43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-7-21

  1. I’ll just make my picks here
    1 Charleston Southern
    South Carolina
    NC Hels
    Penn State
    Air Force
    Aor Fprce
    Troy 7-0

    I hope you’s accomodate these 91 year old eyes. Best I can do here.

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  2. Since I confessed to you all how spectacularly I forgot our anniversary last week, I would like you to laugh with me this morning.
    Mr. P got up early so I went in my closet and got his gift and card and took it to him in the living room. He asked, “What’s this”? I smiled, and suddenly he got a stricken look on his face, said, “Oh (bad word) I forgot”! I laughed. He continued to apologize and I continued to laugh. Then he took credit for reminding me last week or I would have forgot.

    I am at work getting ready for the first contract class of the month and still laughing about it.

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  3. So this will be our song of the day, because the first time I heard it I thought it would a “Love Song”, it took a minute for me to realize it was a Love Song, just not the kind I thought it was.

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  4. Morning! It is warmish morning here with sun shining and bluer than blue skies!
    Chas your love and devotion to your bride was felt by us all. I remember your saying you wanted to be here long enough to take care of her…your’s is a love story deeply planted in our hearts…and for that I thank you ♥️

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  5. Daughter is not even here and driving husband crazy. We got a bizarre two second phone call from her worker’s phone this morning. Turned out to be daughter. She was up all but two hours last night and managed to destroy the worker’s blinds on her window. We suspect when husband gave her twenty dollars to buy her lunch yesterday and today, she spent it all on soda and put herself over the edge. Poor worker.

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  6. I am giving coffee another try today. It was difficult for me to even make it or smell it. I only made one cup with more water than usual. I am doing okay as I nurse it. Funny how that tiny little shot could give me an aversion to coffee. But who wants to feel like jumping out of their skin?

    Kathaleena, I remember you said you no longer drink coffee, but I can’t remember why. Please let me know again why.


  7. Is that Jemma sitting in a Marshall’s bag getting ready to pop a balloon to scare Mouse? (And is that Mouse’s tail under the balloon/ball? Inquiring minds want to know 🙃 🐈‍⬛

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  8. We’re off to a fellowship conference in the middle of nowhere. I’ll be out of touch for a few days.

    Behave! (Funny about English. That word means “don’t be bad”. In Spanish, one has to specify: ¡Compórtate bien! Or the plural: ¡Compórtense bien!)

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  9. Is that the formerly blue cat?

    Interesting thoughts from Russell Moore today:

    ~ Eventually, people learn that by calling something “spiritual warfare,” we Christians are just talking about doing what we want to do and denouncing anyone we want to denounce. Most of the people who played Dungeons and Dragons or read Harry Potter aren’t leading covens right now. Past decades’ political tumults are now far distant, have been replaced by others, and didn’t turn out to be the Armageddons people told us they would be at the time. The natural conclusion is that spiritual warfare is just the way Christians say “I hate this” or “I’m scared of that” or “You kids get off my lawn!”

    The consequences of this are catastrophic. Seeing the devil you think you know is a great way to avoid seeing the devil you know all too well, the devil that’s too close to your own heart to seem scary and alien. And that way is death—sometimes physical death, sometimes civilizational death, but in every case spiritual death.

    Spiritual warfare is too important to be just another way of tribal signaling for those who think they are defending Christianity from the secularists, when they are really just secularizing Christianity. This doesn’t do anything to withstand secularism. It does nothing to conserve the gospel. And it turns us all not into ambassadors of reconciliation but into ambassadors of accusation. Hearing that someone is out to get us makes us rage all the more because our time is short. And all of that means we end up resembling the very Devil we think we are fighting.

    If we demonize opponents, we cannot really oppose demons. And that turns out, in the end, to be something to which we should say, “It’s spiritual warfare; it’s demonic.” ~

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  10. I loved the message of that presentation on the satirical cartoons in the times of Jane Austin. Up front we were told that Jane Austin did not demonize the clergy who had their personal set of vices, but she was a tad bit amused by them. They certainly gave her a good source of fodder for her stories.

    I think Russel Moore is saying we are all being sanctified and in such condition need to give grace as we lock arms in battle against the true enemy of God and His working out sanctification in the whole lot of us Christians. So many detours and delays God faces that would not happen if we quit the habit of demonizing others.

    That being said, I swayed Wesley away from reading Harry Potter because the series was not finished, and we had no idea where it was going. He would have missed out on a bevy of books had he put all his reading efforts instead on that one series to be a cookie cutter version of all the other new readers at that time. He later read the books at a more appropriate age and stage. Parents need to be discerning about such things. Too many parents just go with the flow.

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  11. Thank you, Kim, for posting Welcome to My World. We have a pastor with a very similar voice. I will be bold and ask that he be allowed to do a solo of it since our worship music is suppose to be blended. How many have you blessed today with taking time to find that? Only God knows. Rewards in heaven await!


  12. When I first glimpsed the header photo, I thought is was a close-up of a fried egg, over-easy. But the cat and the writing on the bag caught my attention, and I realized what it was.

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  13. Chas – From all you have written about Elvera throughout the years, I think you made it clear how important she was to you.

    Although I miss Hubby terribly, and feel that he was too young to die (except that it was obviously God’s timing for him), since one of us would have to be the one to lose the other, I am glad that I am the one, for his sake. I think that, as hard as this has been for me, he would have had an even harder time. Although I was dependent on him financially, he was more dependent on me emotionally. Of course, I was emotionally dependent on him in my own way, but not quite as much as he on me.

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  14. She loved the balloon. I put them in the bag for my daughter’s birthday. I left one in the bag and Gemma climbed in and started loving the bag up. She’d rub one side and then the other, all whilst staring menacingly from the bag should anyone be thinking about taking her balloon.

    She’s a Schrodinger’s cat type, and may, or may not be in a box or bag nearby. If she’s not in one, she’s in the other.

    The smaller the box, the better. She likes to hang out over the edges.

    She’s a weirdo, which makes sense because she’s Cheryl’s cat. 🙂

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  15. Also, when we found her sick, little, pathetic self at the farm, she was hiding under an elephant ear. Those are poisonous to cats by the way…..

    She’s a lovable cat, but not real bright… 🙂

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  16. And speaking of cat for breakfast, I went out to do a brief watering of the hanging flower pots and noticed a lot of bird feathers strewn all over the front yard. Probably the work of Betty and/or LeeLoo next door as Annie doesn’t go out front anymore. She was sleeping all curled up in the dog house again this afternoon.

    We’re supposed to get some rain tomorrow and then some major winds on Monday. The weather reporters on our local TV newscasts seem really animated by it all. Usually they have to “pump up” our relatively mild temperatures as they move maybe 10 degrees one way or another. This gives them something that’s a legitimate reason to wave their hands and giggle.

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  17. Janice, I now limit my coffee because of GERD issues. Diet is very important and I love coffee, but I also love some foods more. Too much acid is not a good thing.

    My husband and I went for the third Covid shot and flu shots. I was concerned about this shot, since I had a bad reaction with the second shot. Right after giving it, the nurse mentioned praying that I will not have a bad reaction to this one. So far it is much better than last time. My flu arm is even worse than the Covid one. Praying side effects stay mild and/or away. I never remember a nurse doing that.

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  18. No, she just rubs them with her face and body. I think she likes the feel of the static her fur creates.

    The other two don’t bother with them at all.

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  19. I suppose everybody has gone to bed except for me. It must be that one cup of coffee still perking me up. I am about to drink some chamomile tea.

    Hello, Jo, if you check in before anyone else♡


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