69 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-3-21

  1. I hope everyone else has a good morning.
    Fortunately, I had Lindas stay with us last night.
    Elvera isn’t doing well at all.
    Me neither, but at least I’m up and around.

    I appreciate your prayers.
    I really do. That’s all I have now.

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  2. A couple follow-up notes from last night’s discussion of WVers geographic distribution.

    I asked HRW on the News thread and he says he’s in ON, and Roscuro also reported that, so the province count remains at 2.

    Mumsee asked if we’ve included Linda. I got her location from FB and it’s in the list (though I don’t remember now which state it was – my memory is very short!)

    Peter thought Pauline might have moved from IA to IL. Her FB still says IA. But if she’s moved to IL, that doesn’t change the state count, which is 16.

    So, 16 US states, 2 Canada provinces, and 2 other countries.

    Not only is that a pretty good number of states, but it’s also widely distributed, not all clustered in one part of the country. We stretch from Connecticut to Georgia to California to Idaho.

    Yapamom is still unaccounted for.

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  3. Kizzie, thanks for reminding me of Random Name’s name. I was frustrated that I couldn’t remember it because I had a lot of interaction with him, including some separate email. He had a different moniker on WV than he did on WorldMagBlog, which I also don’t remember.

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  4. Morning! Chas I am thankful Linda is there with you..it’s important…we love you and continue to cover you in prayer ♥️
    Do ya’ll remember “Solar Pancake”? that person once posted on here and would refer to the Palmer Divide which is where we are located…so that person, he or she, would have been from CO…not sure how long ago there was a posting from that person.
    Our high should be 58 today! And by tomorrow morning we will have 4 inches of new fallen snow…nothing in comparison to AJ’s snow though 😊

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  5. I am doing a little devotional journal, The Woman God Sees. I am also doing an online Bible study and yesterday we were reading in Genesis about Hagar who “named the LORD who spoke to her: ‘You are El-roi,’ for she said, ‘In this place, have I actually seen the one who sees me?'” And last night when I was doing the Zoom Precepts study in Esther, Kay Arthur was at one point speaking about El-roi.
    Yesterday my journal question was: “What will it be like to see Jesus face-to-face? Think about the promise of 1 Corinthians 13:12. Then write about it.”
    The journal note in today’s reading in addition to that scripture says, “We look forward to seeing Jesus face-to-face, but he longs for that meeting even more! Try thinking about that experience through Jesus’ eyes. What do you imagine?”

    I wrote: Oh, Jesus, for You to see my eyes light up with the joy of finally seeing and knowing You fully must be such a joy for You. I do imagine You are awaiting in eager anticipation for each of Your children to be fully alive in Your presence.” Of course I was thinking about Elvera and how timely this devotional was to the events in our lives.

    I now have my Wed. morning ladies’ Bible study where we are studying in 1 Peter.

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  6. Hey, question for you. Recently I read someone writing about cooking steak, and one of the things he said was that it’s better to use steak fresh, not to freeze it. Well, we already have steak in our freezer, so oh well. But having found a recipe that looks easy and good, and something my husband would like, I had our shopper this week pick up some steak . . . but now my husband doesn’t feel like eating much of anything. This particular recipe has steak cut into squares and cooked in butter and garlic, Should I cook it anyway, and freeze it, or go ahead and freeze the uncooked steak? I didn’t buy it to eat it myself.


  7. A good thing to do with steak is to salt it liberally, put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours uncovered, bring to room temp then cook or you can do a reverse sear where you bring it to a certain temp in the oven then sear it on top of the stove. Look up Alton Brown’s reverse sear and dry brine.


  8. NancyJill, I think Solar Pancake still posts occasionally on the News thread.

    Cheryl, yes, I believe Tychicus is in the Czech Republic, so I accounted for him.

    Janice, yes, Whidbey Island in Puget Sound is correct for RN. I believe Mrs. B. has a cousin who also lives there.

    No new places have been mentioned, so the count stands at 16 states, 2 provinces, and 2 other countries.
    AL, CA, CO, CT, GA, IA or IL, ID, IN, MI, MN, MO, NC, NM, PA, TN, TX
    ON, SK
    Papua New Guinea, Czech Republic

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  9. All meat is better eaten without freezing. However, it has to be eaten when it has to be eaten or be frozen. We eat steaks that have been frozen and all kinds of other meat. That is the best way to not have to run to the store very often and to save money.

    How you would prepare it would depend on the type of steak. Personally, I would freeze it and then make it when I wanted to eat it. However, we do freeze all kinds of meals and then eat them later. My husband almost always has leftovers for lunch. The only thing he doesn’t like after freezing is potatoes. I think having a sauce would help in keeping it taste fresher, but it is difficult to say. Also, you have to guess at microwaving it, so how much you like your steak done would have to be considered if you are freezing and reheating. It would be easy to over do it when microwaving it.


  10. Kathaleena, in recent years I have tried freezing quite a range of foods. Baked goods nearly always freeze well. I also now make more taco meat than I want to use in a particular week and freeze half of it (and if there is a difference from freshly cooked, I haven’t noticed it), and when I mash potatoes I cook and mash the whole bag (five pounds) and usually freeze two-thirds of it in a couple different portions. I have frozen cooked chicken, meat loaf, and cooked turkey. I freeze blueberries, too, although I definitely prefer them fresh since they get a little mushy when they thaw. I’m currently eating through some turkey and rice soup I froze at Thanksgiving; it’s not wonderful (I prefer turkey fresh off the bone), but it’s food.

    With other people shopping for us, we buy what is on sale that week and only ask them to shop every other week. For a few days we have all the bananas we can eat, but other produce usually lasts us the whole two weeks. If we want meat the second week, it has to come from the freezer.

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  11. Thanks for the list of states, I was just thinking about that the other day, now far and wide we are spread.

    Just escaped having to go out to cover a union protest in Long Beach that starts in an hour (over the closure of 2 small grocery stores due to a requirement to provide hazard pay to employees which owners say they can’t swing right now).

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  12. I use to freeze London Broil or flank steak. It is easier to cut into the thin strips while still partially frozen.

    Also, if desired, the fresh steak could be cut into chunks, cooked, and used to make a steak soup with lots of veggies to be frozen in portions. I use to make hamburger soup that was delicious, and I loved getting steak soup occasionally at a downtown department store tea room when I was in my twenties.


  13. Re Cheryl’s 10:41

    Our sermon Sunday was on the pandemic and the challenges it has posed for all of our churches, which included the strong disagreements it’s brought up in our own (and other) churches.

    In remarks that probably relate well for political and other discussions where there’s disagreement as well, our pastor spoke of the importance of how to listen try to understand those with convictions different from our own — and, in something I’ve seen all too often these days, the importance of not assigning “motives” to others’ beliefs.


    ” ~ … Herein lies a great opportunity to begin to understand others. To work hard at listening and seeking to grasp the factors driving the convictions of others. And we should do this without assigning dark motives. It is God and God alone who can search and know the heart of man (Jeremiah 17:10; 1 Samuel 16:7; 1 Chronicles 28:9). … I have a difficult enough time understanding my own heart, let alone the heart of another. Unless someone shares their motives, we should avoid assuming motives. And even when someone uses ambiguous or questionable language when explaining their convictions, we should listen as charitably as possible.

    It does seem that we have too easily assigned fear, selfishness, rebellion, sheepishness, idolatry, faithlessness, etc. In my conversations with people I have found that there is generally a more thoughtful reason for their convictions. … We should examine our own motives. But not the motives of others. ~ ”



    Minds may not be changed and that shouldn’t even be the goal, necessarily. We won’t always agree, we may even seldom agree when it comes to some of these issues.

    Our congregation, I’m quite sure, still comes down in differing positions of what is a long spectrum of opinions regarding how to deal with Covid. But one worthy goal overall might be to at least lower the heat and not make it personal (“You’re an idiot!” or fill in a other word) to avoid making each other mad or madder. lol

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  14. Kevin – I am pretty sure that 6 Arrows lives in a state that is not on your list, but I cannot divulge that. 🙂

    Janice – Since your comment last night was meant playfully, I don’t think you would need to apologize. He doesn’t seem to take offense easily.

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  15. Here is an article from World about some folks who have been in the pro-life movement for a long time, and have seen it change over the years. The first man makes a point that I have thought of, that we need to change hearts more than laws:

    Did the pro-life movement make a mistake by concentrating on reversing Roe v. Wade? Great idea, but that’s not the end game. Reverse it, the question goes back to the states, and while many states ban abortion within their state promptly, 15 states or so will expand abortion. Any woman who wants an abortion will still be able to get one. She’ll just have to travel more.

    So the Supreme Court is not our savior? In the entire recorded history of the world, it has never ever happened that a nation ended a massive, deeply entrenched evil by changing the law. That just doesn’t happen. You can vote in Hitler, you can vote in evil, but you can’t vote it out. To get it out, you have to do something other than vote, and history offers only two ways to change a massively entrenched evil in society: war and martyrdom. We need to study other campaigns of nonviolence and build on them. The pro-life movement started doing that but then got badly sidetracked. Now we’re back to this effort of changing the law without changing society first.

    How can we end abortion in the United States? You need to reach out to people from all backgrounds and build a national consensus. If you work with one party, you cannot change a nation. I’m troubled by the divisiveness in the nation that the pro-life movement is now a part of, because if you give up on the Democratic Party, you have given up on ending abortion in America.


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  16. Ah, this discussion of states is bringing some lurkers out! Good to see you all.

    Kathaleena, I thought of Aijisuun (sp?), but couldn’t remember what country she’s in. I also wasn’t sure how far back in time we should go. When was the last time anyone saw her here?

    Kizzie, thanks for remembering 6 Arrows. We’ll call it 17 states then, without being sure what one of them is.

    I haven’t seen 6 Arrows lately. Is all well with her? I was out for awhile myself.

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  17. Yapamom, nice to see you! By all means, talk about it. Why is your heart in Ecuador? I have an uncertain memory that you have family there, including someone we were praying for who was ill maybe a year or two ago.

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  18. Six is very busy with many piano students and sometimes gets in on the weekends. I also wondered about her but thought her state was quietly addressed.

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  19. Yapamom, as you know, five of my children have a dad in Ecuador so I am always interested in hearing more about that country.


  20. Chas, I know she is very social so wondered if you had folk over. My parents only did twice that I am aware of.

    So did you play games? Cards? Scrabble? Checkers? Backgammon?
    Did either of you like to swim?

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  21. Well, my heart is in Ecuador for several reasons. I went down there to study Spanish and missions after finishing my four year degree more than 20 years ago. So I wound up meeting and marrying an Ecuadorian. Then Yapa was born there. Yapa is the Ecuadorian word for bonus/ somethings thrown in to sweeten a deal, usually made by haggling in the market. My health dropped off and we were forced to move back to the States. I struggled seriously with my health for 6-8 years. Yapa’s father moved on, but we still have good connections with part of his family. Yapa has completed homeschooling and is in her second year of Bible college, with a goal of translation work in missions. She is also involved in ministry to addicts through her church near college.

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  22. I briefly dated someone from Ecuador in college and that’s also where my roofers were originally from, they were the best. The dad showed me photos one day of their property the family still owns, complete with horses which he was quite proud of.

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  23. Kevin, yes, two years ago I was called down to help my mother in law get in to see a doctor for cancer. We were able to start the ball rolling that allowed her to have surgery to remove it. She has other health issues, but the cancer has not taken her yet. My father in law also has many health concerns and we are concerned for his spiritual condition.
    Mumsee, I remember that you were interested in hearing about things in Ecuador, but did not realize your crew had connections to it. Do you know what region or city their father came from?

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  24. doing a story on robot food deliveries coming to our town — one customer wrote on the website: “A pandemic highlight, of which there aren’t many.”

    Made me laugh.

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  25. What Elvera liked most was to go shopping.
    Then, talking to Polly or someone.
    She liked to travel and went to Spain, Italy and Israel on church trips. I got my traveling out during my AF hitch. (I was a flight radio operator, went lots of places, more than I wanted.)
    She did go with me to LA, and San Francisco, etc..

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  26. You all it is 55 degrees right now and I have the windows open…it smells amazingly fresh in what was a stale winter house! Mopped all the floors with vinegar and a drop of Dawn…squeaky clean! (Husband is on a bike ride with his friends…he won’t take his shoes off when he gets here so I will mopping up behind him!) 🙃

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  27. Chas, I know she is a fan of shopping, so is my step mom in law. I cannot relate. Mostly clothes or did she hunt for home decor and such as well?

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  28. The Canva workshop is over, and I will have a replay for when I venture into the app. It can be used for making cards which I had not considered. It also can be used for making business cards, logos, and many things I had not thought about because I was really only interested in making memes. It is a free app or has a pro version for more flexibility in graphic designs.

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  29. Yapamom, thanks for telling us some of your story! It sounds like Yapa is someone to be proud of. It’s so good you’ve kept close to your in-laws, and it’s a good reminder to pray for them again. Your health issues are in the past now?

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  30. I’m guessing clothes. Remember how chas would be stuck outside a store in the mall with his laptop, waiting and waiting and waiting … 🙂

    I try not to go to stores I love, like Home Goods or even Target, where I see too many things I like. I haven’t been to Home Goods, even though it’s fairly inexpensive, in ages, not even since before the pandemic hit.

    I love higher-end places like Pottery Barn, too, but I can never afford their things, for the most part.

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  31. Morning all. I can hear the cows mooing. Beautiful with clouds and blue sky.
    Walking up the hill wore me up yesterday.
    So I rested and had lunch then went to school and got so many sweet hugs.
    There was a school calendar in my box and i found out we had a staff meeting so I stayed for that. it was great to be with everyone and see the new folks that God has sent.

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  32. Shopping for clothes mumsee. Long story, but I’ll give you the gist.
    Elvera’s mother died when Elvera was young. Her father and kin helped raise the three girls still at home. Once, one of them made three home made dresses for the girls. Of the same material. Elvera and sisters wore essentially the same dress for years.
    Elvera has been sensitive about clothes. She has some with the tags still on. But she has them and that’s ok. It’s a small price to pay and that’s her only unessential splurge.

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  33. Since we’ve had a couple clarifications I’ll update the score one more time.

    17 states: AL, CA, CO, CT, GA, IA, ID, IN, MI, MN, MO, NC, NM, PA, TN, TX, and 1 unknown
    (The “unknown” is known by some of us not to be one of the other 16, but they can’t say what it is.)
    2 provinces: ON and SK
    2 or 3 other countries: Papua New Guinea and Czech Republic, with The Gambia a possible third if its resident is still in our group.

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  34. My husband insisted we had to go out to Dairy Queen for ice cream today, since the weather will be turning to more seasonable weather tomorrow. Today we hit in the lower thirties. By the weekend we will have highs below zero with wind chills possible in the -50″s. In 1996 it was -60F actual temperature. We have had a very mild winter so far. I do not remember ever going to get ice cream and then sitting and eating it in the car while parked by a lake. Covid has made for some new experiences.

    My BIL will be getting the vaccination tomorrow. He lives in a senior high rise building and was called. He will be vaccinated right in his building.

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  35. Chas, I am glad you were able to make her a life where she could shop. God has blessed you in many ways.

    Did you two ever have any of the grandchildren “spend the night” with you on their own?

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  36. Kevin, my health problems are not gone, but they are not flaring. My doctor says the longer I go, the less chance that they will cause me trouble again. I have made it to my major goal of living until my daughter was through homeschool. I am in a waiting pattern right now to see what God has next for me. I had plans to make a small step forward last year, but Covid derailed that temporarily.
    Mumsee, I was just asking to find a good jumping off place to tell you more about Ecuador. Can I ask what racial group they are from? That could also let me know which part of the country where they have roots. Ecuador is famous for it’s Indian groups, but there are also black, white, mixed and Asians in the society there. It is impossible to recognize an Ecuadorian only by appearance. I know this is true in several other Latin American countries, particularly Ecuadors neighbors.

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  37. Yapamom, in my view, the second, third, and fourth take after the Ecuadorian side. Long, thick black hair, beautiful skin, beautiful teeth. The oldest and youngest take after their Mexican side with more fine black hair and crooked teeth. Not that I think that is the norm, just the impression I got from the one picture I have ever seen of them with their mother. I know nothing of tribes or any other grouping. I do know that they talked of eating guinea pig!

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  38. Mumsee, both sets of grandparents lived in N. Va. They often spent the night with each. But I think that the three of them stayed together when they spent the night with one set of grandparents.

    They now let their children do the same thing.

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  39. When do you return to teaching, Jo?

    I just finished an hour-long Zoom class–me as teacher–on where to find writing ideas. It took me days to prepare and I’m exhausted at 3 o’clock.

    Fun, but the last major thing except reading material and recording Mrs. OC. until the West Coast Christian Writers conference in two weeks. I’ve already recorded that teaching, am leading a roundtable of eight historical fiction writers, and have a 1/2 hour meeting with another. Plus some sort of all-day class for experienced writers.

    I finished writing the rough draft of the Holy Week stations on Monday and am awaiting feedback. If you’re interested in what I finally came up with (Last Supper, Garden of Gethsemene, Cross, Empty Tomb), let me know and I’ll send you a copy.

    I loved writing about the Empty Tomb from the point of view of two angels. Totally fun.

    I love angels–Biblical ones!

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  40. I don’t believe I ever spent the night alone with my grandparents. Early evening after Girl Scouts for a few months when they moved to Idaho but no over nights. Except when the family drove to California each year. But that was the whole family. My paternal grandparents died before I was three.

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  41. For you California peeps, especially from or in the LA area. (I haven’t read it myself, but thought some of you might be interested.)

    “The Century-Old Neon Sign Tearing Up LA Conservationists
    After hiding just out of frame for decades, an exceptionally rare and remarkable Depression-era neon sign was discovered outside of Los Angeles. Then the past came rushing back.”


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  42. I sometimes post from work, which is in Illinois. In fact, I usually post the Friday Funnies from there during the school year, since AJ has been opening the thread later lately.


  43. My parents loved having their Three Beautiful Granddaughters (as they called them) spend the night at their house fairly often. Before they sold their house to move to a townhouse condo/duplex (due to their getting older and my dad having lost his right arm to cancer), the girls (my two and my niece) had their own room upstairs, with a bed for each of them. They loved that!

    When Mom and Dad downsized to the condo, the girls still slept over, but on air mattresses on the living room floor. They loved that, too!

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  44. I’m still reading through the 6:20 article link, but was struck by remembering trying to get on what must have been that fwy once — there was a stop sign, and a shockingly short space from which to merge. So scary, I remember having to hit the accelerator to the floor and just pray that oncoming traffic would yield.

    I avoided it ever since (I believe it was a way I took after Carol was moved from Hollywood to Glendale, not far but northeast of Hollywood; after that I made sure to just make the short hop back down to Hollywood to catch the more modern (but still rather old) 101 South from Hollywood or Sunset Blvds into downtown LA and south to the harbor.

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