47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-11-21

  1. mid afternoon here. I will carry on. Actually I am still at school, trying to reclaim my kinder room. What a mess and that is after Wendy spent a week cleaning.
    Looking better and more peaceful now.

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  2. Morning! The wrong track for sure! I hear he wants to stay in Europe…good!
    It’s a muggy start to the day here but we will have cooler temps with some wind. There’s a fire north and west of us…ugh….rain needed for the western slope….

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  3. Chas, I will tell you first. Wesley accepted a one year visiting professor position at Charleston Southern University. Now tell me, Chas, when we visit there, what do you recommend that we see? Besides Wesley, lol

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  4. Janice: It depends on what interests you.
    Charlesto, SC is a historic city. It has statues and monuments for almost all the wars. The Civil war was started at Ft. Sumter.
    but there are other things in Charleston, besides history.
    You can have a nice time in Charleston.

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  5. Charleston has changed a lot since I moved there in 1940. But I think they have kept “South of Broad” the historic part, about the same.

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  6. Great blog post, Michelle. I could not find a date on the post (on my mobile screen view). When did you go there? Art and I went there for our first anniversary. That is when we went to Edisto Beach really early to view Haley’s Comet.


  7. We are off to celebrate our grandson’s graduation today. He was the one who graduated two weeks ago. This weekend is the party. It will be outside and is supposed to be hot. It will be cooler here today (in the 70’s still). Our poor plants are shocked by this intense heat so early in the season. We people are, too, although it is wonderful for all the swimmers, boaters and other water sports.

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  8. We were there two years ago. You can see in the related posts, other stories from our time. We were remembering last night how much we enjoyed the 10 days we spent there–particularly after the writer’s retreat concluded and we went to Folly Island for the weekend. (Where M just wanted to sit on the beach and stare at the water; I was that exhausted!)

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  9. Charleston still has statues and monuments? I thought they were all canceled.

    We have the leader God has selected for us. May we be truly repentant and put our focus back on God and what He has called us for. Pray for our President.

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  10. Wild day yesterday. Two Adorables scanned for six hours. Now I only have three large piles of memorabilia in my living room to review/scan!

    After they left, we went to dinner, and then to choir practice.

    I HAVE to work today, both for the literary agency and my own literary life, but there’s yet another party (did they send YOU all an invite?) later this afternoon. We thought it was just family, but we keep discovering more family are in the area (surprise!), so who knows how many are coming?

    Plus, I invited a friend and her husband to the “chaos.”

    She replied, “We like chaos.”

    That what it should be.

    Fun. Totally fun.

    I haven’t slept well–except for the 1/2 hour under anesthesia–all week.

    Back to that misery and so. much. to. do.

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  11. Anesthesia? What did I miss?

    Have fun partying.

    And yes, I’m somewhat surprised there are still statues standing anywhere, especially anything having to do with the Civil War and the South.

    Today will be full — I have vet treatment scheduled for Cowboy at 11:30 meaning I need to leave here at around 10:30 or 10:45, hopefully neighbor is still able to meet me in the driveway to hoist the dog into the car. He really resists being put in, but seems to enjoy the ride. I have such good neighbors.

    Meanwhile the ballot opening will be presented via zoom (I’ll probably miss it) on the unionization question for our company. And I have a feature on our retiring LA schools band leader I need to write and get in for the weekend.

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  12. Donna: Get the scenario.
    Somebody destroys the statue on the Battery in Charleston.
    Sojmebody sees the culprit and kills him.
    That person is then arrested and charged with a misdemeanor
    They move the trial somewhere else because they can’t find anyone inCharleston county who thinks he did anything wrong.


  13. Does anyone else have repeated trouble signing in to World Magazine online? I think Kizzie mentioned this also at one point. Every time I try to read an online article — and use my saved sign-in and password — it doesn’t recognize me and I have to go through the hassle to changing my sign-in and password again (but it doesn’t work next time either).

    Can’t figure out what the glitch is on their end.


  14. Lookout Mountain is full of Civil War history, too. We went there for Wesley’s birthday as a historical trip, and I was the one of the three of us who said, “While we are here we should at least tour Covenant College.” There was reluctance, but Mom won. It was our first college tour. I had gotten rooms at the Covenant cottages so we were already on campus. I suppose we have had a lot of chances to steep in Civil War history since Wesley and I frequented the Kennesaw Mountain museum (my mother was in an assisted living place there for awhile at the base of the mountain), the displays at Stone Mountain were viewed several times a year, and the Cyclorama display of the Battle of Atlanta got our attention at least once, and then Art bought the tax business in Jonesboro which is all about Gone With the Wind. It has not been an intentional thing, but siuations have worked it out that way.


  15. Chas- You can enlarge your screen by holding the CTRL key and pressing the + key until it’s large enough. Also, some PC’s have a magnifying glass app. Have Linda help you figure those out.

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  16. Back from the vet and now I have a story to bang out in the next few hours.

    And I’m now part of a union, not surprising considering the many years of frustration and anger in our ranks. We’ll see where it all goes. Maybe they’ll be able to do some good.

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  17. a foggy Saturday morning here. I see the sun beginning to peek through.
    There is a cafe later today where you can buy all sorts of treats. The Polish apple pie sounds good. Then I will be on duty at the community library to learn how to help.

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  18. We had a heat wave for a few days, but it finally broke. Today it got into the mid-70s, but it’s kinda cool out there now. Wish all summer days could be this way.

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  19. Love those type days, Kare. We have had more than normal of the lovely days, but it’s been raining off and on just lately so it feels like Atlanta Mug filled to the brim when we go outside.

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  20. It felt really warm to me today, but that was probably because I was sitting in a car on a blacktop parking lot waiting for the vet appointment. It’s such a great practice, but the coronavirus has thrown them into a tailspin of sorts (along with all the rest of us) — no more indoor appointments, you have to wait in the parking lot or out front and then they take the animals in, bring them back out.

    Very limited hours, you’re stuck on hold for long periods of time.

    Vet consultations are not very thorough, either, as they are delivered in the parking lot when there are usually a few people vying for the vet’s attention. If it’s hot outside, it makes it that much worse. The sun is glaring, your dog’s panting, and you just want to get out of there.

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  21. The Polish apple pie sounds good.

    Better enjoy apple pie while you can: Did you know apple pie is racist? Because they’re now telling us apple pie is racist.

    As a SJW [Social Justice Warrior], what do you see when you look at apple pie? Racism and genocide, of course.

    Apple pie is next on the chopping block and is getting canceled after Raj Patel wrote a lengthy review in the Guardian titled, “Food injustice has deep roots: let’s start with America’s apple pie.”

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  22. Chas, if you are not black you are not supposed to use the term black market, and what will we do about Black Friday? This is such a never win/never win game that the devil has people engaged in.i think I will have a slice of Honey Crisp Pie, by the way. Or is it Granny Smith? Or perhaps Fuji? Oh, it must be Golden Delicious!


  23. The work day is finally over. Had a last-minute story I had to jam in at the very end along with photos to process and write captions for, always an added hassle. My 2013 Mac is showing its age, the mouse pad is getting really hard to push down now.

    Unfortunately, Cowboy had slept in this morning so he hadn’t had a bathroom break before we had to hassle off to the vet — which means a mess in the back seat (but I have one of those protective, waterproof pet “hammocks” back there). That used to happen when we’d go super early in the morning, too.

    So while he’s in for his treatment, I get the spray cleaner and paper towels out of the cargo area and go at it to clean up. I put the pads down, too, but they get all scrunched up during the ride.

    The hammock is pretty clean but I’ll take it out this weekend and give it a good, strong hose-down, then let it dry in the sun.


  24. I should probably save this for today’s thread.
    They are talking about the investigation of UFO’s on TV this morning.
    Interesting. We know something strange to us is out there. but we don’t know what it is.
    A bit of wisdom here:
    It ain’t bothering us.
    Leave it alone.
    It’s smarter than we are.


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