16 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-13-21

  1. Go Texas!!!

    Hopefully, more state governments will dutifully rein in the federal govt. when it ignores the Constitution and disregards states’ rights.


    “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had vowed to use all available legal means to rein in President Joe Biden’s policy plans and ensure that his administration adheres to the rule of law.

    The top law enforcement official in the Lone Star State argued in a newly published op-ed that it is the responsibility of individual states to provide the necessary checks and balances against the executive branch, given that both chambers of Congress are currently controlled by Democrats with their slim majority.

    “I am proud to lead the way for Texas in providing the necessary counterweight to the far-left Democrats forcing dangerously radical policies upon us,” Paxton wrote in an op-ed published on Fox News on Saturday.

    Paxton, who began serving as the state’s attorney general in 2015, has been at the forefront in defending constitutional rights, election integrity, and has stood as a bulwark against leftist progressive policies that he says harm his state.”

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  2. So the president gets censored and banned, but child porn is A OK.

    Leftists are scum.


    “Twitter moves to dismiss child porn lawsuit citing Section 230 immunity”

    “Twitter has filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from a minor who claims that the social media platform refused to remove child porn that featured him and another 13-year-old, citing its immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

    “Congress recognized the inherent challenges of large-scale, global content moderation for platforms, including the potential for liability based on a platform’s alleged ‘knowledge’ of offensive content if it chose to try to screen out that material but was unable to root out all of it,” Twitter’s legal team states in a motion to dismiss filed Wednesday with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. “Hoping to encourage platforms to engage in moderation of offensive content without risking incurring potentially ruinous legal costs, in 1996 Congress enacted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (‘CDA § 230’), granting platforms like Twitter broad immunity from legal claims arising out of failure to remove content.”

    “Given that Twitter’s alleged liability here rests on its failure to remove content from its platform, dismissal of the Complaint with prejudice is warranted on this ground alone,” Twitter argues.

    The 17-year-old plaintiff, a victim of sex traffickers identified as “John Doe” because he is a minor, alleges in a lawsuit filed in January that Twitter refused to take down pornographic images and videos of him and another teen that surfaced in 2019 because Twitter “didn’t find a violation of our policies.”

    The plaintiff’s mother, Jane Doe, allegedly had to contact a U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent who reached out to Twitter and convinced the company to take down the images and video.

    The lawsuit accuses Twitter of benefitting from child sex trafficking, failing to report known child sex abuse material, knowingly distributing child pornography, intentionally distributing non-consensually shared pornography, and possessing child pornography, among other complaints.

    In the motion to dismiss, Twitter said the plaintiff “appears to have suffered appallingly” at the hands of his sex traffickers, but denies culpability for the images and videos shared on its platform:”


  3. Intercessors for America has a newly hired position which will be keeping track of the states so we know how to pray over those leaders having to take on this responsibility of pushing back against Bully Uncle Sam. The IFA Live Updates and open line prayer time is at 12:15 Eastern on Tues. and Thurs. And once a month they do a First Friday Live at 12:15 which is on the first Friday of each month. They give solid info.


  4. I can’t think of a more deserving bunch.

    I hope they all go under.


    “Variety: The Post-Trump Cable-News Apocalypse Has Arrived — CNN Hardest Hit”

    “People may have lost some interest in politics after The Year That Was, but they’ve lost more of it at CNN than at its competitors. Variety reports that all of the Big Three cable news networks have seen significant declines over the last three months, although Fox News Channel has managed to hold the decline down to single digits. CNN, however, has seen their prime-time viewership drop dramatically over the last three months, and Variety chalks that up to the disappearance of CNN’s favorite prime-time punching bag (via Twitchy):

    Our prediction that audiences would perk up for President Trump’s second impeachment trial proved correct. But in the weeks after the trial ended, audiences for CNN have plummeted; MSNBC is seeing about half CNN’s drop, while Fox News is down single digits. While the left-leaning networks may be losing steam without the ability to feed off of Trump being in office, conservative audiences have found new focal points for their concerns. …

    Beginning first with total audience, it’s clear that CNN is the network that misses Trump the most. Trump-bashing tirades lack their zip with their protagonist taking on a much lower profile post-election, with “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” and “Anderson Cooper 360” seeing their average audience in the first week of March one-third lower than the first week of December.

    CNN isn’t the only network to see declines, but they are the most pronounced. MSNBC’s drops are around half of what CNN saw, with Chris Hayes (-16.7%) and Lawrence O’Donnell (-17.6%) seeing steeper declines than total primetime news leader Rachel Maddow (-9.1%).

    Fox News has seen the smallest audience declines over the period, but it is interesting to note that Sean Hannity, who may have leaned more on his association to Trump than the others, has seen the greatest drops among Fox News’ primetime lineup, down by double digits (-11.9%) versus “The Ingraham Angle” (-9.2%) and “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (-4.8%, the smallest decline seen across all primetime news titles).”



  5. A decline in cable news rating is fairly predictable — election is over, Biden is a calm presence and doesn’t demand the spotlight (probably delibrate to contrast himself), the FBI is quietly rounding up the insurgents, etc

    More importantly, people turn to cable news when they are scared, insecure, anxious,etc. People tend to think information will calm them or at least make things clearer. With Trump gone and Biden in charge, there’s no longer a sense of “what next”. Some FOX viewers find there’s little to be outraged about — Biden has a low profile, no tweeting, no golf trips, no “chopper talk”: etc., People are less anxious, less fearful, etc. Some of that may be to accepting the pandemic as part of the new normal or relief in the arrival of vaccines; but I’m sure most of it esp for CNN/MSNBC viewers is Biden’s low key approach. You get more viewers with outrage and fear and well Rachel Maddow has little to be outraged about right now. Meanwhile Tucker Carlons, the trust fund snowflake, is perrpetually outraged and scared of something; hence the higher ratings.

    Love the Texas attorney general — stopping the far left agenda with state’s rights. That’s a blast from the past. He may find that the people want the so-called far left agenda — 49% of Texans approve of Biden’s Covid response compared to Trump at 43% in October. Overall Biden has a 45% approval rating in Texas almost equal to the Republican Governor. Nationwide Biden has a 60% approval rating for his response to Covid and an overall 53% approval rating. The calmness of the Biden approach is appealing.


  6. Yep.



  7. Political hacks gotta, you know…. hack.

    He should be reprimanded for breaking the rules on politicking in uniform.



  8. They don’t dare make it about killing seniors in nursing homes. If they did, then everyone would cast eyes on Murphy, Wolf, Whitmer, and others as well. And that would be most troublesome for the D brand.


    “Gov. Cuomo is rightly facing calls to resign — but for the wrong crime”

    “If Gov. Cuomo is impeached, resigns, or clings to office with reduced powers, let the record show:

    He was undone by allegations of a nonconsensual kiss, a grope and old-man innuendo rather than for causing up to 15,000 possibly preventable nursing-home deaths and then covering up the blunder.

    Lest anyone forget, Cuomo’s Health Commissioner, Howard Zucker, on March 25, 2020, ordered the state’s 619 nursing homes to take in hospitalized COVID-19 patients “requiring acute care.” It was supposedly based on federal rules, but they included no such requirement.

    Nursing homes, typically overcrowded, understaffed and poorly run, are ideal environments for spreading the virus. The result: a long-term-facilities death toll which the state first put at 8,505, but which it revised in January to at least 12,743 after months of public pressure to include victims who contracted COVID in nursing homes but didn’t die until they were sent to hospitals. Last month, facing even more pressure, the state owned up to an unimaginable 15,000 fatalities.

    Cuomo’s deceptions infuriated the loved ones of victims who were already reeling from their losses. Daniel Arbeeny, whose father died in a nursing home, fumed, “He’s consistently lied and gaslighted us and called us names from the beginning.”

    You’d think that such a mass-scale tragedy driven by a reckless government order would be ample cause to remove the governor. But, no — state legislators sat on their hands until they were prompted to action by what the woke world regards as an even graver offense: Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment of seven women, five of whom are former female staffers.”


    “But splitting hairs over the precise degree of Cuomo’s offenses is pointless. What matters here is moral prioritization. Democratic members of the state legislature — the only body with the authority to remove the governor — held their fire until the sexual-
    harassment claims emerged.

    In other words, progressives clearly consider crimes relating to life and death secondary to those involving sleazy come-ons.

    Until the women’s tales trickled out, Democratic lawmakers in Albany were too chicken to boot Cuomo over the nursing-home catastrophe. They granted him a free pass except for some scattered, toothless grumbling over his months-long refusal to turn over data demanded by victims’ families.

    The know-no-evil pattern mostly continued even after The Post reported on Feb. 11 that Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, owned up to fudging the true death toll. Only Queens Assemblyman Ron Kim had the guts to say on Feb. 19 that Cuomo should “consider” resigning over the nursing-home scandal. But not until Feb. 24 did other Albany pols call for the same. What lit their righteous fires that day was a Medium.com essay posted by former Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan about how his harassment had made her job a living hell. “


  9. The media lapdogs have become insulting to actual lapdogs.


    “Lapdog Corrupt Media Coverage Of Biden’s Carteresque Speech Is Embarrassing

    Biden’s speech without the media filter was unmemorable at best, and depressing at worst. With the media filter, however, it was the best speech you’ve ever heard.”

    “It’s embarrassing. Our corrupt, partisan media are embarrassing.

    Thursday night, President Joe Biden gave a speech to mark the one-year anniversary of the World Health Organization’s delayed acknowledgment of the COVID-19 pandemic that China unleashed upon the world. The media swooned.

    The speech was delivered off a Teleprompter by a man who wasn’t inspiring even when he had better command of his faculties decades ago. It was ungracious, going out of its way to refuse to acknowledge his predecessor’s Operation Warp Speed, the only pandemic response that has worked. And it worked so well: throwing money at private developers and getting rid of regulatory hurdles to do the impossible of obtaining vaccines within a few months.

    The dark and depressing speech was reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s “malaise” talks. He painted a horrible future with threatened future lockdowns if the people didn’t keep following his rules. The best-case scenario, he argued, was that if everyone did what he wanted, he’d let people have very small backyard barbecues with just a few select people on Independence Day.

    “Just two to four Independence Day lockdowns to slow the spread!” is not a particularly uplifting sentiment. The Washington Post had claimed earlier this week that Biden was “impregnable” to mockery, but somehow it wasn’t difficult for the two main satirical news sites to do that immediately:”


  10. Incredible interview with world-renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche. He is basically saying that these vaccines are not designed to stop infections once we are already in a ‘pandemic’. Once we are into it, as now, natural immunity is the way to go. These vaccines are going to create all kinds of other problems. Wrong weapon for the wrong war.

    The induced, long-lived (specific) antibodies out-compete our natural (non-specific) antibodies (which normally provide us with broad protection against any variants). The vaccine-induced antibodies become ‘blockers’ for new variants, against our natural antibodies, and the results can be deadly. The induced antibodies from the vaccine are now with us always (!) and are “bullying away” our natural immune system, which is never going to function again as it should.

    So Vanden Bossche is saying that everyone who gets the vaccine is destroying his/her innate immune system. Those natural antibodies could have previously handled all of those variants, but now have been rendered ineffective.

    He is most worried about this becoming a truly global issue in that we are actually helping this virus to become deadlier. It’s turning hundreds of millions of people into a gain of function laboratory. Viruses usually mutate to become less deadly, but this isn’t a natural pandemic. We have inserted a mechanism that actually trains the virus to go in the opposite direction, thus creating a ‘Hulk’ that becomes so virulent and deadly that there would be nothing we can do to stop it!

    In other words, we are close to creating a coronavirus that is completely vaccine resistant, a deadly pathogen that the current vaccine forced to become deadly!

    A passionate Vanden Bossche has put his reputation on the line – hopefully other scientists and leaders are listening…



  11. Pandemics usually affect large urban centers with high pop densities such as NYC or a typical European city. What’s strange in looking at US stats in terms of Covid cases per capitia, its rural states such as the Dakotas, Iowa, Nebraska, and “old south” states which are at the top of the list. Its true that Florida, New York and California are similar in stats — about average for the US in per capita cases; however, San Francisco area and NYC have a higher population denisty than the typical Florida city. Also interesting is the states who went all in with the tightest lockdowns have done the best — Washington, Oregon and Michigan.

    Listened to the officier condeming Tucker Carlson’s comments. Not sure why someoen said it was political — he was just defending military policy as it relates pregnant women and basically telling Carlson to mind his own business since he never served. Sentiments usually expressed at liberal commentators with right wing approval but apparently not appropiate when directed toward Carlson.


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