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  1. Cheryl (from yesterday’s 6:19pm): What Mr. Parkes shared in the video was embedded in another source that was sharing content on this HUGE story. What he shared was the same basic message that Maria Zack has shared (he has linked to her audio message), and she is the key investigative source to the story. So what makes that message a “conspiracy theory”? Is she (a Christ follower, btw) somehow an untrustworthy source?

    Mrs. Zack is leading a government transparency organization (nationsinaction.org) that thoroughly investigates and researches election irregularities, even when, as now, their very lives are in danger. Since the news broke in Italy in early December, they have been working very hard to make sure that they are getting all the facts and vetting everything before they can make it all public. Just b/c it’s a mega, almost unbelievable story, with players who themselves are part of a grand conspiracy, doesn’t mean that Maria and her team haven’t been extremely diligent in seeking the truth.

    Concerning VP Pence: As I said before, he made the wrong decision. He could have and should have sent the disputed elector slates back to the relevant state legislatures, but he refused. Some of those state legislatures actually wrote to Pence before the joint session, asking him to return the electors to them, but he refused.

    He lacked courage. It was actually his election that was stolen as well. Yes, it would have been a risk for him to do whatever he could to defend election integrity and the Constitution, but he chose instead to go in with the establishment folks. He didn’t have the courage of his own convictions. At that key moment on Jan 6th, he should have, like the Founders, risked it all to do the right thing. In that moment when we really needed him to come through, our VP failed us. If he had stood for truth and the Constitution in that key moment, it would have been a great inspiration for all of us who simply want (not a “power grab,” as you characterize it) free and fair elections, just as the Constitution has established. If we don’t have free and fair elections, then we don’t have a Constitutional Republic.

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  2. From someone who has actually worked in the US Capitol…

    “I have seen enough evidence to convince me that the violence at the Capitol was:
    A. Mostly caused by Antifa. Some Trump supporters were in the wrong place at the wrong time, next to violent Antifa members.
    B. Trump has never called for violence, and he has had dozens of huge rallies across the nation that have NEVER led to any violence. Trump supporters are just not into that.
    C. We know that outside forces are funding violent groups to subvert and destabilize our nation (eg., George Soros, Black Lives Matter funded by US corporations).
    D. The Capitol Police, based upon video evidence, facilitated the entry of Antifa into the Capitol, and abandoned their posts at the hardened entry points to the Capitol. Why did they do that? Having worked in the Capitol building for 8 years, I could never have gained entry into the Capitol like that. Capitol police have guns. None of the mob had guns. So why were there no police?
    E. Photographers were stationed at key locations to capture perfect pictures of people sitting at the Speaker‘s desk, etc. If you have ever been in the Speaker’s office, it is not easy to find in the Capitol, and once in the Speaker’s suite of offices, it is not easy to find the Speaker’s private office, which they did – probably with an escort.”

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  3. I think the president should spend his last days in office declassifying everything and anything that the Dems want hidden. All of it. Just declassify and dump it on the internet.

    Burn it down.

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  4. Nope, no Antifa here…..

    Like Tychicus said above….. “probably with an escort”


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  5. Certainly not a Trump supporter…..

    Yet there he is, right in the thick of it.

    Stuff your fact checks claiming these were all Trump supporters.


    Nope, no Antifa here either…..

    Oh wait….

    Antifa led the charge.

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  6. Yet another reason they’re now dead to 74 million voters. Enjoy the suck that’s coming, ya’ll earned it.


    “Big tech has launched an unprecedented and coordinated cyber attack on President Donald Trump and his 74,000,000 voters.”

    “As this was happening — the GOP was dead silent.”

    “On Friday, Twitter permanently banned hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters and prominent allies — before banning the president himself. Nearly every account that helped to promote the Stop the Steal rallies or challenge the election results were banned, including Ali Alexander, Michael Coudrey, Gen. Mike Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. Countless smaller accounts that supported the president were also getting suspended in a seemingly constant rate.

    The same has been happening over on Facebook and Instagram.

    At the same time, Parler was warned by both the Apple and Google stores that if they did not impose moderation on their free speech platform within 24 hours they would be banned entirely.”


    Which they’ve now done. This is un-American garbage, and I can’t believe some folks don’t see it. Cowardice, especially from elected R’s.

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  7. Tychicus, is conspiracy being alleged here? It seems to me that it is. That makes this, by definition, a conspiracy theory. Not all “conspiracy theories” are proven false; the term itself is neutral.

    Do you have evidence for the assertion that some of the states asked Pence to return the elector slates to state legislators and he refused? Frankly, I don’t understand why anything needs to be “returned” to them: why can they not simply vote to accept one slate and not the other one, if that is what they wish to do? (The idea they cannot do this without him sending them something doesn’t “ring true,” but maybe there is something there I don’t understand.) Courts have turned down the cases in instance after instance, and the vice president cannot simply decide to act on his own.

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  8. So far I still have Parler but I fear not for long. This is control has gotten out of hand and conservatives are being forced to go underground somehow…not certain what that will look like.
    Many are getting off of FB and I know a person who has been “warned” by FB that she may be banned 😳
    Will there be an investigation as to why people were “let in” the Capital building and they did NOT storm the barricades as reported by MSM??? Bunch of rats in DC and within our Government….and I’m not talking about Trump!

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  9. BTW, I have no time to track down every source ever used on here, and no idea whether Maria Zack is or isn’t trustworthy. I only addressed the one who isn’t.

    Through the years I have found World magazine to be a reliable source. They got in trouble with some readers recently by daring to post on the Ravi Zacharias allegations of gross sexual misconduct; several people in their comments section said that they were cancelling their subscriptions. But they have been proven to be right (and the evidence was there in the first place, but the people posting in the comments section apparently hadn’t seen the evidence I had seen). World has looked into a few instances of alleged fraud (e.g., Georgia) and have not found it. They’d happily follow that trail if there was anything solid. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any fraud at all, but when courts led by Trump-nominated judges are refusing to take cases, when conservative news magazines are looking into fraud allegations and not finding it, and when the President’s appointed men are jumping off a sinking ship, at some point it seems most likely that the allegations of widespread fraud are false.

    But it seems to me best to let this thread be an echo chamber, and so I probably won’t post anymore except to say this: In a week and a half a new president is going to be sworn in, and probably within a few months his vice president will succeed him. I don’t like it, but it is reality. And it is within God’s sovereign plan for us. In our system of government, in four years we will have another chance. Biblically we are told what to do in the meantime: we are to honor our rulers and submit to them, and we are to pray for them. That doesn’t mean we can never say they are wrong, and it is also biblical to obey God rather than man when man’s commands go contrary to God’s. But our general attitude is to be respect and submission. That even includes President Biden in a few days.

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  10. Hmmm…not seeing this place as an “echo chamber” but that of exchanging ideas. I find myself agreeing with some more on their observations than others but to say there can be no rebuttals is unfair in my estimation.
    I do not believe the Lord would have us support a man or woman who supports and advances the killing of children in the womb AND outside of the womb. That is but one of the evils this administration will support…I could go on and on. I will ask the Lord to turn them from their wicked ways and bring them to Himself…but I will not support nor “submit” to their evils.

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  11. I like to read different points of view. I do believe in being civil and rebutting ideas, rather than putting people down. That is very helpful for all of us, I think.

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  12. ~ The American Civil Liberties Union on Friday is raising concerns about social media platforms banning users, in the aftermath of Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend President Trump.
    While the ACLU has repeatedly locked horns with Mr. Trump and his administration over issues such as the president’s travel ban, the ACLU is worried about the ramifications of tech companies diminishing online speech.

    “We understand the desire to permanently suspend him now, but it should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions — especially when political realities make those decisions easier,” said Kate Ruane, ACLU senior legislative counsel, in a statement. … ~


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  13. And we need to let God be God here, too.

    If this leads to worse events (and it certainly could from the looks of things right now) or the sinking of our nation at some point in the future, will believers feel “let down” by God, that he is somehow obligated to save our nation, either in an immediate or ultimate sense?

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  14. “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.”

    When Paul wrote that, Nero was emperor.

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  15. Do you believe God was guiding our founders in the American Revolution? Do you believe it was his will for our country to be formed at all, and formed in the manner it was?
    Honest questions. I have been thinking quite a bit about these questions for several years, and more and more lately.

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  16. Many in America believe that our governing authority is the constitution. The Declaration of Independence gives a justification and prescription for more sweeping change of government.

    Our founders blazed a solid path. I didn’t see anything in the piece posted yesterday about Luther’s position on riots that would contradict the Declaration.

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  17. Debra, 3:35, yes.

    I also believe that God acts and reigns anew, day to day, year to year, in “real time.” Nothing stays the same forever, other than God and His Kingdom.

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  18. I have no idea what the “big picture” is for this nation. None of us have that ability. We are called to be good citizens day to day, we cast votes according to our conscience. We do our best to stay informed and make wise decisions, sometimes in the face of all kinds of false information coming our way.


  19. One reason I have questioned the actions of our founding fathers is I’m not sure where I would have stood if I had been alive then. Now it’s so easy to say ‘of course, I’m on the side of righteousness and liberty, so I’ll fully support Samuel Adams—even in his caustic and seditious rhetoric ‘. But would I *really* ? Things always seem so clear, or at least much clearer, from a distance. And it’s precisely because nothing stays the same forever with human affairs, that I question our place and time in history.

    And likewise, when I pray the Lord’s prayer, and I get to the part “may your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” I also wonder what that may look like in actuality and what does the process look like. Somehow I don’t think it’s all cupcakes and roses.

    I’m not advocating rebellion, in case anyone is wondering. But it seems likely to me that Believers should seriously consider these questions for themselves, in advance of an actual emergency. Other countries have risen and fallen into chaos; other governments have been strong and then crumbled; other Christians have suffered and do suffer persecution. We are not immune.

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  20. “No, Antifa Wasn’t Behind the Capitol Riot”

    “For one thing, this isn’t antifa’s m.o. Antifa protesters typically use “black bloc” tactics: They dress in black and conceal their faces with masks and hoods. Individuals will quickly smash windows and set fires, then blend back into a crowd of similarly dressed people. They don’t aim to get caught.
    The people who stormed the Capitol, by contrast, were captured in numerous photos and videos. Their faces are easily identifiable. Many are obviously sincere Trump supporters associated with the far right. . . .
    I covered the unrest at the Capitol, and it’s simply not possible that these acts of violence and property destruction were carried out by undercover antifa agents. The people smashing windows, climbing walls, and knocking down police barriers were often the leaders of the crowds; they were known to the other protesters. For these activists to be secret agents of the left would have required a covert operation far beyond antifa’s capabilities, and at odds with antifa’s typical behavior.
    Andy Ngo, a writer with a record of harshly criticizing antifa, agrees.
    “The people occupying the Capitol building do not look like antifa people dressed in Trump gear or Trump costumes,” he told The Washington Examiner. “I have seen no evidence that they are able to coordinate a mass infiltration on this scale before, so I’m really skeptical that they would have been able to do it here without any of that information leaking out.”



  21. Debra – There are Christians who will argue that the American Revolution was unbiblical rebellion. But others believe it was not.

    A while back, I read an article that explained why it would not be considered rebellion. I don’t remember all the details, but part of it had to do with the British king and government being so far removed from the growing colonies, and (IIRC) that the citizens in Britain had representation in Parliament, but we didn’t.

    Wish I could remember what else the article said, as it was quite convincing. I had questioned it as you do. (I’m also open to another viewpoint on it.)

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  22. Kizzie are you suggesting citizens are compelled according to scripture to submit to every order coming from their governing Leader/dictator/King?
    There are many instances, even in scripture, when commands of a King/Leader have not been adhered to….Moses being hidden from being killed comes to mind…
    So if the government mandates I wear a mask in the store…I do so. If the government mandates I take a vaccine … I will not….unless of course the Lord changes my mind. If the government decided all of one group of peoples should be taken away and I should turn them over to the government if I knew where they were hiding…I would not follow their directive….

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  23. Mumsee – At least three of those that I have read about have turned out to have been misidentified or mislabeled, and were indeed Trump supporters.

    Even if there were some others in the crowd, that doesn’t justify what the Trump supporters did. (And to be clear, no, I do not associate all Trump supporters with those.) People from opposing sides often show up at the demonstrations of their opponents, for one reason or another. In fact, one of the men was mislabeled as Antifa because he had appeared at at least one of their demonstrations.

    There have been enough Trump supporters who were there, and have justified what they did, to put to rest the idea that it wasn’t their idea.

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  24. NancyJill – No, of course not. I was merely reminding us that unless there is a compelling moral reason not to, we should consider ourselves subject to the governing authorities, as Paul said.

    I made this same point to some Christian friends who were disrespectful in their posts or comments about President Trump.

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  25. I’ll send my street address to AJ and you can have it Mumsee. Hopefully this won’t end all that quickly. However, I still remember that WorldMag gave us very little notice before they shut it all down for us, so you never know.

    As for elections, even if we continue to have them as usual, I have lost much confidence in their veracity. I suspect millions of others have as well.

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  26. Thanks Kizzie. As much as I disliked Obama I refrained from calling him names 🙃 I did not like what he did to our country during his long 8 years but I endured. I cannot say the other side did likewise during Trump’s Presidency sadly. I do see this upcoming administration is going to give me heartburn!
    I do believe I have two or three addresses/contact info of fellow wanderers…does this mean we might have to rely upon USPS for communication in the future Mumsee? Have mercy!! 😂

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  27. The Senate vote will allow R’s a small chance at some redemption. Watch as they squander it and lose millions of voters.

    Call the Senate back and vote, or leave it for when Dems are running everything.


    “Democrats unveil the single article of impeachment they will introduce Monday if Trump is still president
    It accuses him of ‘incitement to insurrection’ for whipping up his MAGA mob who sacked the Capitol in an orgy of violence which killed a police officer
    It also mentions his desperate ploy to overturn the Georgia election results and demands that he be banned from ever seeking office again
    Article could be passed as soon as Monday and go to the Senate – what happens next is simply unknown
    Mitch McConnell has to take it up but the Senate is out until January 19; a trial can continue after Trump has left the White House
    Democrats are also setting up a committee to assess Trump’s fitness for office in move to keep 25th Amendment removal on the table”

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  28. The narrative I’m reading elsewhere;
    1. Right wing groups were bragging on the internet; just wait until Jan 6 ie they were planning something.
    2. Trump encouraged his followers to go to the capitol — those in the lead made sure they made for the building and were prepared to enter
    3. Pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails (later recovered by police) were prepared ahead of time in case they were necessary.
    4. Some police knew ahead of time and other police cooperated because they had Trump sympathies — hence the easy entrance, cops taking selfies or standing by.
    5. Although most Trump protesters acted more like tourists, took selfies, or vandalized the place, video showed some of the protesters clearly looking for something — they looked in front of the speaker’s tables, made their way to Pelosi’s office, etc. The assumption is these men were looking for the electoral college ballots that had been ceremoniously carried into Congress that morning. By finding and then burning the votes, they would hope to delay the confirmation. Fortunately, the congressional aides took the ballots when they sheltered in place.
    Based on this narrative, a claim can be made this was an attempted coup and some of these protesters were in fact traitors.

    Do I buy the above? Not really but its more likely than antifa causing the riot. The FBI and DOJ is slowly arresting the more famous rioters — the man in Pelosi’s office, the guy who stole the speaker’s dais, etc. And all have a history of right wing activism. Antifa is mostly guys in their mid 20s whereas the vast majority of the rioters were middle aged — quite a few greybeards. Watching the footage of the people walking past the police and breaking windows; all were mask less and most were at least in their 30s. I’m sure the vast majority were caught up in the moment and had no real intention other than an unauthorized tourist visit but I have to wonder about a few who seemed intent on doing harm. In other words not much different than a BLM event — just different people and different police reaction.


  29. Not sure how the actions of Big Tech can be considered unAmerican and authoritarian — they were acting in the best interests of the shareholders. All of them are private companies exercising their property rights — for anyone to suggest they be forced to allow people and views be published on their sites is a violation of property rights. Do we force Simon & Schuster to publish books they don’t want to? The actions of Big Tech are capitalism at its purest — companies responding to markets forces. Now one can cynically observe that Twitter made money off Trump’s tweets (he worked for free) and only shut him down with a week left in his term and more importantly the day the Georgia election was confirmed and Senate cmttes will now be headed by Democrats.

    Of course, the above paragraph explains the capitalist position. The left is actually hoping Big Tech gets taken down as the Trump admin exits. They would love to force Facebook and Twitter to restore or carry accounts of left wing groups; eg indigenous rights group were shut down during the pipeline conflict. Instagram just shut down an account called “Homegrown Terrorists” — it posted pictures from the riot and asked people to identify them. Quite a few were identified before Instagram shut it down — bad for corporate interests.


  30. Initially I was against impeaching Trump or using the 25th, its a waste of time and only creates a martyr. I’ve changed my mind. If he is impeached, apparently he loses his pension, travel allowance, security details, and funding for a library. The dutch in me makes me a strange socialist — I’m a bit of a fiscal conservative. Impeachment will save millions. It will be interesting to see if McConnell calls a vote on this — I can’t see him doing it…leave it for Schumer and that way he avoids taking a position on it.

    I’m hearing rumors Sen Lisa Murkowski is thinking of either switching parties or sitting as a independent. The latter is more likely. The Republican senators are quite politically diverse. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski are quite different than Josh Hawley for example.


  31. Big tech companies can be viewed “unAmerican” as they have the benefit of protections of Section 230. The Government shields them from certain liabilities yet they are “allowed” to “moderate” their forums as they see fit…like blocking out the conservative voice! If it were not for those “protections” their sorry tails would have been sued into bankruptcy with their “fact checking” during the election….
    If any President should have their luxurious lifestyle at the burden of taxpayers taken away it should be the Obamas…just saying….not Trump…he has given away his salary his entire Presidency after all…seems so many are blind to what he has done for this country!!

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  32. I’ve posted here and at World off and on for years; I enjoy being a contrary voice — its better than being one more echo in the chamber. In doing so I’ve come to know people as much as you can over the internet. I know both in my own life and here that opposing political views do not make a person dumb, anti-whatever country, etc. At most its an expression of values and at the very least an accident of birth and geography. Given all that, let me be somewhat personal for a minute.

    Don’t go near the rabbit hole. Conspiracies regarding election fraud are rife every election and most of the time the fraud stories are similar. Once you go to close to the rabbit hole, you seek and find confirmation for the narrative. I’ve watched people become obsessed over Diebold in 2004, 9/11 in 2001, and far more conspiracies. Conflicting evidence is discarded and affirming tidbits are blown up. These are intelligent people who became caught up in a narrative that was would up too tight.

    Sometimes “your” side makes mistake or cheats and lies. There’s no harm in criticizing fellow travelers. Its healthy for both your fellow travelers and for yourself. The search for purity in a political movement is scary — check out the various factions of communism who hate each other more than capitalist parties. Sometimes the best thing to do is compromise and work together — we do that within our families and workplace why not in gov’t.

    “Your side lost get over it” is actually good advice no matter who is saying it. This doesn’t mean accept the fate of losing, it means move forward. I’ve used Stacy Abrams as an example because its a good example — she lost and she had every right to complain and take Kemp to court. Instead she rolled up her sleeves and changed the political face of Georgia and gave Democrats a way forward to wining more elections. Republicans lost, its time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. From my lifetime experience watching American politics, Republicans should be embarrassed if Democrats out work them. On the other hand, perhaps the refusal of Trump supporters to accept the loss is confirmation what the left says about white privilege.

    Finally, Biden and Harris are not some scary combination, they are Americans who have a different point of view. Both are quite moderate — compared to me and even Sanders. Biden will serve his term and Harris will have a similar voice as Cheney had in the Bush admin. People stress Harris as an African American but what she really is, is a first generation American, the daughter of an Indian and Jamaican immigrant couple. She reminds me of the immigrant girls in my class — Arabic, Pakistani, Afghani, Indian, etc — hard working, confident and not willing to entertain any b.s. from the boys. She’s a strong, articulate smart woman. And like the girls I’ve taught — not radical.

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  33. “The FBI and DOJ is slowly arresting the more famous rioters — the man in Pelosi’s office, the guy who stole the speaker’s dais, etc. And all have a history of right wing activism.”

    Rioters? Get with the times, HRW. Since last year at least, they’re called ‘mostly peaceful protesters’. Mostly peaceful protesters.

    As for Sen. Murkowski changing parties, I would be surprised if that doesn’t become trendy. There is not that much difference between the parties in the Senate. As big business donors continue to move more toward the Democrats, there will be little reason for at least a few Senators to remain Republicans. There are still some senators worth re-electing, but not as many as one might think.


  34. Nancy — Obama’s wealth comes mostly from book sales and speaking engagements. Quite frankly I don’t think politicians should have pensions after only 8-10 years of work. Obama doesn’t need a pension after 12 or so years of service and Trump definitely doesn’t deserve one after four years. I have an excellent pension plan but I wasn’t eligible for a reduced pension until I turned 50 and had 20 years of service. And for a full pension the combination of my years of service and age must be 85 or higher. And this is a pension plan often described as one of the best private plans in the country, (66% of my best three year average gross)

    Trumps refusal to take a salary is mostly a PR stunt — he made at least a million dollars by golfing at his own resorts (each time he stayed overnight the secret service would be billed by the Trump Corporation for hotel rooms). He even charged himself $5 for a bottle of water during the G20 conference at Mar A Lago. They are still going through the receipts of that conference. Its also estimated Jared and Ivanka made tens of millions each year mostly due to insider deals and contacts in the Middle East and China. The presidential salary is merely an honorarium in comparison to the money the Trump family was pulling elsewhere.


  35. Debra — they are mostly peaceful protesters. But those who invaded the capitol building were rioters and possibly terrorists/traitors (depending on your definition of course) . Not much different than this summer — most were peaceful protesters.

    I do agree — there’s little difference between so called moderate Republican and Democrats… Manchin of WV is probably more conservative than Murkowski, Romney and Collins. The anglo-saxon first past the post system makes two party politics the norm which is too bad because there really should be at least three parties here; Trumpian right wing populists, corporate centrists, and social democrats.

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  36. HRW (8:06), agree with most of that, though I’d say compared to you perhaps everyone is moderate. Are liberals more liberal in Canada? Because while Biden has been a moderate, he’s now somewhat beholden to a party that’s moving considerably left and it’s showing already.

    I would say also that he’s not hitting a good tone in the aftermath of Wednesday’s, um, “event.” Yes, we were all (mostly) justifiably outraged in the 24 hours after that, but at some point leaders also need to move folks forward and calm the crazies who are starting to overreact.

    Trump supporters (some more avid than others, admittedly) number somewhere around or near half of those who voted in the election. They have legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. They should not be shut down on social media sites.

    A successful leader will find a way to speak to those folks and not continue to hammer them in every public statement, not bothering particularly to distinguish those who were the crazies from the vast majority who aren’t crazy.

    But yes, the proverbial rabbit holes, they’re all over the place right now in the political dialogue and they should be avoided. Populist candidates also pose a danger in that they so often preside over things that just wind up going sideways.

    So here we are.


  37. The ‘just get over it’ model of thinking was dumpstered in 2016. I think the Stacey Abrams model is the new normal for now, as she never conceded that she lost the election in 2018. Neither has Trump conceded. We know there was fraud, there always is some. The public was never given a full examination of the evidence, and the DOJ and the courts refused to fully vet the evidence for the public. It seems like the ‘just get over it’ model is mostly reserved for conservatives, traditionalists, and some other Republicans. We have to proceed from where we are, not from where we wish we were.

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  38. Populist candidates, which is the cloth from which Trump is cut, often find intense support among folks who are justifiably (or not, depending) aggrieved.

    The key for a Republican or conservative candidate eyeing the future will be to harness these voters and their legitimate issues while providing wise leadership and not trying always to whip people up with the name calling and agitation-based commentary.


  39. I like the standing head: “What’s interesting in the news today?”

    Whoa. Let me count the ways ….

    But honestly, it would be interesting to hear thoughts about how this potentially plays out, whether this leads to something “new” going forward in the U.S., how the church needs to respond.


  40. Spineless.


    “A group of House Republicans who voted to accept President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory asked him to persuade Speaker Nancy Pelosi to back off impeaching Donald Trump for instigating Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.

    The lawmakers, led by Representative Ken Buck of Colorado, warned in a letter to Biden on Saturday that Trump’s impeachment would inflame his supporters anew, and damage Biden’s efforts to unify the country.

    “In the spirit of healing and fidelity to our Constitution, we ask that you formally request that Speaker Nancy Pelosi discontinue her efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump a second time,” they wrote.”


    “But the Republican House members said that “a presidential impeachment should not occur in the heat of the moment, but rather after great deliberation.”

    They added that impeachment “would undermine your priority of unifying Americans, and would be a further distraction to our nation at a time when millions of our fellow citizens are hurting because of the pandemic and the economic fallout.”

    Biden said in a news conference on Friday that it was up to Congress to decide whether to impeach Trump, but that the fastest way to remove the president would be his own inauguration on Jan. 20. He said he wanted Congress ready the day he’s sworn in to address his agenda, led by new measures to curb the pandemic and stimulate the economy.”


  41. More on BLM activist Sullivan. The first people who broke into the Capitol must be investigated, and I think we know what will be found.


    If the Left hadn’t sent in these anarchists, the images of the day would have been of the million people who came to demand a fair election. The Left couldn’t allow that to happen, so they had agitators brought in to infiltrate the crowd and storm the Capitol.


  42. Corrie Ten Boom wrote about the struggles Christians had in whether to obey or disobey the governing authorities. tI would be good for all Christians to pray, study and meditate on the scriptures about governing authorities.

    We are told what government is for (for example, punishing evil and promoting what is right). Other government is not proper government. Paul, in Romans, was speaking about what was going on among his ‘parishioners’ i.e. what they were struggling with. Things like: all good Jews (and then believers) would do all they can to sabotage the Romans. Is this what they should be about in their day to day lives? He says no. He never says we support all governments, dictators in what they are doing. Furthermore, our present government is not those in office, but US. That is what our constitution says. That puts another layer on what we are called to do.

    I am not for any of what on at the Capitol. I am wary of mobs of any stripe. I also see the media and politicians advancing a narrative for their own purposes.

    One thing a lot of people do not understand is the rhetoric of politicians. If you have not been involved in politics by going to state conventions etc. you may not realize how fiery the rhetoric can be. Today every word is parsed and then pounced on, no matter how it was meant.

    I could pounce on DJ’s saying “Today is a big day for Annie Oakley,” and say it proves she is out of her mind or living in the past or just plain lying. That is what is going on today and being taken in by people who don’t necessarily have the perspective to make reasonable conclusions or good decisions. It is horrifying to me.


  43. In the 1:18 a.m. link, I was struck by this: “It isn’t so much that they are dedicated to Trump. It is, rather, that they feel that he and he alone, stands between them and the radical Leftist mob that makes no secret of their desire to obliterate all that people like Simon and Angela hold dear.” That’s at the heart of much of this, I think.

    If arrogant, bombastic, self-centered, unself-controlled Donald Trump is all that stands between us and destruction, we are truly doomed and we are likely to be truly desperate.

    Here is Psalm 146 with a better offer.

    Praise ye the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul.

    While I live will I praise the Lord: I will sing praises unto my God while I have any being.

    Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.

    His breath goeth forth, he returneth to his earth; in that very day his thoughts perish.

    Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God:

    Which made heaven, and earth, the sea, and all that therein is: which keepeth truth for ever:

    Which executeth judgment for the oppressed: which giveth food to the hungry. The Lord looseth the prisoners:

    The Lord openeth the eyes of the blind: the Lord raiseth them that are bowed down: the Lord loveth the righteous:

    The Lord preserveth the strangers; he relieveth the fatherless and widow: but the way of the wicked he turneth upside down.

    The Lord shall reign for ever, even thy God, O Zion, unto all generations. Praise ye the Lord.

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  44. Thank you Kathaleena for your post…there are times I cannot gather my thoughts to put into words…last night I wrote and deleted several times and just gave up…I appreciate your insights ♥️

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  45. The censoring continues…..

    And it’s un-American.


    “Amazon nukes Parler! ‘Coordinated attack by tech giants’ says CEO, after it became #1 free app”

    “Calling it a “coordinated attack,” Parler CEO John Matze informed the social media platform’s users Saturday that Amazon kicked Parler off their web hosting service, which will wipe them off the internet until they find a new host.

    This devastating blow coming after Parler was removed from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

    The narrative employed to justify the Big Tech attack on Twitter’s biggest competitor is to link Parler, a free speech site being billed by the corrupt media as a “pro-Trump” site, to last week’s U.S. Capitol protest, claiming they allowed “calls for violence.”

    Amazon Web Services Trust and Safety stated “the calls for violence propagating across Parler violated its terms of service and that Amazon is unconvinced that the service’s plan to use volunteers to moderate such things will be effective.”

    Conservatives have been flocking to Parler even before Twitter permanently banned President Trump’s personal account on Friday, claiming he was inciting violence. In fact, when Apple dumped Parler, it was the number one app being downloaded.”


    Corporate fascism is right….

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  46. Get it right Dave….

    He’s a fascist pathetic weasel.

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  47. More fascist scum…..

    And DJ at 8:42 last night……

    No way we align with the fascist scum who are doing this. The party is dead.


    “Lincoln Project Creating Database to Prevent Trump Admin Officials From Future Employment

    “they will be held accountable & not allowed to pretend they were not involved”

    “The never-Trump grifter group known as the ‘Lincoln Project’ is now going to create a database of former Trump administration officials to track their professional movements in the future.

    This is just the latest example of the vindictive, anti-Trump revenge politics we have seen recently, and there is surely more to come.

    Tyler MacDonald writes at Inquisitr:

    Lincoln Project Is Reportedly Creating A Database Of Trump Administration Officials

    The Lincoln Project is creating a database of officials and staffers from Donald Trump’s administration that will purportedly be used to hold them accountable for supporting the head of state during his time in office, Breitbart reported.

    “At @ProjectLincoln we are constructing a database of Trump officials & staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now,” Lincoln Project staffer and GOP operative Stuart Stevens tweeted on Saturday.

    The news comes amid calls for Trump to be impeached and removed from office for his role in the Wednesday attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

    Breitbart noted that the database echoes the Trump Accountability Project that was promoted by progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The project was quickly abandoned after backlash from various Republican and Democrat political figures.

    The Lincoln Project actively opposed Trump throughout the duration of his presidency and Breitbart noted that the group has become close with the “left-wing elite.”

    Trump’s worst critics are everything they accuse him of being.”


    You folks can align with these pathetic clowns, but millions of us will pass.

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  48. DJ — Trudeau Jr is much like Biden — let’s get along in the mushy middle. Trudeau is being pulled slightly to the left because he’s in a minority situation and needs support from a third party (NDP or BQ).Trudeau Sr was far more left wing than his son but that’s just symbolic of how far the political spectrum has swung right since the early 70s. I’m fairly left compared to most Canadians especially in terms of economics, however, my member of parliament addresses his constituents as “comrades” so my left wing views are fairly common in my neighborhood.

    Trump lost by seven million votes. The electoral college made it closer than it is and gives an oversized voice to rural voters who are Republicans as the margin of victory was about 5%. Sure Biden needs to address more than his supporters but its difficult to do since the last four years it hasn’t been done by Trump hence Biden supporters are looking to catch up not compromise. And given the recent violence encouraged by Trump, Biden is probably better of waiting for the dust to settle and then act conciliatory. He needs to throw the left a bone if only to keep voter participation levels at this level for the mid-terms.


  49. Debra — Formal concession or not, Stacy Abrams did get over it and went to work. Trump hasn’t stopped whining and will definitely not get to work. He will continue to whine to his supporters all to sell merchandise, books, or otherwise fund raise. He doesn’t care about the effects on the nation its all about himself and his money.

    There was no voter fraud. The Trump legal team had countless opportunities to allege fraud in court and to submit evidence — they did not. A Penn judge asked them was their suit about voter fraud and they replied No. They knew their allegations were nowhere near a legal standard. Republican politicians enabled and placate Trump with these allegations because it appealed to their base and it suited their own agenda of voter suppression but there was no fraud. If there was fraud, they would have submitted evidence to the court when given the opportunity.


  50. More fascist scum….


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  51. An analogy I saw elsewhere;

    If you struggle with a private corporation banning Donald Trump; Think of Twitter as a Christian bakery and Donald Trump as a gay wedding. Sure the analogy isn’t perfect. A gay couple can go to another bakery, but Twitter and others are an oligopoly. However, this is capitalism and this is how things have been decided. A private corporation can ban or refuse to serve somebody who has an ideological position they deem contrary to their corporate policy. If capitalism is part of the American identity than Twitter’s actions are not anti American. They may be corporate fascism…..I would argue the distinction between corporate fascism and capitalism is thin and fuzzy but nothing Twitter and other platforms are doing is illegal. I do however welcome any attempt by Republicans to break oligopolies and corporate independence. If Republicans want the gov’t to interfere in private corporations, I welcome the precedent.

    As for the Linclon projects desire to build data base of Trump admin officials, I don’t see the problem. They are a private organization and if they think a data base has a market than so be it, that’s the beauty of the free market. If there is a market for such a data base, why not. And as for Trump officials who object to this, are they not going to put the jobs they held on their resume; are they not proud of the work they have done? And if politicians and Republican party officials want to prevent this, are they not engaging in censorship?


  52. I’ve had enough of the fascists, I started with deactivating Facebook this morning. They’re dead to me.

    The only way they’ll get the message is if others stand up and say enough of the authoritarian BS. Losing revenue is all they understand.


  53. Of course you’d side with the authoritarian scum and the grifters at the LP HRW. Birds of a feather and all.

    I had no doubt you would.


  54. More on those grifters at LP.

    Buncha pervs…..



  55. I just installed DuckDuckGo for my search engine and yay I’m here!
    I was having trouble posting before so let’s see how this goes…and me too Aj…I did try to leave FB a couple months ago but had troubles with communication with family and friends…I will now be contacting them all personally with contact info and let the know how they might reach me. Now here’s the post I wrote before and hopefully it will work!

    The thinking of some people is just jaw dropping…I have no words 😔
    Where is this all taking us? I have gone to messenger with some that are being booted like Parler. I have changed settings on my IPad and my phone…we shall see if it works and I will continue to be able to communicate and get truth from truthful sources. I don’t watch the propaganda news sites…and I am hopeful we can still have blogs like this one!


  56. The Nazis would be so proud of today’s fascist leftist scum…..



  57. They’ve got character alright…..

    Cartoon characters…..


    Own it grifters. You’re helping build it.


  58. Hi AJ,

    I told Mumsee I would send along my street address and phone. I’m sending it to you and it may be distributed to Mumsee and anyone else on the blog who collects these things.

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication in maintaining this space for so many years. A labor of love for sure.

    God bless,


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  59. AJ — read my post carefully — I’m actually a big fan of bringing down Big Tech. However, I’m suggesting those who espouse capitalism need to realize its capitalism that created the monster known as Big Tech and its the logic of the free market that allows them to boot off anyone they don’t like. Like most leftist I look forward to the right taking down big tech and justify the use of the gov’t to regulate private corporations. The irony alone is worth the show.

    Here’s a few suggestions to those who want to hurt Jeff Bezos and Amazon –hit him where it hurts; the pocketbook. A few suggestions; tax all dividend and stock option income the same as personal income, eliminate almost all corporate expense deductions for entertaining clients (why should the gov’t subsidize golf fees and season tickets), raise the minimum wage to at least 15$/hr, mandatory 3 weeks paid holidays, health care etc. etc. Keep punishing Bezos both personally and corporate until he behaves or smaller companies have a fighting chance against him.

    As for social media; social media popularity goes in waves. Facebook is considered old and out of date. Most people under 20 don’t have an account and if they do its only to use messenger (still the easiest way to communicate worldwide). Instagram is the dominant force today but TikTok is making inroads. In more niche markets you have WhatsApp and SnapChat plus of course Twitter. More will be created and others will fail — who has a MySpace account still? Parler could’ve succeeded but made the mistake of allowing threats of violence on their site. Some of those who rioted in DC were found to have parler accounts which threatened violence and displayed guns. Hosting sites will have nothing to do with anything the resembles a criminal threat — litigation and responsibility scare them. The algorithms have been screwed on so tight history channels on Youtube are getting banned for mentioning Nazis when discussing world war two. Facebook is fact checking obviously sarcastic memes. They are motivated not by a political ideology but fear, litigation and responsibility.


  60. HRW, it’s only partly true that these are private services and they should be able to do what they want. They are using public infrastructure and they have a monopoly.

    Here’s a point of comparison: Imagine that AT&T decided 50 years ago that they were going to monitor the conversations on their telephone lines and ban all members of some group they found problematic. Let’s say, for example, they banned homosexuals or people in interracial dating relationships.

    Or imagine that the post office decided to only send mail they deemed acceptable. So any letter that had a bad word was likely to be taken out of the mail and would not reach its recipient. Or all mail for one political candidate. Oh, that’s right, they can’t do that, because they’re government–but what if they did it anyway?

    Now, there actually is a means to have phone lines tapped or mail intercepted. Government officials can receive warrants for such things. But if AT&T decided on its own what “kind” of people could make phone calls or what they could say on those phone calls, citizens would be angry. Likewise, if a private company with a monopoly decides today to shut down all communication they don’t like–but communication of a sort that hasn’t been declared illegal–it’s not a good thing for a free society.

    I’m on record as saying Trump brought a lot of his reputation on himself. But for the last four years, we have also seen the public perception that anyone wearing a MAGA hat is racist. Well, that’s unfair, because Trump himself doesn’t seem to be a racist, and even if he were, it stands to reason there could be many good reasons people might support him. But public support of President Trump has been largely silenced not by argument but by stereotyping all his supporters. If supporters of Trump risk losing their jobs or having their houses vandalized, all but the most persistent will know enough not to speak publicly. This is not a path toward freedom.

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  61. From Jan. 7, Kimberley Strassel:


    Trump Erases His Legacy

    He also destroyed any chance of a political future, all on a single Wednesday afternoon.

    A politician has to work hard to destroy a legacy and a future in a single day. President Donald J. Trump managed it.

    By this Wednesday afternoon, media outlets had called both Georgia Senate runoffs for the Democratic candidates, handing Sen. Chuck Schumer the keys to that chamber. We now have a Democrat-controlled Washington. The Georgia news came as a mob of Trump supporters—egged on by the president himself—occupied the U.S. Capitol building. Now four people are dead, while aides and officials run for the exits.

    It didn’t have to be this way. The president had every right—even an obligation, given the ad hoc changes to voting rules—to challenge state election results in court. But when those challenges failed (which every one did, completely), he had the opportunity to embrace his legacy, cement his accomplishments, and continue to play a powerful role in GOP politics.

    Mr. Trump could have reveled in the mantle of the one-term disrupter—the man the electorate sent to Washington to deliver the message that it was tired of business as usual. He could have pointed out just how successful he was in that mission by stacking his cabinet with reformers, busting convention, and overseeing policy changes that astounded (and delighted) even many warrior conservatives.

    The withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and the Iranian deal. The greatest tax simplification and reduction since Reagan. The largest deregulatory effort since—well, ever. Three Supreme Court justices and 54 appellate court judges. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. The Jerusalem embassy. Criminal-justice reform. Opportunity zones. He could have noted that the greatest proof of just how much Democrats and the establishment feared his mission were the five years of investigations, hysterical allegations and “deep state” sabotage—which he survived.

    Mostly, he could have explained that all this was at considerably heightened risk if Democrats win the Senate—and invested himself fully in Georgia. Every day needed to be about fundraising, rallying the troops, making clear to his supporters that the only way to preserve this legacy was to keep the Senate in GOP hands.

    That isn’t what happened. Obviously. Following court losses, Mr. Trump, in his own words, devoted “125% of my energy” to his own grievances. He declared the Georgia Senate races “illegal and invalid,” discouraging voting. …

    … Mr. Trump is leaving, and thanks to his final denial of reality, Mr. Schumer will now methodically erase his policy history. Democrats need only 51 votes to eliminate the Trump tax reform, 51 to use the Congressional Review Act to undo his final deregulations; 51 to wave through liberal judges to counter Mr. Trump’s picks. And this is before Mr. Biden gets busy reversing Trump policy by executive fiat, and assuming Democrats forbear from abolishing the legislative filibuster. …

    So that’s his legacy, largely gone. … America became less great this week. And that’s fully on the guy at the top.




  62. Not sure that this belongs on this thread, but politics was part of this, so here ya go. . .

    This morning in his opening prayer, Pastor Billy (who was, at least at one time, a Trump supporter) mentioned that at the time of Jesus, many Jews were awaiting their messiah to free them from Roman rule. But Jesus told them that that is not why He came. Pastor Billy’s point was that we believers need to keep our focus on God, and trust that no matter what happens politically, He is in charge.

    He also said something about the shield of faith that I have not heard preached on before (at least, not that I can recall). He pointed out that all the other armor – the girdle of truth around our waist, the breastplate of righteousness, and our feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace – have gaps between them. It is with the shield of faith that we protect those gaps.

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  63. So if there is truth to the story and there really was massive fraud and the left really is trying to shut out the right? We, of course, won’t know until later. But they have the presidency, the senate and the house and soon, the supreme court. They won’t let go easily. They have the power to deny anybody they choose opportunity to run for office by the way they change the laws with impunity or opposition. That might suggest what many of us believe, Trump really is working in the best interest of the country.

    Just like he did not say, “go shoot yourself up with bleach to defeat covid”, he did not say, ” go vandalize the Capitol.” This is really not all that difficult to see.

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  64. Cheryl;

    Your analogy does make some good points, However, a few counters.

    AT&T actually owned the physical infrastructure of the telephone service. And until superseded by technology, an monopoly and/or oligopoly regulated by the gov’t was the best way to maintain communication and a hands off policy was part of the deal. Social media does not own the infrastructure — they merely provide software. Internet distribution is a competitive business by cable, satellite, resellers, etc. The hardware needed is produced by a host of other companies. Thus social media may be dominated by three or four companies, they don’t control the infrastructure and competitive entry is possible.

    Another analogy is the media itself. Mass media is dominated by three or four corporations with some significant independents. We don’t have any expectation these companies will host a newspaper column or radio show by anyone who demands it. And we also have few problems when media companies fire people for their views. If Donald Trump demanded NYT publish a daily column of his thoughts and Simon & Schuster publish his newest book, most people would scratch their heads — we don’t expect a gov’t to force a private company to publish their thoughts.

    As for the past behavior of AT&T, the post office and other monopoly communication forces. they did not employ a hands off policy. From the 1920s onward it was extremely difficult to send through the post office anything that resembled communist or socialist political materials. Information regarding birth control, gay literature, etc was strictly regulated and/or banned by the post office. AT&T happily worked with police to monitor leftist groups for over a century, and even now social media companies will also cooperate with the police on leftist groups.

    The left is smiling ironically on the sidelines as right wing populists demand social media and other groups be regulated and yet at the same time allow for free speech. Free speech was never really there — for example, indigenous groups protesting the Dakota pipeline had their social media groups shut down by Facebook, Twitter etc and then were blocking from accessing the internet by the government. And even more ironically, free market ideology is on the side of the social media companies thus we now have groups afraid of Biden/Harris being too left wing advocating gov’t interference in private companies. Many leftists including me are amused and cheering on the right in this particular endeavor. Free market capitalism has decided that right wing ideology is damaging to the bottom line; you can’t make up irony this thick.


  65. DJ — the writer is correct. The question now is how far is Trump willing to go to blow things up (metaphorically of course) rather than go away or very unlikely get back on the horse. He’s ruined his legacy, if he ever had one. Will he continue and risk Jared and Ivanka’s public career — if he was a good dad concerned about his kids, he could’ve left his daughter a massive political infrastructure and like LePen in France she would’ve exceeded her father. I wonder if that is possible…

    Mumsee — there’s no fraud. Opportunities were given in various courts to present the evidence and the Trump legal team didn’t present anything. Whatever they had did not meet any legal standard of proof. Watching US politics for years and comparing it to what I’ve seen at home and in Europe, the American votes are as secure if not more secure than any other country. Its extremely difficult to cheat at the ballot box in the US. In fact the only real way to cheat in the US is before the ballot is issued. Voter suppression, purging the voter rolls, etc are the best ways to cheat — don’t increase the number of ballots (easy to catch) decrease the number of voters allowed (its actually a legal way to fix the vote).

    The only thing the US does not do well is a central voter registry. Canada has a voter data base through tax records which means I don’t have to register. Most European countries use town hall registries and/or the permanent IDs almost every country has. The US alone has a separate process for a voter registry and has decentralized it — this suppresses the vote. The problem in the US is not illegal votes but denying the vote to legal voters.


  66. Mumsee, I hear you (2:16), but all legal means were exhausted in the challenge (whether they were adequately outlined and presented or not by Trump’s attorneys). It didn’t get anywhere (at least in the legal cases that were brought before 50-60 judges, some of whom were Trump appointees). So that leaves us with the process that is in place, to confirm the official election results, barring no legal proof otherwise.

    HRW, there’s always some fraud in all elections (11:32), human nature being what it is. It happens on both sides. Was there more fraud this time do to the changeup in voter protocols due to the pandemic which made things a bit looser with the widespread mail-in ballots? Maybe, probably? But it was not legally proven that it would have changed the results.

    And while Trump may not have said invade the Capitol, he did promote and build up the gathering itself in advance. He also encouraged, at his rally the morning, people to march toward the Capitol building. After the mayhem was well underway, it was a few hours at least before he issued the statement calling on people to ‘go home in peace.’ But that statement again reiterated some of the very grievances that were motivating and fueling the crowd — which made it a bit less effective than it could have and should have been more of a mixed message in some people’s view. Basically, too little, too late.

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  67. I think it was the following day (or that evening) when he made a much stronger public statement. But by then the damage had already been done.


  68. People have protest marched toward the Capitol for years, it is what they do. A symbol of carrying their complaint to the corridors of law. Trump has had many rallies that did not culminate in vandalism or other such roguish behavior. No reason to expect any different this time. He encouraged the people to fight for justice (nothing new in that phrase) and he told them to respect the Capitol police, the good guys who cared about our nation. Nothing inciting there. But there were inciters there.

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  69. And I may have hat time line wrong, I didn’t look it up but was going by memory.

    His words and the timing can be legitimately debated, I think.

    Interesting that some of the protestors who showed up were ‘armed’ with big supplies of zip ties, handcuffs(?) and some advance plans, apparently. There was some planning on some online platforms that has become evident in the aftermath, apparently.

    In our Q&A church segment today, someone brought up that we may now be somewhat in what’s known as the “fog of war” when it comes to all the competing news cycles and conspiracy theories flying about from both sides. It’s a very confusing time for everyone right now.


  70. Among guest minister’s recommendations when it comes to news sources right now was to seek information from trusted podcasts, he mentioned Mohler’s.

    Back to the event on Wednesday, there are reports now that there were “Hang Pence” chants heard in the crowd (and they’ve turned up online now, too). Horrible, even if not from the majority of those there — but there were a fair number of what we used to call dangerous rabble rousers there who were aiming to make trouble (and so they did).

    Again, these big crowds that get ramped up all too often go sideways with really bad outcomes.

    Neither side is immune.


  71. DJ is correct in that there was alot of online chatter prior to the march. This was known by the authorities including the Mayor and the Trump admin. The Mayor asked for the DC National Guard due to the crowd size and the online chatter. The Trump admin denied her request. I don’t think any one is claiming Trump knew or conspired to have the Capitol overrun but I do think there are reasonable grounds to say the Trump admin knew there might be trouble and did not nothing to prevent it. Its the lack of action here which makes the Trump admin responsible. They were quite quick to call the National Guard on other occasions but not for this event. The five deaths and other injuries are a direct result of inaction.

    A gallows with a noose was built near the capital — don’t know why or if it was just symbolic. Pence is getting heat from die hard Trump supporters including the Q group. Many Q supporters claim that since Pence no longer supports Trump he is part of the deep state ie the Satanic group of pedophiles that rule the world. Hence, Pence is pedophile and homosexual. I don’t like Pence much and I sometimes wander if he is buried deep in a closet but he doesn’t deserve this.


  72. Fox’s Media Buzz program was good today. One thing that came up a few times was the bad treatment Pence has received in the past several days from the administration. And some of that is frightening.

    As was said by one of the Media Buzz guests also, “Trump stirred the pot that resulted in a riot.” Trump had a tendency to go right up to the line with many of his remarks — many thought he crossed it in his post-election comments (including the very conservative and Trump-friendly blog Powerline in which he was described as “going off the rails”).



  73. The headline on that link above:

    Parler reportedly removes post from pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood after calling for Mike Pence’s execution

    ~ Wood’s message violated the company’s terms of service and was removed, Parler chief executive John Matze told Mediaite.

    “Get the firing squads ready. Pence goes FIRST,” Wood wrote Thursday on Parler, according to Mediaite. ~


  74. “The Georgia news came as a mob of Trump supporters—egged on by the president himself—occupied the U.S. Capitol building.” No, sorry. Pres. Trump didn’t egg anyone on to occupy the Capitol. Total dishonesty.

    His legacy largely gone? Wrong again. The guy at the top can’t be responsible for Antifa/BLM agitators (who arrived in buses that day and were the ones fighting with Capitol police) who infiltrated the crowd and encouraged Trump supporters to enter the Capitol – some of them got caught up in the moment and did so. Aside from this incident, the crowd of over one million (!) was engaged in peaceful protest all day (as per usual).

    Mrs. Strassel usually writes good stuff, but she is being unfair and dishonest here. And if she really thinks that Pres. Trump has destroyed any chance of a political future, she is probably in for a big surprise…


  75. Rep. Nunes taking the lead again…


    “A top Republican in the House of Representatives on Sunday called for a racketeering probe into large technology companies who over the weekend took action against Parler, a social media website.

    “This is clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the RICO statute. There should be a racketeering investigation on all the people that coordinated this attack on not only a company but on all of those like us, like me, like you, Maria,” Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, told Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Futures” host Maria Bartiromo.”

    “Parler CEO John Matze told The Epoch Times his company is prepared to take legal action, but in the meantime authorities should investigate the possibly-coordinated actions, Nunes argued.

    “The effect of this is that there is no longer a free and open social media company or site for any American to get on any longer,” he said, because Amazon, Google, and Apple, “have just destroyed” Parler.

    “It’s preposterous. So I don’t know where the hell the Department of Justice is at right now, or the FBI,” he added.

    Nunes also said the CEOs of the companies should be prosecuted criminally. He also said he has been talking to fellow members of Congress and that they’re exploring their legal options. And he also called on the Supreme Court and federal judges to step in and intervene.”


  76. Strassel is suggesting that with the Senate turned to Dem control — for which she says Trump bears some responsibility — it will be much easier for Trump’s initiatives to be reversed.

    “Surprise?” Wasn’t there supposed to be one of those surprises this past week?

    I doubt Trump has a real political future other than as spoiler, but I suppose he could parlay that into “something” of an ongoing presence. The events of the past couple weeks have caused many of his less fawning supporters to fall away.

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  77. I am curious how many people from Georgia went to DC for the protest without first voting for the Senate. Probably not enough to make a difference but it is symbolic of Trump putting his ego ahead of the party — hosting a rally so close to an important run off election.

    You can’t possibly think busloads of antifa and BLM groups came to Washington that day. A group of black people at a Trump rally would stick out. As for antifa, the crowd was too old for them. The FBI and DOJ is busy rounding up the main culprits and they are mostly middle aged white guys.

    The rhetoric allowed on Parler is and will continue to be the excuse used by hosting sites and distribution groups to put up barriers to its success. Most social media groups jump on any rhetoric that suggests anything close to illegal or suggestive of something not corporate friendly. As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t new for big tech and they will continue to do this simply because it affects their bottom line not because of any ideology (other than mamon). Nunes and anyone else will have hard time proving discrimination or racketeering when the companies are consistent on how they apply their rules.

    Trump has a future doing what he’s always done — convincing other people to give him money for whatever reason he can think of.


  78. ‘ a group of black people at a Trump rally would stick out”??!!!! Really!!?
    My friend, her husband and their son attended that rally. They arrived on a chartered bus along with congregants from their church. My friend is white…her husband is black…their son you would say is black. Many if not most from their church are black. I don’t think they stuck out at that peaceful rally. She has videos and photos of their day there…there were MANY black folk in attendance….

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  79. There was, however, a guy with some kind of fur caps, horns and a Red-white-and-blue painted face.

    There seem to be enough fringe folks on the right to account for what happened, I’d say. Not sure why the insistence that it was somehow Antifa led? One of the more right-wing guys actually infiltrated Antifa, which apparently was why he got fingered as an interloper after his picture at the Antifa rally surfaced.


  80. They aren’t stopping with Trump…..


    “About 30 teachers who attended the rally are being told to report to a meeting where they may lose their job

    Charles Town, WV (DG) – Nearly 30 teachers in Jefferson County, West Virginia that attended the rally at the Capital in Washington DC on Wednesday are now being threatened with termination.

    A letter was sent to the teachers by the Jefferson County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Bondy Shay Gibson. In the letter the teachers are told to report to a meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 where disciplinary action, including termination, will be discussed. The teachers are encouraged to bring a representative with them. The teachers were also told to not enter any Jefferson County School’s property or attend any school activity.
    The Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee released a statement about Dr. Gibson‘s letter. They say it is a threatening letter that is attack on our liberties. The JCREC is requesting that Dr. Gibson be suspended pending an investigation of her actions. They are also requesting that the Board of Education immediately cease the violation of the constitutional rights of the Board of Education employees, students, and the citizens of Jefferson County.
    Statement from the Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee:
    “Statement of Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee Regarding Jefferson County Board of Education’s Illegal Actions Against Republican Employees
    The Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee is aware of reports that multiple Jefferson County Board of Education employees have been disciplined and verbally threatened with termination for supporting President Trump. The employees attended President Trump’s speech on Wednesday. To our knowledge, none of the impacted employees have been accused of violating any laws and have denied taking part in any of the shocking acts perpetrated by a few criminal actors.
    The threatening letter that Dr. Gibson sent to the impacted employees is a frightening attack on our liberties. The Constitution protects the right to free speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to freely associate. The Supreme Court has repeatedly upheld the right of public employees to exercise those rights and prohibits retaliation against employees for doing so. Dr. Gibson’s attack on those rights has placed the Board of Education at great financial and legal peril.”




  81. Secret Service investigating death threats against Pence

    Source reveals while Pence was sheltering amid riot, Trump did not reach out to him — Fox News

    ~ The U.S. Secret Service is investigating death threats against Vice President Mike Pence made by pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood, Fox News has learned.

    Wood, who was banned from Twitter last week, is suspected of writing a now-deleted post on Parler: “Get the firing squads ready. Pence goes FIRST.”

    “We are aware of the comments and take all threats against our protectees seriously,” a Secret Service spokesman told Fox News on Saturday.

    The Secret Service and other federal agencies also are investigating others seen on a video inside the U.S. Capitol yelling “Hang Pence.” … ~



  82. hwesseli, your 2:46: remember I work in publishing. Of course no one can come along and demand a book publisher publish their book, or a newspaper their column, or a radio station their program. But do you hear the difference between those publishing opportunities and, say, a conservative posting on Facebook or a conservative having a website through a web-hosting program?

    There are several differences. One, a publisher or a radio station generally holds a specific position, and it expects those that it publishes to hold that same position and also to produce quality material. Two, the medium is usually paying for the publication with its own money, and it has limited resources. Three, when you publish a book through Simon & Schuster, you are representing Simon & Schuster; when you use Facebook, you are simply presenting one of many views that happen to be sent through Facebook.

    In contrast, Facebook doesn’t have “publishing standards”; it is for amateurs. Facebook doesn’t have limited bandwidth that is in danger of being used up, and it doesn’t cost Facebook money to have more people signing onto their platform. And no one says, “Facebook believes this or that” because someone posts it on their platforms.

    I have little interest in social media. But I think that a media that is open to the public needs to actually be open to the public, with the same “rules” for everyone. You can have community standards (no inciting violence, no nudity, etc.), but if you’re going to be only available for one political party, one race, one religion, etc., then that probably should be part of your set-up up front. Operate as an arm of the Democrat party if you want, and be subject to the laws of such. But just as it isn’t fair for a teacher to give all the girls A’s and all the boys B’s no matter the quality of their work, it isn’t fair for any public entity to quietly favor one group.


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