17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-13-21

  1. I was sitting here quietly, finished my quiet time, praying for some events and some of you. Then: I was thinking.
    I have been immensely blessed:

    I have been blessed to be born into the country almost everyone in the world is trying to get int:
    to make it like the place they left.

    I have been blessed to have lived and served when USA was the greatest country to exist in the world until now.

    I realized by events yesterday that I have been blessed in that my descendants are doing well enough to care about their descendants. They are all doing well, physically, materially, and evidently spiritually.

    The Sweetest Woman In The World has passed on now, and I don’t want to sound morbid, but I am anxious to follow.

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  2. πŸ™‚ I have been so blessed, too, Chas. Praying you will finish the race well. It is not surprising that your grasp on this world is loosening. Such a blessing to know those descendants are also walking with the Lord and doing well.

    πŸ™‚ A senior living place has called on the jam group my husband belongs to and asked them to play sometime in April. That means they will have to gather the end of March. We will be fully immunized after the first week in April. It will be so nice to get back to some sort of normal again.

    πŸ™‚ One of our grandsons was able to attend a military ball, so he is getting a bit of normal again as well. He is going to graduate high school (a year early) so it is nice they can get some normal in again.

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  3. 😊 Our Lord is unchanging…He continually watches over us and in Him do we trust
    😊 Thankful for the testimony of those who are leading before us…Chas
    😊 Hope for tomorrow…that some sense of β€œnormal” shall return and in that those who know Him not will look up and grasp hold of our Redeemer

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  4. Somebody on this blog has sent me a big bunch of candy and cookies.
    LindaS tells me who she suspects this somebody is.
    It is a huge surprise and thanks a lot.
    I may never have to buy sweets again.

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  5. I have had posts that pop up on Facebook with things I posted the year or several years before. Sometimes they are quite surprising. Sometimes sad or funny. Sometimes I just wonder, “What?” πŸ˜€

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  6. My FB “memory” post (4 years ago today) this morning were pictures of my off-kilter antique bed, broken in all the moving around to put in a new bedroom ceiling, that I sent to an antique repair guy who later came and picked it all up. Took a while for them to fix (and refinish, figured why not?) it, but it came back looking gorgeous.

    But I still need a new mattress.

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  7. πŸ˜€ Word Weavers

    πŸ˜€ Spring

    😣 Time Change

    😣 My posts about tax season remain the same from year to year

    πŸ˜€ Art was considered essential worker so did not lose employment

    😣 He seeming has worked 14/7 for the past year

    πŸ˜€ Wesley got to teach this past year

    😣 Colleges are again waiting to make employment decisions at the last minute

    πŸ˜€ I am immensely blessed to have so many Christian friends

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  8. 😦 A double whammy this weekend. First, yesterday I learned of Jenn dying, which had me crying on and off throughout the day, and some today, too.

    To be clear, we were not close friends, and we were mostly in touch on Facebook, but I had met her a couple times, and she is the daughter of friends from church. But she posted almost daily on Facebook, sharing her health struggles, but also posting about her love and appreciation for her wonderful family, and sharing words of encouragement for her Facebook friends. She would refer to me as “Beautiful” when she replied to me, such as “Thank you, Beautiful!” She was such a sweet lady who had suffered so much over the past decade-plus. So although we were not close friends, she had a place in my heart, and I had been praying for her for a long time. Her death has stunned and saddened me.

    Speaking of being stunned and saddened, this morning, after his sermon, Pastor Billy announced that he and Renee are resigning from Hope Springs Church! I burst into tears upon hearing that. They are not resigning due to any problem, but because God is calling them to move on.

    Part of my sadness, besides the fact that I love them, is that Hubby was especially happy with Pastor Billy and his shepherd’s heart. So another “thing” related to Hubby is passing out of my life.

    And speaking of Hubby and sadness and tears, tomorrow would have been our 35th anniversary. Any anniversary without him is sad, but there is something about the ones ending in fives or zeroes that seem especially important, and thus harder. I am glad that it falls on a day when Boy will be in school and Nightingale will be at work, so I can let myself cry without worrying about someone popping in. But I will also try to celebrate that I was blessed with marriage to Hubby, even though much of it was difficult.

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  9. Kizzie, I’m so sorry, that’s a lot of change (which = loss) at once. Online connections, especially those daily ones, really impact us (my friend Shirley and I would “chat” about little things everyday, sometimes a couple quick FB messages was all, but you know I really miss that now?).

    And losing a pastor is always so hard — and on top of the anniversary, you’re right, that’s a double whammy. When is your pastor leaving and what’s the process for finding/calling a new one? How long as this one been there? At my last church our much beloved pastor retired and then the search committee (basically the elders who self-appointed themselves) took forever to call a new one (and shared barely any real information with the rest of us during that time), which led to many folks, me included, eventually, to transfer to the much larger and healthier sister church across town. We stayed in limbo way too long.

    And I also think these changes are hitting some of us harder due to the past year of lockdown we’ve all been on. Many (most?) of us have missed the usual holiday traditions, get-togethers and just being able to do the things we’re used to doing. It’s been a hard year — so losses hit especially hard, I think.

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  10. Thanks, ladies. On top of those things, I am still very worried about Chickadee. The situation with her is a kind of grief, too. And I feel so helpless as to how to reach or help her.

    Pastor Billy and Renee are staying through Easter, and maybe a little beyond. There is already an interim pastor set up to take over while we search for a new pastor. The district officials (or whatever they are called) of the Assemblies of God will help with that, I think.


  11. Very sad to read about what you are having to process all at the same time, Kizzie. The burden is so great. I know God will take what is unbearable and carry it in His strength that helps us in our weakness. Hugs and tissues to share from afar.

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  12. We had our eighth lamb of the season this morning, followed by our first kid. I did not think its mom looked pregnant. She is not a good mom but we are giving her one more try to catch on. We have gone out twice to force her to feed the baby and have her in a small pen. It looked like she was planning to climb the fence though so we put another doe and doeling in with them. The doe is our oldest and very experienced and very broad so should be kidding soon as well.

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