33 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-6-21

  1. Rose has gone again.
    As you aalready know, I am alone here. Sometimes people come by to check on dad, Charlie, etc.
    Rose stopped by. Messed around in the kitchen and left.
    That’s about it.

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  2. Good morning. Friday already? How did that happen?

    Chas, do you drink the same coffee now that you drank from years ago, tried and true, or do you sometimes try a different brand or type?

    I just bought some Publix Dark Roast and it is good but not as robust as the Starbucks brand.

    I always drink it black without anything thing to tone it down

    My brother is the exact opposite in that he likes mild flavored coffee with milk in it. Our parents gave us a taste of coffee watered (milked) down when we were children.

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  3. Janice: My answer to all your questions is: “I don'[tknow.”
    I just fix whateveris there. I put some cream in it. That’s it. I just drink whatever is there.


  4. I am not a Starbucks fan. My husband also had coffee with milk in it when he was young. My mom would not allow coffee for children or even much in the way of cocoa until a certain age. I remember the old ‘stunts your growth’ phrase for such items. We are all short, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the caffeine in coffee.

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  5. I did not drink coffee as a child.
    I started drinking coffee in tha Air Force. I was a radio operator and spent most of my flying time doing nothing. The coffee came in handy as something to do between position reports, etc.

    I said, “doing nothing”. I got a lot of reading time in during those long flights. I was real busy for about five minutes twice each hour.

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  6. I did not drink coffee as a child, nor did my parents. I tried to drink it for a few years but it was causing me problems so I quit. I mostly drink water.

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  7. Welcome back Michelle. What made the trip so especially good?

    I like coffee but never developed a need to drink it regularly. So I don’t. I go in phases where I’ll make a cup in the mornings for maybe a few weeks, off and on — and then I’ll ignore the coffee maker for several months.

    Chas’ description of those long AF flights and the work “flow” reminds me of election nights in the newsroom (or at home, nowadays). Lots of waiting, waiting, waiting, checking numbers at the county site, waiting, checking numbers, no change, waiting some more.

    Then a blast of updates make you head spin as editors start sending out waves of group emails demanding people turn in their updates asap, sooner if you can. Hurry-hurry-hurry.

    Then … nothing for another hour or more.

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  8. I’ve tried coffee a few times over the years and never acquired a taste for it.

    My father, on the other hand, drank coffee from morning til night. In the early 90’s I met a woman who recognized my unusual last name and wondered if I was related to so-and-so with the same last name who worked at such-and-such place in the early 60’s. I confirmed that he was indeed my father. She said, “The thing I remember most about your father was that he drank a prodigious amount of coffee.” 30 years later, that’s what she remembered about him. Yup, that was my dad all right.

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  9. Wesley had to become a coffee drinker to get through the marathon of his education. He also seems to have mastered a regular electric coffee maker, the French press, and a pour over type device. I never knew there are so many ways to make it. I started with instant coffee in the microwave. My parents used that cute percolator on the stovetop. I think my brother boils it in a sauce pan and uses a strainer.

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  10. Rain! We got quite a lot of rain in the night and it is gently continuing. So nice, it was getting quite dusty around here and the rocks, gravel, were coming up out of the road.

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  11. May not be much to others, but we had our first Burger night in a year and a half last night. Since before covid. We have a Teen Centre and the teens put on an evening meal. We had burgers, salads, chips and ice cream, floats, shakes, etc. It was almost too much for me after a long week at school. The noise of all those folks standing in line for an hour. But I am glad that I went. I asked a friend and her husband as today is her 60th birthday. Then someone new asked me to go. And then we asked everyone eating lunch together at our school.. We had 8 to 10 folks in our group. I got some of the new teachers to go and gave them a ride home. One gal lives alone and hasn’t found anyone to even eat lunch with at the high school. She made new friends last night.

    Next week I will go a little later so I don’t have to wait in line for so long. Then we eat upstairs where they do not allow children, so it is much quieter.

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  12. I must admit to being glad that I am not. The River fire was in my area this week and many had to evacuate. Friends from church lost their home.

    I appreciate every drop of rain.

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  13. I thought I had posted this morning but I guess not. I know I typed something but I must have needed that second cup of coffee to hit post! 💥
    I met a friend at Starbucks and had a chai latte and great fellowship. We had not taken the time to sit down together and chat since before Covid…it was good to catch up!
    Husband and I started drinking instant coffee while living in Myrtle Beach. Husband to keep awake at work and school and me to keep awake taking care of a newborn. My parents brought down to us their old Mr Coffee and we never turned back! We have had Mr Coffee, french press and a percolator (which I loved but gave to my friend to keep at her house..but her house burned in the Black Forest fire and so went my percolator)….

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  14. They are talking about the crisis on the southern border on TV. They knew this wold happen, but they were desparate to get rid of Trump. Biden is the only thing available. They knew his son was a crook at the time, also.


  15. For many years, my parents had a glass (probably Pyrex) percolator that went on the stove before they changed to using a coffeemaker. My dad had bought it for my mom as an anniversary gift in the early years of their marriage. I think those were expensive, at least for my parents’ budget way back then, so it was a nice gift.

    My MIL still used her old metal percolator. When we would visit, the coffee would have been sitting on the stove since early morning, and was actually kind of thick! Even just one cup of that would cause my hands to start trembling a bit from the overdose of caffeine.

    And that was at a time when I was used to drinking caffeinated coffee. These days, I rarely drink anything with caffeine, and when I do, I need to make sure it is only in the morning or I will not be able to sleep that night. Friends think it’s funny that I have my decaf coffee every morning, wondering what’s the point if there’s no caffeine in it. But I like it (with half-n-half and flavored creamer).


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