9 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-22-21

  1. 🙂 I got to spend a lovely few hours with my friend whose husband died a few months ago. His memorial service will be in early June and her mom’s will be in June also. Not an easy time for her for sure. She is strong in her faith, however, so she does not grieve as a pagan.

    🙂 It is green and beautiful here. The apple blossoms are brilliant in white and pink on the various trees. The lilacs are just beginning. The warmth and rain did the job of bringing spring in with all its glory.


  2. 😦 Despite repeated tries, I cannot get into my Saturday morning Zoom class meeting.

    😦 I gave up the retreat today to attend this meeting.

    😦 I do not know what the issue is.

    😦 I have tried and tried–prayed even.

    I suspect God doesn’t want me here–even though the subject, which they went into in detail on Monday night, is the one that has brought out more tears than I’ve shed in years: grief.

    🙂 One afternoon/evening of the retreat was great, but I’m still shell-shocked upon world reentry and am ready to stay home for a week.

    That won’t happen.

    No word from daughter about her plans. It would be nice to know if I’m moving out of my office . . . LOL


  3. Enjoying the lilacs here as well, though apple trees are coming to an end with their blossoms. Honeyberries are ripening and currants will soon follow. Looking for strawberries.

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  4. 🙂 I wrangled 2 vacation days for Monday and Tuesday. I told my editor I just really need to catch my breath, the weekends go so fast. This also allows me to take Cowboy in for his treatment later in the day on Monday, so I don’t have to scramble to do it all before work starts at 9 a.m.

    🙂 My neighbor Shirley comes home on Sunday after spending over a month (5-6 weeks now?) in rehab for a stroke. Her husband will have a lot on his plate to deal with some of those everyday changes as she still has some limitation in mobility (walking — both knees were in serious need of replacement surgery for several years but she’d postponed the procedures — and her right arm and hand, specifically). Pray also for an opportunity to minister to them in small ways and to perhaps share the gospel if there are openings. Her background is Catholic (she told me once she just resented to emphasis on “sin”); his, I have no idea. But they both seem quite resistant to the faith, I think they probably don’t know much about it. From comments that they’ve made through the years, they seem to harbor the usual stereotypes.

    😦 I continue to struggle somewhat during this rather strange period. I’m still grieving the loss of my two friends and know I face yet more loss ahead with my aging dogs. The whole Covid period has been jarring in many respects for me, a disruption in life as I knew it. It feels like an altered landscape.

    🙂 I made the appointment with the landscape company to remove my dead pine tree. They’re backed up so won’t be out to do it until June 18, but that’ll come soon enough. It looks so brown and so sad, I will actually be glad to see it go. And hopefully I’ll be able to replace it at the same time with at least a medium-sized fresh pine.

    🙂 I’m slowly getting back to my regular watering schedule which I’d dropped for a couple months at least as I sunk into a semi-depressed mode.

    😦 Some added stress on the work front due to the unionization effort which seems to have divided us somewhat — but it would be much worse if we still worked in well-populated newsrooms. The young ones are in full Norma Rae mode, aggressively tweeting and, in one case, making faces during a zoom staff meeting with management (our company’s costly take-over purchase of Tribune on Friday didn’t help). One of them is already threatening “walk outs” when we haven’t even voted the union in yet. Seriously, I don’t know why all the younger reporters aren’t bolting the business altogether for new and better paying careers that actually offer a future, but there you go.

    🙂 God still rules the nations, including ours. None of what is taking place in the world is outside his sovereign will. We don’t have to (and can’t really) understand it. The call is only to remain faithful to Him and not lose sight of that reality amid all the contemporary political turmoil that surrounds us.

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  5. I don’t believe I have ever had a honey berry. Do you use them for jams, jellies, pies or eat plain?


  6. 😀 The senior living apartment building that my husband and friends jam in is now open for visitors again. The residents and the outsiders who come for the jam are excited to be able to have it again. It will start in June. It is not just the music, but the visiting with coffee and goodies that people enjoy so much.

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  7. 🙂 Not sure if this is a rant or rave, but twice in the last week I’ve forgotten my mask when going to the store — in one case the market gave me one, in the other case my car was close enough when I remembered that I was able to go back and get it (I’m now carrying a few again in and envelope in my purse). Seems like things just feel so much freer right now.

    🙂 Busy day — had to return some shoes through UPS, stopped at the nursery to pick up something for my neighbor Shirley for her homecoming tomorrow and hit the grocery store.

    🙂 A couple things didn’t get done, but that’s ok since I have Monday and Tuesday off.

    😦 Our former city editor who now heads up our investigative team sent an email of condolence to his friend who’s editor at the NY Daily News (which is among publications that has been taken over by our company). NY editor is anticipating immediate layoffs, including possibly his; not a stretch, that usually happens pretty quickly once our company captures a new victim.


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