100 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-25-21

  1. Woke up to fog, but now the sun is peeking through. I might go to the homecoming game at the school where I taught. But it’s a 50+ minute drive, so I might just stay here. Maybe Mrs L and I will go on a long walk or hike. We’ll see.

    Have a great Saturday, all!

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  2. It is cool here this morning. Mr. P left all the windows open the past couple of days. The dogs are enjoying it. Amos has a pep in his step. Mr. P is off to the Wellness Center to exercise. He is also doing intermittent fasting. He eats from 9am to 12pm and fasts for the other 21 hours. As you may have guessed, he is all or nothing. As most recent converts to anything are, they like to pull you along with them. He asked me if I wanted to do it with him. NOOOOOOO. I wake up hungry. What I am doing is tracking my food. I am trying to get 30% of my calories from fats, 30% from protein, and 40% from carbs. That is hard enough without making myself “hangry”. It’s harder to balance than you might imagine. I can get plenty of carbs and fats, but am almost always short on protein.
    I am sure you all found that riveting information.
    So as you know we are planning a vacation over Thanksgiving. D-Day wasn’t planned as well as he is trying to plan this. Last night we had to watch an hours worth of Youtube videos on people giving us the ends and outs, what to do, and what not to do on vacation in Barbados. He wants each day planned out with precision. I am more of a “let’s get there, have a fruity drink with an umbrella in it and see what happens” kind of traveler.
    We have had a week without Little Miss because she and Mommy have been quarantined with Daddy, who tested positive for Covid last Saturday. Mr. P wanted us to quarantine too. I can’t do that. He tried to get me to go get tested again. Neither of us have been around Youngest Son, only Little Miss. He has been around DIL, but I haven’t and most days the week before I wasn’t even home when Little Miss was here. I have missed the little stinker this week though.
    I noticed earlier this week that Cheryl made a comment. I hope she is back with us.
    Have a great day everyone.

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  3. Good morning. Half moon still bright. Low clouds on the eastern horizen are brilliant reds and oranges as the sun is getting close.


  4. I LOVE the header! I needed a cheerful chipper for this morning. I went to Publix early. They only had Brussel sprouts in little net bags. I like to choose from a bin of freshly cut. I did get some beets for something different. Art won’t eat those. I bought a book on canning and hope I am not too late to learn.


  5. It doesn’t bother me because I can go inside and block it out.
    But there’s a radio somewhere a block over that is played so loud that I can hear it when I’m outside.
    I have contempt for such people who are so inconsiderate of the community.

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  6. I slept late and needed it.

    It’s overcast this morning but we’ve also been getting some smoke from the fires that are north of here. The weather has cooled significantly and I’m beginning to think we’ll have scarped this summer without too much hot-weather misery.

    Checking the WSJ online last night before going to bed I saw yet another story on our backup of ships out there, it’s become quite the fascination. We have some good photos from the past few days, including a couple aerial shots.

    All our e-ordered “stuff” is sitting out there.

    WSJ online subscriptions are somewhat pricy, but worth it for those looking for probably the best and fairest (these days) national coverage; it tilts somewhat conservative, but that speaks largely to their editorial pages (which are also excellent, btw). The news coverage is more down the middle and reliable, I believe, than coverage you’ll find in many publications and outlets right now.

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  7. So now he wants to take suitcases out an do a trial pack to make sure we have everything. He wanted to know where a certain suitcase was.He wants to take his diving mask. He wants to know as soon as we get there which restaurants requite reservation, so we can make reservations as soon as we get there…he has counted 7 so far on the property. There are 18 between the two properties we have access to. If the BIG suitcase goes over 50 pounds it is $100 surcharge. It only costs $25 to check a second bag.
    Have I mentioned that it is September 24th and we aren’t leaving until NOVEMBER 24th!!!!

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  8. Chas, I have the 35-year-old teen-ager who plays music continually from his living space in the family’s garage. But he’s now back at work at the bakery so is gone a substantial amount of time.

    A lot of his music is enjoyable to me, classic rock, reggae, soul, some country; parts of it are too hard-core and contemporary for my tastes. He mostly leaves the volume at a livable level, but periodically will crank it up for a particular song he likes.

    My neighborhood is very diverse, all ages, kids and older folks and everything in between, Latinos (or Latinx, sorry), Croatians, Italians (and those languages are heard), a longshore worker or two (who drive gigantic trucks), lots of dogs that get walked, kids on skateboards, giant old trees, old houses, a guy on the corner with a new speed boat in the driveway or parked out front (at least it’s not in his basement — you’d have be an NCIS/Gibbs fan to get that one) — so it’s got an old-waterfront, working class vibe to it, generally.

    Nothing fancy or “tony.” Average folks.

    And I love the sounds of the harbor — the fog horns, the sea lions barking, sometimes the longshore night crews unloading ships with noisy equipment opening up hatches (but I don’t hear those sounds as much as I did when I first moved here, maybe they have quieter equipment now).

    Today, for the first time since this pandemic struck, we’ll also likely hear a ship-horn melody — the kind played by the cruise ships as they’re leaving port — the first one heads out for Mexico at 4 p.m. today. Welcome back.

    The Disney cruise ships would always play “When you wish upon a star … ” as they headed out to sea.

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  9. Oh, Kim.

    I’m like you when I go places (but I haven’t gone anywhere in a while) — get there and figure it out, where the wind blows.

    But I’ve gone with friends and relatives who are like Mr. P — planned down to the minute, where we go when, how much time we’ll have for this and that. My former roommate and I took a trip up to SF ages ago when we were really young; I’d been there before, but this time was going to be different — I remember being at the beach with her here in the days leading up to the trip; she had her street map out and was actually memorizing all of the street names.

    She actually was a great “tour guide” when we got there, I just followed where she led (but I didn’t get up early enough for her tastes — I remember waking up one morning, probably around 8 a.m., opening my eyes, and seeing her standing with her purse strapped across her shoulder, all dressed, staring out the window, just waiting, waiting …)

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  10. Kim, was Mr. P a Boy Scout who loved being prepared for all things? It is neat to ‘see’ how excited he is.

    I am usually so involved in planning food to carry in our coolers that I don’t pack personal belongings until ten minutes until departure time. That means I most likely leave something important at home. Instead of preparedness, I get a lesson in being ingenious in making do and improvising.


  11. I managed to figure out how to take a screen shot of my vaccine record (from the state) on my phone. It took a while.

    At some point, a medical app appeared on my screen that I couldn’t get rid of; it had the information that my emergency contact is Lucero, my child.

    She’s my neighbor, but whatever. Haha.

    I don’t think it got saved anywhere on some other medical site.

    But we’ll see someday if she gets a call about her “mother” (who’s actually in her late 90s, they’re not sure exactly how old she is as she was born in Mexico and the records were unclear).

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  12. One thing son asked me to bring that I could not locate was the game Seven Wonders. I don’t ever remember seeing that game. Instead I packed up seven wonderful games! Monopoly, Stratego, Quoridor, Parcheesi (sp?), something about Sentences, jigsaw puzzles, Rummikub, etc. He will be surprised to open the box of Seven Wonders♡

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  13. Kim – Mr. P only eats between 9am and 12pm? That sounds like an extreme form of intermittent fasting. I know that there are different forms of intermittent fasting, but the one that I have most read recommended for men is an eight-hour window for eating. For women, a ten-hour window of eating is recommended.

    Cramming a day’s worth of eating and calories into three hours does not sound healthy, although of course, I am not a doctor. (And I don’t even play one on TV.)

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  14. DJ – Whose boyfriend is in the wind?

    Kim – Nightingale is one to do a lot of planning for a trip, but she leaves room for spontaneity, too. A good balance, I would say.

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  15. Since I had no idea what the game of Seven Wonders is, I found a video that explains how it works. It seems complicated to me, but like all things, once it is practiced a few times, I suppose it would seem fairly easy.


  16. Bookbub had a deal on the New England Soup Factory Cookbook yesterday. You can go to Amazon and use the Look Inside feature to scroll to a recipe for an autumn special soup, Sweet Potato Soup with Caramelized Onions. It sounds so good!


  17. DJ’s question: I would guess he went in the swamp and killed himself or disappeared. I doubt he left the country. It is too big and too easy to get lost in.

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  18. I hope that Chas felt like sitting outside for a bit on what was a very pleasant day here.

    I pretended I had energy and used the little curved saw to cut off the remaining portions of the limbs on the Birthday tree that I had so sloppily cut off in a hurry when we had to get that Penske truck backed up to the carport.

    I just made a batch of slaw from organic cabbage. I put in celery seeds, turmeric and black pepper, Ken’s lite olive oil vinaigrette , and mayo. I can’t get enough of it. Can a person be addicted to cole slaw?


  19. ok, I just sent another screen shot to Kare and dj. It shows where my home is
    You can see what a small place I live in. After a while I need to get out. But I am pretty sure that this weeks trip is cancelled due to new restrictions. oh, well, we will carry on.

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  20. Mrs L and I took a hike in the city’s nature preserve. One trail ends at a cemetery. Sad, it’s grown over with tall grass. But we saw a flock of wild turkeys as we entered it. All told we hiked over 2 miles, a lot of it up hill (some steep ones). Good exercise.

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  21. I used to walk ten miles to school every week day, all uphill both ways, barefoot through the winter so my shoes would be dry for class. Or something like that.

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  22. Something for book lovers good through tomorrow:
    “The virtual Library of Congress National Book Festival ends this Sunday, September 26th, so we hope you’ll take time, if you haven’t already, to explore all of the events and panels the festival has to offer! Visit the website to learn more. Definitely check out the Great Reads from Great Places themed panels, which feature children’s book and YA authors from across the United States, here, including Georgia.”


  23. My big outing today, in just a few minutes, will be picking up a new dog bed at PetCo — I ordered and paid for it online for free pickup at the store.They give you 20% off for doing that.

    Cowboy loves the large orthopedic dog bed I bought him maybe 6 months or more ago. He spends a lot of time on it. But sometimes, Tess hijacks it and poor Cowboy has no place to lay his head (we have a few dog beds around here, but that’s his favorite and apparently the most comfortable for his body right now).

    So I’ve bought a 2nd one, the matching bed I’m about to go pick up. That way both he and Tess can have their own.

    Good dog owner, right?

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  24. yeah, for Chas getting outside. There is something about being out. I have to make myself take my one mile evening walk, but I am always glad that I did. Just watching the clouds as the sun gets ready to set. The view is always different.

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  25. can’t find the powerpoint for church and I got busy and missed the beginning of the audio. Now I am lost…

    Working on trimming the insoles to get my shoes to work

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  26. Just catching up while I wait for the livestream service to start.

    I’m so glad they’ve kept up the live-streaming as we’re back to masks here and my nose just turns raw even after just 10 minutes. Nothing, however, like the mask face medical workers get – that would be awful!

    I’m refinishing my coffee table and was going to buy all kinds of stuff to do it and then I decided that since it’s not the one I really want and am just making do, I’ll use whatever I have in the basement. Found some nice stain – we’ll see how it looks once it’s dry (it’s water-based stain). It was very dark orange before I sanded it and pale yellow after and was pretty but I know that even just a clear coat will make it even yellower and that’s not my favourite.

    We bought an orthopaedic dog bed for Keva (he’s 12 now). He loves it – spends most of his time there.

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  27. Morning…or afternoon…whichever suits your fancy 😊
    Church was once again excellent…challenging, edifying and encouraging in the Word.
    I am hoping we don’t have to go back to streaming and or masks…
    Where’s Chas this Sunday?

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  28. I also live-streamed today, woke up not feeling great (not sick, just tired, under the weather). Our elder candidates are all taking turns at the pulpit this summer, today was our former actor from the Young and the Restless. I did a story on him (when the show was having a reunion of all former cast members) right before the pandemic hit.

    Waiting for the Q&A time to start.

    Mumsee, I saw something this morning about Idaho running out of hospital beds.

    Our case numbers are going down as are hospitalizations, but we’ve all learned how things change so quickly in all of this.

    We all will be glad when we (finally and definitively) turn the corner and this virus becomes more of a seasonal or endemic “flu” that’s much less threatening. But we’re not there yet and it all remains very unpredictable with the variants hovering on the horizon.

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  29. Maybe Chas is on an extended Sunday social circuit following church this week.

    It’s hard to believe it’s fall — but easier than it usually is for us out here as we’re actually having cool and overcast weather, I’m in a sweatshirt and thick socks.

    We’ve had a thankfully mild summer this year (they’re too rare in my book) and September/October can often be very hot.

    I noticed all the pumpkins spilling out of the outdoor display bins at Sprouts yesterday — and the corner outdoor pumpkin patch is probably up by now, they were putting the canopies up when I went by a couple days ago.

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  30. Chas was out in the sunshine with his legs crossed and his head nodding,but not fully asleep, for most of the afternoon.
    But it got windy and cool. Not cold, but not sitting out weather either.
    Here I am.
    My thermometer says it’s 74 degrees otside. Not bad, but not comfortable in the wind.

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  31. Mr. P is a planner for all contingencies sort of person. He read enough reviews that he finally found some that were negative about the “butlers” getting out early and reserving chairs, cabanas, etc for those who paid for upcharge to have a butler. He finally told he needed to calm down. This is supposed to get rid of stress, not cause more, and he was stressing me out.

    Lizzie, I have been married to Mr. P for almost 9 years (October 7th). He is all or nothing and when he sets his mind to something…well he’s all in. He had gained quite a bit of weight due to pain, surgeries, etc and the weight needed to come off. I don’t agree with how he is doing it, but once again, he has been all over the internet researching and he knows more about it than I do. What I DO know is that weight has to come off the same way it got on. Slowly and methodically, and you have to change some habits.

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  32. DJ, that is true. As mentioned, daughter is one of the nurses who directs the placement of patients and she has had calls from all over looking for beds. Historically, we have been able to help but not so much anymore. But she is now out with covid so it is up to somebody else. Though many of them have been out for the past week or so with it (one died a few days ago).

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  33. Kim and Kizzie, I tried the intermittent with a shortened window like that and felt very good for the duration. It seems like an excellent way to eat. And, historically as well as culturally, it appears to not be all that unusual.

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  34. I have been outside doing some sweeping, raking of the gathering carport leaves, and dumping of that debris. The mosquitos were all around my head since my body was covered with jeans, long sleeve shirt, sweater vest, socks and shoes. The mosquitos treat this time of year like the last supper . . . searching out the blood that gives them life. Soon I hope to say ‘Good Riddance’ to them for a nice long time.

    We had a nice service which I attended online. Our main worship leader and piano genius was out with a high fever and is quite sick but has tested negative twice for Covid. We did a lot of praying for him on our Sunday afternoon prayer call. So many people going through rough situations these days.



  35. Since it was mentioned, I think by Kim, that Cheryl had commented, I went back to see and found she had made mention of a species of butterfly. I wonder if she will be making some greeting cards as the Christmas holidays draw near. That is such a nice gift to share with people. Someday I think I would like to do that. Thanksgiving cards would be a special treat, too.


  36. Setenta y sententa?

    The Dodgers won 3-0 (tres – cero), a shutout, over Arizona, the game just ended. I took Tess for an easy walk down the street.

    I broke down and bagged for recycling some delivery boxes that had gathered at the front of the house — dog food, a laptop base, printer ink, more dog food, dog treats.

    But other than that, I was a total slug this weekend, I just couldn’t get motivated to do much of anything (though much needs to be done around here).

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  37. Oh, I misspelled the second setenta (Can I blame this on spellcheck which doesn’t speak Spanish?)

    What is sententa?

    Nothing. Nada.


  38. Just hanging out at school. so nice and quiet. I went to the store and got a few things. They had mozzarella cheese!!
    Store will be closed for stocktake for the rest of the week and we never know exactly when they will open.
    Still unsure if the trip to Goroka will happen. Donna went there so I should be able to go too??

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  39. Art has a football game on. At the same time he is working on his computer doing tax work related to the personal extension deadline. He got home around 9 p.m. he ate an egg salad sandwich and is back on duty as Mr. Tax Man.

    I asked Art if he knew his cousin, Marahall Grant, had a book. “No.” I asked if he knew he had managed the Statler Brothers for a bit. “No.”
    I ordered a used copy in case he can find time to read it. It has some really good reviews.


  40. I am chilly in our house. I felt warmed up while peeling the freshly boiled eggs. The egg salad on toast warmed me, too. But so soon the chill creeps in. I am ready to crawl under the covers.


  41. I ordered a recumbant bike that will need assembly. I wonder if Miss Bosley will try to assist. It may be a job for my brother. I tried to order assembly, but for some reason that part of my order did not go through.


  42. Only ten comments more to go! And I have to go bed.

    What I wrote about ten comments may have changed because I did not post that immediately after I wrote it. May God grant to each of you a peaceful night’s rest.

    Zzzz . . .


  43. Oh, I was looking at the recumbant bikes on Amazon, and yes, the assembly challenge always stops me (but I’ve used their assembly package and it’s pretty good). All depends on whether you know a handyman or a have a brother who can do it cheaper.

    A recumbant bike wouldn’t make it to Goroka.

    I’m tired and will go to bed early, I think. I accomplished almost nothing this weekend. I feel like I’m “hitting the wall” again with work and the dreariness of this pandemic.

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  44. I originally spelled recumbent bike with the e, but noticed Janice had it with an a and figured she must be right, so I changed it.

    But the “e” is correct.

    Recumbent bikes won’t get you anywhere but they’re good exercise.

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  45. Often times they are doing a refueling activity. Pretty impressive to see. But I don’t think they are supposed to be doing it over my house. Though I do enjoy watching.

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  46. The local town is apparently getting hit pretty hard with covid. Last week, fourteen year old’s coworker was just getting over it. This week, two more people connected to my circle. I don’t know but suspect the vaccination rate for this town is pretty high.

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