33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-27-21

  1. Good morning! We are waiting for the sun to come up and the.ponies to come out. It was a short night, as we got home after 11pm from the circus, and had to be out the door by 3.30 to make it to the track. Lots of fun and laughter at the circus.

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  2. Good morning. Planning to run up to Moscow to stay with my stepmom so brother and sis in law can take dad to his eye appt. Not certain I am feeling up to it yet but probably.

    Short nights do not work for me.

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  3. I remember my dad taking me to the circus when it was in town. He gave it a huge buildup, and I’m sure I loved it. But I remember the buildup more than the thing itself. 🙂

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  4. YA never responded to those two questions I asked her. I have been praying that the Holy Spirit will bring them back to her mind and cause her to deeply reconsider her views, and perhaps to recognize her inconsistency in her religious views. Also praying that she will be prompted to read the New Testament with an open heart, and find the Truth in its words.

    As last Sunday’s tropical storm wound down, I texted Chickadee and asked how they had fared through the storm. Have had no response.

    This whole situation is breaking my heart. It has been over seven months since I have seen her. Now I am wondering if she is even going to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The thought of her not doing so is too much to bear, so I quickly turn away from the wondering. 😦

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  5. Praying now for another relative of a church member on the brink from Covid. Keeping God’s faithful promises to believers as a constant help during these times.

    I am sorry to hear about the suffering you are going through, Kizxie. Keep praying and praising God. Don’t look down at the devil and his lies, but look up to God for lifting out of despair. Instead of putting hope in your efforts to turn YA to God, look only to Him. Surrender to His sovereignty. The time you spend in trying to turn her heart with your words may be the time you neglected to instead pray to God the prayer He would answer . . . the seeming straw that broke the camel’s back and through persistence made Him finally answer as you prayed. I hope I am not saying things that hurt, Kizzie, but you keep doing the same thing over and over that does not reap positive results. I hurt for you. And I pray and want a better scenario for you all. Only God has the power to make it happen if it is His will in His timing and in His way.

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  6. We have had 2 from our tiny community die from covid in the past couple of weeks. Many more have it. We may finally achieve herd immunity at this rate. I have been taking food to one of our elderly friends who has it.

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  7. RK – What is concerning, though, is that there have been many viruses that never reached herd immunity, but needed vaccines to bring them under control.

    Janice – For quite a while now, I have not engaged with YA on Facebook. The particular comment I have mentioned was one which I initially decided against. But as I went on my way, I felt a gentle tug in my heart to go back and offer those simple questions. Be assured that I am not counting on my own words to bring her to Christ, but if God put those questions in my heart to ask her, then He can use them to get her to thinking.

    (I tend to believe the Holy Spirit did prompt me to go back to that post and ask those questions, but will not go so far as to say it was definitely a “God told me. . .” kind of thing. I rarely say that, as only time will tell. And sometimes we may never know if what we thought was God really was or wasn’t.)

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  8. Kizzie, I can not remember, does YA have any hobbies? Maybe if you engage on neutral ground it might someday make her willing to engage in other areas.i think sh rd needs to know you respect some aspect of her being instead of just wanting to engage in that one area.


  9. Morning all. I went in to talk to the doctor yesterday about my right leg. Getting tired of the pain. I realized that the exercises the physical therapist had me doing were making it worse, so quit doing them and cancelled my appointment with her. The doctor is part of my Fellowship group and then the nurse asked if she could sit in, another friend.

    Turns out that my right leg is shorter than my left. Doc couldn’t believe that no one had found that out before. So I will try to just leave the orthotics out of that shoe. I took a walk last night and could tell the difference. Also using heat and advil. We will see. So nice to perhaps have some answers.

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  10. Janice – I rarely engage her in these areas anymore. It has been years since she and I discussed anything about God, and it has been quite a while since I have backed off of commenting on other controversial topics. (Although I admit there may be the very-occasional time when I might have.) I do make a point to comment occasionally on her non-controversial posts, and we “get along” well on those kinds of posts. I also “like” whatever posts of hers that I agree with or am amused by.


  11. My whole body is shorter than I realized.

    I had someone grab something for me from the top grocery shelf several weeks ago. She commented that she wasn’t that tall either. But she was taller than I was!

    Cowboy’s had a very good week but had a new problem last night when either his rear leg w/the bad knee or his back, where the slipped disc is, got way out of whack and he had trouble getting up without help. That’s a first and I hated to see that (he seems ok again today).

    When I was getting ready to go to bed I glanced at his dog bed, where he’s usually sound asleep by that time of night, and he wasn’t there. I searched the house and the backyard, could not find him anywhere and I began to worry that he’d somehow (but how?) gotten out.

    I went back into the bedroom and heard something under the bed and there he was, all scrunched flat underneath there. I had to get down on the floor and drag him out (which earned me a couple bites on my arm). I’m sure it was not pleasant for him, but I had to get him out of there so I could help get him up. He’s tall and lanky, 50 pounds, and doesn’t like being “handled” very much. How he got under the bed I can’t imagine unless he slipped and somehow wound up sliding under there as he tried to get himself back up to no avail.

    After he was up he went out to the backyard but then after coming back in the same slip-and-slide problem happened (my wood floors don’t help with traction). Eventually I was able to help him get onto his dog bed and he fell asleep. He woke me up once to go out and seemed OK. Still seems good today.

    But I’m keeping a closer watch on him again now — thinking of getting some large throw rugs with traction, too, that I can put down along the indoor paths he tends to use most.

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  12. Manny is having trouble with keeping his rear from splaying. Laminate and tile are not his friends. I tried putting an extra rug by his food dish but he would not use it. Stands there eating as his hind end slowly splays. We gave him a ramp to get up the outside steps but he no longer uses it. The one inch gap between the doorway and the deck is more than he can handle. He now just comes in through the front door but it might take a while unless the valet holding the door reaches down and picks him up but he can snap with any offer of help. Very independent but needy.

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  13. Being offered some OT to do a story on a local Marine who was among the casualties in Afghanistan, but requires calls to family. Editor says I have a nice touch with those stories, but they’re also just really hard to do.

    I’m thinking about it.

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  14. Looks like they don’t have names and only “might” get them tomorrow so for now the crime desk will handle tomorrow unless more folks are needed so I think I’m off the hook.

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  15. Zoom goodbyes to my piano family with three kids went well today. No tears. 🙂 Just nice conversation wrapping up our business relationship. The door is always open to them coming back, but I’m not expecting that they will. I’m ok with whatever way it ultimately works out.

    And now I have two full weeks of no piano lessons for the week before and week of Labor Day. Homeschool will continue during that time, but I’m looking forward to the piano break. I have enough students to really appreciate the vacation times when they come! (And enjoy the students during the teaching weeks, too.)

    Life is good.

    Take care, everyone.

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  16. I laughed when I read that your whole body is shorter than you realized. Short jokes are quite the thing with my husband’s jam group. He is the shortest guy, but there is one woman and she is not even five feet tall. Then there is the guy who is at least six feet. There are lots of jokes about someone standing when they are the same height of someone sitting. No one minds the jokes.

    Today the group played at an assisted living center. There was a couple who were celebrating their 72nd anniversary. The husband had tears in his eyes when a song was played for them. This audience sang along with every song. They were very appreciative and friendly. Unfortunately, there was a double booking snag. We know the other musicians and I was surprised to see them. Our people were there first, so they did the gig. I felt bad for the other group. It is not fun to haul all the equipment and drive quite a distance and then find out you are not needed. It is a first for us to have that happen. Hopefully, it is a last.

    On a very good note, it rained almost all day long. We are so happy to be getting rain. It is helping lower the fire danger and get some of the fires under control.

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