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  1. Ungrateful #%@%&%#$.

    This is the thanks they get for their service thru the worst of the pandemic.

    This is as un-American as can be. And note how they protect the unions from their overreach while screwing those more deserving of an exemption.

    “New York prepares to fire unvaccinated healthcare workers”


    “As we learned over the weekend, teachers in New York City won a court victory to delay their termination if they don’t get vaccinated by midnight tonight. But healthcare workers around the state apparently didn’t come up with a similar plan, or if they did, it didn’t work. A similar mandate applying to them is set to go into effect after today and it applies to doctors, nurses, and just about everyone else working at any hospital, nursing home, doctor’s office, or other medical facilities. Given the significant number of frontline healthcare workers who are among the vaccine-hesitant, that’s going to leave a lot of job openings to fill in this critical workforce. Some may have expected New York’s new Governor to back off from the mandate rather than deal with all of the headaches this could cause, but that’s not the case. Kathy Hochul is sticking to her guns and rolling out a number of plans to bring replacement workers in from a variety of sources, including summoning up medical personnel from the National Guard. (NPR)

    Gov. Kathy Hochul released a plan on Saturday, outlining the steps she could take to increase the workforce in the event that large numbers of hospital and nursing home employees do not meet the state’s deadline.

    “We are still in a battle against COVID to protect our loved ones, and we need to fight with every tool at our disposal,” she said.

    That could mean declaring a state of emergency to allow health care professionals licensed outside of New York, as well as recent graduates and retirees, to practice there. Other options include deploying medically trained National Guard members, partnering with the federal government to send Disaster Medical Assistance Teams to local health and medical systems.

    The default reaction by executives in New York continues to be the declaration of a state of emergency, allowing them to operate outside of the law. In addition to calling in the military and federal Medical Assistance Teams from FEMA, Hochul is reportedly “looking into” ways to expedite the visa approval process for trained medical professionals seeking to come to America from other countries.

    The one question I’m not seeing being asked by reporters in Albany (yet) is how the Governor is “looking into” these plans on the day that the mandate is supposed to go into effect. This mandate was issued by Andrew Cuomo well before Hochul even took office. Everyone has known about it for more than a month and it was also no secret that there were many hospital and nursing home workers who were not volunteering to be vaccinated and had no plans to do so. Everyone knew this day was coming. How is it that they are now scrambling to find replacement workers?

    Let’s also not forget that we’re talking about men and women who work in the medical field professionally. Granted, not everyone with such a job is automatically an expert in virology specifically, but they are likely a fair bit more savvy about medical issues than the rest of us. If they aren’t comfortable taking the vaccines, shouldn’t their opinions and decisions be part of the formula when rolling out plans like this?”


    Darn right it should, but the Covid scolds are not listening to reason.


  2. These people are a joke, and a rather unfunny one at that.

    Fear the insurrection!

    That the feds orchestrated…..

    They led the whole thing thru their snitch.

    “Federal Protection of “Oath Keepers” Kingpin Stewart Rhodes Breaks The Entire Capitol “Insurrection” Lie Wide Open”


    “Stewart Rhodes is the founder, boss and kingpin of the Oath Keepers.

    The Oath Keepers, we are told, are America’s largest militia, the most prominent antigovernment group in the United States, and the preeminent right-wing domestic extremist insider threat to the entire U.S. military.

    Whatever the truth of these hyperbolic claims, the fact remains: the Oath Keepers are the most extensively prosecuted paramilitary group alleged to be involved in 1/6. Indeed, it was the alleged “pre-planned assault” on the Capitol by Stewart Rhodes’s alleged Oath Keepers lieutenants that was used as the key talking point to try to convert the day’s events from a protest into an “insurrection.”

    But Stewart Rhodes is not simply a key figure in the Oath Keepers. Stewart Rhodes is the Oath Keepers, according to Oath Keepers board member Richard Mack.

    Elmer Stewart Rhodes III — a one-time Army paratrooper, disbarred Yale lawyer, constitutionalist, gun enthusiast, and far-right media star — founded the group called the Oath Keepers in 2009. Since then, he has ridden crosscurrents of American anger and strife that ran from scrubby Western deserts to angry urban protests right into the Capitol rotunda.

    Mack said he and others also raised concerns about the Oath Keepers’ participation in violent protests…

    He said it had become clear that the board had no real power. “[Stewart Rhodes] is the Oath Keepers. It’s hard to separate the two,” Mack said. “It’s his organization, and he can do what he wants to do.”

    Other dissenting voices found that they were no longer welcome. Jim Arroyo, the vice president of the Arizona chapter, said relations began to fray over Rhodes’ insistence on total control… [Buzzfeed]

    A mere indictment of Stewart Rhodes, today, for the same conspiracy charges alleged against his underlings, would collapse the entire “threat” of the Oath Keepers that the country has heard so much about. From NPR:

    Rhodes is the central figure of the organization. He is the founder, leader and center of gravity for the group. In theory, then, an indictment against Rhodes could lead to the group’s collapse.

    The Justice Department argues that Stewart Rhodes both substantially organized and activated an imputed plan to use violence, on 1/6, in real-time, through a series of encrypted Signal messages beginning at 1:38 p.m., as Trump concluded his rally speech on the National Mall, and 62 minutes before Oath Keepers lieutenants allegedly formed a “military stack” to rush the Capitol doors.

    These facts alone, as alleged, are more than legally sufficient to secure an indictment of Stewart Rhodes. We will walk you through the mountains of direct and circumstantial evidence built on top of these allegations, but readers must understand this: the only reason Stewart Rhodes is not in jail *right now* is because of a deliberate decision by the Justice Department to protect him.

    Indeed, it is unclear whether the FBI has even sought to search Stewart Rhodes’s residence, personal belongings, or electronic devices, other than a single iPhone allegedly seized on the streets from agents in unmarked FBI vehicles in late April (since returned). For reasons discussed below, there is good reason to suspect the FBI will pursue a tightly controlled and very limited scope of investigation into Stewart Rhodes,. Beyond that narrow scope, they may not want the information they are likely to find.

    Why doesn’t anyone at the FBI or DOJ want him?

    If 1/6 was an “insurrection,” why protect the one man who, more than any other individual referenced in the charging documents of the 530+ open criminal cases, comes closest to the media’s ravenous description of a “lead insurrectionist?”

    Is it possible that the Oath Keepers, the most prominent antigovernment group in the United States, has been run, in effect, by the United States government itself — and nobody has mentioned it until now?”


    Bingo. Nailed it.


  3. More…

    “For Stewart Rhodes is not just a senior member of the Oath Keepers, he is the Oath Keepers. Given the fact that the Oath Keepers are the major paramilitary organization imputed (by government and media alike) to be responsible for the most serious and egregious elements of the so-called 1/6 insurrection, it follows that it would not only be fair, but necessary to conclude that in an essential respect the 1/6 event was planned and orchestrated by elements of the government itself.

    In other words, 1/6 was not the result of an intelligence failure as FBI Director Christopher Wray, the US Senate, and the media tells us. Rather, 1/6 was the result of an intelligence set-up.

    The following questions should be shouted from every megaphone, every street corner, and every Congressional lectern until the American people get full and complete answers:

    Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact with Stewart Rhodes, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?

    Do any other Federal counterintelligence equities, whether in military, intelligence or law enforcement, including but not limited to Army Counterintelligence, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), or otherwise, maintain or have they ever maintained a formal or informal relationship with Stewart Rhodes, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?

    If such a confidential relationship did exist between Stewart Rhodes and one or more U.S. counterintelligence equities, how do the FBI and other responsible agencies reconcile the enormous gravity of this omission from their previous deflections, non-answers, and boilerplate that they had “no actionable intelligence” before 1/6?

    If such a confidential relationship did exist between Stewart Rhodes and one or more U.S. counterintelligence equities, does this explain the FBI and Justice Department’s failure to pursue criminal actions against Stewart Rhodes in similarly high-profile “right-wing conspiracy plots” in which Rhodes appears to have played a similarly driving role?

    More specifically, did the FBI or any other U.S. counterintelligence equities maintain a discrete or confidential relationship with Stewart Rhodes during the 2014 Bundy Ranch standoff? Was this fact dispositive in the Justice Department’s decision to charge 19 defendants — including certain of Stewart Rhodes’s alleged Oath Keepers underlings — for conspiracy to obstruct a legal proceeding, and to spare Rhodes of similar charges?
    Has the FBI even procured a search warrant for Stewart Rhodes’s personal residence and home electronics? If so, on what dates and what specific categories of evidence were sought?

    If Stewart Rhodes is subsequently arrested after the date of this report (given the pressure these revelations are likely to generate), how does the Justice Department explain its failure to indict Stewart Rhodes on conspiracy charges for nearly six months, when its declared purpose for seeking bail denial for simple trespassers was the DOJ’s stated need to prevent “the immediate danger to the community” defendants allegedly posed? Given that multiple Oath Keepers were charged before the January 20th inauguration citing the need to stop their “immediate danger,” why did the DOJ not file immediate charges against Rhodes, and then make a superseding indictment later in time, as is their routine practice in 1/6 cases?”


  4. A kinder, gentler, more business like, and professional Taliban, right Joe?

    “Kinder, gentler Taliban hang corpses from crane in public”


    “Back in the days when “classic rock” was just rock and roll, The Who once sang, “Meet the new boss same as the old boss.” Flash forward a little more than fifty years and they could have been singing about the Taliban in Afghanistan. After their assurances to the world that they would establish a more modern, inclusive government, the Taliban was up to its old tricks again this week. Four men in the city of Herat who were accused of engaging in some sort of crime were executed, which isn’t all that unusual for the Taliban. But to ensure that their point was being made to the public, their bodies were dragged to the central square in the city. One of them was hung from a crane, while the other three were taken to other squares to be similarly displayed. So remind me again how this Taliban is different from the oppressive, fundamentalist Islamic regime that enforced a barbaric version of Sharia law on the people in the 90s? (Associated Press)

    The Taliban hanged a dead body from a crane in the main square of Herat city in western Afghanistan, a witness said Saturday, in a gruesome display that signaled a return to some of the Taliban’s methods of the past.

    Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, who runs a pharmacy on the side of the square, told The Associated Press that four bodies were brought to the square and three bodies were moved to other squares in the city to be displayed.

    Seddiqi said the Taliban announced in the square that the four were caught taking part in a kidnapping and were killed by police. It was not immediately clear if the four were killed in a firefight with police or after their arrest.”


  5. “MacArthur, Milley and the War on the Constitution”


    “In 1951, Gen. Douglas MacArthur was relieved of duty by a Democrat president because he was too tough on China. Seventy years later, Gen. Mark Milley got celebrated by a Democrat president because he collaborated with China.

    Go figure. That’s just the way Democrats roll. Apparently, they’ve always had a soft spot for China.

    WWII hero MacArthur was the commander of the United Nations forces fighting in Korea. He had some successes and some failures, but most significantly he had some disagreements with President Harry Truman about how to respond to the Chinese when they intervened on the side of North Korea. MacArthur wanted to wage full-scale war against Chinese forces, up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. Truman, right or wrong, disagreed. When the general ordered his troops to invade North Korea in April 1951, Truman publicly rebuked him and handed command to another general.

    It’s possible that, from a tactical point of view, MacArthur was right. He may very well have been able to weaken China to the point where its future as a communist world power would have been in doubt. But that doesn’t matter. MacArthur’s job was to follow the orders of his commander-in-chief, the elected president of the United States. It’s right there in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” No ifs, ands or buttinskis.

    And whether Give ’Em Hell Harry was too soft on the People’s Republic of China or not, he had one thing right for sure. There was no way he could tolerate a general overriding the orders of his civilian commanders. When it became clear that MacArthur could not be trusted to carry out the orders of the president, Truman did what any real leader would do — he fired his ass.

    WWII hero MacArthur was the commander of the United Nations forces fighting in Korea. He had some successes and some failures, but most significantly he had some disagreements with President Harry Truman about how to respond to the Chinese when they intervened on the side of North Korea. MacArthur wanted to wage full-scale war against Chinese forces, up to and including the use of nuclear weapons. Truman, right or wrong, disagreed. When the general ordered his troops to invade North Korea in April 1951, Truman publicly rebuked him and handed command to another general.

    It’s possible that, from a tactical point of view, MacArthur was right. He may very well have been able to weaken China to the point where its future as a communist world power would have been in doubt. But that doesn’t matter. MacArthur’s job was to follow the orders of his commander-in-chief, the elected president of the United States. It’s right there in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution: “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.” No ifs, ands or buttinskis.

    And whether Give ’Em Hell Harry was too soft on the People’s Republic of China or not, he had one thing right for sure. There was no way he could tolerate a general overriding the orders of his civilian commanders. When it became clear that MacArthur could not be trusted to carry out the orders of the president, Truman did what any real leader would do — he fired his ass.

    Not so Joe Biden. When he heard that Milley had collaborated with a Chinese general to undermine the previous president of the United States — Donald Trump — by offering to warn China of any imminent attack by our military, Tiptoe Joe not only didn’t fire Milley; he commended him.

    “I have great confidence in Gen. Milley,” Biden said.

    If anything better demonstrates the post-constitutional state of the Democratic Party, I’m not aware of it. Milley not only violated the chain of command, he damn near committed treason, and yet he’s still in charge of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    Milley had the misfortune to be quoted in “Peril,” the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa about the final days of the Trump administration. According to the authors, Milley took it upon himself to call his counterpart in the Chinese military command both before and after the 2020 election to offer reassurances that the United States was not going to attack China. Left unsaid, but implicit in Milley’s words, was the subordinate clause he intended: “although Trump is crazy.”

    The first call, and most damning one, supposedly took place on Oct. 30.

    “I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be OK,” Milley told Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

    Hmm, that is weird, but probably not entirely out of line if the United States had intelligence that a nuclear power was getting the false impression that they were going to be attacked by our country. Reassurance is not necessarily inappropriate as long as it doesn’t go any further.

    What was remarkable and completely out of the ordinary, though, was the following comment, which could only be interpreted as giving aid and comfort to the People’s Republic of China, putting their interests ahead of our own:

    “Gen. Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time,” Milley said. “It’s not going to be a surprise.”

    If Milley really promised to tip off China to any proposed military action by President Trump, it would have been a clear sign of insubordination, as the general has no power to countermand or otherwise modify orders of the president of the United States, who is given sole and plenary power as commander-in-chief by the United States Constitution.

    That’s not to diminish the constitutional role of the Congress to declare war, but in the real world of split-second decisions, the president has — and ought to have — the ability to respond to attacks and even to attack first when our interests are threatened.

    It’s not up to Milley to decide he doesn’t approve of the orders of the president, but if he had a crisis of conscience because he felt the president was out of his mind, his correct course of action would not be to contact our intended target. It should have been to talk to the vice president, who is authorized under the 25th Amendment to assume power with the consent of the majority of the Cabinet if the president is indeed incapacitated.

    But there is absolutely no evidence that Trump was crazy, except for the usual proof used against any and all Republicans — he didn’t agree with the agenda of the socialist Democrats. Trump responded to Milley’s “Seven Days in May” scenario by saying, “For the record, I never even thought of attacking China — and China knows that. The people that fabricated the story are sick and demented, and the people who print it are just as bad.””


  6. Victor Davis Hanson nails it again.

    “The Symptoms of Our Insanity”


    “Think for a minute.

    When did we become a nation of socialist AOCs wearing “Tax the Rich” dresses to $35,000-a-ticket celebrity galas, without mandatory masks, while being served by masked servants—a now tired script from the Obama birthday bash crowd to the grandees at the Emmys?

    When did we discover that we must listen to oppressed billionaire Oprah from her $90 million Montecito estate commiserating with a billionaire Lebron or royal Meghan Markle about the racist white establishment? Is there anyone in the recent Washington intelligence and investigatory hierarchy who has not lied or feigned loss of memory under oath—a low bar that nevertheless excludes, among others, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, or Peter Strzok?

    Did anyone just five years ago believe the following could possibly happen in America—and invoke almost no popular outrage from a somnolent public?

    Item: The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, does not deny that: 1) he deliberately aborted the legal chain of operational command—that is, violated the law—by recalibrating established protocols for using nuclear weapons in times of crisis. And he says his interventions were based on his own diagnoses (after prompting from opposition leader, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) that the commander-in-chief was crazy, and thus could be circumvented.

    And 2), in freelancing style, Milley, on more than one occasion, called the top figure of the Chinese Communist People’s Liberation Army, General Li Zuocheng. He reportedly announced that his own country was currently in crisis (experiencing “messy” democracy), reassuring the Chinese that if he, Milley, the newfound autokrator, sensed there was any chance of hostile and aggressive action on the part of his own country, then on his own initiative he would tip off the Chinese in advance. And far from resigning or being fired for his Strangelovian efforts, Milley would then be hailed as a hero by the popular media and progressive civil libertarians. In other words, for the Left, it is as if Burt Lancaster’s movie character, Air Force General James Mattoon Scott, was the real hero of Seven Days in May.

    Milley has also become the Zelig or Forrest Gump of our times. He turns up at almost all our recent military melodramas and disasters. Milley appears variously in the photo-op/federal troops/tear-gas spoof, the virtue-signaled rumored resignation, the talking referent in anonymously sourced books, puff-piece op-eds, and backgrounder quotes, the Inspector Javert of “white rage,” the student of How To Be An Antiracist, the Afghanistan progress reassurer, the “righteous” drone striker, the adjudicator between January 6 “coups” and 120 days of “penny packet protests” costing $2 billion-dollars in riot and arson destruction and 28 deaths, the Article 88 violator, the reductio ad Hitlerum promulgator, and the underappreciated but rumored polymath bibliophile.

    To understand Milley’s gambit, imagine Admiral Ernest King, some time in November 1941 secretly contacting his Japanese imperial counterpart, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, to warn him and the Japanese high command that Admiral King felt President Roosevelt was both too trigger happy for a Pacific war, and was also increasingly infirm and unsteady.

    And thus, King would step forward to promise Admiral Yamamoto and the Japanese military grandees that if he felt there was any possible aggressive or peremptory presidential order against Japan, King would tip him off first.

    Note that critical contemporaries had complained both that Roosevelt was pining for a pretext for war with Japan and that his closed circle had hidden many of his serious health challenges from the public—and note also that the chances that a President Roosevelt or Trump would have ever staged a preemptive attack on a belligerent neutral were—absolutely zero.

    Item: The United States military in the middle of the night abandoned the largest air base in Central Asia, after investing hundreds of millions of dollars in retrofitting the vast complex, as part of a hasty end to a 20-year presence in Afghanistan.

    In the last few remaining hours of our withdrawal, Americans would skedaddle to the airport, lose 13 soldiers to a suicide bomber, while guarding our final escape route, retaliate for the killing by accidentally blowing up a civilian relief worker and killing 10 of his family and friends including 7 children, wait almost 2 weeks to disclose said disaster, abandon a $1 billion embassy, dismiss 8,000 NATO allied troops in Afghanistan to fend for themselves, leave behind for Taliban terrorists some $80 billion worth of weaponry and training investment in their usage, fly into the United States some 100,000 unvetted, unvaccinated Afghan refugees in the midst of a pandemic, while leaving behind among the Taliban thousands of Afghans loyal to the U.S. mission—and likely 100-200 Americans.

    Is malleable General Milley in the chain of command when he wishes to interrupt operational protocols about nuclear weapons, or to call to warn the Chinese military, but then he is not when he mysteriously becomes only a Joint Chiefs “advisor” without any operation control of or responsibility for the greatest military defeat and humiliation of the last half century?

    Item: In the fiscal year 2021-22, how could an anticipated two million illegal aliens simply swarm the border, illegally cross it, continue to reside in the United States illegally, and do so in a time of a pandemic without either a COVID-19 test or vaccination? Who has unilaterally decided that U.S. executive officials could forsake their oaths to enforce existing laws, and simply decide to nullify American immigration law?

    Are we a neo-Confederacy in which the nullification of federal law is now normal, whether at the border or in some 550 sanctuary jurisdictions? Most of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have headed northward in response to the wink-and-nod open borders advocacy of Joe Biden and his brag that he had stopped all construction of the supposedly impractical replacement and new sections of the border wall—whose current cessation point doubled as the start-off point of the current mass influx. “


  7. He fought for his country with the Marines, then returns to the US and years later is put in jail by the Socialists on trumped up Jan 6th charges…



    “A U.S. military veteran who was charged in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol breach has died.

    John Anderson, 61, died at a hospital on Sept. 21 in Jacksonville, Florida, according to family members and his lawyer. His cause of death has not been disclosed.

    “My sweet, handsome husband went home to be with the Lord,” Anderson’s wife said, according to his lawyer, Marina Medvin.

    Anderson’s wife is asking for prayers and privacy as she mourns the loss.

    Anderson, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, was charged with seven counts, including civil disorder, interfering with law enforcement, and stealing government property.

    Authorities said he was part of the crowd that tried entering the Capitol through a tunnel, clashing with officers in the process. But his lawyers said he did nothing wrong and was trapped by people pressing behind him.

    Screenshots from surveillance video in the tunnel show Anderson was struck with a chemical substance let loose by a male in the crowd. Police officers later sprayed pepper spray, which also hit Anderson. He was assisted by officers through the tunnel after several minutes. Anderson said the officers saved his life.

    But he also protested against the charges, which his lawyer says were not backed by evidence.

    “John Anderson never hurt or touched a single police officer. The video evidence proves this,” Medvin said in an emailed statement. “John Anderson died an innocent man wrongfully accused.”

    Before Anderson’s death, he and Medvin were preparing to reject a plea offer.”


  8. Let’s just move these goalposts a little further back….

    Aw heck, just move them all the way….



  9. Huh.

    It’s almost like the media is trying to hide something…


    “Last week, initial leaks from the Arizona audit, which happened in Maricopa County, began to circulate. As RedState reported, the raw tally of ballots found over 300 more votes for Joe Biden than the original count. But as I said at the time, while that may have been somewhat surprising, you could bet that number was being presented out of context and that there’d be more to come.

    While I find it unlikely these initially reported results will be shown to be outright false, anytime anything is leaked to the Post, it’s almost always out of context. So you can expect the real report to offer more than what’s being said here. If the Post has the report, which they claim to do, why are they saying so little about it? We’ll have to wait and see what else is in the multiple-page document.

    So did the trend of The Washington Post publishing convenient leaks as an effort to abscond from further revelations hold? Yes, it did, and the report included some serious caveats about the ballots that were inspected. The Post, as suspected, chose to not publish them in its write-up despite claiming to have the entire document.

    For example, take this passage from The Federalist’s write-up on the audit. Also, credit to Margot Cleveland, who has always been great when we’ve interacted, for laying this stuff out in an easy-to-understand way. I say that because confusion is one of the tools used to muddy the waters.

    These statutory provisions and procedures prove significant because the audit revealed that 15,035 mail-in votes in Maricopa County were from voters who had moved prior to the registration deadline, another 6,591 mail-in-votes came from voters who had moved out of Arizona prior to the registration deadline, and 1,718 mail-in votes came from voters who moved within Arizona but out of Maricopa prior to the registration deadline.

    When you sign the affidavit that comes with the ballot, you are legally attesting to living at the address that exists on the registration. Is it really plausible that all those mail-in votes came from people who had only temporarily re-located? I find that suggestion to be absurd. It’s obvious that many, if not most of the votes in question here were cast illegally. Whether that was malicious or people just not realizing that they can’t move without updating their address we’ll never know.

    And while that doesn’t provide evidence of a mass, singular conspiracy to cast illegal votes, what it does show is that Maricopa County was extremely lax, to the point of probable illegality, in enforcing existing voting laws. That’s a theme we saw all over the country, including in Georgia as well.

    That suggestion is further bolstered by facts like these.

    Ayyadurai also highlighted several implausible statistics, such as that while there was a 52.6 percent increase from 2016 to 2020 in the number of early voting ballots, Maricopa County reported a decrease in signature mismatches of 59.7 percent. “This inverse relationship requires explanation,” the report noted, and then recommended a full audit of the signatures.

    Again, it’s just not plausible that early votes went up over 50% but that signature mismatches went down almost 60%. That fact again points to clearly insufficient enforcement of existing election law. Other issues included finding ballots where the affidavit had not been signed at all. Per the state’s election procedure manual, those votes are invalid and are not to be counted.

    Now, what are the caveats? There are a few, and I want to try to give all the angles here. For example, while there appear to have been obvious issues with the enforcement of election law regarding registrations, we do not know who those voters cast their ballot for. And because we don’t know that, things remain murky enough for some to claim that it didn’t change the outcome of the race in Arizona.

    Also, in regards to the small number of signatures missing from affidavits (which makes those votes invalid), while that points to a possibly larger, systemic issue, it is not conclusive because the audit didn’t actually go through and compare signatures for the rest of the ballots to see if the problem was larger.

    That leaves us pretty much where we’ve been the entire year. It’s almost certain, to the point where it becomes absurd to claim otherwise, that a significant number of illegal votes were cast in Arizona. Yet, because of the realities of what the audit covered and didn’t cover, it did not deliver a conclusive finding that the illegal votes favored Biden enough to change the outcome.”


  10. He’s gonna be a big hit in prison.

    “R. Kelly found guilty on all counts in sex-trafficking trial”


    “R. Kelly was found guilty Monday of sexually abusing women, boys and girls for decades — capping the ’90s R&B superstar’s stunning fall from grace.

    The “I Believe I Can Fly” crooner, 54, was convicted on all nine counts against him, including racketeering and violations of the Mann Act, which prohibits the transport of “any woman or girl” across state lines for any “immoral purpose.”

    Kelly, who was wearing a blue suit and white mask, sat stone-faced next to his lawyers as the verdict was read.

    He faces 10 years to life in prison at his sentencing, which is scheduled for May 4, 2022.

    “To the victims in this case, your voices were heard, and justice was finally served,” acting US Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulist said outside court after the verdict. “No one deserves what they experienced at his hands. Or the threats and harassment they faced.”

    A jury of seven men and five women deliberated for about nine hours across two days before reaching their unanimous verdict.

    From the beginning of the month-long trial in the federal courthouse in downtown Brooklyn, prosecutors painted Kelly as a “predator” who used his fame and a cadre of employees to prey on young victims.”


  11. The idiots are kissing China’s butt again.



  12. Enjoy the moderateness of the Biden admin…..

    “IRS would track all bank transactions over $600 under Biden plan; Businesses revolt”


    “A major component of President Joe Biden’s plan to raise revenue to pay for his trillions of dollars in new federal spending is now under fire from trade associations across the country.

    The Biden administration has made clear its plan to beef up IRS auditing by expanding the agency’s funding and power. Biden’s latest proposal would require banks to turn over to the Internal Revenue Service bank account information for all accounts holding more than $600.”

    In a sharp pushback against the proposal, more than 40 trade associations, some of which represent entire industries or economic sectors, signed a letter to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., raising the alarm about the plan.

    The letter, which includes the support of several banking coalitions, calls on Congress to reject that requirement, saying it violates customer privacy and would create an incredibly expensive and elaborate reporting requirement for the banks.

    “While the stated goal of this vast data collection is to uncover tax dodging by the wealthy, this proposal is not remotely targeted to that purpose or that population,” the letter said. “In addition to the significant privacy concerns, it would create tremendous liability for all affected parties by requiring the collection of financial information for nearly every American without proper explanation of how the IRS will store, protect, and use this enormous trove of personal financial information. We believe that this program is costly for all parties, not fit for purpose, and loaded with potential for unintended and serious negative consequences.”

    The groups argue it would target “almost every American” and question whether the IRS could keep that information secure from hackers and bad actors.”


  13. Good riddance. 🙂

    “German Election: Merkel’s Era Ends in a Disaster as Conservatives Suffer Worst Defeat in Post-War History

    Socialist SPD stakes claim to form a coalition government; right-wing AfD makes big gains in the East.”


    “German Chancellor Angela Merkel ended her 16-years-reign in a disaster as her Christian Conservative alliance (CDU-CSU) suffered its worst election result since World War II.

    Merkel’s Christian Democrats secured a little over 24 percent of the total vote, which is the first time it hit below 30 percent in post-war history.

    German weekly Der Spiegel summed up the election outcome with the headline: “The End of the Black Republic” — black being the color associated with the German Christian Conservatives.

    The biggest winner of Sunday’s parliamentary vote was Merkel’s junior coalition partner, the left-wing Social Democratic Party. The socialist party narrowly became the biggest party in the German Bundestag, getting 25 percent points, five percentage points more than the 2017 election.

    SPD leader, Olaf Scholz, staked the claim to form the next government. The left-wing party wants to build a government with the support of the ecological Green party and the pro-business Free Democrats, Scholz said.

    “Voters have spoken very clearly,” the SPD chancellor candidate said. “They strengthened three parties — the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Free Democrats — so this is the visible mandate the citizens of this country have given: These three parties should lead the next government.”

    With no party or bloc winning a clear majority, negotiations may take weeks before a governing coalition emerges.”


  14. OK, now you’re just mocking them….


    Which they deserve, so…. continue please….


  15. ———–


  16. Why not?



  17. Un-American.



  18. A gross abuse of power.


    Not to mention ungrateful….


  19. ——–

    The inevitable outcome.


  20. Compliance officer for banks is a good job for older workers. Banks are all going to need a lot of them to track almost every single person. No wonder they want to hire a whole lot more IRS workers, too.


  21. AJ, unvaxxed nurses should be the model to follow, as they have been able to dodge the bullet while being exposed to positive patients daily. A nurse would not have a job for long if she called out sick every other week with covid. There would have been a breech in infection control protocol.


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