29 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-28-21

  1. So Barr was just another Deep State traitor…..



  2. These are the people “representing” the US?

    Buncha woke idiots.


    Don’t go away mad, just go away.


  3. No, that’s not why we have the Olympics. It’s not for her personal agenda.

    ““My purpose and my mission is bigger than sports. I’m here to represent those … who died due to systemic racism. That’s the important part. That’s why I’m going. That’s why I’m here today””


    “Gwen Berry, a hammer thrower who qualified for the U.S. Olympic team during the trials, apparently is trying out for the wrong country’s Olympic team. During the trials, she turned away from the American flag and said she was “pissed” that the “Star Spangled Banner” was played while she stood on the podium for a bronze trial medal.

    Berry says it felt like a “set up” to be forced to endure the horrific torture of seeing the flag and of hearing the national anthem . . . . of the country whose Olympic team she wants to join. Surreal.”

    ESPN reports:

    For the past week, the national anthem has played one time per evening at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials. On Saturday, the song happened to start while outspoken activist Gwen Berry was standing on the podium after receiving her bronze medal in the hammer throw.

    While the music played, Berry placed her left hand on her hip and fidgeted. She took a quarter turn, so she was facing the stands, not the flag. Toward the end, she plucked up her black T-shirt with the words “Activist Athlete” emblazoned on the front, and draped it over her head.

    “I feel like it was a setup, and they did it on purpose,” Berry said of the timing of the anthem. “I was pissed, to be honest.”

    Of course it wasn’t a “setup” and it wasn’t done on “purpose” to target her in her own precious unique specialness that, in her own self-aggrandizing brain, puts her at the center of everything. How could it not be an attack on her fabulousness? After all, she’s the only reason on earth the taped anthem would play . . . at its scheduled time.”


  4. Woke or cowardly, neither is a good look for a General.

    “Ideological Capture: When Top Military Leaders Adopt Critical Race Theory Verbiage

    Wesley Yang: “‘White rage’ is a term of art derived from the lexicon of CRT derivatives; to use it at face value is to accept the doctrine rather than to read merely to be informed about its content.”


    “There has been a lot of controversy over the defense by two senior U.S. military officers of the teaching of Critical Race Theory to service members, including putting volumes like Ibram X. Kendi’s ‘How to Be An Antiracist’ on recommended reading lists.

    The testimony was frightening not just because they defended Kendi’s hideous writings. Watch the testimony (below).

    My big takeaway is that these are people who are afraid, not bold. Their bluster revealed weakness, not strength. They have adopted the lexicon of the movement, as Wesley Yang wrote with regard to General Milley’s use of the term White Rage:

    “White rage” is a term of art derived from the lexicon of CRT derivatives; to use it at face value is to accept the doctrine rather than to read merely to be informed about its content

    Pointing out this problem is not criticizing the military. It’s defending the rank-and-file service members who are or will be subjected to the same repressive ideological tactics we’ve seen in almost every other institution. The one institution that more than anything needs to stay out of the CRT culture war appears to have had its leadership captured.”


  5. I know a ton of former military thinking the same thing. We’re ashamed of what these clowns have turned it into.

    “The woke transformation of the military weakens the armed forces and the nation

    It’s disappointing and disgusting to see the turn our military has taken. Each branch seems to be in a new war: who can out-woke the other by posting “inspirational” heartfelt recruitment videos.”


    “In 2004, I felt compelled to join the Army and help make a difference in my country. After the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, I watched people I knew, my age and younger, leave to join the military. Every time I watched someone leave, I felt a passion growing inside of me to do the same.

    At first, I was nervous. The US military had been in Iraq since 2003 and there had been non-stop combat coverage on the news for a year already. It was inspiring and frightening at the same time. Deep down though, I knew what I needed to do. So in February 2004, I packed my bags and headed to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, for basic training.

    I served in the Army for eight years as a 13F (Forward Observer). It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and I’m proud to have served when I did. The military was still tough. We were in two wars and constantly in need of more recruits. Over time, I went from being a private who needed all the help in the world to becoming a staff sergeant responsible for training new soldiers to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    All these years later, it’s disappointing and disgusting to see the turn our military has taken. Each branch seems to be in a new war: who can out-woke the other by posting “inspirational” heartfelt recruitment videos pushing an LGBT agenda within the ranks. Meanwhile, Russia is posting recruitment videos meant to instill confidence and inspiration in their military forces—a huge contrast and dangerous considering the times we live in.

    Tensions are high among our potential enemies and we have a president in office who seems at risk of falling asleep halfway through giving his own speech and brings notecards to a meeting with the president of Russia. This doesn’t exactly scream competence or “greatest nation in the world.”

    The military has become weak, our leader appears to be weak, our country is destroying itself from the inside out while the whole world is watching.

    When I was in Iraq, I witnessed what war is first hand. War is not a place for the politically correct, war is not a place for the woke, and war is not the place for social experiments within the military. War is a place for discipline, focus, and a complete grasp of reality, which is that you might not go home alive. Woke politics are not grounded in reality and have absolutely no place in the military. Foreign powers seem to understand that.

    Why do our politicians and non-elected bureaucrats hold woke politics above the health and strength of our military? My question is: What the hell are they thinking?”

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  6. VDH nails it, as usual.

    “The Cruel Progressive Creed Undoing Civilization

    The Left’s progressive wasteland is an acceptable price to pay for the terrifying visions of its anointed.”


    “Debt is suffocating us. Our currency is on its way to being Lebanonized.

    Most major American cities are broke, dirty, unsafe, and run by either corrupt incumbents, neo-Marxists, or both. The law is optional, and applied asymmetrically on the basis of race and ideology. The past is found guilty by the laws of the present and so it is being undone.

    The military budget is on a trajectory to be the smallest in terms of GDP allotment since World War II; its careerist officers, for their own short-term interests, are now demonizing and will soon be driving away the very demographic that has suffered percentage-wise the greatest casualties in recent wars and was once unquestionably the foundation of the military.

    There is no U.S. border; it is an abstract construct that millions will illegally cross in the next few years, ostensibly because they will become future soldiers in the progressive wars for America to come. The idea of merit that built America is a dirty word, replaced by medieval tribalism of hiring and promotion by superficial appearance.

    In just five months, Joe Biden created a desert and called it progress.

    Progressivism is billed as many things. But its foundational brand is devotion to supposedly “scientific” principles to improve the human condition. That Enlightenment project demands greater social welfare expenditure and therapeutic education to “improve” human nature itself. And all this can sometimes require necessary force.

    Such utopian dreams of mandated equity attract all sorts to the cause. There are the naïve who feel socialist redistribution, if at last done right just this once, can really, really create social equity and inclusion. Many of the sympathetic rich assume they will be exempt from the tough medicine that follows from their own guilt or sense of civic duty. Some are opportunistic and parasitical careerists piggy-backing on the chaos. Others are social and psychological zealots who find meaning and relevance as wannabe soldiers marching to utopia.

    But inherent in such 20th-century hubris is the concession that there will be lots of collateral damage in reordering society. When imposing abstract, but uncompromising theories onto the otherwise unenlightened people, eggs will have to be broken to bake the new omelet. And from what we have seen in the last few months, the progressive toll is becoming every bit as excruciating as our woke custodians are indifferent to it.

    As a general rule, anytime anyone anywhere announces that he has a master plan to reorder society and “fundamentally transform” or “reset” it by creating larger government, more rules, and an elite hierarchy to oversee compliance for the recalcitrant, then run. You can rest assured ultimately the architect will change the language, demonize and marginalize new opponents, given the omelette always needs more eggs. They will subvert institutions, and, if need be, resort to violence to ensure change.

    The Progressive Scorecard
    Take the border. Human nature over the eons has assumed the world functions according to deterrence. People make choices, good and bad, based on their own cost-to-benefit analyses. In other words, they balance incentives against disincentives about whether to enter the United States illegally or stay home.

    Perhaps nearly 2 million illegal aliens will cross the border over this calendar year. Most would never have attempted to do so last summer.

    Why? Because after January 20, 2021, they believed the border was open. Now, meeting a border security guard ensures no detention, much less deportation.

    Now arrivals assume a fast track to permanent residence as “political refugees” and a future of government subsidy and alleviation of the miseries of life south of the border.

    So they rightly believe the risks of illegal entry are far fewer than the rewards of being not just American residents, but protected by a new progressive paternalism that finds advantage in illegal immigration.

    Progressives believe, at least in theory, that breaking federal law to usher in millions of poor into the United States reveals to us their own morally superior commitment to improving the lot of mankind. Cynics counter that progressives wish to import not so much people as constituents and voters, to turn more red counties and states blue.

    Who worries much about the ensuing collateral damage: squalid conditions in border halfway stations, cartel predation on the vulnerable, the overtaxing of social welfare services at the expense of American poor, greater rates of crime and gang violence, the diminution in entry-level wages, and less integration and assimilation of newcomers who come en masse?

    The crude ideology applies to current spiraling crime—the direct result of progressive rhetoric, policies, and political agendas. It is not that the Left wants violence in the streets, only that it is a small price to pay to implement never-let-a-crisis-go-to waste ideas that normally would have no support.

    Progressives obsess over stop-and-frisk, supposedly inordinate incarceration and racially asymmetrical arrests, but they have little concern for keeping the streets safe for the young, the elderly, the weak, the inner-city poor and the vulnerable from the attacks of history’s archetypical predator, the unbound young male between 15 and 40.

    So naturally crime spikes throughout the country, given deterrence is lost. Criminals prove far better students of human nature than do the professors, lawyers, and politicians. Who would have thought the criminally minded would interpret state laxity as the timidity of a bankrupt establishment to be exploited rather than reciprocated?

    Given that progressivism is the cachet of the rich, the secure, and the influential, rarely does the damage of implementing progressivism law enforcement befall its exempt architects.

    Translated in the real world, the progressive mind fixates on the lone suspect shot in a police confrontation, the rare white on black crime, and almost any anomaly that “proves” the deductive idea of the perennially victimized. It cannot tolerate news or video accounts of the violence in Chicago, now-routine theft in San Francisco, or the street executions in New York. So such norms are simply cut out of the narrative.”


  7. B.

    Final answer…..

    “One has to hope that Grandpa Badfinger is merely cruising down Sundowner Drive in his mental Datsun B-210, because the alternative is that our president* is an idiot. ”


    “Now, both could be true simultaneously – he could be senile and a quarter-wit – but if that were true, it would make this the first time this ridiculous timeserver ever multitasked any kind of achievements, however dubious. Usually, he’s content to fail at just one thing at a time, which makes him good enough for government work, and thereby, for the Democrat Party.

    President Asterisk said something remarkably stupid last week, but that requires more specificity. This particular nimrod monologue went as follows: “Those who say the ‘blood of patriots,’ you know, and all the stuff about how we’re gonna have to move against the government. Well, the tree of liberty has not been watered with the blood of patriots. What’s happened is that there have never been, if you want to, think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

    His clown-o-logue requires translation into English:

    “Stuff words things clichés more things stuff more clichés I heard someone say this on Maddow more words where’s my mush F-15s you don’t need a 100-round clip to hunt deer Matlock forever ka-baaom!”

    I hope that cleared things up.

    So, don’t rebel with your puny AR-15s or we drop a hot rock on you, and also that guy in the Thor get-up and the grannies snapping selfies were about to murder our democracy. One of the myriad questions *’s bizarre notion of nuking us normals ‘til we glow raises is why he expects that the woke, medal-beddecked bureaucrats who have yet to win a war in the last two decades will suddenly be successful if they wage a war at *’s behest upon the American people for the crime of disobeying him and his Geppettos. Moreover, our crusty commander-in-chief spewed this nonsense about how individuals with small arms couldn’t possibly successfully resist the enormous firepower of the American military at the same time a bunch of individuals with small arms are successfully resisting the enormous firepower of the American military in Afghanistan.

    We could point out other historical examples, like our own Revolution or Vietnam, where the militarily superior nation was stymied by individuals with small arms (in those cases, the insurgencies grew and the insurgents eventually began fielding conventional formations and still won). But then we also know, because people who voted for *’s told us so, that history began in 1619 when the Republicans forced Democrats to own slaves and then nothing happened until 2008 when Obama was elected. So, history, being racist and also denying the existence of trans people somehow, is not a thing and is worthless to study. Hence, instead of relying on the lessons of the past, we should just create policy out of the verbal memes of a senile old weirdo and see how that goes.

    What you don’t want to do is spoil things with inconvenient facts, and lucky for America’s No. 1 Murder, She Wrote superfan, the garbage media is right there, ready to not ask him any of the painfully obvious questions that an actual journalist might ask of this eccentric executive.

    But as a public service, let me ask a few, some of which I posed recently in a Twitter thread that was greeted with both conservative acclaim and geneorus liberal panty-wetting.”


  8. Bow before your Chinese masters….

    “YouTube Blocks Channel Highlighting China’s Human Rights Violations”


    “A video channel dedicated to highlighting human rights violations in China has been blocked by YouTube.

    Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights channel is run by Serikzhan Bilash, a Xinjiang-born activist who has been arrested for his pro-freedom activism several times. Government advisors warned him against using the word “genocide” to describe the abuses in Xinjiang.

    “They’re just facts,” Bilash told Reuters, referring to the content of Atajurt’s videos. “The people giving the testimonies are talking about their loved ones.”

    The channel has been very successful and has published nearly 11,000 videos on YouTube with over 120 million views since 2017. The videos feature thousands of people speaking about relatives who have disappeared without a trace in the Xinjiang region.

    Reuters reports that on June 15, the channel was blocked for violating YouTube’s terms of service after numerous videos were reported for violating the platform’s vague “cyberbullying and harassment’ policy.”

    While the channel appealed the blocking of the videos and had some reinstated, YouTube did not provide an explanation for its decision.”


  9. Ah the irony…..

    At least YouTubes censorship is bi-partisan…… I guess….



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  11. ———-


  12. As they said over at Twitchy….

    “When Joe Biden’s not available to lie directly to Americans, it’s nice to know that he’s got Jen Psaki to fill in for him.”


    She’s making the same argument as known hack, Chris Wallace. It’s BS, and he knows it.


  13. The idiots don’t care.



  14. ‘Cuz that’s what lapdogs do.



  15. Barr was a loyal Trump appointee. However, the Atlantic piece also outlines the need for the Republicans to move the focus from Trump’s vote fraud claims to the Georgia run off election. McConnell knew if undermined Trump’s claims it would hurt the party but if they let Trump keep up his whining, he would take the focus from Georgia. Thus Barr as a loyal Republican with McConnel’s encouragement dismissed Trump’s claims. There’s no need for Barr to interview anyone or read an affidavit if the claims are too outrageous and unfounded. At the article outlines — Barr’s actions have to do with internal Republican needs.

    The Gwen Berry episode is bizarre for many reasons — everyone there is an American, why play the anthem? Why play it the same time each day regardless of the events? The overreaction from both Berry and her critics is amusing. Most athletes use their country as a vehicle to attend the Olympics — the maximum exposure meet for many sports. Sometimes when a country crowds out one event — some will “migrate” elsewhere. Ethiopian and Kenyan long distance runners frequently run for other countries as do Caribbean sprinters. China has been exporting table tennis players. In the past, European countries would give citizenship to second generation Canadians to play hockey. The Prince of Monaco scouts Europe to build competitive bobsled teams. The Olympics then is for most athletes all about personal agendas. At least Berry has a non-monetary agenda.


  16. The right’s love affair for the Russian military and its disdain for its own military is one of the more bizarre twists in the last few years. The Russians may present an old school tough guy army but its armed forces have rarely done well (favored tactic is just to use overwhelming numbers and forces ie they never learned from WWI). In the post Soviet era, horror stories have emerged from the Russian military — heroin addiction, rape of recruits, brutal often fatal hazing,etc. In Chechnya, Georgia, etc is only through overwhelming force that anything close to victory has been obtained.

    CRT (still waiting for its critics to define it and say why its bad) isnt turning the US army into a woke group of pacifists. Modern warfare since at least Napoleon is about logistics, something the western armies have done well whereas the Soviets and later the Russians have minimized its role. Critical thinking is needed for logistics. CRT is applying critical thinking to history. Reading and even applying CRT doesn’t make one a black nationalists anymore than ignoring CRT makes one a member of the Klan. Its just a tool for understanding history.

    Interestingly the Red Army used Taylorism to organize itself between the world wars; a fairly innovative idea — used a capitalist theory to apply to the army of a communist state. The US military in many ways resembles a modern corporation — i.e. you can see elements of the Harvard Business School model in the way the military approaches its organization and human resources. Now, for me, the business school model is one of the problems in modern capitalism but to criticize the military on this basis is to criticize the basis of modern capitalism; something I would do as I view applying the business model to a gov’t institution as ludicrous. However, as a organizational tool to ensure stability and logistics its probably better than the chaos and brutality of the Russian military. The commentator AJ cites goes on and on about what war is and isn’t; “War is a place for discipline, focus, and a complete grasp of reality” but he misses the main point war is won by the supply truck. And CRT won’t slow down the supply truck.


  17. VDH is all over the place in the cited article spewing verbiage and talking points some of which are either wrong or out of date.

    Government debt is not suffocating the US (interesting he didn’t say that six months ago despite the increase being within the usual year by year growth). There is no correlation and especially causation between gov’t debt and a bad economy. And comparatively, US debt per capita is in the median range among countries.

    “Most major American cities are broke, dirty, unsafe, and run by either corrupt incumbents, neo-Marxists, or both”

    An old talking point of the right and just plain wrong. Crime of all types has been a massive downturn since the 1980s and 90s. Some rust belt cities and smaller cities in the US south have problems but elsewhere US urban areas haven ‘t been this safe, clean and well run in decades. Just compare 1970s NYC to today.

    And on and on he whines; most of his rhetoric seems lifted straight out of a 1990s playbook — I wonder if his use of “predator” was cynical irony or he was unaware he was echoing the Clinton’s

    The US has the highest rate of incarceration in the world yet it has the highest violent crime rate in the developed world. Throwing away the key doesn’t seem to be the solution — in fact, given the inverse correlation between prison population and crime rate per country (generally less people in jail less crime — which way is the correlation though?) perhaps increased incarceration is the wrong direction.

    this comment was amusing “The idea of merit that built America is a dirty word” — merit based promotion and income mobility has long been gone in the US, its absence has nothing to do with the current admin. Post WWII featured an expansion of the middle class and class mobility but by the end of the Reagan era this had long disappeared. Now the social democratic Nordic countries are the poster children for income mobility. All the Republicans have offered is fear and culture wars.


  18. More amusement from VDH — he criticizes the”Enlightenment project” — the very principles of the American and French Revolution. He opposes the American Revolution.?? Hanson’s a historian — he should know what the Enlightenment project includes. He then goes on to criticize ; “There are the naïve who feel socialist redistribution, if at last done right just this once, can really, really create social equity and inclusion.” Here he ignores the obvious success of the Nordic and Rhine models as opposed to the Anglo-American model he approves. As I mentioned before, advancement due to merit occurs more often in the Nordic world than Anglo-Ameica.


  19. The left has criticized the private monopolies of the tech companies long before the Republicans or Democrats noticed. As usual I’m amused by the right’s outrage at the latest Youtube, Google, Facebook etc exercise in free market response to client concerns. The Chinese gov’t controls a huge market. Of course, the tech companies will listen to the market — basic capitalism. If you don’t like it, perhaps the Republicans should advocate gov’t intervention ie break up the monopolies, gov’t running platforms, etc etc. Right now, the tech companies only act as corporate entities seeking the best results for their shareholders i.e. modern capitalism. Don’t like it? Join the dark side and oppose capitalism.


  20. Ted Cruz’s tweet is amusing.

    Cruz says Liberals don’t like freedom and individuality but then admits they like men in skirts — itself a freedom of expression and individuality. So liberals don’t like freedom but do like non conformists and individual expression? Then without a hint of irony he states liberals don’t like resistance to government authority — but he is a government authority and liberals do like any resistance to his gov’t authority.

    The sun in Cancun must have affected his logic skills or perhaps the lack of AC in a heat wave due to the failure of Texas to properly run a hydro grid unlike the rest of the country. Cruz of course admires real men like John Wayne not men who run off to Cancun and blame their kids.


  21. Roughly 11 million Texans voted last election and Paxton found 500 votes to investigate; so 0.0045% of all votes are questionable. I’d say that’s a well run vote.


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