61 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-11-21

  1. Morning…a very somber day. Sadly many have forgotten 😢
    I won’t be watching any of it on the “news” …. I will continue to pray for our nation and for the enemies of us to be thwarted …..

    There is one thing to be celebrated on this day in our house… Lulah is 6 today …. Dogs….they just make life better somehow ….. 🐾

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  2. Using money you have, Kizzie, sounds like a good idea to me. A bathroom fix adds value to a home and is a necessity. Same with the air conditioner before the wall is entirely ruined. As far as the people who will use your actions against you; they will also use your inaction against you. We sure can’t control any of that; only our own actions.

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  3. Good morning. Nice visit yesterday in Moscow. But when I arrived, no helpers were on site. Apparently the weekend lady had other plans and did not show up. So I stayed most of the day and considered staying but decided to come home and go back today for the weekend. Fortunately, my sis in law talked with the other weekend lady and she was able to go in. This taking care of people against their will can get complicated!

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  4. We were going to do school today to make up for not doing it yesterday due to speech therapy, but they were late so they are out raking up the spilled hay around the horse feeder. Getting ready for winter.

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  5. I didn’t get my story in until 7 last night, it’s been a long week. But I got out of having to work Monday (which was my planned ‘comp’ day for Labor Day — editor wanted me to cover an intermodal expo, probably the least exciting thing ever; he was going to try to find a freelancer after I said I still wanted/needed that Monday comp day off).

    Today I need to get that recall ballot in the mail, pick up a prescription at Walgreen’s, send a sympathy card to my former, all-time favorite pastor whose dear wife died, and pick up around the house if I have the energy. The temps have been in the low 80s here which normally isn’t that hot for August in LA, but we’ve had such an easy, mild summer on the coast that it feels uncomfortable.

    9/11 feels so long ago. I was walking my dogs, Ellie and Pilgrim, that morning before work when I heard snippets of what was going on from fellow dog walkers and neighbors I encountered. I turned on CNN when I got home and, like everyone, was stunned, shocked and horrified.

    We were a morning paper, the day’s edition was long gone and on peoples’ lawns before any of this happened. But we actually pulled together an “EXTRA” edition for newsstands that afternoon. I remember interviewing my pastor (mentioned above) for a story on how churches were responding and also working on the response at the Port of LA which had shut down to all incoming ships. Others covered responses at LAX, area schools, LA City Hall, LAPD and other law enforcement agencies.

    The following morning, driving along the big residential street that led into the parking lot of our newsroom, tears came to my eyes as I saw nearly every house, on both sides of the street, adorned with U.S. flags.

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  6. Good morning! I was wide awake in the night so listened to a podcast until time to get up and make eggs. I have got to get my sleep straightened out.

    After we had eggs I got Art to go through DVDs to see what we could part with. The giveaway pile was small. I did not complain but thought, again, when do we ever watch these? I wanted to keep For Greater Glory. He usually carries a pile to watch when we go to Hilton Head but we haven’t been there for⁸ the last two years.

    After he left I sat on the couch with Bosley in my lap and fell asleep. I should drink coffee to keep me awake all day so I can sleep at night. Just not sure if my body is ready to handle a jolt of caffeine yet.


  7. DJ, that memory you shared just brought tears to my eyes. It’s really something to visit the Bush Presidential Museum in TX and see all that’s on display about 9/11. Such a heartbreaking time.


  8. As I said, I came in for lunch when i heard about it. I didn’t pay much attention until I heard that thwee were other attempts.
    That makes a difference. A planned attack.
    I stayed in the rest of the afternoon, trying to keep up.
    That is super-stupid.
    Thinking you can overthrow the government with soe two-bit attacks on it’s structure.


  9. Chas, it did a lot of damage to our collective psyche. And while it brought the nation together initially, but quite briefly only, where are we 20 years later? Not in very good shape.

    At first when I heard “a plane” had crashed into the World Trade Center, I naturally thought a small plane, a tragic accident. Even when I heard it was a passenger plane, I thought some horrible mechanical malfunction, a tragic accident.

    After getting home from the morning dog walk (I think I even cut if a little short) I turned CNN on in time to see the 2nd plane hit the other tower. Everything then became clear about what was really going on.

    And at work later that day, I remember also the fear that was still in the air as there were other planes — throughout the day — that weren’t immediately accounted for (they later landed safely).

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  10. So 9/11 was a Tuesday.

    Strange, but I had to look that up as I could no longer remember what day of the week it was when that happened. I’s beginning to feel like a long time ago.

    I saw the WTC site in 2003 when it was still in rubble, I was visiting friends on a farm north of the city and spent a day traipsing all over NYC with one of their sons who served as my tour guide.

    I took a few pictures, including one of the bars that landed in the shape of a cross and were left there for so long. There were quite a few other people there visiting the site that day, this would have been a couple days before Christmas that year.

    Seemed like it took forever to rebuild the trade center, I recall one of the developers involved in our early efforts at waterfront revitalization was also part of that effort in NY.

    Good to see it now finished and complete with the memorial site.


  11. ~ “When it comes to unity of America, those days seem distant from our own,” the Republican former president said. “Malign force seems at work in our common life … so much of our politics has become a naked appeal to anger, fear and resentment.” ~

    — George W. Bush in a speech commemorating 9/11 today

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  12. “Why 9/11 Brought Neither Unity Nor Revival
    Many Christians think spiritual renewal followed the terrorist attacks, but the record shows otherwise.”

    “The second answer to our disappointed hope is about how we preserved 9/11 in our memory. “Never forget,” we said, over and over and up through today. Part of what we meant was “Never forget the people we lost and the heroism of ordinary Americans who helped amid the horror.” Yet another part was vengeance. In his September 2001 address, Bush promised the American people he would “not forget the wound to our country and those who inflicted it.” He swore never to yield, rest, or relent in the “mission” our country had found in our “anger.” Too many Americans, including some Christians, adopted this response in a vengeful way.

    We were right to be angry at the great wrongs of 9/11, but at some point, rehearsing that anger year after year doesn’t move us toward justice, love, or the forgiveness Jesus commands of his followers. It moves us toward resentment, hostility, and bitterness, with all the trouble it brings (Heb. 12:15).

    How we remember is as important as that we remember, as theologian Miroslav Volf has argued, and we should discipline ourselves to remember “both with the desire for knowing truth and with the desire of overcoming enmity and creating a communion in love.”



  13. John F. Kennedy said, “Forgive your enemies but never forget their names“….
    I sometimes think this is what the “never forget” means when posted on this date. Can we as followers of Christ forgive such a brutal evil enemy? We do not hold on to bitterness and anger as we lay it before our Lord, trusting Him in all things. Remembering what the enemy has done and what they are capable of doing still is “keeping one eye open”….

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  14. I’m glad you said it was a Tues., DJ. It must have been a year when I worked MWF at the preschool. I was home on Tues. and had the television on for some reason and caught it from the start and ran downstairs where Art was in his home office and told him with disbelief what was happening. It is all a bad dark blur after that, but I did go into work at the preschool the next day and Wesley always went with me to do his schoolwork there in a close by room. It was such a frightening time, to be with the young children and have to be composed when your heart is breaking.


  15. I felt overwhelming hurt, not anger. I knew Middle Eastern people before and after 9/11 and pitied them for the grief they took for outward resemblance to the terrorists. It is sad to consider the grief that whites take in certain neighborhoods because they resemble those who perpetrated crimes in the past. That kind of targeted anger based on outward appearance is always wrong God gives the more perfect way in His words in the Old and New Testaments.
    “Revenge is mine saith the Lord.”
    “Jesus” Enough said. Follow Him, lean not on your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all your ways, and He will make straight your paths. Jesus does exhibit righteous anger and He will show the way to deal with what angers Him.


  16. I had to check the timing of that Tues. morning, thinking it happened early as Art had not yet left for work. I think he left not really knowing that it was a terrorist attack. Of course I was glued to the television that day as much as possible since I was home.

    This is making me too sad to remember. I literally cried more over 9/11 than anything else in my life.


  17. Mumsee wrote: Every death a huge loss, especially to family and friends, but we had an amazing lack of death in that event.

    If the terrorists had waited an hour, there would have been a lot more killed. Most people who worked in the WTC didn’t have to be at work until 9:00, so they were just entering the building when the first plane hit.

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  18. Good morning again everyone but Jo
    Good evening Jo.
    It seems like a new start someow.
    The assault is over for now.
    And everyone id back to whatever.


  19. I made a new Facebook Friend yesterday, one of our childhood street “gang.”

    She had a photo of one of those late 50’s cars with a group of kids who attended her birthday party which included me.

    On her F/B page she had posted this which another person had written. Poignant and beautiful. I posted it to my FB page but am pasting it here for those not on FB.

    “So much for the idea that when you are enduring a lot, as all of us are, OTHER bad things will have the good taste not to come along. But.
    Gracie, my little gray cat, is dying, and she is taking the scenic route out. I’m not sure what’s keeping her alive at this point, but alive she is, though she is not eating or drinking. She has metastatic cancer that has ravaged her body but it has not touched her spirit. It’s as though she’s saying, “Ah, cancer schmancer; get out of the way so that I can jump up on that dining room buffet.”
    We have decided to let her call the shots. We won’t put her down if she seems content to be here. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, and she enjoys lying in my lap and getting pet, stretching out in the sun, and making her slow way up and down stairs in order to be in whatever room she wants to be in. Just this morning, when I was sure she was leaving, I was weeping and blubbering out an impromptu memorial service during which I told her what a great cat she’d been, what a funny girl, what a SWEET cat she’d been. She up and left me to go and leap onto the dining room table to bother my flowers, something that she used to get in trouble for, but now it is seen as a minor miracle. Or a major one.
    I have spent a lot of time lately reminding myself that life is short at the longest, that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. I have remembered other animals I have lost and mourned, and I have recalled that although the pain never goes away, it certainly becomes less acute. Most of all, I have been trying to remember that my sorrow does my cat no good whatsoever.
    You know what’s hardest about this? I WANT her. I don’t want her to GO. I know all the places where she likes to hang out–on top of said dining room buffet, hidden beneath the little tablecloth that covers my breakfast-in-bed tray, on the backs of the living room chairs, on various window ledges, in one of the dog beds–and I look for her there every time I pass those places, even if it’s subconscious. I KNOW her. I am, as they say, accustomed to her face. To her little pointy chin and her clear green eyes and her very chic markings.
    Here’s what I’ve discovered, though. In this, as in any kind of pain I feel, what feels best is to try to do something good for someone else. So in between visiting the patient, I’m trying to do that. And I’m trying to remember to laugh and smile and, most of all, to love. It is always the season for that.

    I found reading this again comforting. Maybe you will, too.

    To everything there is a season,
    And a time for every purpose under heaven.
    A time to be born, and a time to die;
    A time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted;
    A time to kill and a time to heal;
    A time to break down, and a time to build up;
    A time to weep and a time to laugh;
    A time to mourn and a time to dance;
    A time to throw stones, and a time to gather stones together;
    A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
    A time to seek, and a time to lose;
    A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
    A time to rend, and a time to sew;
    A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
    A time to love, and a time to hate.
    A time for war, and a time for peace.

    Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8″

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  20. Good morning. Time for first church.
    In line with what Janice just mentioned, we put Manny down last week. He could no longer stand up at all and was completely baffled. We miss him. Espn misses him. He was crazy and annoying and a fun dog and part of our life for many years. Daughter thinks he was trying for suicide by coyote when he left the other day.

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  21. A woman in my Bible study was on a tour of New England in early September 20 years ago. She and her husband were in Halifax on September 9, and decided to travel to Boston a day early. When they got to the Boston hotel, they started to feel very tired and chose to fly home that night, September 10, rather than catch their flight the next morning, Boston to SFO, flight #93.

    But, their family out here was expecting them on September 11.

    Our friends got home late on the 10th and went right to bed. The next morning, they went to visit her mother, then 100 years old, at her nursing home.

    They walked into a scene of tears–because their daughter thought they were dead in Pennsylvania and had arrived to tell her grandmother.

    I asked Al, one of our elders, how you live your life after God obviously saved you.

    He smiled. “One day at a time, thankful.”

    Isn’t that/shouldn’t that, be true of all of us?

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  22. We had the most perfect church service, IMO, this a.m. And my friend, who has not watched in a long time, was prompted to watch. A true God’s timing event. If anyone has time, please watch it on this link. The music is up front and the sermon is at the end. This is from Facebook and was Live. It may not yet be up for replay, but should be later in the afternoon. Guaranteed blessing with a Southrrn accent!



  23. I am not whining. But two? Really?? Like only two correct out of ten? Is that even possible? Any chance there was some sort of collusion in the upper echelons? Or the machines?

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  24. It’s raining! Yay!
    Church was excellent…we have just begun our study in 1 Peter…
    We then went to lunch with one of the elders and his wife…getting to know others at church…it was fun.
    Sorry to hear about Manny… 😞 … never ever is it easy to say goodbye….
    That is an amazing testimony of God’s timing in our lives…we just never know…but when we look back at the “what could have beens”…. How can we not whisper…thank you Lord for one more day…

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  25. Mumsee, I’m so sorry about Manny. When they can’t get up on their own anymore, it’s time, but always the owner’s call because they know the animal best. Cowboy continues to walk sideways when he gets tired, but otherwise is getting around and doesn’t seem to be feeling pain with the meds he’s on.

    This must have been the day for “perfect” church services. Ours also was outstanding, we’re back in Revelation — I joined the 50-some folks who sat outside and watched on a screen under a canopy. We had a nice cool breeze. Not sure how many were inside, but the pastor came out to greet us and some folks moved between the two venues.

    Caught up with quite a few folks afterward and reconnected with an Irish woman who has had serious back issues but now is back in church, though the issues haven’t left.

    Talked for quite a while with a former flight attendant (German, she left that work in 1985 but her perspective on what happened that day was fascinating).


  26. Although last week Cowboy’s left hind leg swung right into the big water dish in the kitchen causing a spill and then me to slip and fall (I’m fine), with a pan filled with dog food that went all over the place. We’re a comedy sketch here on some days.

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  27. Funny memory — a long, long time ago, when I was a mere teen with long red hair just starting college, my mom and I took one of those guided tours to Mexico where you were in different places every few days, riding buses and doing everything as a group as you became more and more bedraggled as the weeks went on. “Where are we now?”

    There was a gay couple in the group from San Francisco, but being that this was in different and more discreet times (the 1970s had just dawned), their “story” was that the one guy was the uncle and the younger, very cute hippie like companion was his nephew.

    But it was fairly obvious what the relationship probably was. Very nice and fun guys to have in the group.

    Anyway, “uncle’s” name was Manny. But my mom, in some weird Freudian slip, kept calling him “Manly.” She was mortified that she couldn’t stop calling him that. Repeatedly.

    They pair would always politely smile.

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  28. Monday morning here, but somehow I don’t feel ready for work. Also, I would normally leave around three, but I think that I have a parent conference at 4:30. Uuugh, it is going to be a long day.
    I think I will ask the principal is my aide can stay as it is a national parent and she would communicate better than I would.

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  29. Funny, story about Manly, DJ. So like those times not talking about such things. We were just getting out of the age of saying, “in the family way” or even more boldly saying discretely in a quiet voice about a married woman, “She’s pg.” Funny how PG later was known for Parental Guidance. I never made that connection before.😀🤣


  30. Oh, Jo. Since I regained some energy, I wish I could be there to help you out. But I can do better. I can call out to God asking Him to be your source of energy and strength.
    Lord, you know the need of Jo. Please help her as she feels weak to do this. You are energizing me for the task ahead. Please do the same for her. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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  31. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband’s name was Almanzo (an odd name that had been passed down in his family), and she called him Manly. 🙂 (He called her Bess, from her middle name of Elizabeth, because he had a sister who was also named Laura.)


  32. I knew a guy from college with the last name of Manly.

    And Uncle Manly, of course, from Mexico fun in the sun.

    “pg” was how it was referred to in high school, as I recall.

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  33. Thanks for your prayers. My day at school went well. My aide was needed in the preschool as a teacher was unable to come. We just keep on going.

    I am having quite a bit of trouble with my right leg. I can walk just fine. Went out for my one mile evening walk. But I cannot seem to lift my right leg. When it is crossed over my left leg, I have to lift it with my hands to get it back. Standing up from a sitting position is also difficult. This iliotibial band syndrome does not seem to be getting better. Actually as long as I am resting or walking, there is no pain. Just don’t try to move it.


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