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For your consideration and comments this morning, I’d like to discuss the elephant in the room. The part of the discussion that the “experts” on TV and at the CDC largely continue to ignore and leave out; what about us folks who had Covid-19 already, and have natural immunity?

There are very few studies even looking into the matter. So first up, here’s a brief segment I taped yesterday while watching Admiral Brett Giroir, former Asst. HHS Secretary speaking on Fox News.

Anything in RED is a link.

Some things that stood out in the video….

“No data to suggest that vaccine immunity is any better than natural immunity…”

“proof of Covid infection, right now, that’s still equivalent to vaccine immunity, even the CDC recognizes that…”

“when businesses reopen they should consider natural immunity, vaccine immunity, or frequent testing all equivalent….”


First off, why no data? Seems kind of important, no? It seems like something that has the potential to offer protection to millions of folks like me who’ve had it and thankfully survived. Shouldn’t that be part of any discussion on the matter?

There is some data, but it’s not always easy to find. Here are a few I’d recommend reading.

The first 2 touch on the subject of natural immunity, and also what they perceive is the reluctance of authorities to openly discuss the issue.


Covid-19 natural immunity compared to vaccine-induced immunity: The definitive summary 

Next, from the American Institute for Economic Research

Why Is There Such Reluctance to Discuss Natural Immunity?


To finish up, here’s one more from Israel.

From Israel National News

Nearly 40% of new COVID patients were vaccinated – compared to just 1% who had been infected previously.

While infections from the Delta variant after getting the vaccine are rising quickly, the numbers for those with natural immunity are notably lower. They don’t seem to be as susceptible to reinfection from the Delta variant.

There is clearly a large percentage of the population, as much as 35%, that have had the disease and recovered, yet we continue to be left out of the discussion. That needs to change. 

The CDC estimates there were already 120 million Americans infected with Covid-19 out of 330 million Americans. They should all have a level of natural immunity. These numbers are the most recent available, updated July 27th, 2021.

From the CDC

Estimated COVID-19 Burden


An honest discussion of vaccines and vaccine hesitancy cannot occur without including this info in the equation. You cannot leave 1/3 of the country out of the discussion. The govt and medical “experts” need to start mentioning these facts. They’re pitting the vaccinated against those who aren’t, when a huge portion of those yet unvaccinated don’t even need it. It’s time the public and our govt stop ignoring us, and/or treating us like second class citizens for daring to refuse a vaccine we don’t need. The risks with these experimental vaccines just aren’t worth it for us.

I hope everyone takes the time to check out the links and honestly consider the matter.

21 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-24-21

  1. There is so much compelling research founded in the articles cited but sadly it does not fit the narrative of those “in control”. I don’t for one minute believe it is for “the better good” of the people…it is about control. Biden (his handlers) Fauci, Gates et al….have an agenda and you can bet your bottom dollar they do not want to consider nor listen to hard data concerning this horrid virus. They want lock step adherence to their mandates and anything less is unacceptable!

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  2. Husband mentioned that the CDC has said they don’t have time to verify if the new cases are vaccinated or unvaccinated so just call them unvaccinated. Now to attend to your stuff. Thanks, by the way.

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  3. I may have shared this before.

    “A new CDC study released this month points to a reduced risk of reinfection if you get a vaccine. It found that among Kentucky residents who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 in 2020, those who were unvaccinated against COVID-19 had a significantly higher likelihood of reinfection during May and June 2021.

    “There is data to show us that people have more immunity when they get the vaccine,” Dr. Jennifer Hanrahan, chief of infectious disease at the University of Toledo’s College of Medicine and physician at ProMedica Toledo Hospital said, “than they do from having had previous infection, especially if it was mild or moderate.”


  4. Many nurses are saying that they are treating inordinate numbers of people (mostly vaccinated) with weird clots, strokes, inflammation and other issues that all began soon after the injections. Not long again until winter when people’s immune systems are challenged with little sun and low vitamin D.

    The antibodies produced in response to the injections are narrowly focused to one singular attribute (spike protein) of the original virus. That attribute has mutated and the injections are now worthless. All risk and no reward – the real immunologists who are not owned by Big Pharma predicted this very outcome.


  5. About that site, used in Tychicus’ 4:37. . .

    “The Daily Expose is a U.K.-focused conspiracy site created in November of last year . . .

    . . . On its “about” page, it claims to use only official documents from government or scientific sources to write its stories. The writers often distort or misinterpret the information within the snapshots of the documents they use to push a number of conspiratorial narratives. For instance, The Daily Expose has claimed that vaccines were approved without any sort of safety checks and that vaccines are causing mass death.

    The writers and contributors don’t request interviews with scientists, government officials, or other qualified experts to make sure they’re interpreting these documents correctly. Nor do they give the right of reply to any of the institutions or figures they are reporting on, which is an expected journalistic practice. The Daily Expose has fielded interviews with fringe figures, for instance, Mike Yeadon, but the interviews take the form of a transcript of their opinions, which are neither questioned nor fact checked. Because the writer or writers have been anonymous to this point, they have not been able to be held accountable for their content, nor do they have wider connections to any journalists who can vouch for their work. All of these factors make the website an extremely dangerous platform for misinformation, as it carries the weight of official documents without the transparency or accountability of reputable science or journalism.”


  6. Could be an interesting new development:


    Innovative COVID treatment puts a cork on virus’s entry point to cell

    The new drug blocks the coronavirus’s entry point to the cell without damaging the entry point’s enzymatic function.


    ~ An innovative treatment for COVID-19 uses a molecular “super cork” to jam the entry point used by the SARS-CoV-2 virus to enter the cell, bypassing issues that could arise with other treatments which target a spike protein on the virus, Weizmann Institute of Science announced on Wednesday.

    The treatment, described in a study published in Nature Microbiology, was developed by Weizmann researchers in collaboration with the Pasteur Institute in France and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the US.

    Most treatments and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 target the spike protein on the virus’s outer envelope, but this protein could mutate in future variants, negatively effecting the efficacy of such treatments. The Weizmann researchers decided to take a different approach, targeting the angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors through which the virus enters the cell. This approach is not susceptible to new variants. … ~

    The challenge, should the spread go on beyond the delta variant, will be addressing the mutations that could come after that. Perhaps someday we can all be on the same “page” as progress is made in fighting this. Unfortunately, I think much of the vaccine opposition (and mask opposition) is more political than medical.

    All that said, without the current vaccines, things would be a lot worse than they are.

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  7. Kizzie,

    The website you’re using is a site that’s known for outing people publicly that they disagree with politically. Their “fact checking” consists of trolling the internet for other leftist sites (Fact checkdotorg, and Snopes, neither of which are trustworthy) that agree with them, and then calling it “fact checked”. Also, AI plays a large role in what they do. Algorithms can be manipulated, just ask Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is partnered with them. They even admit they’re an advocacy group first and foremost, who they advocate for is obvious.

    No thanks.


  8. There’s clearly a (strong) lack of trust of each others’ sources, so that probably destines these discussions to always end the same way. We seem to keep going ’round and ’round here.

    But we can at least find common ground and join in praying that this pandemic will be behind us soon and for God to have mercy on those who are sick or have lost loved ones.

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  9. We either don’t trust each others’ sources — or there is so much conflicting information that a final judgement, frankly, isn’t available or possible (and may never be known at this rate with all the discord and anger it engenders).

    But carry on 🙂 We’ll eventually wear ourselves out.


  10. Personal observation, bised on my what my eyes see and ears hear, people in my vicinity which is strong on vaccinations are not seeming to suffer from Covid like those in the more rural areas where people are dying from it. I have a realistic expectation that this vaccine protects against a specific infectious disease just as the flu shot does not protect against all.

    It is still a personal choice and I do not think anyone should bully people into getting the shot. Everyone here is intelligent enough to understand there are risks from both the virus and the vaccine. I am fully supportive for people to exercise their choice in these matters.


  11. I believe we are wondering why those who have had COVID and now have natural immunity are now being told they MUST vaccinate…it would appear they are being ignored. This heavy handed move by government is beyond outrageous….if some want to vaccinate and mask up till the cows come home they can knock themselves out. But to demand the same for all mankind is ..well you know…dictatorial …at the hand of those who desire to ….dictate and control to their agenda 😳

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  12. A tweet from my veterinarian:

    ~ One of my good friends is double Moderna vaxxed. Got #Delta breakthrough. Was very sick without hospitalization x 7d. She talked to me today and said she thinks it would have been horrible without the vax. I’m hearing this over and over. I’m glad for the vaccine. ~

    From the data available so far, vaccines still give a decisive edge to staying out of the hospital. So far.

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  13. I think ninety nine people stay out of the hospital. It appears the vax is keeping most of the remaining one person out of the hospital. But I don’t think the keeping out is as strong. Whether it wears off or the virus changes or both. Of the people who are not vaccinated and have been sick but not hospital sick (the real for example) are they getting second bouts with the virus?


  14. Hospital beds are filling up again, especially in states with low vaccination rates.

    Death rates are lower this time around, perhaps because younger, unvaccinated folks are making up a larger portion of the hospitalized and more serious cases. Vaccination rates are highest among those over 60.


  15. Kizzie: Rather than quickly looking for some link that will declare the site as ‘conspiratorial’ (from a website which has a dubious agenda), it would be good to look at the actual data provided by the NHS Data for England and Public Health Scotland which the site links to. Any comments on the data? After all, it is supposed to be about the actual facts.

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  16. AJ, you are right on with your comments above. I have had covid and know the long term effects which come with it. I am living with those. I see no logical reason to vaccine myself with a vaccine for which long term effects are unknown. Being that I am exposed on a daily basis to confirmed positive patients, and have not contracted the virus again, speaks to both my immunity and proper use of PPE. Why our governor has mandated that healthcare workers be vaccinated by August 27 or be terminated is beyond me.

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