48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 12-4-20

  1. Good morning, Chas!

    Good morning to you who read this in the a.m. and good afternoon to you who read it later in the day.

    V.P. Pence will be at CDC later today, just a few miles away. Then he will be in Coastal GA for a rally with the Republican Senators seeking reelection. I think it’s tomorrow that President Trump will be in South GA for a rally. Maybe pray for safety for all on both sides as tensions are expanding daily.

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  2. Morning! That is a most lovely photo up there today! I was not a fan of the one yesterday 😒
    Janice I shall be praying for our Vice President as he travels throughout your state. The evil which lurks in the heart of man is difficult to take in at times…but we know it is there. May our Lord protect Mr Pence this day and always….

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  3. I finally took Karen’s birthday presents over late yesterday. The balloon was still standing upright since Nov. 16th. I was at the end of my patience in getting it to her. I also saw my friend Florence yesterday and gave her some treats. She gave me some pecan pie and cranberry salad. She is such a sweetheart.

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  4. Karen called while I was posting and she left me the most precious thank you and loving voice mail. I know all her many ailments are making her go through up and down times that cause difficulty in being consistent in thoughtfulness.

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  5. There is a slight chance I won’t have a meeting during dinner time tonight–the first time all week.

    Mr. Put-it-in-th-oven-if-you-want-to-eat has managed, but it’s been close. Last night I set a timer that went off in the middle of the meeting so I could run to the top of the stairs and call to him to turn on the oven. (Where the casserole awaited).

    It worked.

    Maybe we’ll have takeout tonight? 🙂

    I aim for once a week in an attempt to keep some of our favorite restaurants afloat.

    Other than when we travel, we never eat out this much but what is happening is so unfair, we feel compelled to help as best we can.

    Besides, do you remember?

    Dear Abby asked a question in her column once: “What is the best thing your husband can say to you?”

    #2 was “I love you.”

    #1 was “Let’s go out for dinner.”

    The engineer took note. He always volunteers #1 when I’m feeling frazzled.


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  6. Chas – Do any restaurants in your area deliver?

    What caught my eye and prompted me to take that photo was the loveliness and juxtaposition of the dark clouds and the setting sun lighting up the trees. The clouds actually looked darker “in real life” than they appear in the photo.

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  7. That picture with the dark sky makes me think of the Wizard of Oz.

    I’ll be glad when this work week is over, I just need to put together the Christmas tree story today and that should do it for me, I think.

    Then I’ll tackle trying to get the new TV out of the box and plugged in, which will be something of a Saturday project. I’ll also maybe get the Christmas decorations out of the garage and up. I’ll be about the last one on my block, walking the dogs last night I was delighted by all the pretty lights on so many houses.

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  8. I recently heard the theory that the reason Cain’s offering was rejected by God was not because it was from the ground, but because it was not the firstfruits of the harvest.

    Looking at the verses, they do not specify that. But Abel’s offering is specifically referred to as the firstborn, so I guess it is possible that the the lack of the word “firstfruits” could imply that Cain’s offering was not the firstfruits, which is what offended God.

    Any thoughts on this, one way or the other?


  9. I took 3 boxes of cards (which I bought on clearance and thought were Christmas cards because they had the most beautiful silver foil embossed dove and the word Peace on the front but turned out to have a Hanukkah message inside) to the neighbors two doors away who have put up a Mennorah decoration in their front yard. The cards are Hallmark and extra special beautiful. I am so glad I found a good home for them. They have a Christmas tree up, too. The wife’s mom goes to my church. I just met the husband to give the cards to. That was a very pleasant way to meet a neighbor. In the past I would have read the card message on the back of the box, but with my vision difficulty I just assumed they were Christmas cards on clearance. But God has used it for good. As I left I said Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas.

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  10. What a lovely view. I love it when the sun is shining on the landscape but the clouds are really dark. I wonder if that’s a metaphor (?) for something…

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  11. Thank you, Kizzie for that interesting recipe. I liked hearing about Impossible Meat because I use Beyond Meat. Art is really pleased with the spaghetti I make using the Beyond Beef. I will try to find the other to use and see the difference.

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  12. Exquisite lighting in that photo, Kizzie!

    Several years ago I read a photographer’s explanation of how he chooses what to photograph. He said he isn’t interested in the actual object itself, but the light, that what a photographer photographs is light. I don’t really agree with him, but it’s an interesting perspective and a good reminder that the light is at least close to the top of most important elements of a photo. I do know that “light” is often the difference between a good photo and a stunning one.

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  13. Yes, Michelle, thank you for CC’ing Janice on your email request yesterday! I hope the link came through OK. I learned that I can’t send my siblings who live in our hometown any email with a link in it, because their ISP won’t deliver it. So I directed them to type “[Name of venue, city, state]” into the subject box at YouTube to find the video.

    Janice, may I recommend listening to the recording one evening? The player after me — she starts around the 20-minute mark — selected Moonlight Sonata (the famous first movement) as her piece. I find that movement to be especially lovely at night.

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  14. Thank you for letting me know that about listening in the evening, 6 Arrows. When I was young and lived at home, while my brother was away at college, and after I had transferred to go to GA State in downtown Atlanta, if my parents took a trip and left me all alone I would listen to classical music to keep relaxed and calm.


  15. Cheryl, there are definitely preferred times of day to take photos for that special lighting you mentioned. Sometimes I don’t have much choice of when I am able to get some photos. In the middle of a sunny day is my least favorite time. It is a time for easy overexposure. I know you know all this but others might not have thought much about it.


  16. I love the park bench at the back of the property. We have a couple placed on our property and it is so peaceful to sit out there praying and enjoy the silence. We have a bench placed back by Babe and Fly’s graves…we will sit back there and remember the sweet days of their being with us…and of course there are times of tears as well… ♥️

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  17. Kizzie- I heard a Canadian evangelist once say that since God didn’t accept Cain’s offering because he cursed the ground when speaking to the serpent.

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  18. Janice,

    What I’ve learned in photographing the same areas over the last two-and-a-half years is that it depends on what you want to photograph. If lighting is the only factor, then early morning or evening is best. For snow or frost or raindrops, definitely morning light ans temperatures. But noonish is actually pretty good for reflections in water. If you’re looking for birds, it depends on the weather. First thing in the morning if it’s sunny, late morning if it’s overcast, ten to eleven if you want woodpeckers. If you want to photograph bees, then you go out in the morning, but if you are looking for butterflies or other insects, usually it’s best to wait till afternoon–the hotter the better unless it’s butterflies you want, and then it can get too hot above 85 or so . . .

    So, over the course of the summer I deliberately vary the time I go out. That way I’m sure to get a good range of subjects over time. If I only go out at eight to ten in the morning, I won’t get many butterflies, and I definitely won’t get many grasshoppers. So I vary it, and I like the results.

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  19. Peter – It was pointed out that there are grain offerings and firstfruit offerings which God accepts.

    I guess we will not know the real reason for sure until we are in eternity.


  20. Another view that I really love that is related to the amount of light is how black the bare trees look against the darkening sky when twilight has come, with the sun mostly down, and there is just enough light to still see some dark blue in the sky.

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  21. Chas (6:24), But what about Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen … Cupid, Donner and Blitzen?

    We’ve already seen Rudolph (making a memorable appearance).

    Just finished writing the massive Christmas tree regional story for the weekend.

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  22. Tomorrow is TV day (as in hooking up the new, larger smart TV).

    Two guy friends say, “Oh, it’s easy.”


    Part of the challenge will be freeing the surge protector and the two ethernet wires from under the large dish cabinet. It may be easiest just to unplug them from the wall in back and pull them out rather than to try to lift the cabinet and, with a foot, try to fish the cords and surge protector out. Yeah, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, right?

    Then getting the old non-working TV ‘out’ along with the table it’s on — and getting the cedar chest, the only thing that will work as a makeshift stand right now, emptied and out of the spare bedroom, down the narrow hallway and into that corner.

    I have to screw “feet” into the new TV.

    So it has to rest on a soft surface for that job, not sure a couch will work or if I’ll have to haul it in to put it on the bed (and then haul it back out to the living room).

    Living alone has it’s disadvantages.

    I’m convinced the new one won’t work once it’s plugged in.


  23. I’d like to join the “I’m irritated with my brother,” club this evening.

    We’re like two people running through a forest with paper bags on our heads, with one of us making unkind remarks about the other, innocent, one who wasn’t engaged in the conversation to begin with.

    You people “communicate” more often with me than he does. Do you think I’m unhinged by COVID and fires?


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  24. Kizzie, I don’t know for sure why God rejected Cain’s offering. I always thought God had showed them what was needed when he clothed them. He had to get those skins from somewhere and they are normally on an animal. It does not specifically say that, nor anything about first fruits. The law (with its requirements was not yet given, of course. We do know this much from 1 John 3:12. Abel’s actions were righteous and Cain’s were not. That implies they both knew what they were doing and made a choice. Abel chose rightly and Cain did not. Then Cain was angry about God not accepting what Cain felt like giving, so he killed Abel.


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