27 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-30-21

  1. Enjoy!

    “Texas poll: Biden’s overall job approval drops to 32%, handling of the border falls to 20/71”


    “Lefties will shrug off this Quinnipiac poll on grounds that it’s a red state. But it ain’t that red. Trump won Iowa and Ohio by eight points each last fall. He won Texas by five and a half. Biden pulled more than 46 percent of the vote.

    Which means his current overall approval rating of 32/61 indicates some serious slippage.

    What’s noteworthy about the Q-poll isn’t just his overall decline in Texas, it’s his poor numbers among Latinos specifically. The one silver lining for Republicans in last November’s presidential results was that Trump made a dent in Dems’ hold on the Hispanic vote, particularly in counties along the Texas/Mexico border. Democrats are desperate to get those voters back. These new numbers suggest Biden is moving in the opposite direction.

    It’s not all because of his border policies either. But it’s partly because of his border policies.

    Voters in Texas give President Joe Biden a negative 32 – 61 percent job approval rating. This marks a 24-point net change from June 2021, when 45 percent of Texas voters approved of the job he was doing and 50 percent disapproved.

    On Biden’s handling of the response to the coronavirus, voters give him a slightly negative 44 – 49 percent approval rating. This is a substantial drop from June 2021 when they approved 58 – 37 percent.

    On Biden’s handling of the situation at the Mexican border, voters give him a negative 20 – 71 percent approval rating, which is a drop compared to a negative 29 – 64 percent rating in June 2021.

    Who are the 20 percent of Texans who think he’s doing a good job on immigration? The story of Biden’s porous border policies this year is that they’re infuriating to both sides. Conservatives want the border closed, leftists want it fully open. It may be that part of his decline in Texas on immigration is due to some members of his own party feeling frustrated that he’s not liberal enough.”


    Those 20% are all the illegals in the state.


  2. Good, go around the petty dictator known as The Senile One,….

    “Texas Gov. Abbott Bypasses Biden Administration’s Rationing of COVID Monoclonal Antibodies Treatment

    Abbott joins Florida Gov. Ron Desantis in circumventing Biden’s rationing of a key treatment option.”


    “I recently noted that the Biden Administration has plans to take over nationwide distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments. Ostensibly, officials say, it is in the name of equity, as 70% of those treatments have gone to red states.

    However, the move targeted red states that successfully opened up monoclonal antibody treatment clinics for the early and convenient treatment of infections, rather than trying to impose impossible vaccine mandates on their populations. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis promptly sought to bypass the Biden takeover by procuring another source for Florida.

    Now, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says his state has also bypassed the Biden administration’s limits on monoclonal antibodies by obtaining its own supply.

    “Texas has obtained its own separate allocation of these monoclonal antibody treatments working around the limitations that President Biden has put on us so that we will be able to ensure that anybody in the state of Texas that wants access to these special treatments, that they will be able to get it,” Abbott said during an interview on with Dana Loesch.

    In a tweet, Abbott, a Republican, said Texans who test positive for COVID-19 and get a doctor’s referral will have access to “these proven, effective treatments.””


  3. Narrative fail….


  4. Good.

    It should fail, it was a set-up conceived, and led by the FBI and their informant. Clearly entrapment.

    “The Government’s Case Against Many Jan. 6 Defendants is in Legal Jeopardy

    The obstruction charge on which the government is relying so heavily may, in fact, be unconstitutional as applied to most of the Jan. 6 defendants.”


    “The government’s case against many, if not most, of the January 6 defendants is in legal peril.

    Over 650 people have been criminally charged in connection with the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. The main charge against hundreds of these defendants is felony “obstruction” under 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2).

    That statute provides:

    “Whoever corruptly … obstructs, influences, or impedes any official proceeding, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

    Most of the other charges against the Jan. 6 defendants involve misdemeanors sounding in trespass, vandalism and disorderly conduct for which the maximum sentence is one year imprisonment, thus making the obstruction charge the most serious by far.

    Yet the Biden Department of Justice, in its facts-and-law-be-damned fervor to nail those on the political right to the wall, once again seemed to have overplayed its hand.

    The obstruction charge on which the government is relying so heavily may, in fact, be unconstitutional as applied to the Jan. 6 defendants.

    Donovan Crowl

    To understand why this is so, one need only look to the case of Donovan Crowl. Crowl, who according to papers filed by his attorney is a 50 year-old Marine veteran from Ohio with no prior criminal convictions, attended the Jan. 6 Stop the Steal Rally at The Ellipse in Washington D.C..

    Thereafter, Crowl and others made their way to the Capitol. According to the indictment against him, this group aligned in a “stack” formation and marched single file, each “keeping at least one hand on the shoulder of the other in front of them,” up the east side stairs of the Capitol. At approximately 2:40 p.m., says Crowl’s lawyer, Crowl and the others in his “stack” passed through the Capitol doors that were already open and entered the Rotunda.

    At 3:05 p.m. – just 20 minutes later – Crowl exited the building. The others in Crowl’s “stack” had either left the Capitol contemporaneously with him or earlier.

    Crowl did not destroy property, injure anyone or threaten to do so. He is not accused of possessing any weapons or of stealing documents or other items belonging to members of Congress.

    The Charges

    Crowl and 16 others eventually were arrested and charged on a singular indictment.

    Counts One and Two of the indictment charged all of the defendants with “corruptly obstruct[ing]” the certification of the Electoral Vote in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2), and conspiring with others to do so (Crowl also was charged with two misdemeanors – trespass and aiding and abetting the destruction of government property.)

    Notably, the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6 had been suspended at 2:29 p.m. that day – 11 minutes before Crowl and the others entered the Capitol – and it did not resume until 9:02 p.m. that evening.

    Nevertheless, the indictment alleges that the defendants’ entrance into the Capitol and presence there for no more than 20 minutes after Congress had recessed obstructed the Congressional proceeding in violation of §1512(c)(2).

    Crowl’s lawyer recently filed a motion to dismiss the obstruction charge. In it, she argued that it was factually impossible for Crowl to have obstructed a Congressional proceeding that was already over at the time Crowl engaged in the conduct charged in the indictment.

    But she also raised an important legal argument: that the obstruction statute relied on by the government is unconstitutional as applied to most of the Jan. 6 defendants because it did not put them on notice that a brief trespass into the Capitol while participating in a political rally could subject them to a 20-year prison sentence.”

    The Void-for-Vagueness Doctrine

    The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment provides that “[n]o person shall . . . be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The Supreme Court has made clear that this guarantee is violated when the government “tak[es] away someone’s life, liberty, or property under a criminal law so vague that it fails to give ordinary people fair notice of the conduct it punishes, or so standardless that it invites arbitrary enforcement.”

    Without such guidelines, explained the high court, a criminal statute would permit “a standardless sweep” that would “allow policemen, prosecutors, and juries to pursue their personal predilections.”

    How dangerous that would be in the hands of a vengeful DOJ.

    But that’s exactly where we find ourselves. The Biden Administration has used an ambiguously worded criminal statute to crush President Trump’s supporters – and along with them their families and their livelihoods.


  5. “First responders: from heroes to zeroes”

    “The rule-makers are not as concerned with medicine, science or health as they purport to be”


    “At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, first responders were the toast of the town. Most of us appreciated that while we binge-watched Tiger King in our sweatpants and attempted to make sourdough bread from scratch, not everyone was lazily locking down.

    Nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals were on the frontlines of the fight, taking on a virus the world knew little about. This sacrifice did not go unnoticed.

    Americans proudly stuck signs on their front lawns that read ‘thank you first responders!’ McDonald’s gave out free ‘thank you meals’ to those who were helping fight COVID-19. Dr Anthony Fauci wasn’t the only one who made the TIME 100 List last year. The magazine also dubbed healthcare workers 2020’s ‘Guardians of the Year’.

    ‘On the front line against COVID-19, the world’s healthcare workers displayed the best of humanity — selflessness, compassion, stamina, courage — while protecting as much of it as they could,’ the fawning piece read.

    Companies like Google, Dove and Adidas (to name but a few) produced commercials focused on celebrating first responders for their courage and bravery. In a time of division and frustration, the gratitude for productive and resilient members of our society was refreshing and well-deserved.

    Sadly, something has quickly shifted.

    Those who just one year ago were celebrated are now being vilified. The architects of this drastic rebrand? The ruling elite.

    In New York, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced Saturday that she would call in the National Guard to replace healthcare workers who did not meet Monday’s vaccination deadline.

    Dr Marty Makary, a professor of surgery at Johns Hopkins, tweeted in response to the story, ‘Swapping out experienced nurses with nat guard who are not familiar with a hospital’s systems, local ways of doing things & emerg protocols has risks. Recognize natural imm, instead of demonizing our heroes who put their lives on the line and got COVID.’

    He is right — Hochul is creating a nightmare for hospitals.

    Bringing new employees into the fold is tricky in any job — let alone in the medical field. Hochul is eliminating a number of skilled, willing workers at hospitals that desperately need them — all in the pursuit of making a point.

    If Joe Biden’s ‘righteous’ drone strike in Afghanistan showed us anything, it is that innocent people often pay a high price for politically motivated PR stunts.

    The fact that some of the most fervent and outspoken opponents of vaccine mandates are healthcare workers is another interesting aspect of this highly publicized debate.

    No, I am not about to go down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories about how the medical community knows something we don’t! There is something they aren’t telling us!

    There is a much more logical explanation for their hesitancy. A great deal of essential workers came in contact with the virus early on in the pandemic. Unlike members of what Karol Markowicz calls the pajama class, healthcare workers didn’t have the luxury of performing their jobs on Zoom call happy hours inside their cozy apartments.

    It makes sense that these workers, who operated for months in the real world, might refuse a vaccine if they already have antibodies due to natural infection. Antibodies which, for the record, appear to offer a higher level of immunity than the COVID shots. So why are they being forced to either take the Fauci ouchie or the pink slip?

    In August during a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting, Heather Cauvel, a registered nurse, railed against vaccine mandates.

    ‘I was no problem working in the healthcare system over the last 18 months, without a vaccine, but now, all of a sudden, I’m a threat to public health?’”


  6. serious questionhere”
    I see where Biden has proposed a budget of trillions of dollars.

    From whom do we borrow this money?
    What happens if it isnt paid back?


  7. Yes, we are living in Wonderland.

    Since people are not allowed to come across our northern border (unlike our southern border) a couple married on the border to be able to have the great grandmother etc. attend the outdoor wedding. How pathetic that they had to do this. How pathetic that our country is this tyrannical and foolish.

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  8. Chas, I believe it was also mentioned that the rich are going to pay for it. And we all know how that works. If I was rich, I would do the same. The rich use their wealth to make jobs for other people so they can pay their bills. (what Michelle says above.) When we decide to charge the rich several trillion dollars, it will come out of the pockets of the lesser folk because that is how it works. Anybody who does not see that needs to move to a country where it does not work that way.

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  9. Enjoy!


  10. Are we having fun yet?

    “Joe Biden’s history tour from hell

    From 1970s gas lines to the 1918 pandemic, where will the President take us next?”


    “Breaking news from off the wires this morning. Apparently the guy who almost punched out a Detroit factory worker on the campaign trail may not be our most adept of presidents. That Joe Biden’s administration is flailing has suddenly dawned on our establishment as though a miraculous epiphany. Think a kind of political Fatima, only instead of the sun moving across the sky it’s just that TikTok influencer with the long nails prancing about the clear blue.

    How bad has it gotten for the White House? Even Chuck Todd thinks Biden has a ‘pretty big credibility crisis on his hands.’ And Chuck Todd once let Dr Fauci interview him.

    The abruptness of this realization does seem weird. This is the same Biden who once declared that Dunkin’ Donuts was a no-go zone for native-born English speakers; it was always within the realm of possibility that he was not the most capable individual to ever inhabit the Oval Office. Yet I get it. Really I do. This country has been through 10 years of exhausting political turmoil and 20 years of wretched policymaking. Even I had held out hope that a change in leadership might rectify a few of our problems.

    Not so. Instead of a new day, the Biden presidency has been more like a museum ride tour through some of America’s darkest moments, with Biden in the role of the dead-eyed docent standing in the front car.

    The first stop was the late 1970s. This came back in spring after a ransomware attack on a major American pipeline resulted in a gasoline shortage that sent lines at gas stations snaking around the block. Throw in inflation as the economy began to reopen, and Biden suddenly looked a lot like Jimmy Carter, only without the beer deregulation and awesome stories about homicidal rabbits. Instead, this exhibit was all animatronic Karens filling Tupperware with regular unleaded while glowering at the unmasked mom headed into the grocery store to buy $4 milk.

    The next stop was the autumn of 1918, hospitals filled to capacity, portentous static over the CNN wireless. The Spanish flu killed millions of people, but it wasn’t until the second wave in the fall that its true lethality was brought to bear. And while the delta variant hasn’t been quite so devastating, sheer exhaustion with this pandemic has nonetheless forced a comparison. Hot Vax Summer has been canceled. One in 500 Americans has now died from COVID. This is the part of the tour where Biden gets punchy and starts shouting ‘come on, man!’ in the direction of perceived vaccine skeptics.

    And then it’s on to the third exhibit, Saigon circa Gerald Ford by way of Afghanistan. Here, docent Biden’s defensiveness only increases. Just how in the hell was he supposed to know that Afghanistan would fall apart?! Other than, you know, the endless intelligence reports over the eight months that he had to plan and coordinate our withdrawal? Cut to the passengers looking leerily at the emergency exit and contemplating a duck and roll.”


  11. Why?

    Because they’re garbage.

    “Left-Wing Media Borg Orchestrates Yet Another Bogus Hit On Tucker Carlson

    This is a common technique of moral blackmail, regularly used by the left to silence opposition to progressivism’s march through American institutions.”


    “Left-wing activists in the media loathe Tucker Carlson, the journalist and ratings-crushing host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News Channel, where this reporter is a contributor. The brave and independent thinker challenges stultifying orthodoxies on both left and right, making him a unique threat to the establishment that has dominated the political conversation for decades.

    Because he is willing to take on powerful interests and their role in shaping foreign policy, economic policy, and immigration policy, he is the biggest threat to the established media order that seeks to control those policy discussions. He is smart, dialed in, and remarkably savvy at dealing with media opponents. So much so that left establishment leaders have collectively decided he needs to be destroyed. They regularly target him for destruction.

    Like tens of millions of other concerned American citizens, Carlson has noticed what many in corporate media seek to hide: the Biden immigration policy is to encourage millions of non-Americans to stream illegally over the border as part of a long-term Democratic strategy for political dominance. To keep him from talking about the short and long-term effects of the Biden open borders policy, left-wing activists with close ties to the Democratic Party are accusing him of anti-Semitism, of all things.

    Last night, the far-left Democratic activist group Media Matters ran an absolutely absurd and over-the-top hit piece arguing that Fox is not allowed to notice Democratic political strategy as it relates to Democratic immigration policy, no matter how obvious those things are. Listing a series of completely anodyne quotes from Fox reporters and hosts who noticed basic reality about how Democratic support for policies that enable illegal immigration followed by massive amnesty for said illegal immigrants is part of a strategy to gain new voters for the Democratic Party, Media Matters claimed that noticing reality is somehow racist. The cited quotes themselves are all eminently sensible and substantive.

    For example, one of the supposedly horrific quotes requiring censorship was of Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., claiming that Democrats have a “broader political agenda” to encourage illegal immigration to the size of “one of the largest cities in America.” One host was chastised for noticing that legal citizens are forced to pay for the medical and educational expenses of illegal immigrants. Media Matters even got mad at a border resident who told a Fox News reporter that Biden is “using people to advance his political agenda, to collapse our border, and change our style of government, and that’s scaring us.”

    It’s clear that Media Matters for America’s real problem is that the Democratic Party it exists to support is in a political crisis of its own making. President Biden campaigned on a plan to welcome illegal immigrants, tore down every policy and procedure the country had put in place to limit illegal immigration, and is now unable to hide the trauma his policies are causing communities at the southern border and throughout the United States. Democrats are terrified about massive mid-term losses, destroying their narrow control of the entire U.S. government.

    Joining them in their anti-free media effort were other Democratic Party subsidiaries, such as the once respectable Anti-Defamation League. The group was formed to fight anti-Semitism but in 2016, it dropped that portion of its work from its mission statement in favor of straight-up advocacy on behalf of political allies in the Democratic Party.

    “The Anti-Defamation League, a century-old Jewish civil-rights organization, has essentially become another J Street — an arm of the Democratic Party’s stable of pressure groups,” noted the New York Post at the time. In 2016, the former vice president and board of trustees chairman of the World Jewish Congress complained that ADL’s leader Jonathan Greenblatt was “tilting the ADL policy away from its primary mandate of combating anti-Semitism and steering it toward partisan social action issues.”

    Other Jewish groups concerned about anti-Semitism have complained about this turn of events specifically as it relates to their most recent political work. After Greenblatt joined other Democratic activists in attacking Tucker Carlson and demanding his firing for noticing the border crisis, a group of more than 1,500 traditional, Orthodox rabbis complained vociferously. Noting that ADL was muted in response to issues of real concern, such as Democratic political stars blocking funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system, they wrote, “If the current leadership of the ADL is unwilling to call out real antisemitism in an unbiased fashion, the ADL must urgently find new leadership who will.”

    Rabbi Dov Fischer was more direct in his piece “Yoo Hoo, Tucker Carlson, We’re Here and We’ve Got Your Back.” He wrote, “In fact, it is Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL who needs to be terminated, not Tucker.”


  12. Say it with me now…..


    Sure, if you’re an idiot, you probably didn’t expect it, but everyone else did.


    “Another “unexpected” disappointing unemployment number”


    “The latest unemployment numbers came out this morning and while the news isn’t triggering a new crisis, it’s still not good. The previous week saw 351,000 new jobless claims, which was considerably higher than had been anticipated. This week, economists had predicted that the number of new unemployment claims would drop a bit to 335,000. Instead, they rose yet again, with 362,000 filing for initial benefits. So what’s holding the anticipated recovery of the economy back? People at the White House are still throwing up their hands and blaming everything on the coronavirus. Why not, right? That’s the excuse for everything that happens these days. (NY Post)

    The number of Americans newly seeking jobless benefits unexpectedly rose last week even as the summer surge in COVID-19 cases driven by the Delta variant appears to have peaked and begins to decline, the feds said Thursday.

    Initial filings for unemployment benefits, seen as a proxy for layoffs, rose to 362,000 last week, up 11,000 from the prior week’s level of 351,000, according to data released Thursday by the Labor Department.

    Economists surveyed by Dow Jones expected to see weekly new claims drop to 335,000.

    Weekly new claims have fallen substantially from the 2020 peak of about 6.1 million new claims in a single week, but remain above pre-pandemic levels.

    Weren’t we supposed to be “turning the corner” by now? This makes three consecutive weeks of increasing jobless claims when the experts had been predicting that the number should be going down. There are still huge numbers of unfilled jobs out there, leading some to describe the current period as a labor shortage or even a labor crisis. So how do we still have so many new unemployment claims?

    At this point in 2019, the number of new unemployment claims per week was averaging barely 200,000. It went way up in 2020 for obvious reasons while vast sections of the economy were shut down. But nearly every place is opened up again or in the process of doing so. Something here just doesn’t track.

    For a while, we could blame this on the federally enhanced unemployment benefits. Those obviously kept a lot of lower-wage workers at home on the couch. But those enhanced benefits have largely run out in most places. Of course, there is one other possible culprit we could look at. The employer vaccination mandates pushed by the White House are already starting to kick in for many workers or they will be soon. Workers in a variety of professions ranging from law enforcement to healthcare have been resigning rather than taking the vaccine. Granted, the numbers have tended to be relatively small for each individual employer, but we’re only talking about a bit less than 30,000 more claims than were expected across the entire country. Could that be feeding into this trend?”


    It’s The Biden Effect.

    Everything he touches turns to crap.


  13. It’s around here somewhere…

    Joe forgot where he put it I guess.

    “Say, Where Is That Biden Regulation on Vaccine Mandates?”


    “On the menu today: Three weeks after President Biden announced that all companies with 100 or more employees would have to enforce a vaccine mandate or weekly testing, there’s still no sense of when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will actually issue the regulations; two Morning Jolt readers offer different perspectives on New York state’s vaccine mandate from the view of a patient and the view of an administrator; and the Albany Times Union notices a curious loophole in the state’s vaccine-mandate law.

    The Curious Case of the Missing OSHA Regulation

    Seven days ago, this newsletter noted that President Biden’s vaccine mandate for employers had not yet been issued by OSHA, two weeks after Biden announced the new policy.

    A week later, not only has OSHA not issued the rule, but the Biden administration apparently has no idea when the federal agency will issue the new regulations. Yesterday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki declined to offer any timeline:

    Q: About the OSHA rule —

    PSAKI: Yeah.

    Q: On mandates. You had said it would be a few weeks just now. When it was announced a few weeks ago, it was going to take a few weeks. So, are you signaling a delay of any kind of that rule?

    PSAKI: No, we never gave an exact timeline, so — maybe we should have been more specific at the time. Obviously, it takes some time. And we want to make sure when we put these out, they’re clear and they provide guidance necessary to businesses.

    Q: So, how many weeks, then, are you expecting it to take?

    PSAKI: I can’t give you a timeline. OSHA is working on them. But obviously — hopefully, we’ll know more in the coming weeks.

    Businesses are starting to get irked, not just with the delay, but by the fact that OSHA has indicated it’s not interested in hearing from businesses on how the mandate could be best implemented. The Coalition for Workplace Safety — which includes groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Retail Federation, the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Association of Home Builders — wrote a letter full of palpable frustration to OSHA’s current head, James Frederick, the acting assistant secretary of Labor.

    “This ETS is expected to be the most far-reaching standard ever issued by OSHA, and public input will be critical,” the Coalition wrote. “Numerous trade associations, which are member organizations of the coalition, have reached out to us with questions their members have posed regarding the ETS and related implementation. Many of these questions are detailed and nuanced. OSHA should consider these questions and seek written input on a draft standard from stakeholders before issuing any ETS. To do otherwise invites avoidable implementation challenges and costs that would undermine the effectiveness of this ETS achieving its goals.”

    (Not that it is the biggest deal in the world, but OSHA has not had a Senate-confirmed director since 2017. Acting directors have run the agency for long stretches throughout its history.)

    As noted a week ago, businesses have a lot of questions about how this new mandate is going to work. What is considered documentation for proof of vaccination and how will booster vaccinations be factored into compliance? Must an employee be “fully vaccinated” in order to work? How will the requirements address natural immunity? Will individuals that have contracted COVID-19 be required to be vaccinated or submit to testing requirements? Will the requirements only apply to vaccines that are fully approved by the FDA? (The other day in my local pharmacy, a guy said he had gotten one shot of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in the United Kingdom and wanted to know whether Pfizer or Moderna were compatible with it.) What are the consequences of falsifying one’s vaccination status and does responsibility rest with the individual or employer? If an employee takes a COVID-19 test but the results are not yet available, is the employee allowed to continue to work pending the results? Should employees choose not to vaccinate, is the company or employee responsible for securing and paying for testing? Will paid time off be required for weekly tests?

    Once enacted, the mandate will almost certainly face immediate legal challenges. This week, David B. Rivkin Jr. and Robert Alt wrote in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that, “The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 authorizes OSHA to enact rules that are ‘reasonably necessary or appropriate to provide safe or healthful employment and places of employment.’ But the Biden mandate is unreasonably and unnecessarily broad. As announced, it applies to all employees, even those who work at home, as millions have done during the pandemic. It’s simultaneously too narrow, failing to require vaccination for contractors, customers and other nonemployees who may be present at the work site. It’s overbroad in another way: Previous Covid infection doesn’t excuse employees from the vaccine requirement.”

    Rivkin and Alt also noted that OSHA is bypassing the usual notice-and-comment rule-making process, and issuing what’s known as an Emergency Temporary Standard. OSHA has used that legal authority only ten times in 50 years. “Courts have decided challenges to six of those standards, nixing five and upholding only one.””


    Enjoy the oppression peasants!


  14. Enjoy media.

    You deserve this. Licking China’s boots and supporting their senile candidate built this.

    You built this, so no crying now.



  15. ———–


  16. Nice. 🙂



  17. I think progressives might be mad. 🙂




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