Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 2

Pigskin Picks has a twist in it this year, inspired by last week’s winner, Chas. I asked him to pick the tie breaker, and he listed ten teams, which had been his picks from Week 1. So, this week I decided to use the winners of last week’s games as the teams for this week, with a few exceptions, namely, the “gimmie” games that Alabama and Georgia have this week against teams that haven’t a prayer of a chance to win, but get lots of money for being the practice squad for the big guys. I also pulled out Penn State in favor of Purdue, so Chas’s two favorite teams are represented.

Have at it, friends. Week 2 has some unknown teams now, like Bethune-Cookman and Gardner-Webb.

Get those guesses in by Saturday, 9/11 @ 11:30AM EDT.

Bethune-Cookman @ UCF

Gardner-Webb @ Charlotte

Purdue @ UConn

Western Kentucky @ Army

Air Force @ Navy

#10 Iowa @ #9 Iowa State

North Carolina Central @ Marshall

#15 Texas @ Arkansas

San Diego State @ Arizona

South Carolina @ East Carolina Tie Breaker Pick winner and final score

11 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2021 Week 2

  1. Go Boise. I have never heard of most of these. Not that that matters.

    Iowa State
    North Carolina Central
    East Carolina 27-14


  2. Oops! My mistake. I just noticed Chas’ note on the Week 1 post. Purdue/UConn was supposed to be the tie breaker. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll use Purdue’s next game as the TB.

    Sorry, Chas.

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  3. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

    Charles Dickens was referring to the French Revolution. The first line could refer to this week in PPPPP land. Three of us got 8 correct. One got only 2. Because of his acumen in getting closest to the tie breaker (off by 11 points, along with Janice), AJ wins this week. The final score of that game was South Carolina 20 to East Carolina 17. Both AJ and Janice were off by 11, but Janice had fewer correct guesses.

    Here are our results:
    AJ, Chas and Peter = 8
    Janice and Kevin = 5
    Mumsee = 2

    🏈 Attaboy, AJ! 🏈 What’ll it be for the next tie breaker? (This time I’ll look here before posting the new list.)

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  4. Congratulations, the real. Attaboy. Astonishingly perceptive. Your calls were amazing. Good work.
    ….wait…..two???? What in the world..


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