47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-29-21

  1. Yesterday I left home at 8:15. I went with one of my agents to show condos at the beach. She treated me to a late lunch. After that I went to Joe Patti’s in Pensacola to pick up crab cakes, stuffed shrimp, crab pie, and softshell crab for my friend M to give to her mother for her birthday today. I was about 5:30 making it back home. I was tired. I decided to listen to some music on Spotify. I ask for a certain song and it plays some other stupid song I don’t want to hear, but because I am cheap and don’t pay for it I can only skip so many songs before I had to listen to commercials and I am spoiled now, so I hate to listen to commercials. So I went to Jim Reeves. He was Mama Ruth’s favorite and there is a reason he was known as Gentleman Jim. I heard Mary, marry me and Roses are Red… then it went to a gospel song and this reminded me of Chas.

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  2. Happy Anniversary, AJ and Cheryl!
    May you have a perfect day together♡
    If you do a review of your years together you are allowed to pass over the days of Covid except to say Praise the Lord He saw us through that! I still am amazed you kept the blog going through it all.

    You and Cheryl together with God . . . AWESOME!

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  3. Florida is revamping the FAR/BAR Contract for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate.
    There are several changes to the contract that are going to be an issue. An agent has the liability of costing the buyer the ability to get their earnest/escrow money back. The BUYER is supposed to inform the seller IN WRITING that the property appraised within 30 days. At the class I attended there were lenders in the room who stated they could not follow these guidelines. There are other subtle changes that could cost someone money and when a consumer loses money they sue real estate agents.
    To this end I have scheduled contract classes every Thursday in October. The other night Mr. P asked me if I still had a gift certificate to a restaurant in Pensacola. I told him I had used it as a closing gift because I didn’t think we would be able to use it. He told me he had a doctors appointment in Pensacola that day. I told him I had a contract class that day. He asked me what October 7th was. I told him Thursday. He made a few more comments then asked what October 7th was. Irritated, I said, “I told you, it’s THIURSDAY”. A bit later he asked again. THIURSDAY. Finally he laughed and said it was our anniversary and if he had made that mistake he would be in all kinds of trouble. Yep. I’m up for wife of the year,

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  4. Happy Anniversary, the real and Cheryl!

    Good morning. Lots of rain and wind and thunder and lightning and a rainbow yesterday. Lots of mist rising from the fields and the river valley this morning.

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  5. Happy anniversary, AJ!

    Interesting tidbit about that song–we have a nephew who had it sung at his wedding. I think I first heard it when my husband sang it. It is a good one.

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  6. Yum. Somebody made cinnamon rolls. Too bad it is a few continents away.

    My husband and I enjoyed a trip to the north shore of Lake Superior yesterday. He wanted to go to a restaurant, while I wanted to hike. We actually did very little walking, but had a good time anyway.

    I also wanted to check out Black Beach. This is a beach made up of a taconite tailing spill right along the lake. Taconite is what is used to make steel. It is made up of low grade iron. Our driveway is actually taconite tailing, although more coarse than what is on the beach. I did end up with a lot in my athletic sandals.

    Our weather is unseasonable warm again. I am not complaining.

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  7. This is the third time I listened to that song. I especially like Jim Reeves’ rendition.
    It is signivicant to me. I am the last of my generation.
    I am very proud od Chuck and his offspring. They all seem on the right track.

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  8. Snow on the mountains. Beautiful walk, met some nice folk out on the way. A young fellow walking a couple of dogs and a young girl, just out for a morning stroll.

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  9. Years ago, wee were still living in a house trailer, some friends came over and we had a nice visit.

    One of the topics we had was birthdays. After all of the visitors left and just the ttwo of us left, Elvera said. “Charlie. I’m not mad or anything. But today was y birthday.
    I never forgot again.

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  10. Called my one cousin last night to see how she was doing. She goes to the doctor a lot. Not major things, though. Is it possible to go to doctors too often? It’s important to go, I realize, but I’m not sure our lives are supposed to revolve around it (it seems like some people I know are in that place).

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  11. I use to see the doctor once a year for the annual physical exam. I did that until Obama put me under the bus for healthcare. I learned to do without, and I recognize that my life expectancy went down due to the new governance of heathcare in our nation. Once lost, there are some things you can never get back.


  12. Yes, I agree with Mumsee and Chas. It is not a big deal to me personally because God has it all covered. But as a governmental leader I would not want to be the one that started a downward trend in life expectancy for a nation. I suppose a fact checker might want to see what the facts are at this point, but it has appeared that one party has aggressively sought to level the playing field globally and bring down America and the advantages of being a citizen here. I think it all started heading in that direction when governmental appointees at high levels became known as Tzars.


  13. Janice @ 4:12 – it has appeared that one party has aggressively sought to level the playing field globally and bring down America and the advantages of being a citizen here. I think it all started heading in that direction when governmental appointees at high levels became known as Tzars.

    Some people think it all started with Woodrow Wilson, or even Teddy Roosevelt.

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  14. As for going to the doctor, Mrs L sometimes quotes Jesus, “It is the sick who need a physician.” I realize it is out of context, but sometimes I feel that way. But then there is the adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” or something like that.

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  15. I put a post on Facebook about a link to a sale that my Pampered Chef consultant is having to get a discount of 25%. I bought some digital timers and some ofthe small cast iron skillets that I can give as gifts. Just thought I would mention it here in case anyone has interest.


  16. Just to let you know, I ended up not making cinnamon rolls. Instead I made the baked Apple Fritters. They were delicious and we had such a small group that I have two left for me. For me to have baking success is rare

    I think tonight for dinner I will make a recipe I have for carrots and apples. They bake for an hour so last time I put some chicken breasts under them to absorb the wonderful flavor and it turned out to be delicious. I’m getting hungry.

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