60 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-26-21

  1. Good morning again.
    The most exciting thing around here is I’m going to get a haircur.
    How’s that fora thriller?

    Don’t knock it Chat. You don’t want excitement. At your age (01 in August) all excitement is bad.

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  2. Good morning, Chas. Not sure that will work, though. Didn’t Burt have a robust head of hair? Might need to grow yours out if you want folks to continue to recognize you.

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  3. We have a music fest going on in a local park with Christian bands. Our praise team will start the concert. Our new pastor (temporarily) will end it with his band, which we have never heard. We will not be able to hear it today either, since we have another graduation party. There will be food, craft booths etc. at the concert and has no cost.

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  4. What a fun event, Kathaleena. It is nice that events are getting into full swing.

    I went to Publix and picked up a can of ground coffee for my 91 year old friend. She said she has decided to no longer grind her beans herself. She basically stopped driving during the pandemic so I wonder if she will get behind the wheel again. Even for those who did not get Covid, it robbed people of so much.


  5. Covid. Having had Covid and going to bed to sleep my way through it; I was rudely awakened Wednesday night (after getting my second vaccine) to chills and EVERYthing on my body hurting.
    People had the nerve to tell me that was a good thing. Getting a strong reaction built up my immunity. Humph.

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  6. Cool story, Kim!
    Kathaleena, I think of you often when I read about Jammin in the Park over in Craigmont. I think it is every Saturday night in the summer, we have never gone. But lots of local talent shows up and plays for the crowds. Sounds like fun.

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  7. Good immune system, Kim. 🙂 It’s all good.

    And since it’s mosquito season …

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  8. Sorry to hear of your reaction to the 2nd vaccine, Kim.

    The article was quite inspiring! It’s nice to hear how humble he is given all his success. He knows how to give proper credit to his roots.


  9. I was sitting on the deck and something amazing happened. My mind told my left leg to cross the right leg, and it did. That is amazing!. It doesn’t just happen to me. It makes me wonder how magnificant this world is.
    A bird’s brain tells the wing to flap, and it flaps.
    How does my left foot know that it’s supposed to get in front of the right leg just because y brain tells it to?
    I wonder if there hs been a scietific study of this?

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  10. I found this helpful in my circumstances. I was filling a colleague in on my pandemic year happenings and was struck by how much loss there was — though not nearly as serious as so many others. Still, with the blown out knee, car accident, the loss of two good friends back-to-back, issues of pet aging cropping up, some new tension at work via unionization — and I feel like I’m forgetting a few things in that list — it’s been a tough year and it doesn’t feel like it’s going away soon for me.

    While I’m so grateful for the vaccine and the falling coronavirus numbers that have all brought a return to some normalcy, especially for in-person church, this remains a season of some sadness for me.



    Life Is Reopening. Why Am I Still So Sad?
    JUNE 25, 2021 | CLARISSA MOLL

    … While there can be very real benefits from actively seeking joy in the midst of sorrow, we need not diminish or dismiss our grief in the meantime. If you’ve lost much in this pandemic season, this may still be your time for weeping. For example, as others celebrate a return to in-person worship, you may be grieving the empty space in the pew beside you. If this is the case, know that it’s OK for your season to look different from those around you. Even if everyone else is rejoicing, your tears do not go unnoticed by God (Ps. 56:8). His presence with you remains unchanged even when it feels like everyone else has moved on from sorrow (Ps. 34:18) …

    … During the pandemic, the church rediscovered lament—perhaps one of the most beautiful and deeply meaningful by-products of an incredibly difficult season. We learned to lay our hearts bare before God, to wrestle with his goodness, to claim his promises in the darkness. But lament isn’t only for times of global unrest and disease. It’s an everyday practice that offers us access to God’s heart when life doesn’t make sense.

    If your heart still sings grief’s sad melody, continue harmonizing it with lament. You can sing “Joyful, joyful, we adore thee” in the same breath as “How long, O Lord?” One does not drown out the other. …

    … After my husband died in 2019, I began praying a single prayer with passionate intention: “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.” Faced with gut-wrenching sorrow and all-encompassing grief, I needed reassurance that this sad life wasn’t the end of the story.

    We’ve collectively prayed that prayer through the pandemic in one form or another. …

    … The prophet Hosea tells us, “As surely as the sun rises, he will appear; he will come to us like the winter rains, like the spring rains that water the earth” (Hos. 6:3)

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  11. There is discussion on TV about UFO’s. I am interested in this. There is a real phenomenon out there and w se don’t know what it is.
    Someone on TV said they may be a threat to national securiy.
    So? Leave them alone. If they ain’t bothering you, leave them alone.
    It is a real puzzle.
    Something is out there.
    We don’t know what it is.
    But leave it alone.
    If it ain’t bothering you, leave it alone.

    Whatever it is , is smarter than you.
    They may be bigger than you.
    They haven’t hurt anyone that we know of.
    Leave them alone.

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  12. We came in to get dinner together. I was explaining to the two that it is supposed to be twenty degrees warmer in a couple of days. 102 or so. Get things ready. I have been weeding and watering and planting and walking to the mailbox. Soon as dinner is ready, we will head back out with our reading materials under our favorite trees.

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  13. I got the whole yard mowed. So thankful for a riding mower, even though it takes me 15 minutes to get it started and it doesn’t cut evenly. It’s good enough. I was just looking at brand new ones. They are expensive. So. We’ll limp along on this one for another year. Then I had lunch and hopped in the pool for a float with a book to read. I think I’m done with sun today.

    Got my second shot this week. Had a fever, queasy stomach and a bit of a headache. Not as bad as with the first shot. Thankful not the whole body aching like Kim. Hope you’re doing better.

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  14. Sounds like Chas and I are on the same medicines. Just vitamins, especially vitamin D.
    How wonderful to be able to say that at 90.
    Last year someone was telling me about signing up for medicare and what web site to go to to get the best rates. Finally I realized that they were talking about the best rates for prescription drugs and I don’t use any.

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  15. Our new dryer was delivered yesterday. Dryers sure have changed in the years since we bought the last one. This one is “simple”, but looks fancy to me.

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  16. This one does that, too. 🙂 Much nicer than a loud buzzer.

    Although, with the washer and dryer in the basement, I didn’t hear the buzzer anyway. But I remember how loud the one was upstairs when I used to live up there. I tried hard to get to the dryer and turn it off before the buzzer would go off, but every now and then it went off just as I was getting to it, making me jump. That one was LOUD.

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  17. I turned the buzzer off on my dryer in Nashville. I worked in the den where the dryer was located and didn’t need a buzzer to tell me when it was finished.

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  18. My online Bible study leader put together a list of scriptures that speak about ‘fruit.’
    Kathy wrote:
    “I believe Scripture teaches that the key to more fruit production is submission to the Holy Spirit and obedience to His leading. Yesterday I was studying John 15 to teach on Sunday. I wanted to know exactly how God defines “fruit” so I did a quick search in the NT. You might be interested in the list I put together. Specific examples of fruit:
    • Galatians 5:22-23 – Christlike character
    • Philippians 1:11, Hebrews 12:11 – holy life
    • Colossians 1:6 – response to the Gospel
    • Colossians 1:10 – Good works
    • Hebrews 13:15 – Praising, acknowledging Jesus”

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  19. Oh, I hated the loud buzzer on my old dryer — the new one is very soft and melodic.

    I watered the back and front, I’m also soaked as usual (not sure how I get so wet).

    I may have punctured my front water hose, though, it got caught on a weedy area of grass and I tugged it (water was off I was coiling it up to put it away) when it shot loose but made a weird squeaky-pop noise, sounded like a dog squeaky toy. Guess I’ll find out next time I use it.

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  20. Remember that Twilight Zone episode about the aliens who came down to visit — and seemed so nice? They were recruiting people to come back with them and as they were all filing up the steps of the spaceship, someone realized that a book the aliens had left with them — “To Serve Man” — about their intentions in visiting earth, was actually …. a cookbook.

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  21. Perhaps I had some fruit today. Before church I realized that the new gal whom I am supposed to be mentoring, might need an invitation to church and to lunch. So we went to church together, where she was introduced, and then she came for lunch. Later we even drove down to school together and looked at her classroom, which is a royal mess. They painted the room so everything is out in the middle of the room and nothing in its place. Guess she gets to set it up however she likes.

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  22. This is our last Sunday with 2 services, we go back to the single 10 a.m. gathering next week. Our sermon today will be given by one of the sons (and out-of-state seminary student) of the woman who’s so ill in our congregation. The outlook is rather grim, sadly.

    Prayers for Kizzie as she returns to in-person church this week.

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  23. I just saw a commercial on TV where a guy brought a bouquet to a girl. reminded me of the time when Chuck was a small toddler. He brought Elvera a flower. Not a rose, just a flower he picked.
    You would think it was a brides boquet, that her son would bring her a flower. It stood in a glass on the tble for a week.

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  24. Powerful sermon on being who and where God wants you to be. Amazing story of how God led her to “ride the train” for Lent instead of giving something up. (She had prayed for weeks before Lent to ask God to show her what she should give up). She met a distraught young lady. She sat down beside her and did small talk. Then she asked where the young lady was going. To the abortion clinic. The woman asked her to come with her to the appointment. Our pastor said “Why not?” – all the time her brain was screaming “you’re a pastor! You’re in seminary school!” What are you doing?” But God kept her mouth shut except to go with this woman, sit through the appointment with her, listen to the clinic staff, read through all the brochures with this young woman. Afterwards, the young lady asked what she was taking her Masters on and she told her she was a pastor and that she was in seminary. This young lady’s parents were Christian, but had kicked her out of the house when she told them she was pregnant. The pastor then went to several more follow up appointments at the abortion clinic with this woman as well.

    Today the young woman has a five year old son that loves Spiderman.

    I can’t tell the story as well (obviously) but the point was to listen and obey. Don’t try to do what you ‘think’ you should do (which would have been for Daphne to start sharing about God…)

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  25. Happy birthday Cheryl!

    Our sermon, from 1 Peter 1:3-12, reminded us of so much that is our inheritance in Christ — that we are “kept” (or guarded) by Christ in our trials as we await his return, and how we all can go to church for a 100 ‘wrong’ reasons but we need to always remember that the gathering is a direct encounter and communing with Christ Himself.

    Our guest preacher grew up in our church and now attends Greenville Presbyterian Seminary (in Chas’ neck of the woods, South Carolina). He also had good training from his California-beautiful (long blond hair) and smart mom, who’s an excellent theologian in her own right and now faces an advanced cancer diagnosis (metastatic breast cancer — genetic, her mom died quite young). We’re all grieving in this situation.

    What are you doing for your birthday, Cheryl?

    Did Kizzie make it to “live” church?

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  26. There were lots of (big) fireworks last night, sounded like a professional show not too far away.

    Our usual beach fireworks show (the 70th) is on for the 4th after having to skip last year — though the town lit up anyway with DIY fireworks shows all over town (which happens every year, pretty much).

    It feels like the 4th of July weekend is shopping up to be a celebration of our emergence and freedom from the pandemic in many ways.

    Interesting point made in our church post-sermon Q&A session (credit to Sinclair Ferguson):

    If we have the Word without the Spirit, we shrivel up
    If we have the Spirit without the Word we’ll blow up
    If we have both the Spirit and the Word, we will be filled up

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  27. Happiest of Birthdays to you Cheryl!
    Church was good…our young Pastor is a blessing and being used of our Lord for His glory….
    It is has been a weird day….daughter’s car once again died for no reason…twice…it is sitting on the side of the country hwy which is better than on the interstate…tow truck guy has yet to call us back…. 😞

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  28. sunny and cold here this morning. Both yard man and haus meri are coming today so I’d best get ready. The suv was reluctant to start yesterday so pray that it will keep going until the autoshop gets new ones.
    I got the idea to ask someone to take a suitcase home for me. I will have too much next year and don’t want to ship things as the shipments go to the east coast. I asked someone going to Portland yesterday and they are thinking about it. So now I am looking around trying to decide what needs to go.
    My son said he would pick up and store whatever I send. This is called preparing ahead. 🙂

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  29. For my birthday, livestream church and a walk in the park. I was trying to get there before the rain and hoping to see butterflies. It looked like rain shortly after I got there and I wasn’t ready to leave yet. It turned out the timing was right for me to get to a barn that’s on the property and set up the tripod under its roof, watch three deer meander out, then take some photos of butterflies when it stopped raining, take photos of a young hawk that landed awkwardly on the roof of the barn (I got photos of it earlier this week, too, or three of its siblings), get more butterfly photos, and then get back to the car just as raindrops were starting.

    And I’ve talked to three brothers, in-laws, one daughter, and my granddaughter, some of them yesterday and some today, and gotten greetings from several friends and a cake from my husband. A good weekend so far!

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