41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-11-21

  1. Good morning!
    Chas, if I am not mistaken it was a car that Art, when young, was standing near that was struck by lightning. The lightning jumped and hit Art and he was knocked unconscious. He was fortunate to have lived.

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  2. I think the gasoline situation may keep my brother from travelling to Jacksonville for our cousin’s funeral. I told him to use the wisdom God gave him and to pray over his decision.


  3. What a gorgeous columbine. I had ones just those colours when I lived in Alberta. I wish I could have taken all those wonderful plants with me.

    I can grow columbines here in zone 2, so they’re pretty hardy. My plants are just small mounds of green leaves right now – won’t be blooming for a few weeks yet.

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  4. Chas’ comments about news anchors sitting so far apart always makes me laugh. In Saskatchewan, the news anchors are usually people just starting out in broadcasting so it’s painful to watch the news with all the mispronunciations and false starts and such. But before the pandemic all the local stations had their anchors sitting literally elbow to elbow behind a huge long desk. It looked so funny watching them all crammed into the middle with long stretches of desk on either side of the group. Now they look more normal with some distancing 🙂

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  5. I was trying to say “columbine” when I looked at the photo, but what came out was “concubine”. 😀

    Here are a couple questions for those who may want to reply:

    1. Do you believe in tithing? If so, why or why not?

    2. If you do believe in tithing, is it legitimate to tithe on the after-taxes amount, or should you tithe on the before-taxes amount? Why or why not?


  6. I believe in tithing as God’s design for support of the ministry. Can’t thin of the location but the quote is that the tenth belongs to God.
    Elvera and I tithes when we couldn’t afford it. But we have been immensely blessed through the years.

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  7. Kizzie, I give after taxes for practical reasons. Because my hourly pay rate places me in an upper tax bracket, but I am at the lowest end of that tax bracket, the amount that automatically gets peeled off for taxes, and insurance and union dues, before my pay comes to me is a significant percentage, several hundred dollars each pay period. I never even see the money, since deductions are removed before the pay is deposited.
    I try to give around ten percent, not because I think of it as a requirement, but as an act of faith, giving from what I have even if I could use it, because I am trusting the Lord to provide.

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  8. I think the tithe was an Old Testament principle, but that proportionate giving is a biblical one. Whether that proportion is 10 percent or another percentage is up to the individual; many can afford to give 50 or 60%. So that I’m not excusing giving less, I’ve chosen to see 10% as a minimum, but I can imagine a situation where 5% is a stretch for a period of time and that’s the percentage someone sets. An abused wife with her own income and an unbelieving husband, for instance, may choose to give only 2 or 3% because any more than that will cause her husband to be angry, but she does that much as an act of faith in God. I don’t think the NT gives a set amount.

    Since the Old Testament tithe was in fact a tax and tax money is money I don’t “see,” I don’t see the point in insisting it be pre-tax. (I think it’s legitimate to decide pre-tax for oneself, but not to name it as a rule.) What if your tax rate is 90%? Figure out a percentage that makes sense with your income level and your needs, and with the idea that if the income increases over time, the percentage may increase too.

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  9. We tithe. I do 10% or more on take home. Since everything is online with my pay, I have no idea of gross pay, so comes off of net. I have lots of deductions for benefits, so have a ballpark figure for what my check should be.

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  10. I have to brag on my neighbor. He is mowing our overgrown yard. I had started, and he came over and offered to do it. What a blessing! He is a grad student and just finished his exams yesterday so the timing was perfect. I felt sick from the small part I had mowed. I am allergic to the ligustrum which is in bloom, and my leg is still not up to par. I should not have been doing it but was too embarrassed to let it continue to be overgrown.

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  11. When I was studying and living off student loans, I prayed about whether I should pay a tithe or not. I ended up not giving a tithe from the loan money. Now I am paying back the loan, with money I earn and give from, so in a way I am tithing on the loan.

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  12. Tithing works well for those who can do so as cheerful givers. We have not always tithed but at times now probably go over that minimum 10% especially with us giving to two small churches. With a small business we don’t have a set amount we know will be earned so it’s always after the fact when we find out income/expense numbers for a year.

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  13. Well, I am slated to go back to work next week. Nervous, of course. I’ve lost muscle tone from not being able to lift over a certain weight, etc. Hoping I’ll be OK.

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  14. My rustic, painted dining chairs from Mexico arrived today. I’ve been using the old antique mis-matched chairs from the family — they are cute and I honestly like the mismatched look. But they were, to be honest, simply uncomfortable for sitting any longer than 15 minutes or so, depending on which chair you were in (my grandmother’s sewing chair was probably the least comfortable).

    I was looking at some nice Amish-made Mission style chairs earlier this year but they were expensive and sort of too formal for my tastes.

    Then I saw these much cheaper, but sturdy, cute and colorful, painted chairs from a Mexico place I’ve bought flower pots from in the past.

    Now that I see them in person, I like them more than I thought I would, they’re rustic and perfect for this house. No seat padding like the fancier Amish chairs, but I can use loose seat cushions if needed. They also fit under the small, family (from Iowa, and also somewhat rustic) kitchen table I use in my very informal dining area.

    OK carry on, I’m back to listening to the port meeting from yesterday … (Editors are actually now talking about plans for our “post-pandemic” coverage, hard to believe — I had a mask with me, but when the driver pulled up to unload the chairs he didn’t have one and so I never put mine on either; things are beginning to change.)

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  15. Prayers roscuro — going back after a 6-week surgery break was hard for me, I remember working a couple half days initially, I just felt really tired after putting in just 4-5 hours. You probably don’t have that option. It took me a while to get back up to speed.

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  16. So sad.


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  17. There were direct airstrikes by Israel too, resulting 28 Palestinians dead, 3 Israeli: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57066275

    As the link notes, the rockets fired are coming from the Gaza strip, which is run by Hamas. The Gaza strip is on the Mediterranean coast, near Egypt, far away from Jerusalem The West Bank, of the Jordan River, which is next to Jerusalem, is run by Fatah. The rockets are coming from Hamas in Gaza, they are not coming from the West Bank. And Netanyahu could benefit politically, as the eruption of Hamas has delayed the opposition to Netanyahu’s Likud party from being able to form a coalition government: https://www.al-monitor.com/originals/2021/05/would-escalation-hamas-benefit-netanyahu


  18. Miss Bosley sometimes known as Betty Bad now deserves a new name, Wanda the Wanderer. I was out by the mailbox pulling ground ivy with my back turned to the house. I was there for awhile, and when I turned around she was on the front walkway. I almost think she does not want to get on the grass, scary stuff that it is. She wanted to slink away in the carport but did not make a big effort. I think she was hopeful I would swoop her up in my arms, hug her and carry her inside. That’s exactly what I did while warning about dogs. The dogs weren’t out . . . this time. I don’t think they would have noticed her where she was, but if they did, I hope she would make a dash for the door to go back inside.

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  19. I was afraid of this.

    After an Easter text from him, I’d been texting Carol’s friend, “Perk” — the man who had been so good to her in the last few years, he was a member of the Lutheran church Carol attended while she was there in a former assisted living place. I hadn’t received an answer in a while so looked online to see he’d died. He was quite ill, some kind of lung disease but not cancer — he told me he wasn’t doing well but to keep texting him. Carol would receive a “GIF” from him every morning for the longest time.


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  20. Some plants have variations that are good for different hardiness zones. We have to either cover our plants and bring them inside if it will get to 32 degrees. Some can take that, but many can’t. My sister informed me she has some at her Florida home she must take in if it gets down to 50 degrees. Those flowers are sure pretty. I have my earliest pink primroses blooming right now. These came from my mother’s original plant. They always make me happy when I see them.

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  21. Interesting, Janice.
    when I was at Carolina, I attended “Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. They emphasized “quiet time”.
    Seems like the same idea.

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