31 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-7-21

  1. Thanks, Chas. Prayer is the greater work. I walk alone, but talk to others along the way. This evening I saw a group of boisterous PNG men walking along, they are not usually on my route. So I asked if they were taking the Culture Meets Scripture Course. They said yes with excitement and I told them that I had been praying for them. This class has them look at practices within their culture and then examine those practices in the light of scripture. I had heard that many of them had been profoundly moved.

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  2. Flowers Leave Their Fragrance on the Hand That Bestows Them’
    There’s an old Chinese proverb
    that, if practised each day,
    Would change the whole world
    in a simple way
    It’s truth is so simple,
    it’s so easy to do,
    And it works every time
    and successfully too

    For you can’t do a kindness
    without a reward,
    Not in silver nor gold
    but in joy from the Lord

    You can’t light a candle
    to show others the way
    Without feeling the warmth
    of that bright little ray

    And you can’t pluck a rose,
    all fragrant with dew,
    Without part of it’s fragrance
    remaining with you…

    And whose hands bestow
    more fragrant bouquets
    Than Mother who daily
    speaks kind words of praise?

    A Mother whose courage
    and comfort and cheer
    Light bright little candles
    in hearts through the year

    No wonder the hands
    Are symbols of sweetness
    unlike any other.

    Helen Steiner Rice

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  3. I had never heard or read the last three stanzas before I looked up the poem just now to post because of the rose picture about. I used to know the poem from memory. My mother had it on a wooden plaque with a red rose on it. I was a bored, only child so I read everything multiple times and poetry was easy for me to remember.

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  4. I had the sweetest and saddest listing appointment yesterday. A son is selling his mother’s home. She is 84, was a college professor, and is now experiencing dementia. He came home Mother’s Day to see her and fix up her house a little. He discovered that she hadn’t had running water for a while…she had forgotten to pay the bill. The house is probably a tear down. The lot is 40 by 130, so whatever replaces it will have to be more of a shotgun. It is in an up and coming, desirable area–experiencing “gentrification”.
    He cried telling us about it. Then he ended up telling us he went to prison 5 times and she never gave up on him. He said without her and without going to prison he would have never given over his life to Jesus. A and I had tears in our eyes. How could we not? We both want to get the most we can out of the property for him, so that he can buy a mobile home for him and his mother to live in and to take care of her the rest of her life. I ended up asking him if he was the baby of the family. Yes, he is. Babies, especially baby boys love their mamas,

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  5. Pretty rose with a nice simple background. Kim, when I was a child I had a couple of books of poems by Helen Steiner Rice.


  6. I am tired from our overnight trip. Miss Bosley is glad to have us back home. My brother checked in on her to feed and water, but he said he would not be sitting down to pet her. Although lonesome, I know she preferred staying home to going off to cat boarding school.

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  7. My husband is off on a business trip–the first time we’ve been separated for more than a day in over 18 months. I wonder if I can handle it?


    I feel the vapors coming on . . . 🙂 . . . not.

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  8. My husband had a shirt made. It said “defund police” but the ce was crossed out and ticians added so it said “defund politicians”. He gets lots of attaboys on it.

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  9. Husband is off to Florida to help out. Meanwhile, son and two grandsons fly into Boise tomorrow from New York on their way to visit us. First backpacking, then joining us at camp. But husband has been to their houses over the years so, though they are sorry to miss him, they have seen him.

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  11. Well, for one thing, Sun Valley and Ketchum don’t actually qualify as Idaho. Sure, they are here. But they are not Idaho. Movie stars and politicians and such. But then, people pay big money to camp in our nation forests so he can’t really be complaining. I will be paying for the opportunity next week. Of course, I could go half mile less or further and camp for free. But daughter is bringing her husband and inlaws and they like an outhouse.

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  12. It is around ninety here as well. Several thunderstorms went by this morning and some rain. Which probably means more lightning fires.


  13. We had a heat wave last week, with temps in the 90s and high humidity, and then early this week (or maybe it was this past weekend) it was so chilly that I was wearing a sweater. Temps are up again now, and we are once again expecting thunderstorms, possibly severe. Glancing out the window, I can see that the sky is darkening.


  14. In the fifties and cloudy and foggy here. I will be heading to the computer lab in an hour. So happy to have a new battery in this large suv. The mechanic said that the old one was defective. So when I insisted all charges come to me, he said okay, but he was turning the old one in as it was still under warranty. That sounds good.

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  15. I am enjoying hearing this Audible version of Colors of Truth more than any other book I have heard on Audible. It is wonderful. Kim, if you are still reading the book, I hope you can listen to the Audible version. I am entranced by it. I listened a lot on the trip when in the backseat by myself. I would have gotten carsick riding and reading. It is a fascinating story. I still can’t believe the publisher cancelled it.


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