36 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-8-21

  1. Janice
    I did finish the book on my Kindle. I will probably “binge” read the rest of her books.
    In the mornings in the way into work I listen to podcasts and Audible books that are business related.
    Currently I listen to Win Make Give and Empire Building on podcasts.
    For books I am listening to The Introverts Advantage and Smart Money.

    I enjoy the pleasure of reading fiction but anything business related I listen to because I am captive in the car for 40 minutes and the only other people I know that are up that early are my friend M, my ex-MIL ( she just turned 84!) and my ex-husband – which is sometimes convenient because we can discuss BJ.

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  2. I was sitting in the front room, doing nothing.
    That is the best i can do right now.
    I was explaining to the Lord how I was doing everything that needed to be done now.
    But I came in here to tell you all there is to say, for now.

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  3. The rose for a header is appropriate.
    Rose is a lady who stops by to help. She came, messed around in the kitchen and left.
    I will have something later. Don’t know what.

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  4. Chas- On yesterday’s thread you said you can’t see the little arrow sometimes. See if Linda can help you find the “Accessibility” area on your computer, which should have either a magnifying glass feature, or one that lets you increase the size of the cursor arrow.

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  5. Morning! That is a pretty rose up there. I stop by my bush every morning to see if my one bud is opening…nothing yet. My knock out roses have been blossoming for a while now…pretty but they do not have a fragrance.
    I will have oatmeal this morning instead of my Cheerios….triple berry Umpqua oats…so good! 😊

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  6. Good morning. A big pot of coffee is made to share with Wesley. Art never drinks coffee although occasionally he will drink a mocha.

    Kim, I’ve read the Introvert Advantage book and loved it. Somehow I ended up with two copies, and Wesley recently saw them. He asked, “Do we really need TWO copies of The Introvert Advantage?” I told him that I think I had the extra in the church media center which we e had


  7. . . .which we had to clear out. Maybe I should have told him that the extremely introverted need two copies.

    See what happened when I tried to edit? I pushed the send button by mistake.

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  8. Chas – I was going to say what Peter said, and add that you can change the color of the cursor to black, which makes it easier to see on the screen. My cursor is both enlarged a bit and changed to black, because I had trouble finding it when it was smaller and white.

    Instead of using a magnifying glass to read the screen, you can enlarge the print. What I do when I need to do that is hold “Ctrl” down while hitting the “+” key. It helps a lot, especially on sites that have really small print.


  9. My mac laptop allows you to use your fingers on the track pad to manually open up and enlarge the screen which can be handy.

    But it reminds me that I’m overdue for an eye appointment and new glasses.

    I made my GP appointment for a physical in June but they can’t get me in until mid-August — that’s at least scheduled.

    I guess everyone’s catching up following the Covid cancelations and having to get by with the minimal virtual appointments only when needed on smart phones.


  10. Good morning. Okay, I am a bit late to the party. We got up early and headed out right after chores to get son to speech therapy in Lewiston at seven thirty. Then, since we were nearly there, ran up to Moscow for my Thursday visit with the folks.

    I do not do trips to Lewiston but since husband is in Florida, I had it lined up for a helper to take the two to speech. However, nineteen refused to go though she has been talking about speech therapy for months but now thinks it is too hard. So I ended up going. It worked well. All done.

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  11. I am up early as my right leg was aching. It is still dark out, so maybe it is time for a nap. I think that I need to go back to taking advil to help with the pain.

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  12. Wesley just asked out of the blue, “What are your thoughts on adverbs?” After I laughed out loud, I said, “They are useful when used sparingly.” I think he has been grading finals for his summer adjunct class. Perhaps he has seen one too many today?

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  13. Oh, so nice to get up late. Though you might say that after being up at 5 for an hour or so that I got a nap. Now to take care of things, like the leaky sink in the bathroom. Or, after throwing away old junk under there, call the plumber.


  14. My neighbors just brought over a slice of cheesecake from the restaurant they went to for their 56th anniversary today. Sweet. They had a window seat with an ocean view.

    I was looking at a wooden relic — an old pica pole — from the port newspaper office (way before my time, certainly way before computers invaded newsrooms and print shops, but something I salvaged when the office was being closed down).

    On the back it has the usual layout helps — best sizes for “headings,” lines of type per inch, numbers of words to a line.

    And also this little piece of advice:


    * Is it sincere?
    * Is it specific?
    * Is it plausible? (so that would eliminate a lot of today’s so-called journalism)
    * Is it forcible?
    * Does it fit the medium?

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  15. so, because of the expense for my crown for my tooth, my account is in the red here. I called to ask what to do and I want to do it quickly. I don’t want the branch here to have to suffer in any way. Writing a check here takes 8 weeks to clear. So I am going to try a wire transfer, something that I have never done. It is funny, I really don’t care about the fees, I just want to be out of debt. The other thing I have to figure out how to do is how to submit my claim for the dental work. I tried yesterday. I think I flubbed up when the phone number I put in was for here, but the rest of the info was for the states. What a learning curve this all is.
    I have the money, just a matter of somehow getting it in the right place.

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  16. Praying you figure it all out, Jo.

    The rose is appropriate for me, too. My husband and I visited a rose garden today. There are many other flowers as well and a wonderful walking trail along Lake Superior and in the park. It was cool enough out to enjoy our time outside. The number and variety of roses is amazing.


  17. Janice reminds me of when I was a graduate assistant. My fellow TAs and I would sit in the office reading the silly mistakes students made in their Spanish 101 essays. This was before the days of online translators when they actually had to use a paper dictionary. Some of those just listed the Spanish meanings alphabetically without any explanation as to the Spanish usage. One students meant to write “I like Saturday because it’s my day off.” He used the word “apagado” for off since it came first alphabetically. It means “extiguished”, like when you turn off a light.

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