Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 6

Here are your Week 6 picks. I’ll be away from the Internet all weekend, so don’t expect the announcement of a winner until Sunday night at the earliest.

Mumsee picked the tiebreaker, since she won last week. And in case you’re wondering how UConn can already have 6 losses, they played in “Week Zero” before the official first week.

Pick by NOON on Saturday, October 9.

  1 Charleston Southern @ Robert Morris (requested by Janice)

  2 #2 Georgia @ #18 Auburn

  3 Georgia Tech @ Duke

  4 #24 SMU @ Navy

  5 South Carolina @ Tennessee 

  6 Florida State @ North Carolina

  7 #4 Penn State @ #3 Iowa

  8 Wyoming @ Air Force

  9 Pillow Fight: UConn (0-6) @ UMass (0-5)

10 Tiebreaker – pick winner and final score: Georgia Southern @ Troy

16 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 6

  1. I’ll just make my picks here
    1 Charleston Southern
    South Carolina
    NC Hels
    Penn State
    Air Force
    Aor Fprce
    Troy 7-0

    I hope you’s accomodate these 91 year old eyes. Best I can do here.

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  2. So who is the fake Chas?

    Robert Morris
    Georgia Tech
    North Carolina
    Air Force
    Troy 17-10


  3. 1 Charleston Southern

    2 Georgia

    3 Georgia Tech

    4 Navy

    5 Tennessee 

    6 North Carolina

    7 Iowa

    8 Air Force

    9 UConn

    10 Georgia Southern

    Thank you, Peter for including CSU!


  4. Wait…Chas gets two votes? That can’t be right. I demand an audit!

    Robert Morris
    North Carolina
    Air Force
    U Mass
    Troy 14-7

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  5. Mumsee- AJ posted Chas’ picks, but Chas had errors he corrected. I only counted the first entry and the corrections.

    Believe it or not, I know what I’m doing most of the time.

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  6. 1 Charleston Southern
    (I know nothing about either school but I’ll root with Janice. Is Wesley a big fan?)
    2 Georgia
    3 Duke
    4 SMU
    5 Tennessee
    6 North Carolina
    7 Iowa
    8 Air Force
    9 UMass
    10 Troy 13-10


  7. Well, okay, since UConn is in there again, I will join in this time. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so here are my picks, based on random thoughts. 🙂

    Charleston Southern (for Janice)
    Auburn (I like auburn hair color)
    Duke (the last name of my childhood best friend)
    Navy (I don’t know what SMU is, but I know what Navy is)
    Tennessee (lived there for two and a half years as a child)
    North Carolina (just because)
    Penn State (Pennsylvania is closer to my side of the country)
    Air Force (my dad and Hubby were both in the AF)
    UConn (Go Huskies!)
    Georgia Southern 14 – 6 (don’t know why)


  8. First, in order to verify the results, here is how the weekend went:

    Robert Morris 31 Charleston Southern 24
    Georgia 34 Auburn 10
    Georgia Tech 31 Duke 27
    SMU 31 Navy 24
    Tennessee 45 South Carolina 20
    Florida State 35 North Carolina 25
    Iowa 23 Penn State 20
    Air Force 24 Wyoming 14
    UMass 27 UConn 13
    Troy 27 Georgia Southern 14 (I think this is the first time we’ve had 3 teams from Georgia.)

    And the winner is…Yo. Sorry, gang, but that’s the way it rolls. You can check the scores for yourselves. Our results:

    Peter 8
    Mumsee 7
    Kevin 6
    AJ and Janice 5
    Chas 3
    Kizzie 2 (Don’t be discouraged, this was your first try. FYI: SMU is Southern Methodist in Texas.)

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