39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-23-21

  1. I know I have mentioned this before.
    Probably will again. But
    The woman on TV is wearing nothing over her shoulders.
    The men are dressed in coats and ties.
    Someone is uncomfortable.

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  2. Good morning. I think the room must be kept on the cool side, Chas, because of all the heat from the bright lights used in that setting. Maybe the men sit by air conditioning ducts that keep them cooler?

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  3. I have always wondered why men on TV news shows wear dark suits when the women wear about any color there is.

    And it does get hot under the lights. Sometimes male anchors wear shorts behind the desk, since the camera only shows the upper half.

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  4. Good morning. Watching the ponies. Big stress at work with the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. I have written letters and encouraged others to do so.

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  5. I :need to turn TV off.
    But I won’t . It keeps me company.
    Thing is: I look at the screen and see all the turmoil in thworld.
    But I olook out the window and see people driveing to work.
    Just like before.

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  6. Morning! Is that a gray cat bird up there…seems like a silly name for a bird yes?! Miss Bosley might like to be his friend?
    It’s about this time of year we yearn for a hard frost but we get more heat…everywhere you go people are sneezing and coughing which does not bode well in this pandemic environment. 😳
    Looking forward to seeing that photo in the morning Aj! Burt Lancaster I suppose eh?

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  7. Chas’s comment reminds me of the song by Skeeter Davis, The End of the World. Every tragedy in our lives we see, “Life goes on the way it was.”

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  8. We are in Exodus in my online Bible study. One of my comments today may help Chas.

    “I love reading about how God is working out His plans in His timing and ways for His good purposes to rescue His people.

    He uses the flawed people to work out the details of His plans.

    It recharges my faith to read this in light of what believers are gaing through in Afghanistan and other parts of the world.

    He sees from His throne in heaven and is actively involved, not like we who watch on a tv screen.

    Thank You, Father God, for Your quality of being unchanging.

    We can put full trust in You when we pray for the suffering, the captive, the tortured, the persecuted, and the martyred.

    You cared enough to act back then and You care enough today.

    Watching and waiting on You, our Good, Good, Father God.”

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  9. Are you remembering the buyers I was working with? The ones that ran me from Pensacola to West Mobile? The ones that got a $334,000 listing under contract for $300,000 in this market? The ones who Friday offered $285,000 on a $350,000 listing? They fired me last night. I have never been happier to be fired. Just because I told them that between Mr P’s doctors appointments and my own doctors appointments my time would be limited this week.

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  10. Hi Bob. I need to get to my bathroom floor as well. And the kitchen.

    I may jinx it by saying this, but we’ve had a rather mild summer.

    Our worst heat is in August and September, though, so we’ll likely get hit with a wave at some point. But August is more than half over already — and today, like it’s been for several days now — is overcast and cool. I pulled on a sweatshirt for the 2nd time after getting up this morning.

    No early, coastal/daily staff call this morning, on Mondays we skip it in lieu of an LA staff-wide call that comes a couple hours later and is only held weekly. Looks like I have a clean-trucks port workshop to cover on Thursday and an evening planning meeting Wednesday where a developer will air plans to build a small sit-down restaurant and separate drive-through restaurant on the perimeter of the Target Store parking lot. Trying to also nail down word that talks are underway for a vaccine mandate for dockworkers but neither side will talk about it.

    Delta is really spreading out here, I’ve never personally known this many people with covid since the start of all this — several church families, one next-door neighbor among them. This one really does spread rapidly. A 37 yr old dad of small children, the nephew to one of our church families, had to go onto a ventilator over the weekend.

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  11. Kim, were those the ones you bonded with so much, friend-wise?

    I still need Real Estate Guy to come over at some point with his handy electric gizmo to put on 2 more towel hooks. I need something handier for hand towels so you don’t have to turn completely around and grab one off the existing hooks on the wall in back, opposite the sink.

    Smallest bathroom ever.

    I’ve had the extra hooks for several months but between covid & now Real Estate Guy’s dental schedule, setting the quick installation up has been tricky.


  12. Glad you got those pills out of your agenda, Kim.

    I keep hearing of s lot of the Delta virus, but not right in my vicinity. I think it is because many are vaccinated in my church and around us, and more take precautions because we are so populated.


  13. For the vaccinated, the only way they usually find out they have it is via a test due to close previous contact. My neighbor was vaccinated but is a hair stylist so she probably was notified to get tested due to an exposure, though she did get symptoms but said she’s feeling better now.

    It’s still required, even if vaccinated, for people to quarantine at home for 10 days — and because she has a household where her son and several other nearby relatives are in and out (and they also have a 90-something year-old among them) she’s had to wear a mask even inside her own house.

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  14. Kizzie is still here, and very grateful that we didn’t have any damage or loss of power. We didn’t even lose our internet or cable, either. But others have not been so lucky. Even in my own town, there are some that were without power. Praying for that to be fixed soon, especially before the higher heat comes in tomorrow.

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  15. I got to ride up front in the helicopter on the way to Goroka. Interesting ride as there was low clouds and fog to within a mile of our destination. We flew between the cloud layers until our pilot looked ahead and said this won’t work. Turned around to spiral around and find a way to get above the clouds. A very good pilot, father of the quints.

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  16. They had some cargo to take to the other mission so filled the back up, but left room for one person to sit. There was room to have your feet straight down and that was it. I looked and said, I can’t sit there as I can’t keep my right leg bent for that long. Then my friend, who has bad back said that she couldn’t sit there either. Time to juggle the cargo a bit.

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