30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-12-21

  1. Good night Jo.
    Good morning everyone else.
    When the big news of the day is the upcoming NFL schedule, you know that everything’s quiet in the world.
    Not complaining. I don’t want any excitement.

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  2. Good morning to another Wednesday. I hope it is good for everyone. I am about to join the ladies as we again venture into learning aspects of what it means to be an excellent women as Boaz described Ruth.

    I posted a TED talk video late yesterday and mentioned Chas might enjoy it. It would be good for anyone with grandchildren or others of learning age in the family or personal realm to share some encouragement about learning subjects they find difficult. Grandparents have such wisdom to share with grandchildren and a unique opportunity to do so.

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  3. I wish the big news really was just the NFL schedule. I am sorry for those in the Middle East (and other places) who are not at all thinking of such mundane things.

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  4. John 11:26 “”He that lives and believes in me shall never die.”
    I may have discussed this before. But it has become increasingly important to me now. The one I love most of all has already gone. That is the way i wanted it because I can’t imagine her living alone here as I’m doing. She would have to go to some institution.

    Yet. It is mighty lonesome here without her. “The two shall become one.” That means half of me is gone.
    I’m serious about that. I know that there is no marriage in Heaven. But I hope we know each other.

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  5. Chas – There is a saying that grief is the price of love. But only one spouse will have to pay that price. Despite your own pain, you are relieved that Elvera didn’t have to deal with your death, especially in her condition.

    As for me, I, too, am “glad” (not really the word, but you get my drift) to be the one to bear the grief. As close as we were and as dependent as I was on Hubby, I think losing me would have hit him even harder than my losing him has been, because he was very dependent on me for his emotional support.

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  6. Karen, you and I both know it’s best this way.
    That doesn’t mean it’s good.

    I’ve said this before: I know there’s no marriage in Heaven. I hope we know each other.
    I have this feeling that she already knows. i.e.
    “He that lives and believes in me shall never die.”
    I believe that she is alive and aware. Whether she knows/cares about what goes on here is unknown.

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  7. Somebody must make lots of money from free medicare. They spend lots advertising it.
    I didn’t know something so free could be so valuable.

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  8. It is scrolling that Biden needs to get control of the border.
    Fact is: Biden knows what he’s doing. He wants the border open. We knew that before he got in. ‘
    The Bidens, especially Hunter, but all of them are crooks.


  9. We knew that Hunter Biden has questionable, probably illegal, dealing with China.
    Likely still happening.
    But at least we don’t have trump.
    (That’s what they, not I, say.)

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  10. Peter – I was under the impression that Medicaid, at least, did not pay much to doctors, which is why not all doctors and dentists accept it.

    Years ago, a friend on Medicaid went to a dentist with a painful tooth. After he had taken care of the problem, she overheard him being told that she was a Medicaid patient, and he griped that if he’d known that, he would only have given her a temporary fix and sent her elsewhere.

    That was several years ago, though, so maybe things have changed? Of course, that could also be why doctors bill for a lot, to recoup what they think is due them.

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  11. From what I understand, there are a lot of things that Medicaid won’t cover. Nightingale sees this with her patients at the nursing home.

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  12. Morning all. The fog has lifted and the sun is out. It is quite quiet here as my flatmate has left. I need to get to school later to take the birthday cake for our celebration.


  13. Trying to finish up a story on an upcoming Juneteenth celebration, waiting for the organizer to get a flier to me via email — and to talk to the pastor who’s helping support it, but his vm isn’t working (so organizer is trying to get connected to him).

    Deadline is approaching and the story’s otherwise done …

    I’m feeling stressed overall these days. I probably am going to need to take a week off soon.

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  14. This had me laughing: Boy had just finished taking a shower, and was trying to use his Super Fresh Man Parts, which is a deodorant and also for anti-chafing. He couldn’t get any more out of the tube and announced. . .

    “I’m out of Man Parts!”


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