13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-6-21

  1. 🙂 Thank God for those who minister to the dying. Thank God for hospice workers and those who have been there and can comfort others with the comfort they have received themselves from God.

    😦 Watching loved ones hurting.

    🙂 Prayers from others for this and so much else.

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  2. 🙂 Finally got around to gathering everything I need to apply for Social Security, and made the call. Now I have an appointment for a call back on Monday at 2:15 for the actual application process.

    🙂 The man I spoke with was very pleasant, and although he had a slight accent, I could understand him clearly. (Not hearing people clearly on the phone is a problem I have, between hearing aid issues and cell phones not having the best sound quality.)

    😦 Now I’m a little nervous about how well I will hear whoever calls on Monday.


  3. Kizzie, I saw an ad the other day for a landline phone that automatically provides real-time text readouts, subtitles if you will, on the phone’s base unit. I wonder how well that works, but maybe an option in the future?

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  4. 🙂 Saturday

    🙂 Vaccines and the pandemic will recede, but all in God’s providence; thankful for modern medicine

    😦 My inclination to complain and grumble about it until then, it’s been a very long year. Our sermon tomorrow is an exhortation to forebearance during this time. I clearly need to hear that one

    😦 The knee flared up last night after the dog walk and is still more-than-usual painful and stiff this morning; back to heat and ice and ibuprofen. I may have to get another shot & see about more PT

    🙂 God is still sovereign over all

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  5. Phones with readouts: my dad has one that he can use and has worked well for him. Actually, it is done by a person listening in on the call and typing it out as heard. I know this because my niece is one of the typists. During covid, his phone did not work as well due to the many people not going to work. But when they are in, it works well I won’t call him because the last time I did, he answered it and was delighted to hear from me. But he had left my stepmom on the stairs to answer! I am not that important!


  6. I did not believe it at first, thought my dad was losing it. But confirmed it with my brother. It is also a tad slower than you would think if it was automated.


  7. You know how we joke about a little man inside the tv putting up the pictures or whatever. Never entered my mind it really would be people listening and typing. He said when I laughed, it typed (laughter).

    He also has a tablet he refuses to use. It types out whatever anybody in the room says. But it is automated.

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  8. Haha, that’s what I was thinking when you said little people (as I envision them) actually transcribe your phone conversations.

    The books they could write someday …


  9. 😦 I was told by the person who sold me the new laptop to have them install the printer driver. I didn’t have the model number with me, but was told to just bring it when we picked up the laptop after the data transfer. I did ask the associate to do that when I picked it up, but was told it was not necessary, since the computer would just recognize it when I used the cable. Well, no, it did not and I spent hours trying to do it myself. Finally went online to chat with the computer fixer people and was told I would have to be online for one to two hours just to chat. So, I guess I have 24/7 help, but I must spend hours to get it. I decided to wait and try again another day. The bummer is I already gave the computer people at the store a very good review. Only one did not do what she should have. They are over an hour away and it is many below zeros in wind chill and there is a pandemic otherwise I could just go back. Not a big thing, but oh so irritating.

    Also, talk about trusting people will all your information…

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  10. 🙂 Twin boys

    🙂 Getting to spend so much time with them – a Covid perk

    😦 I wouldn’t ‘need’ to be here if there weren’t restrictions and the parents’ friends and family could just come over and help out everyday.

    🙂 The caring community that is this group.

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