78 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-12-21

  1. Wonderful header! I see the oldest girl looks like Elvera and not you, Chas. You have to be proud of that group of descendants.

    It is 90% humidity today. I hear a mosquito buzzing and see it is by the window wanting out. It’s probably already dined on me. The humidity is so high that mosquitoes could potentially breed in the air.


  2. A modern day Jonah?

    “‘I was completely inside’: Lobster diver swallowed by humpback whale off Provincetown”


    “At a little before 8 a.m. Friday, veteran lobster diver Michael Packard entered the water for his second dive of the day.

    His vessel, the “Ja’n J,” was off Herring Cove Beach and surrounded by a fleet of boats catching striped bass. The water temperature was a balmy 60 degrees and the visibility about 20 feet.

    Licensed commercial lobster divers literally pluck lobsters off the sandy bottom, and as Packard, 56, dove down Friday morning, he saw schools of sand lances and stripers swimming by. The ocean food chain was in full evidence, but about 10 feet from the bottom Packard suddenly knew what it truly felt like to be part of that chain.

    In something truly biblical, Packard was swallowed whole by a humpback whale.

    “All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black,” Packard recalled Friday afternoon following his release from Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis. “I could sense I was moving, and I could feel the whale squeezing with the muscles in his mouth.”

    Initially, Packard thought he was inside a great white shark, but he couldn’t feel any teeth and he hadn’t suffered any obvious wounds. It quickly dawned on him that he had been swallowed by a whale.

    What happened when a whale swallowed me?
    “I was completely inside; it was completely black,” Packard said. “I thought to myself, ‘there’s no way I’m getting out of here. I’m done, I’m dead.’ All I could think of was my boys — they’re 12 and 15 years old.”

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  3. Morning! Such a sweet photo up there!! ♥️
    Aj my friend texted me the link to that story last night…I told her he needs to get a boat and a fishing pole and cut out swimming with he whales!! 🐳
    Someone tweeted he wants to get back out there diving! Crazy!
    Jun 11, 2021
    Replying to @susanzalkind
    I am now hearing from @JosiahMayo that not only are Captain Packard’s legs in tact, he wants to get back to diving ASAP.


  4. Here’s a question: Think back to your childhood and something that seemed like the ultimate luxury that you hoped to enjoy, and that now you enjoy. I’ll go first, partly to show that I don’t necessarily mean driving a Rolls-Royce: as long as I lived in my mom’s house (until age 20) I had a 10:30 bedtime and she woke me at 7:30. I’m a bit more of a night owl than that, and it seemed the ultimate luxury to sleep till 9:00. Now that I am freelance, I do so fairly frequently.

    Also, I really, really, really wanted a collie and I wanted to publish a book someday.

    God has given these and many more good gifts.

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  5. In my childhood I thought having a steak was luxury. My father called ground chuck steak, but it looked like hamburger to me. So when I finally got to have steak as an adult it felt like luxury. Now I don’t eat steak and God has given me contentment to not desire steak. God is grea,t and God is good! Now I thank Him for my food (I love beans and such)♡


  6. I don’t think that I thought much about luxuries back then since I did not know people who had luxuries much. The only other thing I can think of is a family vacation to the beach which some friends had instead of vacations to see relatives. Art and I bought the timeshare at Hilton Head so we had available an annual trip to the coast. Good question to ponder, Cheryl.


  7. Anyone here have experiences being in a union?

    I think my mom was actually fined by her union when she financially couldn’t stay out on strike beyond a few weeks. In some ways I’ve always seen them as secondary bosses in some cases, fully capable of bullying.

    That said, I’m not anti-union and I am hopeful (but not counting on it) that the new one we just voted in will be able to do something that’s helpful to the employees.

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  8. Growing up we always had used cars but they were able to get us to and from Iowa most summers (if barely in some years).

    I still have a used car but it has a/c and all kinds of gadgets I have no idea how to operate. And a very nice radio that will play music off my iPhone.

    Working from home is another “luxury” for me. Honestly, it’s been such a great option, the best thing that came out of the pandemic (though I’d already been working from home as our newsrooms had shrunk down to nearly nothing — they finally let us all work from wherever we wanted, just as long as we were in constant touch and were being productive).

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  9. Did cars even had A/C back in the 1960s? Maybe the fancy, high-end new ones, but nothing we ever had (workhorse Fords and Chevys).

    And how did folks in the humid and hot Midwest ever make it through summer without A/C? I remember going back there as a kid, the air thick with mosquitoes. As a kid, I didn’t notice it all that much but when I was back there in later years I realized how brutal the summers were.

    We’re coming into some warmer weather here in the next week, but our humidity is typically very low, thankfully.

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  10. DJ, you reminded me that A/C was a luxury back then so that is something I have now that we did not have when I was a child, both in cars and the home. And ceiling fans, too. That’s something I put in most every room when I moved in.

    The other thing I wanted as a child was a piano. Art had one when we married that we have in the house. He use to play it a good bit but not any more.


  11. Oh, yes, ceiling fans.

    I have no A/C in my house but I do have ceiling fans in the dining area, the home office room and my bedroom which make a huge difference during most of our hot spells.

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  12. There were ceiling fans in every room in this house. I gave bro-in-law all but one. And I don’t use it. I have central air. That’s good enough for me.


  13. A confession”
    Every time I look at the bunch in that header, I am proud. Chuck is an only child. He did a great job with his family and I’m immensely proud.
    Me? I pray for them every day. That’s al I have to do with it.

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  14. You have reason to be proud Chas! I have no idea if I will ever be a grandmother. Wesley was the only grandchild on both sides of our family. He is about three years from the age when I had him. When I worked in the preschool, and Wesley was getting to that preteen age, one of the moms said her son thought of me as his grandmother. I was a little bit offended since I had never thought of myself being that old at that point. But it was sweet that he felt that way. He was the baby of five boys, and I think his grandmother had died.


  15. Chas (6:46), A/C is way better than ceiling fans. But for those of us without that — your fans maybe were put in before the A/C; or were just considered nice air flow during the times of the year when A/C wasn’t needed or was just too expensive to keep running to much


  16. That racing event sounds fun, Kizzie, for the many who enjoy that. The Atlanta Motor Speedway is not far from Art’s office and sometimes traffic can be heavy in the area because of events. We have never been. I think a lot of people campout there for racing weekends. I checked to see if your event will be here and it won’t be. Do you know people who attend?

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  17. I got to the grocery store (the first of 2 must-do chores on the list today), it’s in the mid-80s here today so the A/C in the little Cherokee felt good. I also opened several windows in the house which is helping.

    Now to get to the watering, because mumsee’s watching me.


  18. Janice – Yes, I know at least a couple people who have gone to the races. My friend Renee has sung the national anthem – very well, I might add – before a couple of them. Once late spring comes along each year, the Friday night races start up. (This Saturday one is a special event. I’ve read that there are lots and lots of people in town today for this.)

    You can hear the races all over town, at least most of it. When people come from another town to buy a house here, they are warned about the noise of the Friday night races. But most of us who live here find the noise almost comforting. I can hear tonight’s race even through the noise of my air conditioner. 🙂

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  19. What a darling picture! See those blurry feet on the boy farthest left? There’s a little guy in motion!

    Boy in the middle looks like my first student on Mondays. Incredible similarities, and I believe they both have spunk!

    Regarding Cheryl’s question, the earliest two — and the biggest — hopes/dreams of mine that came true were:

    1. To have a piano in my place of residence. [That seemed the ultimate luxury. I never had one growing up — I went to my next-door grandparents’ house to practice. Dream fulfilled when I bought my own around my 27th birthday.]

    2. To have kids. [Not a “luxury,” actually, but a very blessed event each time to receive them: in 1990 and ’93 and ’97 and ’01 and ’04 and ’07. And not only a blessing when they were born, but, of course, also to have them as sons and daughters. What a blessed reality every day.]

    Smaller dreams, too many to list here, also came true, and some luxuries I hadn’t thought of much before receiving them — like a/c in cars and houses, as others have mentioned. Didn’t have that until adulthood, but am thankful now to have them.

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  20. Ok, Attention Mumsee:

    I spent an hour watering everything out back.

    I spent an hour watering everything in front, including Charlie Brown and even the roses and potted geraniums in the hard-to-reach “side” yard (where I still need to take care of some peeling paint on that side of the house).

    I wore the rubber gardening shoes but I still got soaked from the knees down. The dogs enjoyed watching me from the open living room windows.


    I don’t have to worry about watering for a few days now.

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  21. Oh, and there are 2 maverick orange poppies sprouting up behind the garage from a crack in the concrete. I even watered those as they are so amazingly cute.

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  22. We have to water our hanging plants every day now that it is warm again. But good job, DJ and being out with nature was good for you. Build up that vitamin D. And relax….What is a little water. Love the orange poppies. They are happy. And they travel.

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  23. The cat came out back where we were sitting, enjoying the evening after a busy day. That irritated the birds so they were dive bombing the cat. Which got the dogs going trying to chase the cat who then jumped up on the compost side and looked at them with disdain. So the birds started chasing the dogs, who came back and hid under the chairs. it is a wild world out there.

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  24. Good morning everyone.
    I have been to SS and church. That’s the only place I can drive to now.
    And mostly, the only place I go.
    LindaS does the grocery shopping now. Mostly.

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  25. Speaking of ceiling fans (as others have mentioned them here). . .In a room where there currently is not a ceiling fan nor an overhead light, wouldn’t the ceiling and part of a wall have to be opened up to install one?

    When we moved in here almost 21 years ago, we “inherited” a lovely ceiling fan still in its box. (Three rooms in the house already have ceiling fans installed. The one in the dining room also has lights.) I have thought that I would like that in my living room, and would maybe like one in my bedroom, but have wondered how they could be installed when there is nothing there now.

    Apparently, for some time, houses have been required to have overhead lights in every room. But my living room and bedroom do not have overhead lights, so I am assuming that installing ceiling fans in those rooms would be quite a project. Well, something to plan on for the future, after some more important repairs get done.

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  26. Janice – I have been pondering your question. The only thing I can think of is the desire to have my own place. Like many little girls, I enjoyed playing house, and pretending that my room was an apartment or part of a house.

    My first apartment was an efficiency apartment, but I loved it. I loved taking care of my own place. Of course, as the years go by, taking care of one’s home can lose its “fun” feeling. 🙂

    Now, although I technically have “my own place”, Nightingale and Boy are down here a lot. The cooking gets done down here (Nightingale is currently cooking up food for her workday lunches, with Boy hanging out with me for a while), they have to do their laundry in my basement laundry area (which Nightingale is also doing today), and they have to use my bathroom, which is right off of my living room. (IOW, they have to walk through the living room to get to it.)

    Sometimes I still feel like a kid wanting my own place. 😀

    So now, my dream/desire is for when their bathroom gets fixed, which will also include re-hooking up their washer and dryer in the back of the bathroom, to have more privacy. The kitchen would still get used, of course, but that won’t be much of a bother.

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  27. Kizzie, an electrician or handyman can do such jobs fairly easily. We had ceiling lights (no fans) installed in two places that didn’t have them. One was a bedroom that my husband is using as his studio, and one was a section of the living room that we sectioned off to make an office for me. The trickiest part was that my office is on exterior walls and the elderly part-time electrician (working with his son) found it tricky to put the switch into the wall, since he didn’t have much room in the attic to get to the right place to dangle the card to put in the switch. (I’m thinking his son went into the attic for that part and he was inside to receive it once it was sent down.) Realistically the bigger challenge is getting someone you can afford and trust to do the work, but it shouldn’t be a hard job. Oh, and he actually recommended that we go with a remote control switch so that he wouldn’t have to install a switch at all, but I wasn’t willing to go that route–but that was a possibility for me, that he would only have to do the work on the ceiling, not on the wall.

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  28. One of the big things that God has done in my life is to make me more willing to be flexible, and help me to adapt to changes. My first reaction to changes, such as in routine, is to feel a bit dismayed about the required change. Even now, I would prefer to have my own particular routine and schedule, but I have learned to work around the routines and schedules of others.

    First was adjusting to working around my husband’s changing work schedules, earlier in our marriage. Then children came along, and Nightingale wanted to be up earlier than I did, and didn’t want to go to sleep at night. Even from babyhood, she didn’t want to miss anything!

    As in every life, there were changes in how our life was lived throughout the years, and I adjusted and adapted each time, sometimes with a lot of internal grumbling. But I eventually learned that “this is life” and I could go along with it or I could be miserable all the time. I chose to go along. And God kept giving me “opportunities” to put that into practice.

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  29. Thanks, Cheryl.

    Part 2 of what I was writing:

    The latest change to my routine/schedule is that Nightingale has been making dinner much later than we used to have dinner. It has the effect on me of feeling like my evening is being cut short. Quite frankly, my first feeling is that I hate it. I don’t like having to do a big clean-up of the kitchen at 7:30 or 8:00 in the evening, although it isn’t always that late. (I realize that may seem normal to some of you, but I was used to having dinner and clean-up finished by 6:30 or earlier, although maybe sometimes as late as 7:00.)

    But there are reasons for Nightingale doing this, that have to do with her own routine, so I do not want to make a fuss about it. Although when it happens on one of her days off, when she could have made dinner earlier, I do get a bit irritated. Sometimes more than a bit. I’m not proud of that.

    So, once again, I have decided to adapt rather than complain. A decision I made last night, as a compromise, is that if dinner is on the later side, where I would find myself cleaning up after 7:30 or 8, I will let my dinner sit, and do the clean-up while Nightingale and Boy eat. (The dining room and kitchen are connected, so we could still talk as I do so.) Then I will heat up my dinner in the microwave and eat it while watching something on TV. And doing so, it will be a more relaxed dinner for me.

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  30. Cheryl – My ceiling is below the floor of the upstairs, so I don’t know how that would work. But I’m sure an electrician would know what to do.

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  31. Kizzie, it was Cheryl’s question, not my question.

    Yes, there is something special about having one’s own space which others are not having to use all the time, but there is also something special to have shared space where people gather and have community/family time.

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  32. When I moved in here, there already were the 2 ceiling fans — in the dining area and back home study/office room off the kitchen. I did buy new fans more suited to my style to replace the ones that were here and they’re still running after 20+ years.

    The bedroom fan (with a central light and globe) was put in when I had to have the old plaster ceiling removed and replaced by drywall, part of the long-haul house stuff I did just a few years ago. The ceiling was bare at that time, no light fixture, but there was a switch on the wall which made me think there might be wiring up in the ceiling (and there was) so it was easy to put in at that time (‘easy;’ relatively speaking and easy for me to say, it took the ceiling guys a really long time to hook up the fan & ceiling light on the new drywall ceiling)

    Good morning at church, I’m waiting now for the Q&A to come on YouTube once the 2nd service is over with, it’ll be devoted to discussing how we’ll be transitioning back to just the one single/combined service in a few weeks.

    Chatted briefly with the husband of the woman who’s facing a horrendous cancer situation, they’re setting her up for biopsies and she’ll start radiation tomorrow. She was there also, looking as beautiful as ever with her long California blond hair (she’s got to be in her 50s, kids are all grown now, but she honestly looks 30-something). Her husband is longshore and is still working (and they have the gold standard in health and medical insurance plans). Their one son is in seminary in Greenville(?) and her daughters are still local so everyone’s giving her quite the moral support, not to mention the church. She was in charge of the children’s SS for I think a lot of years (13?) where she brought in instruction elements like the basics of logic and just recently decided to step aside (before she knew she was ill).

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  33. Chas, I think that you might enjoy going out for lunch or an early dinner once a week. Just something to liven up your day. You might even enjoy taking someone with you. It is the sweet 90 year olds that have taken me out when I have been home and it is a joy to spend the time with them.

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  34. It’s been 80 in the house, too warm for me.

    Fans are all going, windows open (a cooler breeze from the ocean should be arriving soon, but it’s late today).

    Is it too early to start talking about fall?

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  35. I guess I haven’t been “out to lunch” (well, in the physical, eating lunch kind of sense) since before the pandemic struck. My friend in the SF Valley and I are starting to think about our first get-together at her place, maybe in july.

    Are churches in your states going back to “normal” type services now (or soon?) We’re set to be back to our normal, single service, no masks required, on July 4 and I see where the LA Archdiocese announced it’s opening back up for indoor services w/no masks soon.

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  36. Janice – Earlier, I forgot to reply to your mention about family time. Yes, I do appreciate having Nightingale and Boy here and spending time as a family. That is truly a blessing. But there should also be a balance with some privacy. (Nightingale has more privacy than I do because I rarely go upstairs.)

    Since Boy has been grounded, he has often hung out downstairs with me more than usual. I can feel annoyed initially at times, if I’m in the middle of something or trying to read, but I shake that off and engage with him. We have had some nice talks recently. With the school year coming to an end (this Thursday will be the last day), we are planning on me reading to him each day again. We had somehow dropped our Narnia book reading a while back, so we both want to get back to that.

    Speaking of reading. . . Nightingale has had a rule about him reading for a certain period of time each day, and he has resisted it and complained about it, saying he doesn’t like reading. But recently he has found some books that he has very much enjoyed reading. Nightingale and I laughed a bit today at the irony of having to tell him to stop reading so he could go clean his room. 🙂

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  37. Church, back to normal for many months. People could wear masks if they wanted but I have not seen any in a long time. Actually, anywhere in town.


  38. We had a/c in our cars growing up: we rolled down the windows and enjoyed the air flow. We had a swamp cooler in the house (evaporative cooling), which was great most of the summer sine the humidity in Tucson was usually below 20%. But come rainy season, the humidity would rise and the swamp box made the heat worse. Those with a/c called it refrigeration, and to me, it seemed like a refrigerator in their houses.

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  39. Kizzie, when my husband and I were planning on marrying, he’d made the master bedroom into a general hangout room. For accountability the computer was in there, and a TV, and he and I and the girls would hang out and play board games. While I thought that sounded cozy on one level, I also knew I was trading singleness for an instant family, and the girls each had their own bedroom. I needed to be able to go into our bedroom and know no one would come in there except for my husband. He communicated that to the girls, and we never had any issues with it.

    I don’t know if your bedroom is off limits to the others in your house (without specific permission for them to enter it) but you might want to institute some such guideline, if you haven’t. For me personally I wouldn’t find it overwhelming to sometimes have family members in, if they lived elsewhere; it’s the living alone that I wouldn’t like (and didn’t like when I did it). But indeed you do need a space that is off limits and your own personal space.

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  40. Winter is about to begin as we are almost to the shortest day of the year. Pretty much dark by 6:30. Getting colder, but it always warms up during the day.

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  41. Cheryl, I have been pondering the question and cannot recall anything that fits. I thought my life was absolutely normal and what everybody else had so had no things I thought would make life better. I am that boring.

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  42. Husband and his family often talk about how poor they were. I, on the other hand, always thought my growing up family was wealthy. We had everything we could want and more. We got Christmas presents. What more could one want?
    So it is fun to have things still come up after forty plus years where I can say, “You guys had that? I never had …. until I married you!”
    Fill that in with: peppers, steak, sour cream, real cheese, more than one pair of shoes, angel food cake, fresh peas, (any not canned vegetable), air conditioning, umbrellas, snow pants (though I babysat for a couple once who wore snow gear), snow boots (we wore rain boots with extra socks or plastic bags over our feet), tents for camping, etc…..
    I still struggle to think we were poor because we were raised to value what we had and not whine for more. I really had no idea there even were snow boots or snow pants until I saw them on the parents I babysat for. I thought it rather comical to have special gear like that.

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  43. good night Jo.
    Chas is up and had breakfast before coming here.
    He’s having coffee now and posting to you.


  44. I have a calendar that tells me every day in June. D-Day, Flag Day, Batle of Midway, etc.
    That is: Except one.
    When does summer start?


  45. What I can’t understand is why God would take the ugliest guy in town scrawny, with IQ of 89 and bless him is such a way.a


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