21 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-9-21

  1. Weird, right?

    It’s almost like the media is trying to hide the facts.






  2. Boo-hoo.

    Poor little snowflakes.



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  3. Grifters grift.

    Why would the Biden Crime Family be any different than the rest?



  4. My response to this clown is a hand gesture.

    Can you guess which one? 🙂



  5. Lockdown 2.0 is coming.

    “Don’t buy the hysteria: The Delta variant is actually less dangerous”


    “On Wednesday, the Delta variant became America’s dominant COVID strain. Yet it’s no cause for panic: The numbers — especially in Britain, which Delta hit hard — show it causes far fewer hospitalizations and deaths, while vaccines remain highly effective against it.

    Most media hype the fear: “Americans should be more concerned about the Delta variant,” a Forbes piece declares. “Scientists have good reasons to sound the alarm,” New York magazine insists. “It’s hard to understand how worried to be,” a CNN analysis claims.

    No, actually, the numbers are clear. Yes, Delta, first found in India, does appear more contagious than the Alpha variant first found in Britain — about 50 percent more transmissible, which is why it’s outpaced Alpha there.

    Rising cases even prompted Prime Minister Boris Johnson to delay the end of restrictions. But the huge case spike didn’t lead to similar hospitalization or death spikes, so Britain’s back on track to lift regulations July 19.

    The seven-day average of new UK cases is above 25,000, the highest since late January, when the weekly average had just dropped from a peak of 50,000. But only 2,000 COVID cases are hospitalized, vs. nearly 40,000 in January. Daily deaths average under 20, vs. more than 1,000 in January.

    Similarly: Israel, despite a spike in Delta cases, is seeing deaths in the single digits over the last month.

    In other words, Delta looks to be less lethal than previous variants, despite media scare stories.

    This makes sound scientific sense: Evolution favors variants that are more contagious — but also ones that are less deadly because killing the host reduces the chances for spread.

    And the vaccines still work well. Public Health England found Pfizer’s vax was 96 percent effective at preventing hospitalization from the Delta variant. An Israeli study found it was 94 percent effective at preventing severe illness.”


  6. I’d guess everything the Chinese have on him.

    “What does Vladimir Putin have on Joe Biden?

    Biden is refusing to act as Russian attacks become more ambitious and more aggressive”


    “In May 2017, TIME magazine published a cover showing the White House being infected and taken over by Russian onion domes. The image meant to suggest that Donald Trump was a sleeper agent on behalf of Vladimir Putin. This sort of thinking was the driving force behind four years of media hysterics and seemingly endless cable news segments portraying Trump as a Russian puppet.

    ​With Joe Biden, naturally, the media has adopted a distinctly different tone — especially when it comes to the President’s relations with Russia: this despite six months of Team Biden’s complacency towards Russia, bad actors and even Putin himself.

    Gone are the accusations of ransom and pee tapes, or treachery — even as Russia makes aggressive moves on the world stage and towards the United States. There is absolutely no talk of treason, or dark muttering as to what Putin might hold over Biden, even as the new administration refuses to engage with or retaliate against Putin. Rachel Maddow has moved on. So has most of the CNN expert Russian team.

    Yet ​here is the troubling timeline of events. On May 7, the Colonial Pipeline was forced to shut down after a Russian-linked hacker group named DarkSide accessed its internal network and demanded a $4.4 million ransom payment. The shutdown of this pipeline led to massive fuel shortages on the East Coast of the United States and gas lines not seen since the Carter administration.

    The company paid the ransom, apparently acting in cooperation with the Biden administration, which refused to answer direct questions on its role. The payment was reportedly made in cryptocurrency and a little over half was recovered by US intelligence officials. That was the end of that. We moved on.

    On May 20, the Biden administration and his State Department announced it was lifting sanctions on the Nord Stream II pipeline, as well as chief executive Matthias Warnig, a noted ally of Vladimir Putin. The Nord Stream pipeline is a project that will deliver energy from Russia to the EU. Was this in anyway connected with any negotiations regarding ransomware attacks? We don’t know, because the American media is suddenly disinterested in such events.

    ​Then, on June 3, another hacker group based out of Russia, REvil, attacked the US meat supplier JBS, which shut down its operations in the United States, Canada and Australia. JBS did not disclose if it too paid a ransom for the attacks and the White House was not questioned on the matter. On June 16, Biden met Vladimir Putin after his first G7 summit. The media mostly portrayed this meeting as tough-cool-guy Biden taking on Putin, a US president finally standing up to the threat of Russia, a threat they all but laughed off during the 2012 election when Mitt Romney had raised his concerns. Nobody asked Biden about when he dismissed Russia anxiety as a ‘cold war mentality’.

    Biden spoke to the press briefly after the meeting and said he presented Putin with a list of 16 critical infrastructure targets in the United States that were to be off limits to Russian hackers. Thanks, Joe.

    Two days after this meeting, the United States halted and froze a military aid package to Ukraine that included defensive weapons. That package was worth upwards of $100 million — as Russia amassed troops on Ukraine’s border.

    The move looks a lot like an accommodation to Putin’s demand that the United States remain out of the growing conflict. But the US media rang no alarm bells. Almost nobody suggested that Biden had caved to Putin, or that Putin must have some kompromat, some secret embarrassing information over the new Commander-in-Chief.”


    “Other than a few scarce reports in the New York Times, these attacks barely registered in the American media. Recall again the feverish levels of Russia paranoia in the Trump years. Now consider that Putin and his criminal allies are clearly testing the new president, and we are only six months in. Biden is refusing to act as Russian attacks become more ambitious and more aggressive. American journalists are looking the other way.

    ​So the question must be asked, the question the media hyperventilated for four years over a previous president and one they refuse to address now, to spare a new president they are largely attempting to protect — what does Vladimir Putin have on Joe Biden? What is Joe Biden hiding?”


  7. That Lancet paper continues to lose credibility, which is good, because they lied, covered up, and politicized their paper. Because Orange Man Bad.

    Hacks. And because they’re hacks, they’re just doubling down. But thankfully, a whole lot less people believe what they’re selling.

    And to think how many people bought this garbage from them.

    “3 Scientists Drop Names From Lancet Statement on COVID Origins

    Latest letter exposes cracks in scientific coalition on Wuhan lab theory”


    “The Lancet on July 5 published a statement reasserting that there is no “scientifically validated evidence” to suggest COVID-19 escaped from a lab, signed mostly by the same team of scientists who dismissed the lab-leak hypothesis in a February 2020 statement. But the new statement is missing three signatories from the original one, including William Karesh, who has ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

    Karesh is the executive vice president for health policy at EcoHealth Alliance, the group that was funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab with grants from the National Institutes for Health. EcoHealth’s president, Peter Daszak, organized the original statement, whose signatories included Karesh, Peter Palese of the Icahn School of Medicine, and Bernard Roizman of the University of Chicago. Those three signatures are all absent from the new statement, though Daszak signed both.

    Asked whether he’d changed his mind about the likelihood of a lab leak, Palese replied: “NO COMMENT!” Karesh and Roizman did not respond to inquiries.”

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  8. Yes, yes they did.

    Still are too, with the help of a complicit and willing media.

    “Did the Feds Lie About January 6? Navy Vet Capitol Protester Says So and Wants His Case Moved Out of ‘Trump-Hating’ Capital”


    “The attorney for one of the men at the “protest gone wild” at the Capitol Building last January has called on the federal judge to move Thomas Edward Caldwell’s trial out of “Trump-hating” Washington, D.C. Caldwell was the first of the Capitol protesters to be arrested. The coverage of his arrest set the tone for media coverage of all other arrestees in the Department of Justice’s “shock and awe” plan to root out alleged “white nationalist” militancy. Caldwell’s attorney says that’s the problem because it’s untrue.

    Attorney David W. Fischer filed a motion to move the trial to the Western District of Virginia where there are fewer people who “despise many things that traditional America stands for” and who have less “petulant intolerance for those with differing views.” He notes that only 5% of Washington, D.C., residents voted for Trump and they hold him in such contempt that they believed the fake news that he was Russian spy.

    Prosecutors have delivered four versions of their claims in four superseding indictments against Caldwell, each less histrionic and myth-making than the one before.

    Caldwell is a 20-year U.S. Navy veteran who was apparently outside of the Capitol Building on January 6. He is charged with four felony counts: conspiracy, obstruction of an official proceeding, entering and remaining in a restricted area, and tampering with documents or proceedings.

    Here is what he is not, according to his attorney. Caldwell is not a “white supremacist,” nor a “white nationalist.” He is not a would-be murderer or a member of a militia group. He did not suggest “gassing” and “executing” members of Congress. He did not lead Oath Keepers, since, presumably, one would have to be an Oath Keeper to lead Oath Keepers. Fischer says his client is not a member.

    The motion for the change-of-venue is a near-complete takedown of the efforts undertaken by federal investigators and prosecutors to poison the jury pool and media coverage, which, let’s be honest, isn’t hard. It’s such a scintillating read that it could be a movie.

    The defense motion claims that prosecutors “knowingly disseminated false and incendiary claims” that Caldwell and others planned to sack the Capitol and “execute” people when they had no evidence for it – not even after conducting a “cyber colonoscopy” on cell phones and computers. There was no “plan,” Caldwell’s attorney claims. That allegation was based on “a rumor started by government bureaucrats attempting to cover up their incompetent leadership.”

    The Government’s misleading charging papers have misinformed the public and caused unnecessary panic in the District, additionally tainting the potential jury pool. Most troubling was the Government’s incendiary—and highly inaccurate– suggestion in previous charging documents that Caldwell and Oath Keepers were chasing down Members of Congress, trying to trap and kill them in the hallways of the Capitol.

    Prosecutors shot first and asked questions later. In addition to citing copious examples of prejudicial news stories – including a CNN story claiming Caldwell was part of an “execution squad” that planned to “seal” congressional members in “tunnels under capital” [sic] and “turn on [the] gas” – the acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin gave a “reckless” “prejudicial and extrajudicial” interview intimating that Caldwell was part of a plot to overthrow the government.

    In the CBS 60 Minutes interview two months after the charging papers had been issued, prosecutors began walking back their most hyperbolic claims but by then it was too late. The media took the bait and ran with the story that was hand-chummed by prosecutors. Sedition was something with which Caldwell was never charged, but you wouldn’t know it from this exchange:

    Scott Pelley: I’m not a lawyer, but the way I read the sedition statute, it says that, “Sedition occurs when anyone opposes by force the authority of the United States, or by force hinders or delays the execution of any law of the United States.” Seems like a very low bar, and I wonder why you’re not charging that now?

    Michael Sherwin: Okay, so I don’t think it’s a low bar, Scott, but I will tell you this. I personally believe the evidence is trending towards that, and probably meets those elements.

    Scott Pelley: Do you anticipate sedition charges against some of these suspects?

    Michael Sherwin: I believe the facts do support those charges. And I think that, as we go forward, more facts will support that, Scott. [emphasis added]

    Multiple examples of news stories were cited in the document, noting that the erroneous information was purposely pumped into the media and into Washington’s hyper-partisan political bloodstream.”

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  9. Re. 8:44… The entire plandemic strongly reeks of collusion, corruption and cover-ups. Anything and everything the government, institutes, journals and the MSM says about the Wuhan virus needs to be considered false until proven otherwise. Even then, the proof and the source of the proof needs to be carefully examined…


  10. Re. 8:19… What the “Health Secretary” meant to say: “Perhaps we should point out that the federal government has had to spend trillions of dollars to try to knock off Americans during this plandemic, and to pull off the biggest hoax and election heist in American history, so it is absolutely the people’s business. It is taxpayers’ money that the government used and continues to spend to try to keep people from living as free Americans.”


  11. If they really favoured Crist they would never mention the change in building code at all. It doesn’t take long to look up the date and any reasonable person would know it was the Crist administration fairly quickly.

    Was it Trump that traumatized people or the media that amplified his message? Is it a case of shooting the messenger? Or is it a case what came first the chicken or the egg? The media helped create Trump and he in turn gave them the ratings and continued the show. It as an endless cycle and at a certain point it no longer matters who started it.

    The Lincoln Project are grifters but then again most political operatives are. At least they make amusing commercials; or I should say made. They depended on Trump for material and there’s been a decline in good material lately.

    It appears the Coivd virus is mutating in favor of ability to spread not ability to kill. Soon it will appear as a normal flu. I’m vaccinated but I think its more important to focus on better HVAC systems in institutions — LTCs and schools were outbreak centers and better ventilation is needed. Tighten the building codes around HVAC and have yearly inspections of air quality and circulation as part of occupational health and safety rules.

    Biden’s neither tough nor slack on Russia — his admin approaches Putin similar to Obama, with less focus on personal relationships and more on nation to nation. Different approach than Trump — who’s desire to be liked by some world leaders was not the best approach. (Behind all that bluster, Trump desperately wants approval and attention especially from people who he admires and he admired Putin). The Nordoil agreement was more about working with European allies than about appeasing Russia. The only move that one can criticize Biden is with Ukraine — but then again Ukrainian politics are so hugely corrupt I doubt any aid would’ve been used properly.


  12. The art market is weird; art is difficult to value. Right now my daughter is selling her work for $750 to $1500 — barely minimal wage if you factor in supplies cost, hours, etc. However, once you become better known more galleries show your work and the price goes up. And then you sell more because more galleries show your work and thus it snowballs from there. It appears Hunter Biden skipped those low paying introductory steps. Celebrity artists and those with a name generally do. Of course, this is true for any profession — the Trump children didn’t start in the mail room, Drew Barrymore starred in ET bc of her last name not her ability, etc

    Art also uses secrecy and secondary markets to inflate prices. This attracts people wanting to moving large sums of cash from one country to another — ie money laundering. Not a good line of work if your father is a politician., although the paintings used are generally older established works. Biden looks to be a one term president so he’s probably making hay while the name still means something and still won’t hurt his father’s career.

    The bar for family conflict of interest has sunk very low for the White House. Republicans can’t question Biden’s art work without being reminded that Don Jr and especially Ivanka/Jared ran private international businesses while privy to gov’t information as they either spent time there or actually worked for their father’s admin. There’s a number of foreign trademarks and business deals which raised red flags. Not too mention, the Trump Hotel in Washington once near bankruptcy was full of diplomats during the Trump years and is now empty again.


  13. When you file for a change of venue, your lawyer might want to avoid rhetoric which sounds as if his motivation is to find jury members who approve of his behaviour. “”fewer people who “despise many things that traditional America stands for” and who have less “petulant intolerance for those with differing views.” “” is code for the people where the crime was committed are upset and we should move the trial to where people approve of my clients actions. “Traditional America” would mean in this context; Republicans.

    Crimes are usually prosecuted where they occur and if they are moved its not based on terms favorable to the suspect. When a football hooligan from the Midlands destroys a London bar he can’t demand the trial be held in an area where his football loyalties are viewed favorably.

    The claim that adverse publicity affected the jury pool has some merit but to admit you are deliberately advocating a move to a more political favorable venue is probably not a good move. Given the national publicity of the events, any potential jury member has been affected. Why not advocate a move to Richmond and Virginia Beach? The lawyer with his rhetoric is making it obvious he’s venue shopping. He also admits that the case has a political nature — opening up a can of worms for the prosecutor to feast on it. He should minimize the politics and try to downplay the events to trespassing as many on the right has stated it is. In essence plead guilty to a misdemeanour if you can.


  14. Those affidavits have a promise of prison if you make a false claim. The filers knew what was at stake, yet still filed. This is nothing but political persecution!

    How about first investigating the claims on the complaint! And why don’t they probe the people who actually committed election fraud?

    It seems that Michigan needs an Arizona-style audit, for starters…


    “Michigan’s attorney general, with assistance from police officers, will investigate people who claimed election fraud happened during the 2020 contest.

    A spokeswoman for Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel told news outlets on July 8 that the Democrat will probe people who allegedly made false claims, with help from Michigan State Police.”


  15. How do you bribe a public official for political favors and get away with it?

    By putting his son on the board, or buying some of his nifty art.

    So is his incestuous homemade porn with his cousin to be included amongst his “work”?

    That’s sure to go for top dollar.


  16. Overly zealous, and just as annoying as JW on early on a Saturday.




  17. It’s too late now, but there should have been a language warning on that “Jacovid Witnesses” video. I’m not complaining, but I know that some could be pretty shocked by at least one of those words.


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