59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-13-21

  1. Happy Birthday Mumsee!
    How do you pray for a day when you start out the day expecting nothing?
    I’m just sitting here. Will be all day.
    But God knows. I’m doing everything I can. Right now.
    You may not believe it, but there was a time when I was important to someone.


  2. rose came.
    Rose piddled around in the kitchen.
    Rose left.
    I don’t know what happened, but when I need something, I just look into the refrigerator.
    It has worked like that for several months now.
    Rose said she is coming back tomorrow.
    that’s all I need to know.

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  3. Chas,

    It’s a stray. Apparently there are several at stadiums all across the US. They live in and under the stadium’s supports on multiple levels. Birds and rodents do too. (the cat has food) They’re rarely seen during games though. 🙂


  4. Good morning; all’s well for the moment. I was able to shop for groceries around 7:30, make eggs, send Art off to work, put away groceries, and clean the litter box. I somehow had put that box out of mind during the illness from the vaccine so it had the fragrance of smelling salts. Monday morning wakeup odor for sure.

    I have always found it interesting about in God’s efficiency, He made old urine turn into ammonia, a cleaning product. I know it’s not that simple, but just going by the sense of smell, it appears that way.
    Janice G


  5. I am on a different phone this a.m. while my other one recharges.That’s why I am Anon

    Art is hobbling more saying his knee is not doing as well.

    I hope he is able to navigate the stairs to Wesley’s apartment. If not we can get a room at a nearby motel where we stayed before.

    I hope that won’t be the case, but we are flexible at least and have options .

    I plan to get the box springs off the full size bed and pull them out to the street .

    Using mind over matter seems to work if I strategize how to maneuver in the most effortless way.

    Think: Slide.Glide.Roll.

    It sounds like a dance routine. Or else preparedness routine for a disaster. Oops, I don’t need to invite trouble. Forget I said that.


  6. Morning…Good Happy Birthday to you Mumsee Morning!! We are celebrating our Lord’s beautiful gift of YOU this day!! ❤️
    That was my question as well Chas….who brought their cat to a sporting event? So they live at the stadium? Interesting! Wonder how many lives that cat has used up…better be careful if it was his 9th! 🐈‍⬛


  7. Good morning. I am certain with all of the spilled food, there are lots of mice and birds to feed the stray cats. The cat did not look particularly happy when being handled by a bunch of strangers.
    I am listening to different versions of When I Am Sixty four.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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  8. Actually, the story today says the cat had a collar on and left the stadium with a human.

    Chas, they live like any feral cat, off the mice eating the garbage people leave. Cats don’t actually need people in a close up way. Though they can be quite friendly. Their natural instinct to kill is pretty strong.

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  9. Thank you much older brother.

    Chas, dogs also have the instinct, quite strong in some breeds and not so much in others. I doubt the lhasa apso has ever killed anything but the rat terrier kills at every opportunity. Similarly, an indoor house cat who has been inside for years, may kill a mouse or two or may just ignore them while others kill or play with mice at any opportunity.

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  10. Miss Bosley would probably kill me several times a day if allowed to do so. At the same time, she sticks like velcro to me for pure need of affection.

    She needs food and water and a clean litter box from me, but she does not come to me and trade affection for those things.

    If she needs food she speaks to me in meows and whirrs in the kitchen by her food bowl.

    If she is in need of a water bowl refill, she will sit silently by her bowl andkip stare at me.

    She will do that same long silent stare about wanting a clean litter box.

    But she constantly seeks me out to be close in touch. If she can’t see where I am she makes a mournful meow sound.

    If I am outside she will find her ‘Toy’ that I made for her from old stockings. It is soft and feels like skin. She will carry it to the door and wait for my return.

    Her meow is mournful and distorted because she carries ‘Toy’ in her mouth while meowing.

    I think sometimes she is missing the kitten babies she never had. She carries ‘Toy’ as if it were a baby kitten in her mouth.

    She often brings ‘Toy’ to the bed at night to sleep with me. This is not manipulative trading of favors.

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  11. As I was watching the cat video (which Janice had also shared last night), I had to laugh a bit that the music station I have on (music from the 50s and 60s) was playing Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussycat?” 🙂

    Speaking of cats marking their territory with their scent glands, I think it is cute and funny to see my Rudy rubbing up against Heidi now and then. “This is my doggie,” he seems to be saying. 😀


  12. Shortly after I went to sleep last night I woke up to a really loud bang, what I imagine a lightning strike might sound if it was only a few yards away. But I heard no reaction from anyone else in the house, most notably nothing from the dog, so I figured it wasn’t real.

    I got up to see if everything was okay. Mrs B and KJ were downstairs talking and the dog was somewhere in Dreamland. I described my experience, and KJ said it sounded like Exploading Head Syndrome, which was new to me.

    There was no pain. It’s a little like when you wake up with a falling sensation. There’s no dream providing context, it’s just a sensation that happens on its own. People don’t usually experience it until after age 50.


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  13. I’ve never heard of that before.
    Living by myself, I’m glad I haven’t . I don’t know what I would do in the circumstance when you can’t ask someonf if they heard it too.

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  14. Chas, I just ask myself.

    Wow. Did you hear that?

    No, I didn’t hear anything. Go back to sleep, myself replies.


    Clearly the most traumatic thing that cat experienced was all the man-handling at the end.

    (Annie Oakley also rubs up against Cowboy a lot, but he then just moves away from her; but he’s always been the “safe” dog. Tess still chases her under the table or into corners on occasion.)

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  15. Well, hmmm . . .
    Bosley never seems to be rubbing up to things except if I brush her, she will seriously rub her face against the bristles on one side and then the other. Or occasionally when we have been outside she will rub her face, one side then the other, against our shoes. This makes me think that she feels so secure in her ownership of her empire and servants that she has no need for that typically instinctive cat behavior. She has transcended into cat nirvana. Scary when I consider that.

    I posted two different links late yesterday to different views of the falling cat. It is truly impressive. I knew that the double interest story for football and cat fans would be of interest on here, lol.

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  16. Cats are known to hang out at airports, too. I once wrote a flash fiction story about a black cat named Jet who lived at an airport and was the CATalyst which brought a couple of airport workers together to fall in love.


  17. oh, we are all with you, Chas. You are not alone.
    So glad that when you met us you took us to your home. I can picture you there with your computer in front of you.

    I found a picture of Mumsee’s tree house. Now where do I send it?

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  18. I just got the mattress off the bed and now it is resting in the stairwell. Now to figure where to put the mattress until moving day. That is what down time is for . . . waiting for a brilliant idea on how to fix an idea that went forward without a solid plan based on the what ifs. Or to say it another way, the box springs have been sprung and stick out like sharp barbs. I could not just slide and glide the mattress off. Plans usually develop a ‘snag’, this time literally, and are not as easy to accomplish as expected. Too bad I was only the mother of a Scout and never learned to be fully prepared.

    In other thought waves, Miss Bosley takes full advantage of my down time. She is kneading on me with her Sharpies. I realized the actual pain from getting stuck with the Covid shot needle was so slight in comparison to the feeling of ten little sharp needles digging into me at once. I was fully prepared for the slight tingle of that shot needle.


  19. The gardener has come and gone. I talked with a community friend about the local news going on, came away with an idea I should probably pursue when I go back.

    I’m glad I decided not to go out to lunch with my cousin, I really needed a day just to “do nothing” (although there’s so much I should and could be doing in this house).

    Biden was going to be in Long Beach today stumping for Newsom, which I’m sure has the staff busy.

    Me, I’m happy hanging out, away from all the drama beyond watering my wilting impatiens that didn’t much like the extra heat we had over the weekend (they look better now). Charlie Brown is next, once the sun goes down a bit.

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  20. I wandered out to the backyard for a little while.

    Tess rolled in the dirt and pooped.

    Cowboy peed.

    I picked up and bagged the poop.

    Then we all came back inside.

    I feel like I’m living in an Andy Griffith episode, just hanging out …

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  21. Can’t find the “Politics” link. But
    All this talk about the Bidens, especially, but not limited to Hunter, being crooks: We already knew that. They were just anxious to geeet rid of Trump.
    At least, the Trumps are honest and we know where they stand.
    But i fear it’s too late now.

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  22. Not sure if this is Exploding Head Syndrome (which is a horrible name), but I often wake up in the morning hearing Heidi bark to go outside – except that she is fast asleep next to me. Or I have occasionally heard someone say my name kind of forcefully, as if trying to wake me up, but no one is there. In fact, just recently, I thought I heard Nightingale do that, with “Mommy!” (Yes, she still calls me Mommy. 🙂 ) But she was at work.


  23. DJ, I am packing up Wesley’s things to move from our home. He only half moved to his new apartment. We have the other half of his belongings here. It will be great to make a lot more space in this over packed house. A whole bedroom, empty to reclaim! Not sure how I will use it. I will still have to have some kind of bed for him for visits, but it does not have to be a full size bed. Maybe a futon or something that serves two purposes like that. Ideas?

    I have been on a Zoom call for the church Direction Team tonight. I spoke a good bit I was also asked to open us with prayer. It can be a little intimidating since at least four of the guys on the team are ordained pastors.

    As I listened with the call on mute, I worked up a sweat cleaning things out from under Wesley’s bed. It’s fun to find a beautiful ceramic extra large chess/checkers board, a beautiful wooden box with imprints of historical Brittish buildings which upon opening the top, finding a specially illustrated book stored within about Lord of the Rings. Then I found a shredded mouse toy. Miss Bosley’s private stash. There are other things I need to sort through that I have not seen in years. No big surprises, but I did find some sneezes in the mix.

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  24. I think Miss bosley might like her own room.

    You know, I think you told me that before and I’d forgotten, I kept thinking this was somehow connected to Wesley but I knew he was already settled in his new apartment.

    I like the idea of putting a couch with a pull-out bed in that room, too. That way it’s a versatile space. A little reading room?

    I watered the front, including Charlie Brown. He’s really growing tall, I think he’s 2 or 3 years old now? I wish the branches were a bit fuller and stretched out more, but he looks healthy. Probably 10 feet tall now? But kind of thin.

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