34 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-10-21

  1. Kizzie,

    It’s also disingenuous to claim that the co-morbidities played no role.

    It clearly does, as those with them die more often. It’s both, so claiming it’s just Covid that killed them is inaccurate.


    6%. That’s the amount of deaths there were from Covid who didn’t have co-morbidities. The co-morbidities are listed as a cause of death too, not just Covid.

    Clearly disingenuous.


    “CDC data shows majority of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing conditions”

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data last week that shows the majority of people who have died from COVID-19 had pre-existing medical conditions.

    Only 6% of deaths have only COVID-19 listed in the death report, according to the CDC.

    “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned,” the report said. “For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”

    The website listed some of the top pre-existing conditions listed in COVID-19-related deaths as:

    Heart Disease
    Renal Failure
    Influenza and pneumonia
    Respiratory failure
    Cardiac arrhythmia
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases
    The CDC’s report uses death certificates. The organization says this is the most accurate way to measure COVID-19 statistics.

    Dr. Randall Williams, Director of Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services said that comorbidity, which is when a patient has two disorders at the same time, is common in all death certificates, not just for COVID-19.

    “It is not uncommon at all for there to be more than one diagnosis listed as the cause of death,” Williams said.”


    The CDC agrees. 6%.

    Click to access covid19-comorbidity-expanded-12092020-508.pdf

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  2. But… but….

    Presidential norms…..

    Oh that’s right, that only matters when an R breaks them…

    “Breaking from ‘Presidential Norms’, Biden Demands of Trump’s Military Board Appointees Resign or Be Dismissed”


    “This move breaks from the tradition of appointees from previous administrations being allowed to serve all three years of their appointments to the military service academies.

    The boards of the Military Academy at West Point, Naval Academy in Annapolis and Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs are made up of a mix of lawmakers and presidential appointees who traditionally meet several times a year to provide non-binding advice on issues like curriculum, student morale and institution needs.

    Non-lawmaker members typically serve three-year terms, even across presidential administrations. Several members appointed by President Barack Obama at the end of his term served several years into the Trump administration, including Sue Fulton, President Joe Biden’s nominee for Assistant Secretary for Manpower and Reserve Affairs at the Pentagon, who served on the West Point panel.

    Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s most effective advisors, stressed that she had no intention of resigning.

    Kellyanne Conway hit back at President Biden on Wednesday after he demanded her resignation from a military service academy advisory board, saying: ‘I’m not resigning but you should.’

    …Conway said she would not be resigning from the Board of Visitors to the Air Force Academy and accused Biden of trying to distract from political crises that were engulfing his administration.
    She said his request was a break from presidential norms.

    ‘It certainly seems petty and political, if not personal,’ she wrote in a letter posted on Twitter.

    ‘The result is that faithful and willing public servants will be discouraged or thwarted from service.

    ‘Our service academies risk being further politicized and polarized.’

    Conway also made an alternative suggestion to Biden, which many of us hope he will follow.”


    Resign Biden.


  3. If only….


    Ah yes, that inconvenient truth keeps popping up, even though they keep ignoring it.


  4. Once again, Biden treats our enemies better than Americans.

    It’s clearly a pattern….


    Bingo. Any distraction will do, right Joe?


  5. This is a joke.

    So no vaccine mandate for postal workers, who handle your mail daily, and visit your house 6 days a week. Oh, and there’s 644k of them. 🙂



    Let’s hope so.


  6. The idiots caved to the unions.



  7. “Joe Biden Is Worse Than COVID”

    “Some diseases are lethal.”


    ““Get vaccinated,” whispered the doddering, white-haired failure of a president before beating a hasty retreat from the podium. Reporters barked questions at him which neither he nor his handlers had interest in answering, because they have no answers.

    Joe Biden has no answers for COVID-19. What Joe Biden has is blame and Otherization for Americans not invested in the tired narratives of his handlers and the managerial elite he represents so badly.

    That’s clear. It’s the only true takeaway from the disgraceful, alarming speech Biden gave Thursday.

    Despite universal, dishonest media coverage propping up his administration this man has botched everything he has touched for the eight months he’s occupied the White House, culminating in an historic, dishonorable humiliation in Afghanistan which has driven his approval ratings into the 30’s. Biden’s handlers have panicked, pivoting to the one issue America has yet to recognize his misgovernance in.


    There won’t be any hiding for Biden now, as he’s turned his entire presidency into an engine of Covidian dystopia. We’ll soon find out whether the American people will stand for it, and the answer might well determine the future of the country.

    The chief theme of Biden’s COVID speech is that people yet to be vaccinated against the virus are the Other, and must be punished by being denied access to public places, jobs and other avenues of mainstream American life. Biden actually said “to the vaccinated we understand your anger at the unvaccinated,” and that “our patience is wearing thin” for those yet to take the jab.

    They might as well be Jews, Kulaks, Tutsis or Armenians for the level of invective the President of the United States attacked them with Thursday.

    He announced an OSHA rule which would punish businesses with more than 100 employees with a fine of some $14,000 for each violation of a mandate that those companies require vaccinations or weekly testing for their employees. That’s going to apply to some 80 million Americans, and it’s done without even a proposed piece of legislation in Congress.

    The Daily Wire’s CEO, Jeremy Boreing, might have been the first to publicly announce noncompliance. “The Daily Wire has well over 100 employees,” he said in a tweet as Biden spoke. “We will not enforce Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. We will use every tool at our disposal, including legal action, to resist this overreach.”

    Biden directly challenged governors who have fought vaccine mandates in school systems, singling out Florida’s Ron DeSantis without using his name. Biden said the federal government would step in to provide funding for the salaries of school system employees DeSantis would stop paying for violating his ban on local vaccine mandates. Where he’ll get the funding for that without a congressional appropriation is a good question.

    He threatened to get DeSantis and other elected state officials “out of the way,” without spelling out what that meant. Then he embraced DeSantis’ strategy to make monoclonal antibody infusions available in a widespread manner, something Biden’s media allies had trashed DeSantis for.

    The speech was an exercise in Funhouse Mirror Civics. Nothing in it was remotely consonant with the constitutional doctrine of limited government. U.S. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana), head of the Republican Study Committee, was in a fury after watching it.

    “President Biden can barely remember what day of the week it is — and now he wants to shred the Constitution and impose a mandate he has no authority to impose or means to enforce,” said Johnson. “This is yet another brazen overreach by an administration that makes everything it touches worse. In America, we protect the rights of the people to make the best decisions for their own families.””


    And yet some people seem to want to be led like sheep by a tyrant.


  8. What the heck is wrong with these clowns?

    I mean I could see why Biden and liberals would think this way, they ignore the constitution regularly, but c’mon….

    “National Archives and Records Association puts “harmful content” label on Constitution, founding documents”


    “The National Archives and Records Association (NARA) is placing a warning label on the Constitution and other founding documents. The warning is of “harmful content”. I wish it was a silly post in the Babylon Bee but, no, it’s Biden’s America now and we must be protected from the historical documents written by a bunch of white men at the creation of our constitutional republic. Hide the children.

    NARA provides a Catalog and web pages with access to many millions of descriptions and digital copies of the permanent records of the United States federal government, according to its own description. It has been determined that these documents contain “some content that may be harmful or difficult to view.” NARA opines that “some of the materials presented here may reflect outdated, biased, offensive, and possibly violent views and opinions. In addition, some of the materials may relate to violent or graphic events and are preserved for their historical significance.” Our latest example of woke governance “is committed to working with staff, communities, and peer institutions to assess and update descriptions that are harmful and to establish standards and policies to prevent future harmful language in staff-generated descriptions.”

    It’s quite the word salad being served up to justify such an idiotic action. Is NARA declaring itself the gatekeeper of the English language as other agencies have done? For example, the CDC has published a “non-stigmatizing language” guide. We’d prefer they devote their time to disease control and prevention, its mission, but apparently, things are going so well with deadly viruses and diseases that there is free time to reinvent the English language. NARA doesn’t want to be left behind.

    Perhaps we should have seen this coming. After all, the building that displays our founding documents, the Rotunda at the National Archives, came under attack by the woke scolds who claimed it is structurally racist. A need for safe spaces and trigger warnings was found to protect visitors. If it is time to “reimagine the Rotunda” it must be time to reimagine our founding documents or any historically relevant documents going forward. There is a burning desire among the progressive left and others who hate the American experiment to erase our history. Our history is our history, though, and there is no changing of actual events through recorded history that will prove otherwise. The woke among us are offended that America was founded by white European males who were as flawed and human as any of their time.

    If a visit to the Rotunda is enough to require a safe place to cope with being triggered by our founding documents, it follows that now the keepers of the documents want to tweak them, too. Here is an explanation of what we’re talking about.

    Some items may:

    reflect racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes;
    be discriminatory towards or exclude diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more;
    include graphic content of historical events such as violent death, medical procedures,
    crime, wars/terrorist acts, natural disasters and more;
    demonstrate bias and exclusion in institutional collecting and digitization policies.”


    If you voted for this.

    Slap yourself.




  9. Ted gets it.



  10. I received this email from our Congressman….he won’t do a darn thing about it though. And I shot off yet another email to him telling him I wasn’t hopeful with a satisfying response much like his last response. All this talk and they do NOTHING!!!!!…and we keep on paying them until they retire and even then we keep on paying them 😡

    “Top-down vaccines mandates are wrong and ineffective. We must have a limited federal government that doesn’t mandate personal health care choices for everyday Americans. I made the personal choice to get vaccinated, and I think these vaccines are effective at combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. I also think that people’s personal choices must be respected. Sadly, Joe Biden is once again abusing the power of the executive branch. The American people should be given the scientific information they need to assess the risk to themselves and their families and then they can freely make their choice. Americans must reject this unprecedented mandate.”
    Doug Lamborn

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  11. Biden says he will “use his power as president to get those governors out of the way”…. that sure sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Clearly it is time to impeach Biden.

    It is definitely time to stand up to this tyranny. If this government can deny us freedom over our own bodies, then we are merely subjects and not citizens.

    Thank you, governors… there need to be more AGs who resist.


    “More than a dozen governors and two attorneys general late on Sept. 9 issued statements defying the Biden administration’s impending vaccine mandates for federal workers and private-sector workers.

    President Joe Biden earlier in the day signed an executive order to require all federal workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. There would be no option to opt out via COVID-19 testing. The mandate also applies to government contractors and their employees.

    The president later announced he would direct the Department of Labor to create a rule to have companies with over 100 employees mandate vaccinations or weekly testing, a move that affects more than 80 million workers in the private sector.

    At least 19 governors and two attorneys general immediately issued statements disagreeing with the administration’s move, with several vowing to defy it.

    They include the governors of Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

    They were joined by at least two state attorneys general as of that night—Sean Reyes from Utah and Todd Rokita from Indiana.”


  12. Re underlying causes, I believe the test in calculating cause of death is that the person would not have died (when they did) were it not for contracting COVID.

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  13. AJ – I never said that co-morbidities played no role in many Covid deaths, but that the people most likely would still have been able to live with those co-morbidities if it weren’t for Covid, as DJ mentioned in her comment at 2:58.

    Also, I never said anything about mandates. I am not in favor of them, and I think that they would have the opposite effect.


  14. Tychicus – As DJ said, the stats on unvaccinated vs, vaccinated deaths are coming from various hospitals, doctors, and nurses.


  15. Kizzie: You didn’t show any stats.

    Furthermore, why is it that in the rest of the world, 75% to 85% of their Covid hospitalizations are vaxxed people? Yet in the US the percentage is somehow… 003%? It is the same basic substance all over the world, yet in the US we somehow have a completely different efficacy than everywhere else?


  16. Kizzie,

    Here’s what you said.

    “”As for that comment about co-morbidities: The presence of co-morbidities does not mean that the person did not die from Covid. Many, many people have co-morbidities – diabetes, high blood pressure, being overweight, heart issues, etc. Most of those who died with Covid and co-morbidities probably could have lived much longer with their co-morbidities if it weren’t for Covid. And yes, some of them might have survived Covid if it weren’t for the co-morbidities, but that doesn’t mean that their deaths were not primarily due to Covid.”


    Again, that’s just semantics, you have no idea how many would die if not for Covid. You’re guessing and assuming. Many of those who died were already under nursing home care for those co-morbidities, with many being elderly and already there because they were succumbing to their co-morbidities. The largest number of dead came out of those same nursing homes. This isn’t as hard to understand as your making out to be.


  17. Of course not, because that would expose more of their lies.


    He knows, he just doesn’t want to say, because then their “mandate” is exposed as the naked power grab it is.


  18. Until you fix this, you can pound sand on your “mandate.”



  19. Such hypocrisy is disgusting from a so-called “journalist.” Worst of all, we pay this biased fraud’s salary.



  20. Where’s Twitter’s misinformation scolds?

    Oh that’s right, the censorship only goes one way.



  21. He learned from the best, Obama.



  22. When you’re desperate to make your weak butt look strong, you posture, and damn the collateral damage, right Joe?

    Tragic, and embarrassing.

    That is the Biden admin.



  23. Impeach.



  24. ———



  25. They are gross.


    This is why they’re an enemy of the people. This is all for politics.


  26. They always go with B.


    Not. At. All.


  27. AJ – I am not just guessing or assuming, nor am I making it out to be hard to understand. As DJ wrote:

    “Re underlying causes, I believe the test in calculating cause of death is that the person would not have died (when they did) were it not for contracting COVID.”

    There are a lot of co-morbidities that people can live with, or are not at the point of killing them yet. Death certificates often (maybe even usually?) list primary and secondary causes.


  28. And it’s no small number of folks who have underlying conditions. In fact, once people reach a certain age, it’s quite likely (and age itself is a risk factor for more serious illness or even death).

    I have a friend in her mid-50s who has diabetes, one of the more serious underlying conditions when it comes to covid. She’s vaccinated but is also taking care of her mom who cannot get the vaccine at this time. So for going on 2 years she’s barely left the house out of concern that she could spread the virus to her mom. This can’t be good spiritually, mentally or physically, but they are doing what they believe is best in these circumstances.

    This has been very hard on a whole lot of people. As Christians, we should have empathy for folks who are in these predicaments, whether we’d handle it the same way or not.

    Everyone’s navigating through this with their own set of circumstances. Let’s not forget the human factor behind it all.

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