7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 9-18-21

  1. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Husband is taking the children to breakfast, then leaving fourteen at her job while taking the other two in the opposite direction to drop twenty off at work, then back to the other town to have his oil leaking car looked at and to pick up fourteen. Drops them off at home and goes to pick up twenty from her work. Very expensive babysitting but it does give her something to do and she is not here throwing things and complaining about the world. Grateful she has a job and that husband is able to do all of that driving.

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  2. 🙂 My rave is for how the Lord held me up during my mom’s funeral. The tension was strong and it was sad to see all the division, hurt feelings and anger. OTHO, the gospel was given out through all the trouble and my mother was honored. I am glad I know the Lord and know that He can change lives.

    🙂 We have been blessed with rain and everything is green again. That is, except for the trees which are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange. We will enjoy it all while we can, because winter will soon be here.

    🙂 My husband played music yesterday at an assisted living place where one of the residents turned 102. She has always been active and still does quite well. Her SIL was one of my daughter’s teachers. He and his wife still take her once a week for her hair appointment.

    😦 It is always interesting to see someone we know in one of these places. This time it was someone who came out to music jams throughout the years. She was in a memory unit, yet remembered us and we were able to chat a bit. She was thrilled with the music. In fact the whole room was singing along with the group. Music is such a blessing. 🙂

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  3. We are still waiting for rain. The neighbor was out all night, plowing and fertilizing his fields. We are again hoping for rain and he wanted to get it done before the rains come, if they do. Our color here is brown. The air is brown with a combination of smoke and dust from the dry dry farms. We do not irrigate here so they are totally dependent on the rain. Generally it works.

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  4. Kathleena, I knew of a lady who could no longer speak as the result of a stroke. However, when visiting pastors would have services at the nursing home, she would sing every single song as clear as can be. God must have made a special pathway in the brain for music to be a blessing. How wonderful your group continues to do this.

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