarket parking lot.

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  24. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/doctor-retiring-replacement-shortage/2021/10/08/8761f062-251a-11ec-8d53-67cfb452aa60_story.html

    My longtime doctor is retiring. It feels like an essential lifeline is being cut.

    ~ Will I ever have another relationship like the one with this physician, who took time to ask me how I was doing each time he saw me? Who knew me from my first months as a young mother, when my thyroid went haywire, and who since oversaw all my medical concerns, both large and small?

    It feels like an essential lifeline is being severed. I’ll miss him dearly.

    This isn’t my story alone; many people in their 50s, 60s and 70s are similarly undergoing this kind of wrenching transition. A decade from now, at least 40 percent of the physician workforce will be 65 or older, according to data from the Association of American Medical Colleges. … ~


  25. I woke up and had to find out who died in the plane crash at our small airport. it was a local business man from an adjoining county, age mid 40’s, his 14 y/o daughter and friend, with a friend of the family. He and his name appear to be Jewish. He worked in wealth management. It is so rare that we hear of any crashes at that airport. And had Wesley been home, we could have been dining there on the deck watching as many others were. The news station interviewed people who witnessed it. So sad for the families involved.


  26. Jo. “They” sold my car.
    The money is in my bank account.
    Lots of chatter here that I don”t relate to.
    see you later. Off teo SS adn and Church.


  27. My Forester is deep red. And clean! Because husband just took it in for an oil change and they washed it. There are a lot of red cars. Apparently everybody around here has seven year old cars.

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  28. Did I mention my doctor of twenty plus years is not my doctor? I was surprised. Looking forward to asking him about it. I have seen him with many children and he always asks about various members of the family, especially twenty as he knows there is some stress with her. And the twins and their brother, and the baby that was living here with her mom. And husband. He sees them all. But I got dropped somehow. Perhaps because I have not “seen” him in close to twenty years for me.

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  29. We had online and in person church and communion. I know some here don’t think communion taken at home and not given out by an ordained person counts. May God be the judge of the hearts and circumstances involved. I am always encouraged to know Florence and I are watching together.

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  30. The largest group of people I have been among so far has been about twelve for women’s WMU. At Word Weavers we had five yesterday. The church service looked like it had 30+ in attendance. The people attending the service live in different communities within the metro Atlanta area. The smaller groups I have attended tend to be from my immediate community.


  31. I am reading None Greater The Undomesticated Attributes of God. Recommended by the pastor of the Virginia church. Very encouraging.


  32. A scholarly lady in my Word Weavers group suggested reading Deadline by Randy Alcorn which is his fictional book based on his nonfiction book, Heaven. I just got it on Audible.


  33. An older friend of mine a number of years ago always wanted to keep a car, even after she became legally blind. She felt isolated without knowing she could at least get her son or their house keeper and son’s aide to drive it if she needed to go somewhere.

    Chas could have hired a chauffeur.

    My tires need air again, very annoying these electronic alerts all the cars give you when the littlest thing isn’t just right.

    I sat with the outdoor crowd again today for church, I was cheered to see julie there, the woman who’s battling advanced cancer. Her son, who’s in seminary in N.C., preached a few times at our church over the summer, he’s very gifted and I know she must be proud of him. They have 4 children, husband is one of our elders and a longshoreman in his other life. Such a gorgeous and wonderful family. Things aren’t looking very positive for her, but she’s on some treatments that they hope will extend the time she has.

    Another couple showed up with 2 gigantic white Pyranese dogs, they sat in the back.

    We all stayed afterward as we needed to take a perfunctory “vote” to release our associate pastor who has a call for a full time pastorate in Northern California, something he’s been hoping for. But he’ll be missed. He and his family were good friends to my friend Norma. In fact, they bought her the iPad which finally pulled her into the digital age of emails with all of us — and online puzzles and solitaire which she really enjoyed.

    We observe communion weekly, we’re still using the little self-serve portions, cracker and wine, in plastic cups with lids that you pick up when you arrive. But, slowly, things are feeling like a return to a more normal pattern may be not too far away.

    Then again … We’ve all thought and said that before.

    Yes, I think red is coming back as a car color. An ex-boyfriend just bought a two-toned Chevy Trailblazer, red on the bottom, black on top. After the monochromatic colors dominated for so long, looks like the public and the industry are ready to get beck to more color again.

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  34. I’m reading “Faith in the Time of Plague” which examines how the church historically dealt with the plagues that swept through Europe.

    Nothing new under the sun.


  35. This morning at church I learned that we are finally getting a new pastor. The pandemic has caused our already small church to shrink some more, even losing a couple of our board members. (I don’t know why these folks left. But I think at least a few of them switched to other churches that maybe had different protocols during the lockdowns.)

    Because of this, folks from the district office filled in for the board (I didn’t know about that until today), and they were the ones who called the new pastor to us. He has preached here two or three times, seemingly at the time to merely be a visiting preacher. I think that perhaps it was a “try out” of sorts for him and for us.

    I do like him very much, as did most of us, I think, so that is a good thing. The visiting preacher we had today, who has preached here several times over the years, remarked that he recommends Pastor Nathan very highly to us.

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  36. So good to hear, Kizzie. it’s never good for a church to go too long without a permanent pastor — and the smaller the church, the harder it is (I speak from what I experienced at my former church which was small but got smaller as the time lingered without a new pastor being called — it survived (it’s our sister church across town, same denomination) but not without a lot of support from our church.

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  37. We have a 7yr old Forester…it is pearl white…I do get confused when coming out of the store….so many white SUV’s!!
    Church was so good again. Then we went to the local diner with a couple from church and was blessed with extended sweet fellowship. The air is crisp and chilly and the skies are clear blue…a wonderful autumn day in CO!
    Our daughter and her husband are celebrating their 23rd anniversary! Yikes…that is making me feel really old…because I am!! 🙃

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  38. Hello. I’m back. Had a great weekend seeing old friends after 2 years and meeting new ones. I had a Puerto Rico t-shirt on and a young man came up speaking Spanish to me, excited to see another Puerto Rican. He’s from Connecticut (SW part, Lizzie) and didn’t expect to find any PRs at a conference in the Mid west.

    Oh, and since I wasn’t around Friday, here is a special edition of the funnies for Chas and others.

    Pigskin Picks coming tomorrow.

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  39. *Kizzie (new update of Chrome. Need to turn off autocorrect.)

    And I purposely shopped for a mini van that was not white or silver. It’s a dark shade of blue.

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  40. I have a red car. Before it I had a white Volvo, before that I red Xterra, before that a silver Camry…..I won’t bore you with the rest. Of all the cars I have had I despised the Camry.

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  41. Great news, Kizzie! Now you can experience a more settled feeling at least in one part of your life.

    It’s been a long time since I have felt a truly settled feeling about church . . . but God . . .

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  42. I had a baby-blue VW beetle, a tan VW beetle, a “Quartz Gray” VW Jetta, a white VW Jetta, a dark (“Patriot”) blue Jeep Liberty and a dark gray (forget the actual fancy name) Jeep Cherokee.


  43. Only the cars I bought new — the two Jettas — were ones where I picked the colors, the others were what the (used) cars came in. lol

    I did request “no silver” for the Cherokee — the first car photo the credit union rep sent me, of course, was a silver Cherokee. Then she remembered …

    Other than that, I wasn’t overly picky on color, but did prefer something darker as i’ve always though SUVs looked better in the dark colors (and I’d had my white car, which I loved, but drove it for many years, getting up to just over 200,000 miles on that one).

    I was “over” white.


  44. I think I’ve had fewer cars than most folks my age, I tend to keep them for a long time.

    Still heartbroken over the Jeep Liberty, though. Sniff. It was an ’07 and had 130,000+ miles on it, but I really wasn’t ready to let it go.

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  45. We have around 200,000 on our Corolla. They are made to Roll! The red with white top was not my first choice in color for my first car. I wanted a forest green Dodge Dart but it was gone by the time we went back. I had to get a car for my first job after college so I went with the sporty red and white that was way more attention getting than I had wanted. It was avallable for a reasonable price.


  46. I’m about to change the header to a pic I took that I mentioned earlier. It’s a box of cereal that’s celebrating it’s 50th anniversary.

    Before you ask, no I don’t intend to eat much at all. Just to try it. That sort of thing is not on my diet. But the box was just too good to resist. 🙂

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  47. I just made the raspberry bars. They seem so substantial made with the almond butter and almond flour. They are very satisfying unlike some desserts that make you want more and more because they are not balanced nutritionally.


  48. Plus, I bought it at BB’s Grocery Outlet, so it was only like $1.99 for it.

    Linda knows BBs I bet.

    Bents, Bumps, and Bunches of Bargains. Run by the Amish….

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  49. There are only 7 of us in this room discussing, but two are from England, one Canadian and four Americans. What different perspectives we have!


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