4 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 1-9-21

  1. 😡 Biden/Harris, Big Tech, Republicans, Democrats…..(should have had my second cup of coffee before posting here 🙃
    😊 Snow going to fall in this forest today
    😊 Ability to take a long walk and air out my brain

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  2. The visit with the physical therapist this week was quite encouraging. We had noticed little guy arching his back and trying to use his stomach muscles like he wanted to sit up. She taught us what to do and so he has been sitting with us playing roll the ball with his sister and cousin. Such a change for him from lying on the floor or play mat. Hoping to get him to roll over, with much practice. Lots of strengthening to do first though.

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  3. 🙂 Yay for that, mumsee!

    😦 Congress wasting time and effort on impeachment again. So many absolute windbags in our government, who do nothing but waste our tax money. So many are going to be shocked God is not going to be impressed by fancy speeches and titles. I don’t care what party label is behind their name, it is all disgusting. God bless and help those who really want to serve Him and their constituents.

    😦 All the sadness with so many horrible accidents and the deaths happening with no good way to physically grieve with those who grieve.

    😦 Family issues that just make me grieve a whole lot more.

    🙂 An opportunity to share the gospel once more.

    🙂 The beauty of nature that God has blessed us with.

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