39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-31-21

  1. Good morning again.
    I’m glad I’m not in Afghanistan. I don’t know why any American should be in Afghanistan, but they are.
    Everywhere it seems.
    We need to come home.
    Seems like the whole world is falling apart.
    Except Grensboro. Cars are still going by.
    Going to work. To do whatever they do.e

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  2. Morning! Pretty bird up in those trees and it’s totally oblivious to what is happening in this world isn’t it? Just flying around free as a bird! 😊
    When i drive into town I observe all those cars bumper to bumper and think to myself “where are all these people going and from whence have they come?”!!! The county in which we live in now the most populous in Colorado. Not enough planning was done for that situation and it’s rather a mess with infrastructure or the lack thereof….

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  3. NJ- It took us longer to get through your area on I-25 than to get from the north side of Denver to our friends in Parker. Construction didn’t help speed up traffic.

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  4. Good morning. My friend’s brother, a pastor, died in the night when being put on a ventilator. Sadness is mitigated when considering all this worldly mess he left behind and what he is experiencing right now; he no longer sees through a glass darkly but eye to eye.

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  5. Sad, Janice, for those left behind. Yes, we could use your rain. Not good to have too much or too little. 😦

    My husband always asks, “Doesn’t anyone work anymore?” when he see a whole lot of traffic. Of course, many are driving to or from work.

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  6. I’ve read where many companies are offering hybrid schedules as they try to lure folks back into “the office” — that’s resulting in unusual traffic patterns that don’t match the usual morning and evening “rush hour” traffic we’re accustomed to. Now, traffic crunches often are occurring in later morning and earlier afternoon hours.

    My cousin often muses about where all the traffic has come from. I think we’ve all become accustomed to clear roads during much of the pandemic.

    It’s overcast and quite cool here this morning. I don’t remember a serious heat wave this summer at all. A few days have been too warm and even uncomfortable for someone like me without A/C, but nothing to really complain much about even in those cases.

    But of course there is at least one massive wildfire north of here near Lake Tahoe that is raging, with several others of lesser note.

    I’m due for another knee shot soon; it’s bugging me this morning especially and I have a ‘walking tour’ with waterfront developers later this afternoon so I need to work on loosening it up before then (it’s at its worst first thing in the morning, so I’m not too worried as this stiffness is typical and will ease up as the day goes on).

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  7. It’s overcast/raining and windy here in Chattanooga. We’re getting the storm front coming through from Ida. It seems like at this point Ida could have been so much worse in terms of loss of life. I’m thankful for that. Has anyone heard from Kim?

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  8. Hi Debra! How are you and Cyrus doing?

    Kim said they did not have any problems from Ida, but she was going to be making calls to help out the agents in her company who had been affected.

    We here in Connecticut are expecting a lot of rain from Ida on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been a very rainy summer here.

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  9. Remember that James Taylor song, “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, but I always thought that I’d see you again …” ?

    I’m feeling wistful about all the losses and changes all of us have experienced in the past year and a half.

    Believers need to hold fast to Christ — and hang together — during these times, not letting the world and its troubles (and the world will always have ‘troubles’) divide us as they seem to be doing too often right now.

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  10. And I’m preaching to myself in all of that.

    Remember the gospel that has saved us in spite of our sin and the sin of the world that surrounds us.

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  11. The unity of believers should be first and foremost. The joy that God has in saving us should be reflected in us. We can take joy in that He loves us and made us His. And we belong to an extensive family. We share that in common. We are only here for a vapor of time and then it is off to eternity with God. We will be able to get along there, might as well start here.

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  12. Love that, “We will be able to get along there so might as well start here.” That is a forward thinking statement. Our God is always forward thinking. He does not want us stuck in the past. We are Kingdom dwellers and builders looking toward ou tdd good future He has promised and will deliver.

    We had a great Wellspring Women’s Bible study this morning.
    It’s time for me to post our prayer requests.

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  13. Son just came with his verse he is memorizing for today: Phillipians 3: 13: …..but one thing I do: forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead…

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  14. The more I reflect on all that God has done for me and my family and for my Christian family, and through my Christian family, the less inclined I am to take personal offense at anything anyone else does or says. It’s a matter of focus. Unity is much easier when I consider all of God’s blessings rather than the losses. Cyrus has had to let go of many losses this year and that can still be a struggle sometimes. But losses can help simplify priorities if you let them.

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  15. I’d not been on WV for awhile and spent some time yesterday skimming through the last few weeks to catch up.

    Belated thanks for the anniversary wishes 8/17, our 30th. Mrs B and I took a trip down memory lane, visiting some of the places we went the day we were engaged and the day we were married. Then we went to a favorite restaurant for dinner, and had a quiet evening at home.

    And belated Happy Birthdays to Chas and Peter’s D2. Chas, I too am glad you’re still here.

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  16. Chas the reason they are talking about Biden checking his watch is b
    because he did it every time a casket was removed. Where did he need to be in such a hurry?

    According to ex-husband Glen Beck raised 20 million dollars in 5 days with the Nazareth Project to get Christians out of Afganistan. They were bringing others out as well.

    I said before that Kamala was hand picked to be VP and that Biden would step down after a year and she would be the president. I think now that they know what they got in her they have decided they need to keep Biden. At least he knows a little more how to behave than she does even with dementia.. Maybe he will regress far enough to the past to actually be reasonable.

    40 Generators and power cords left pensacola this morning headed to the New Orleans area.

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  17. I haven’t had to ask for prayers for BG in a while. She called me today and I headed home. On the way I talked to her father for 40 minutes. Finally he and I are on the same page.

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  18. I’m off in a little while for the walking tour of the waterfront construction zone. They said not to dress up.

    I stopped in at the pharmacy earlier just to ask the pharmacist about the dog bite I got from Cowboy last Thursday when I was dragging him out from under the bed, making him none too happy — but he couldn’t stay there, he was trapped. She said she thought it was OK but if the red area grew to a bigger rash I should check in with the doctor. Right now it’s just surrounding the vertical bite mark which is finally scabbing over (after bleeding quite a bit initially). She suggested Neosporin so I picked up some of that, I only had Benadryl at home.

    It’s only 72 and cloudy outside this afternoon.


  19. DJ – Saying a prayer that that will heal up quickly for you.

    About three years ago, I was trying to break up what seemed to be a fight between Janie and Heidi. My arm got in the way of Janie trying to bite Heidi, which resulted in my arm getting bit in two places. I didn’t have a problem with infection, but a year later, I could still see the marks. (I think they are gone now.)


  20. I’ve heard that, too, about cat bites. And I’ve been bitten by my own dogs before, too, breaking up fights (not these dogs bur prior ones). I still have a faint half-circle scar from one of those times.

    Interesting 2-1/2 hour walking tour of the new waterfront development site now that the promenade is mostly finished and trees planted. No buildings yet, but they have a fairly impress group of well known anchor tenants now signed up.


  21. Speaking of losses, I pulled a small pan of dressing out of the oven without a good grip and it landed on the floor. I consoled myself by thinking how it looked like vomit but wasn’t so I had much to be thankful for. Gotta stay positive.

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