12 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-13-21

  1. Once again the US and world media lie about the cause and the Jews being at fault. Useful tools for spreading the propaganda of the terrorist, not for finding truth.

    “Jerusalem Riots Over “Sheikh Jarrah” Rental Dispute Were Just A Pretext For Hamas War Plans

    International media complicit in the manipulation of public opinion, and the Palestininan Authority is eager to join, but Hamas is driving the war plans.”


    “Since early May, a new spate of violence has plagued Jerusalem and Israel’s southern communities. This latest escalation – replete with riots, rocket fire and incendiary balloons – finds its roots in a property dispute in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, where four Arab families are slated for eviction over failure to pay rent. Yet, the narrative being sold to the international community is one of illegal expulsions and war crimes.

    In reality, this escalation has been completely manufactured by activists hellbent on demonizing Israel and Palestinian leaders aiming to manipulate the ensuing conflict to their advantage. Indeed, the Palestinians have taught us a masterclass in conjuring false narratives and garnering international support.

    The eviction from Sheikh Jarrah is undeniably legal and legitimate. Contrary to the misinformation promulgated by the mainstream media, these families are not the owners of the property in which they reside – repeated court cases affirmed this. Although Israel allowed the residents to remain as long as they paid rent, they have failed to do so. As a result, Israel, as any functioning government does, ruled in favor of their eviction. And as Professor Avi Bell of the Kohelet Policy Forum writes, there is nothing in the Geneva Conventions or other laws concerning belligerent occupation that forbids Israel from evicting overstaying tenants.

    However, this hasn’t stopped major media outlets and members of Congress from painting the dispute as one of inhumane violence. The UN Human Rights Council chimed in as well, but failed to mention the Palestinians’ role in the fighting.

    How did we get to this point? How did the legal evacuation of four Arab families for not paying their rent become an international scandal?

    A concerted effort is underway to create a round of violence out of thin air. The not-so-spontaneous eruption of Palestinian riots on the Temple Mount, where they have prepared piles of stones and firebombs to injure police, make this abundantly clear.

    Of course, to an extent, all flare ups between Israel and the Palestinians are artificial.”


    “But the sheer intentionality of this latest escalation, evident through months of quiet campaigning on social media, has seldom been seen. The hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah first appeared in February 2021, tweeted by some minor accounts. By March, it had been tweeted countless times by NGO’s, prominent regional media outlets, social movements, and the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister himself. The hashtag and variations of it continued to gain traction in April. Which brings us to today, when #SheikhJarrah, #SavePalestine and #AlAqsaUnderAttack are all trending, despite Israel suffering indiscriminate rocket fire and murderous violence in its capital.
    Radical NGO’s like Samidoun – a proxy of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – have been spreading misinformation for months to rile up the Palestinians. The same group is organizing dozens of events around the world to show solidarity with Palestinian rioters.

    The Palestinian Authority, unsurprisingly, has been coaxing a violent outbreak for over a month, since before Ramadan. Tensions were further exacerbated when Israel restricted access to the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City, and Arab youths uploaded videos of themselves attacking Jews on TikTok. There is also the distinct, even likely possibility, that PA President Mahmoud Abbas is fomenting the conflict to distract the international community from his cancelling of the Palestinian elections for the umpteenth time in a desperate bid to prevent an ever popular Hamas from wrestling control of the PA from his Fatah party.

    Hamas, clearly cognizant of Abbas’s attempt to amass support, has retaliated by promoting its own brand of violence. According to Israeli police, the riots on the Temple Mount are led by Hamas operatives. Unsurprising, considering Palestinians have been waving the terror group’s flags and reciting chants of support since last week. Likewise, on May 10th, Hamas began launching hundreds of rockets into Israel, killing two innocent people thus far.

    Make no mistake, this potential third intifada has nothing to do with the legal eviction of overstaying tenants. It is a carefully orchestrated campaign by activists who saw a golden opportunity to cast Israel as an evil aggressor, and by the Palestinian elite who have no qualms about using their people as tools in their power struggle.

    The leaders of this campaign know full well they will not be held accountable for their actions, and foolish journalists and public officials will adopt their narrative without hesitation.”


  2. Omar is a terrorist sympathizer and enabler.

    She’s also a liar that married her brother. Ewwww….


    Indeed it is.

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  3. Whaaaaaaat?………..

    The CDC was wrong/lying again?

    Oh say it isn’t so….

    ” CDC Exaggerated Risk of Outdoors Coronavirus Transmission

    Republican senators blasted CDC Director Rochelle Walensky during a hearing on Tuesday.”


    “A bombshell New York Times report claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exaggerated the risk of coronavirus while outdoors.

    The CDC has cited the estimate to back up its recommendation that vaccinated individuals do away with masks in certain outdoor situations, but should keep wearing masks during others.

    According to the Times, the 10% benchmark is based “partly on a misclassification” of some virus transmission in Singapore at various construction sites that may have actually taken place in indoor settings. Singapore also classified settings that were a mix of indoors and outdoors as outdoors, including construction building sites, the outlet reported.

    Still, the number of cases reported at the various sites did not add up to as much as 10% of transmission, but was more like 1% or less, the report stated.

    As the original article notes, the CDC’s embracing of the exaggerated risk level has led to confusing recommendations that many Americans ignore.

    Zeynep Tufekci of the University of North Carolina, writing in The Atlantic, called those recommendations “simultaneously too timid and too complicated.”

    They continue to treat outdoor transmission as a major risk. The C.D.C. says that unvaccinated people should wear masks in most outdoor settings and vaccinated people should wear them at “large public venues”; summer camps should require children to wear masks virtually “at all times.”

    These recommendations would be more grounded in science if anywhere close to 10 percent of Covid transmission were occurring outdoors. But it is not. There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table.

    Republicans blasted another public health official this week along with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Based on this new report, Republican lawmakers pounced on Director Rochelle Walensky over health guidelines that remain in place even as more Americans get vaccinated.

    ‘I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard. I don’t anymore,’ Maine Senator Susan Collins said during a Capitol Hill hearing on the pandemic response Tuesday.
    …’I used to have the utmost respect for the guidance from the CDC. I always considered the CDC to be the gold standard. I don’t anymore,’ she lectured the agency head.

    She accused the agency – whose leaders repeatedly said they operate based on the science and the available data – of ‘exaggerating’ the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

    ‘So, here we have unnecessary barriers to reopening schools, exaggerating the risks of outdoor transmission, and unworkable restrictions on summer camps. Why does this matter?’ Collins continued. ‘It matters because it undermines public confidence in your recommendation, in the recommendations that do make sense, in the recommendations that Americans should be following.’”


  4. This is just disgusting. These people are a joke.

    A tale of 2 recruitment videos.

    First, the Russians….


    Then the queer one from the US.


  5. We are so screwed.


    “I find this ad less comically politically correct than the infamous “woke CIA” ad that made waves last week. That one was larded up with progressive identity jargon: “I am a woman of color. I am a mom. I am a cis-gendered Millennial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional.” On and on in that vein it went, reducing the CIA’s mission to an afterthought in the employee’s quest for self-actualization. This one is a more straightforward story of a recruit who grew up with gay parents, was taken to pride parades as a kid, and later found her calling in the Army. If we’re going to let gay Americans enlist (or, in this case, the children of gay Americans), it stands to reason that the military would want to signal from time to time that it understands their experiences and that they’re welcome, right?

    The weird part isn’t the wokeness, it’s the animation. If this soldier had told her story straight to the camera, it’d be unremarkable if unusual. Instead the Pentagon turned it into a cartoon. They did the same thing for several other soldiers they showcased as part of their “diversity” pitch, but you don’t expect to click on an Army recruitment ad and be treated to a Disneyfied rendition of a lesbian wedding.

    All that’s missing is an animated songbird landing on her shoulder and chirping at her. “What’s that, my little friend? I should join America’s war machine?”

    Exit question for veterans: Don’t college grads enter the service as officers when they enlist? Why is she a corporal?”


    Oh, and here’s that woke CIA ad.

    Again, we are so screwed.


  6. And there’s more….


    “You have to watch this. You really do. It’s jaw-dropping. It’s a new CIA recruitment ad:”

    She is an unnamed Latina Millennial who says she has been “diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder,” and is “cisgender.” She goes on to say, “I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise,” and that she had doubts about her place at the agency, but then decided she would refuse “to internalize misguided, patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.”

    Here’s one in which a CIA librarian talks about how awesome it is that he can talk about being gay at work, and how affirming the CIA is:”


    It’s all so gay.


  7. Huh.

    “New Data Finds Majority Of Trump’s 2020 Voters Were Women and Minorities”


    “New data sets pertaining to the 2020 presidential election contradict former President George W. Bush’s recent attempt to smear the Republican Party as solely comprised of “white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism.”

    “No, I’d say there’s not going to be a party … And the idea of kind of saying you can only be Republican ‘if,’ then the ultimate extension of that is it ends up being a one-person party,” Bush said on The Dispatch podcast recently. “I know this — that if the Republican Party stands for exclusivity, you know, used to be country clubs, now evidently it’s white Anglo-Saxon Protestantism, then it’s not going to win anything.”

    New data from progressive analytics firm Catalist shows the majority of Trump’s support in the 2020 election came from minorities and women. Trump’s support grew to 57.2 percent from 54.8 percent in 2016. Trump made inroads among all minorities in the election, except for white men. The data show a seven-point increase among non-white females, a four-point increase among non-white men, and a one-point loss among white men.

    “Along with massive increases in turnout, Latino vote share as a whole swung towards Trump by 8 points in two-way vote share compared to 2016, though Biden-Harris still enjoyed solid majority (61%) support among this group,” the Catalist poll found.

    “Some of the shift from 2016 appears to be a result of changing voting preferences among people who voted in both elections, and some may come from new voters who were more evenly split in their vote choice than previous Latino voters. This question presents particularly challenging data analysis problems, which we discuss more in a dedicated section below,” the report found.”


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  8. Enemy of the people.

    “Reporters Once Challenged the Spy State. Now, They’re Agents of It

    News companies are pioneering a new brand of vigilante reporting, partnering with spy agencies they once oversaw”


    “News that the government is considering using private citizens to help it conduct what amount to vigilante intelligence operations for the DHS, FBI, CIA, and NSA — an end-run around once-cherished liberal values like the exclusionary rule — inspired almost no reaction in the op-ed pages of ostensibly liberal outlets. The perceived targets are white supremacists, as unsympathetic as al-Qaeda once was. Who cares?

    Just last week it was announced the FBI had been caught, again, in abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Also censured by the FISA court in 2011, 2016, and 2018, the Bureau was busted for “widespread” use of an NSA-managed surveillance tool meant for foreign cases only, using FISA to investigate “health care fraud, transnational organized crime, violent gangs, domestic terrorism, public corruption, and bribery.” The declassified report also worried the NSA might be passing to the FBI intercepts of attorney-client conversations, not that anyone in the press cares about that principle anymore, either. Except for one Fox story about Jim Jordan complaining, editorialists mostly took a pass on the FISC news.

    All of this is taking place as a slew of War on Terror programs are being retooled for domestic use. A month ago, the New York Times casually reported that “The White House is also discussing… executive orders to update the criteria of terrorism watch lists to potentially include more homegrown extremists.”

    Politico also reported the DHS was considering “analyzing the travel patterns” of right-wing suspects, expanding the No Fly List to include “domestic extremists,” and stopping such targets at customs, where officials may “search their phones and laptops” before allowing them back in-country (I know of at least one not-at-all-conservative African-American to whom this has already happened).

    Vigilante press efforts at outing “domestic extremists” will function as an auxiliary watch list. Do we need help remembering how the last version worked out? Over 1.1 million names were entered on a list that was shared with 1,400 private groups, from hospitals to universities to prospective employers, resulting in people losing jobs, being denied banking services, having travel restricted, and experiencing all sorts of other difficulties.

    The related No-Fly List, Kill List, and other suspect databases were fraught with similar problems, all stemming from the same issue: a lack of procedural oversight, combined with the absence of any requirement that targets commit a crime or be reasonably suspected of planning a crime before they were put on lists.

    It turned out that was needed to get most of the press off the case was a little partisan catnip. Issues like mass surveillance and drone bombing were already more or less non-starters in media once the intel agencies started feeding reporters sensational (and often bogus) stories about the Russian-Republican conspiracy to conquer our precious bodily fluids, but in the later Trump years, and especially since January 6th, the FBI-CIA-media partnership has been cozier than a Swedish porn shoot.

    Buzzwords cooked up by security agencies have for years now become media talking points instantaneously. Whether it’s “an attack on our democracy” or the “sowing of discord,” media outlets are happy to re-transmit propaganda constructions verbatim.

    Two more recent security-agency talking points are now gospel. First, the greatest threat to America is no longer al-Qaeda but homegrown extremists, whom the FBI defined as being almost, but not quite, foreign, i.e. “inspired by, but not receiving individualized direction from, foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs).” Second, the security agencies are held back in their ability to combat such folks by “weak laws” and encryption. As FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress last year, the FBI has “a decline in its ability to gain access to the content of both domestic and international terrorist communications.”

    Since the January 6th riots, we’ve been hearing perfect media echoes of this. “Domestic Terrorism: A More Urgent Threat, but Weaker Laws,” was ProPublica’s formulation. “Domestic terrorism is a national problem. It should also be a federal crime,” wrote a Washington Post editorialist. On MSNBC, one recent guest said of al-Qaeda, “They got nothing on what this Republican Party is doing.”

    A portion of blue-state voters, and a larger percentage of people working in media, are likely to be fine with media projects undertaken to track and identify dangerous elements. What could be wrong with “hunting sedition”? Are journalists not citizens? Why shouldn’t news outlets help plug the investigatory gaps for law enforcement officials held back by outdated civil rights laws?

    If you have to ask, you missed the last War on Terror, where we learned the hard way that even the most unsympathetic surveillance targets will never come close to posing as big of a threat to democracy as the security agencies themselves can be, especially when they’re encouraged to operate without meaningful oversight.

    They proved this through decades of droning, kidnapping, torture, warrantless detention, illegal surveillance, and blacklisting, and demonstrate it now through their treatment of whistleblowers like Snowden, Assange, and Chelsea Manning. A lot of these abuses start from a place of genuine concern about security threats, but unchecked, the agencies drift into extralegal solutions that become irreversible and a bigger threat to the rule of law than the original problems. The total inability to prevent misuse of FISA — the public has forgotten that even the Obama administration reached into that cookie jar to spy on congressional opponents of its Iran deal, and misuse has only grown worse since — is an example of extreme War on Terror abuses normalized by media indifference.

    In the first War on Terror, at the exact moment when the public was at its most fearful, politicians convinced Americans to accept sweeping changes to how they understood citizenship. People stopped demanding presidents ask permission to go to war, gave up the expectation that everything from library records to medical histories remain private, were gradually disabused of the idea the state needed warrants to wiretap them, and came to accept the idea that the U.S. had the right to assassinate or detain without trial anyone from any country.

    In the domestic sequel, the aim will be getting Americans to lose attachment to concepts like legal guilt or innocence. It won’t matter if you’ve actually committed or planned to commit a crime: if you check enough boxes, you may not be able to post on Internet platforms, fly a plane, use credit services, buy advertising, go on dating apps, work in your chosen profession (or at all), or do any of a dozen other things. A person’s quality of life might hang on whether or not someone — perhaps in the press — decides to publicly attach a name to a term like “white supremacist” or “domestic terrorist.” This is Hayden’s wet dream: “We ruin based on metadata.” There are dangerous racially-motivated extremists in America to be sure, but all of them combined don’t approach the threat of making the entire population subject to the logic of the Watch List.

    Rather than take on those issues, the press is taking the easy way out, pinning deputy badges to their chests and diving into the lives of ordinary people in search of secret sins. That’s not journalism, it’s a Crowdsourced Inquisition, and by the time reporters realize what they’ve signed themselves up for, it will be too late. People like Brennan and Clapper must laugh themselves hoarse, to think they ever had anything to fear from this press corps.”

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  9. Womp, womp….

    But hey, no more mean tweets…..


    CNN Reports: Market Tanks As Consumer Prices Rise At The Fastest Pace Since 2008…


  10. Let the wailing and gnashing of teeth continue.

    But they asked for this, they launched 1,600 rockets at Israeli civilians, remember that.


    “Israel calls up 9,000 reservists as troops deploy to Gaza border in preparation for possible ground invasion while its police battle to control riots between Arabs and Jews

    Barrages since Monday have killed Hamas commanders, including Gaza City terror boss, top rocket designer

    Hamas requested ceasefire last night on ‘mutual basis’ after launching 1,600 rockets – leaving 7 Israelis dead

    But Israel has vowed to press on with its military campaign despite outcry from the international community

    UN has warned of ‘full-scale war’ as the number of Palestinians killed in airstrikes reached 83 on Thursday

    Plans for a ground invasion were being drafted for the IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi later today

    Troops have been deployed along the Gaza border in preparation for any orders from the top brass

    ‘The campaign is still far from over,’ Israeli cabinet minister said last night. ‘Whatever we don’t do now, we will have to do in six months or a year from now … Israel will not stop and has no interest in stopping'”


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