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  1. Gee, why would parents be upset with you trying to sexualize their young children?

    I can’t imagine….. 🙄



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  2. In one sense, one could question why an investigation is even necessary. The PA Supreme Court acted illegally when they changed election law in the state – they had no authority under the US Constitution. The Constitution delegates the authority to create election laws at the state level to the state Legislature, not the state Judicial branch. This entire election in PA’s past election day was illegal.

    The process of starting an audit needs to be made much simpler, and this PA audit is way overdue. There were 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting. If that doesn’t indicate fraud by Dem election operatives on behalf of Biden, then nothing does.

    And whatever happened to the truck trailer full of ballots that went from NY into PA and unloaded in a parking lot?

    Keep it coming – expose the fraud!!!


    “A Pennsylvania senator announced on July 7 that he has triggered a forensic investigation of the 2020 and 2021 elections.

    State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a Republican, issued letters to several counties requesting information and materials that he said would enable an investigation.

    “It’s distinct from an audit or forensic audit. It’s a big deep dive, like we saw in Arizona, but even deeper,” Mastriano told The Epoch Times.

    “It takes a hard look at software, machine, scanners, in addition to looking at all the ballots themselves to see if they were hand-filled in or copied by a machine. So a scientific approach to get to the bottom of what happened, what went right, what went wrong in an election. It takes out all bias.””

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  3. I’m actually shocked.




  4. CNN….

    Still garbage…..



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  5. Sure, that’ll work…. 🙄



    But no more mean tweets, right? 🙂

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  6. This is what happens when the idiots run the show.

    A small price to pay for no more mean tweets, right?

    “Disturbing Reports From US Troops and ROTC Cadets of “Woke” Military Priorities

    Woke priorities are now trickling down to our troops, and reports are surfacing about some humiliating drills and exercises that boost neither morale nor preparedness among our service personnel.”


    “Professor Jacobson published an outstanding analysis of the “ideological capture” of our military, which featured chilling testimony from General Mark Milley (Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Admiral Michael Gilday (Chief of Naval Operations).

    The woke priorities are now trickling down to our troops, and reports are now surfacing about some humiliating drills and exercises that boost neither morale nor preparedness among our service personnel.

    To begin with, active duty members of the Navy in San Diego were recently forced to take part in a mandatory ‘diversity hike’ during which they flew LGBT flags. Of course, American flags were nowhere to be seen.

    “A woman whose husband is active duty Navy sent me this. His command held a “diversity hike” in honor of Pride Month. Attendance was mandatory. They hiked while waving a rainbow American flag,” tweeted Matt Walsh.

    As Chris Menahan explains, the event was promoted by the Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit 303, which celebrated “Pride Month” with a “Pride Hike” at Sunset Cliff last week.

    The servicemembers were made to carry a version of the LGBT flag which incorporates the stars and stripes, although no actual American flag was flown.”

    “Earlier this year, about 15 ROTC cadets from Temple University participated in a school-sponsored Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event, during which men stumble through a pre-set route while sporting high heels, supposedly as as a way to raise awareness for sexual assault victims.

    Several cadets walked while wearing Army Combat Uniforms, as did the school’s professor of military science, Lt. Col. Greg Nardi, who runs Temple’s Red Diamond Brigade.
    Military blogs like This Ain’t Hell reported on the cadets weeks later. Around that time, another high-heel walk, this one sponsored by the ROTC brigade at Arizona State University, drew attention when a screen shot of a message allegedly from an ASU cadet complaining about his school’s event landed on Reddit’s Army channel, the Facebook page of U.S Army W.T.F! Moments, and other sites.

    It is highly doubtful that either of these activities enhanced our military’s preparedness, or contributed to unit cohesion.”

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  7. It’s OK though, because he’s not one of them, so the MSM will continue to ignore this story.

    “Tucker Carlson Claims the NSA Leaked His Emails to Journalists ‘In An Effort To Discredit Me’”


    “Tucker Carlson claimed that the NSA leaked contents of his private emails to journalists, during a Wednesday morning appearance on Mornings With Maria.

    Carlson alleged last week that the National Security Agency had monitored his private communications, which, if true, would be a massive scandal. Carlson’s claim has been met with skepticism. And curiously, his bombshell allegation was mostly ignored by the rest of Fox News in the days that followed. So Carlson’s appearance on Fox Business with anchor Maria Bartiromo is notable.

    The interview opened with the Fox prime time host recapping his previous allegations. Then, he made some news.

    “Yesterday I learned, that — and this is going to come out soon — that NSA, leaked the contents of my e-mail to journalists in an effort to discredit me,” Carlson claimed. “I know this because I got a call from one saying ‘oh, this is what your e-mail was about.”

    “So, it is not in any way a figment of my imagination,” he continued. “It’s confirmed, it’s true. They are not allowed to spy on American citizens — they are — and I think more ominously they are using information they gather to put leverage to threaten opposition journalists, people who criticize Biden administration happening to me right now, I think shocking I don’t think we should put up with it in a free country.”

    “It is worse than shocking,” Bartiromo concurred. “It’s the stuff of banana republic, third world countries.””

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  8. Her day is coming. 🙂


  9. It’s nice that you can appropriate funds from other sources to house the invaders, but not for a wall to keep them out.

    Funny that. I guess it’s only bad if Trump does it.

    “Biden administration to divert $860M in COVID funding to house unaccompanied minors”


    “Biden’s border crisis is costing American taxpayers billions of dollars. The latest move by Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra is to reallocate $860M from COVID relief funds to pay for housing unaccompanied minors. This isn’t the first time funding has been shifted around and likely won’t be the last time.

    Becerra sent a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Appropriations Committees on Tuesday that HHS needs the money for safety and care for the unprecedented numbers of children crossing the southern border. The money will also be used to fund staffing costs at shelters. A Biden administration official said that HHS costs for housing unaccompanied migrant children had gone up by $1.7 billion as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, due to precautions the government has needed to take. If you believe what Becerra is serving up as a reason for the money transfer then you believe that the need is because of pandemic mandates, not the flood of migrants at the border. This is Becerra’s way of keeping the administration’s narrative that there is no border crisis intact.

    In his letter, Becerra wrote that the pandemic — not the crisis fueled by hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants rushing the border month after month — was to blame for the high cost, arguing it “placed significant demands” on his agency.

    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines require the agency to quarantine children upon receiving them, as well as ensure that emergency intake shelters have proper measures in place to keep those kids apart.

    To meet this demand, Becerra explained, his department drastically reduced the number of usable “state-licensed shelter beds.”

    In May, HHS diverted $2B meant for health initiatives to cover the cost of caring for unaccompanied minors. At that time a former Obama administration official said there is no choice but to fund operations for illegal migrants. What he didn’t say was the Biden border crisis is a manmade one of Biden’s own doing.”


  10. “Who the Hell Is in Charge?”

    Not Applesauce for Brains, that’s for sure.


    “Last week President * went out for ice cream again, and the media was on it, quizzing him on what flavor he selected, the kind of cone, whether it was yummy. It seemed to be yummy, according to the flashcards that he uses to help him survive these intense journalist grillings. It’s great to know that our alleged president is capable of licking an ice cream cone. Unfortunately, besides watching “Matlock” reruns, that’s about all this crusty old weirdo can do.

    He’s senile, and he’s a mess. That’s not open to debate, because we aren’t allowed to debate it – at least not in the mainstream media. It is the truth which must not be uttered. Everyone sees the emperor has no clothes, mostly because Dr. Jill went out for coffee and Joe forgot to put on his pants again.

    So, who is actually in charge?

    Is anyone?

    Now, the lack of someone in charge is not necessarily bad. The last thing we want is for an intense, vital leader focusing the collection of pinkos, commies, and bizarre mutations that make up the *dministration on achieving its nefarious ends. But what we have here seems to be a patchwork quilt of bureaucrats, politicos, and social media blue checks each pushing individual fetishes instead of their awful agenda as a whole. The result is not just chaos– ah, glorious chaos– but the ham-handed way they are going about it is also energizing we normals’ resistance.

    It’s a perfect storm of failure, and we should help them fail however we can.

    Take the New New Deal from a guy who was probably 50 when the Old New Deal was dealt. Who was honchoing this Schiffshow? What was the plan?

    “I know, let’s get our pals in the media to hassle Joe Manchin so much that he commits political seppuku and kills the filibuster!”

    That’s not a plan. That’s not even a tactic. That’s just stupid.

    Since that dumb campaign failed, it was on to Infrastructure Plan B, as in “Bipartisanship.” Somebody unwrapped the shawl from around Mr. 10% For The Big Guy and trundled him out to the White House lawn to stand with Mitt and the Mayo Gang and announce that they have all figuratively built bridges across the aisle to build bridges in real life and, incidentally, to do a lot of other things that involve giving your money to Democrat interest groups. Remember, looting your savings is infrastructure!

    Now, this would be all fine and good except someone let Grandpa Badfinger talk again. A few hours later he spilled the beans on how the scheme was to sucker the GOP into voting for the bipartisan nonsense and then link it to the monopartisan nonsense. Cue the tapdancing as they went into damage control mode.

    Is anyone in charge of this guy, or of any part of the government at all?

    Look at the military. Where’s the leadership there? It’s just been ceded over to those four-star mediocrities who want to shelve Sun Tzu in favor of the insights of Ibram X. Kendi (née Henry Rogers). There’s a big, ugly enemy literally over the horizon, but challenging China is hard and no one pats you on the head for that. So, you decide to please the left by pretending that the real enemy is the weather, but you still retain your flexibility to meet emerging opportunities to suck up to the garbage ruling class. That’s why when those terrifying unarmed selfie-taking seniors insurrected, the gang who can’t win a war decided that the scary threat of extremism – by which they mean disagreeing with the regime – is the new Big Bad du jour. Maybe they can finally wring the victory they’ve been denied by actual enemies out of fighting people without guns but with arthritis.

    Over in Europe, America is giving the farm away to Putin, who used to be the worst guy ever but now gets the thumbs-up for a big gas pipeline to Germany. Oh, and Ukraine’s lethal aid to defend itself from Russia is held up – wait, didn’t we impeach someone for not giving Ukrainians aid? And in Geneva, someone is negotiating with the mullahs, by which I mean begging them to enter into an agreement where they pretend to not be making the Bomb anymore.

    Who is coordinating this? It’s not that withered old fossil.

    What it seems to be is various fiefdoms within the *dministration each doing their own thing, a federalism of failure as it were. And the best part is that their tunnel vision keeps them from seeing where they are creating huge issues for the *dministration as a whole. Take CRT, please. The PC platoon is going full-tilt on it, using the bureaucracy to push this crap without any regard for the fact that everyone hates it, except liberals. They see this as their one shot to take this noxious brew of racism and Marxism out of the faculty lounge and throw it into normal people’s faces, but what they are doing is spinning up a backlash. When little Billy – because normal people name their kids normal names and not annoying ones like “Kaden” – comes home and announces his teacher’s pronouns are xip/xork and that he is personally responsible for slavery, that motivates people to resist.

    The same with crime. The *dministration is packed with libs who insist that the cause of crime is not criminals but you normal people out there who are not committing crimes. Except, that’s insane and stupid, and when your Prius gets broken into a third time, you’re going to start moving right whether or not you have a “BERNIE 2020” sticker on the bumper or not.”


  11. Well now we know the coward’s name.

    And it’s the idiot who left his gun in a restroom that I saw named (and posted it) months ago.


    “Withholding the name of the officer who fired the fatal shot — the only round fired by anyone during the four-hour siege — has bred speculation on the Internet and led to the mistaken identification of at least one officer. USCP Special Agent David Bailey was wrongly fingered as the shooter on social media and conservative news sites.

    After RCI called attention to the false rumor in an email to USCP, followed by a story on the issue, USCP’s communications chief officially knocked it down as “misinformation.”

    Now a new name has surfaced in the Babbitt imbroglio — Lt. Michael L. Byrd — and while USCP Communications Director Eva Malecki won’t confirm he is the shooter, in this case she isn’t denying it.

    In a little-noticed exchange, Byrd was cited by the acting House sergeant at arms during a brief discussion of the officer who shot Babbitt at a Feb. 25 House hearing. Both C-SPAN and CNN removed his name from transcripts, but CQ Transcripts — which, according to its website, provides “the complete word from Capitol Hill; exactly as it was spoken” — recorded the Capitol official, Timothy Blodgett, referring to the cop as “Officer Byrd.” His name is clearly audible in the videotape of the hearing (at around 39:20).

    Byrd appears to match the description of the shooter, who video footage shows is an African American dressed that day in a business suit. Jewelry, including a beaded bracelet and lapel pin, also match up with photos of Byrd.

    In addition, Byrd’s resume lines up with what is known about the experience and position of the officer involved in the shooting — a veteran USCP officer who holds the rank of lieutenant and is the commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police.

    Following the shooting, Byrd’s Internet footprint was scrubbed, including his social media and personal photos.”

    “Phone calls and emails to Byrd, who lives in Maryland where he remains on paid administrative leave, went unanswered. His attorney would neither confirm nor deny that the 53-year-old Byrd is the shooter, and warned that disclosing his name poses a safety risk to the officer.”


    Too bad. You don’t get to shoot an unarmed woman and then hide behind your badge.

    Lt. Michael L. Byrd

    Remember this murderer’s name, and spread it far and wide.


  12. Wow — after doing all the conversions gas is only US$ 4.13 per gallon here. I would think we would be higher than any US state.

    The right side of the internet wants to lynch a police officer; 2021 has the same level of dysfunction as 2020. The right will probably now regret their support of qualified immunity. In Florida, I believe his actions are known as “stand your ground”.

    The comments on Biden’s mental health and the chaos in the White House could’ve been copied and pasted from criticisms directed at Trump 4 years ago. The spectacle is the same, just different actors and different lines. The right wing critics could at least invent a new narrative instead of plagiarizing.

    Carlson has truly lost it. A trust fund baby who hates criticism; sounds familiar. FOX would like to dump him but need the ratings he brings; also sounds familiar.

    I’ve mentioned before that the US military is run as a corporation modelled after Harvard Business School. The corporate model has its problems when used by gov’t agencies. However, pride activities ans sexual assault awareness training are commonplace in large corporations. Corporations sponsor pride events and employees are encouraged or paid to attend. Walking in her shoes is a common event in offices during a sexual assault awareness day/month. Within a military, hierarchical structures will make these activities compulsory rather than rely on peer pressure. I’m not sure how either activity qualifies as woke rather just HR doing its job. As for military use of these activities — its part of the corporate training which most military staff have been exposed to and many will join the corporate board rooms once they are done with the military.

    If the gov’t is responsible for the failure to enforce and carry out background checks effectively, will Republicans support the move to a stricter national background check? If the federal gov’t is liability it should act like it is.


  13. I can’t access the NYT article — it would be interesting to know the lesson, age, etc. I checked an other source it appears she taught health to all classes K-12. Some of her lessons may have been not age appropriate and maybe more frank than necessary. The porn lesson was for 16-18 year olds — some of the questions were unnecessary and I wonder if the focus was elsewhere ie not what the media or parents complained about. I’ve found the moral outrage over health lessons tends to focus on minor or small portions of the lesson rather than the actual focus.

    I’ve taught Growth and Development for 25 years. The first 10-15 years the focus was on biology or factual information but there’s been a gradual shift in the middle school to discussing consent, sexuality, relationships, etc. Some parents don’t like this but in general I think its been a good idea — adolescents need to discuss these topics and parents are usually reluctant.

    Porn is rarely talked about (its not in the curriculum) but if its raised in a question I’ll address it. The largest discussion occurred in the context of consent. Someone mentioned porn showed women saying no and then changing their mind thus no could mean later in this context. Hence we discussed how porn gave a distorted view of sex and relationships in general. They don’t need to view porn to discuss this nor should the discussion drag on longer than necessary ie I accomplished my lesson goal and its time to move on before adolescents get silly. Did this educator do the same — hard to tell from the news.

    The least talked about part of health is the reluctance of most teacher to actually teach the curriculum; they tend to rush through it.


  14. As it says in The Dispatch news update for today, “Presented Without Comment”:

    Gov. Cuomo: “We want to do with gun violence with what we just did with COVID.”


  15. We should have known when we went into Afghanistan, that we had to stay.
    Now we’re getting out.
    The results will be chaos. Thousands dead.
    But not Americans.
    We should have stayed out. We have no business there.


  16. I see on TV where Taliban is surging as US troops leave.
    I’m sure this is a surprise to Biden.
    We are leaving and those who supported us are dead.
    We should have never gone there. Too many places we need to stay away from


  17. “Gov. Cuomo: “We want to do with gun violence with what we just did with COVID.””

    Sorry Gov., but killing thousands of old people can’t be what you do all the time. That shouldn’t be your go to.

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  18. “Even if they are convinced that Byrd is the officer involved, people should still be cautious about spreading his name far and wide:”

    Well since his name has been entered into the Congressional record as the shooter, it’s a pretty safe bet that he is.

    Did you not read the link above?

    “In a little-noticed exchange, Byrd was cited by the acting House sergeant at arms during a brief discussion of the officer who shot Babbitt at a Feb. 25 House hearing. Both C-SPAN and CNN removed his name from transcripts, but CQ Transcripts — which, according to its website, provides “the complete word from Capitol Hill; exactly as it was spoken” — recorded the Capitol official, Timothy Blodgett, referring to the cop as “Officer Byrd.” His name is clearly audible in the videotape of the hearing (at around 39:20).”

    It’s him. There’s no mistake here. Your link is irrelevant.

    And he deserves to be publicly shamed for shooting an unarmed woman.

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  19. Huh.

    My sympathy meter seems to be stuck on zero.

    Enjoy the fruits of your labors scum bag. 🙂


    Poor Mikey. He was the darling of the ball, at least with the “I have no credibility” crowd, like Anna.


  20. ———-


  21. 5:14 I believe Kizzie’s link was cautioning about our now popular “trial by social media” trend (closely tied to public shaming). So it’s valid, either way.

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  22. Nice…..

    See, this is why our country should be celebrated. We don’t pull this crap.

    “Churches Across Canada Being Torched By Antifa-Style Terrorists, Left Wing Government Cheers Them On…”


  23. No, it wasn’t.

    It had nothing to do with the case at hand. It’s irrelevant and has no place in this discussion. It simply muddies the water. As I showed, it’s in the Congressional record, not some anon Facebook post.


  24. Knowing the policeman who shot the woman trying to break down a door doesn’t mean trial by social media should commence. There is a process that should be followed. In any case, qualified immunity and self defence means it won’t go to trial if anything he may face an internal reprimand and a note in his file. And probably a name change…..If no-knock warrant home invasions resulting in a death on an innocent woman don’t warrant charges neither does this.

    Chas — you’re right. 9/11 deserved a harsh response but I remember 20 years advocating a short invasion/intervention focus on Al- Queda and then get out. Any reading of a history book should’ve told policy makers Afghanistan is not the place to stay for any period of time. I think Obama could’ve withdrew but he was politically cautious especially in his first term. I thought Trump might try to withdraw but he seemed to have stopped halfway. Since Biden isn’t worried about political consequences ( I can’t see him running for a second term), he might be the right guy to withdraw.

    Apparently Axios is coming out with a story on Carlson’s emails. Carlson was communicating with Putin’s staff to set up an interview. The NSA isn’t looking at Carlson’s emails but they may be looking at Putin’s emails and with Carlson blurting this out on national television he just compromised the NSA’s intelligence gathering (if this story checks out that is).


  25. AJ – Maybe it wasn’t clear, but the use of the Cuomo quote was not being favorable towards him. The “Presented Without Comment” quotes are quotes that are ridiculous or ironic in some way.


  26. I was wondering how long it would take for the church burnings to reach the American right side of the internet. That was a horrible interview completely devoid of context.

    Canada had a large system of native residential schools (modelled after the American ones) commissioned by the federal government and run by various churches until the 1960s when the gov’t took over completely. About 10-15 years ago, the Canadian gov’t and the Protestant churches involved apologized for the treatment of native children and began the process of reconciliation and compensation. The Catholic church who ran most of the schools refused to apologize or participate in reconciliation and compensation; in addition they have refused to release any records from that period.

    Last month, a native group uncovered over 200 children buried in a mass unmarked grave near a former Catholic residential school. Most Canadians were extremely upset and Canada Day activities were cut short or at least some memorials were held during the Canada Day activities. In addition, several orange shirt days and parades were held — orange is the color used to remember residential school survivors.

    As more digging took place at other Catholic schools, more mass graves were found and the total number of children buried is in the thousands. While most of Canada mourned, held memorials, apologized etc, the Catholic church refused to apologize and stated they did nothing wrong. And they continued to refuse to help in finding the grave sites and identifying the children as they refused to open their books. This upset a lot of people both native and non-native — my member of parliament demanded the government break relations with the Vatican, sub poena their records, and until they start cooperating tax the church in order to compensate the survivors. Ezra Levant, the Canadian equivalent of Carlson (except he doesn’t have the same audience level) completely fails to give out this context.

    When a political aide says the fires are understandable, its based on this context. Now this comment only makes sense if its natives burning these churches. There’s very little evidence to identify the groups involved and these churches are in fairly remote locations all over the country — I can’t see the leftists from urban Canada making their way into the north, find the church, burn it, and make their way back to the city without being noticed in these small isolated communities. In some locations, leftists groups may have done but in other areas it has to be local native people. Its an expression of anger.

    I don’t think burning churches is a good idea but for Carlson and Levant to use political quotes without context misses what’s really going on. Once again, the Catholic church is being obstinate and not reading the room — they need to do the right thing. Since the fires began, Pope Francis has reached out to native leaders. As much as these fires only hurt the local congregations, it has finally made the Catholic church pay attention.

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  27. Thanks for giving more context, hwesseli. Roscuro had told us when those first bodies were found, and it was indeed a horrific story. (She’d told us about the residential schools previously.)

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