28 thoughts on “News/Politics 12-5-20

  1. When the idiots run the show….

    Some animals are more equal than others.

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  2. Oh my….


    “Trump Campaign Files Lawsuit Seeking To ‘Order A New Statewide Election’ In Georgia”

    “The Trump campaign filed a new lawsuit in Georgia on Friday evening seeking to invalidate the recent results in the presidential election and hold a new presidential election in the state or allow Georgia lawmakers to chose the state’s electors.

    “The campaign pressed forward, however, filing a new lawsuit in Georgia state court seeking to invalidate that state’s results based on unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud and wrongdoing by election workers,” The Washington Post reported. “In a statement, campaign lead counsel Ray S. Smith III called on the court to ‘order a new statewide election for president’ or allow legislators to appoint the state’s presidential electors.”

    In a statement, the Trump campaign alleged:

    The Trump Campaign filed an election contest today in Georgia state court seeking to invalidate the state’s November 3, 2020 presidential election results. Joining President Trump and the Trump campaign in the lawsuit is David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, who is also a Trump presidential elector.

    “The Secretary of State has orchestrated the worst excuse for an election in Georgia history,” Smith claimed. “We are asking the Court to vacate the certification of the presidential election and to order a new statewide election for president. Alternatively, we are asking the Court to enjoin the certification and allow the Georgia legislature to reclaim its duty under the U.S. Constitution to appoint the presidential electors for the state.”

    “What was filed today clearly documents that there are literally tens of thousands of illegal votes that were cast, counted, and included in the tabulations the Secretary of State is preparing to certify,” said Ray S. Smith III, lead counsel for the Trump Campaign. “The massive irregularities, mistakes, and potential fraud violate the Georgia Election Code, making it impossible to know with certainty the actual outcome of the presidential race in Georgia.”

    Attached to the complaint are sworn affidavits from dozens of Georgia residents swearing under penalty of perjury to what they witnessed during the election: failure to process and secure the ballots, failure to verify the signatures on absentee ballots, the appearance of mysterious “pristine” absentee ballots not received in official absentee ballot envelopes that were voted almost solely for Joe Biden, failure to allow poll watchers meaningful access to observe the election, among other violations of law.

    Data experts also provided sworn testimony in the lawsuit identifying thousands of illegal votes: 2,560 felons; 66,247 underage voters, 2,423 votes from people not registered; 1,043 individuals registered at post office boxes; 4,926 individuals who voted in Georgia after registering in another state; 395 individuals who voted in two states; 15,700 votes from people who moved out of state before the election; 40,279 votes of people who moved without re-registering in their new county; and another 30,000 to 40,000 absentee ballots lacking proper signature matching and verification.”


  3. Fraud.



  4. No fraud here. Move along….


    “Pro-Biden Operatives Gave Native Americans Gift Cards, Jewelry In Exchange For Votes In Nevada”

    “Native American tribal members were allegedly offered gifts such as jewelry and gift cards in exchange for voting in Nevada, videos being used by the Trump campaign’s legal team claim.

    The videos are being used by the Trump campaign to challenge the outcome of Nevada’s presidential election results, an op-ed in the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

    In one 18-minute long video, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony (RSIC) spokeswoman Bethany Sam offers gifts to people who show up to vote. Sam advertises a raffle where participants can win t-shirts, masks, jewelry, and Visa gift cards worth $25, $100, $250, and $500 if they can prove that they voted.

    Sam is later shown wearing a Biden-Harris mask and standing with the Biden-Harris campaign bus.

    The Trump campaign presented the videos in a Carson City court Thursday and referred to a “Native American Votes for Dollars Scandal” in a brief, the op-ed claimed.

    “A shocking number of states have discovered that groups claiming to support the Native American community’s voice at the polls have engaged in blatantly illegal bribery and vote incentivizing with cash cards, gas cards, electronics and other items,” the brief said according to the op-ed. “This scandal appears to have been rampant in Nevada.”

    “Posts on the Nevada Native Vote Project Facebook page show that similar raffles were conducted in 15 Nevada native communities, with 116 voters receiving $6,650 in cash prizes,” the campaign added.”


  5. Arizona State Legislature hearing. Very lengthy, but try to see as much of it as you can. Excellent testimonies… having heard, read, and seen so much evidence of fraud and corruption, there is no way any American should simply sit back and accept what we are ‘told’.


  6. Crenshaw calls out Wood, who’s behavior has been strange.


    “Dan Crenshaw Calls Pro-Trump Lawyer ‘Grifter’ and ‘Democrat’ After Georgia Boycott Call”

    “Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw called the pro-Trump lawyer L. Lin Wood a “grifter” and a “Democrat” after the attorney told Georgia voters not to turn out for the Senate runoff elections at the start of next year.

    Posting on social media on Thursday night, Crenshaw accused Wood of wanting “donations for his legal fees” and for Republicans to self-destruct as the party seeks to hold onto its Georgia Senate seats and overall majority in the upper chamber.

    The GOP lawmaker hit out at Wood after the lawyer told a “stop the steal” rally in Georgia that Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue had not earned their votes, before urging them to boycott the crucial Senate races slated for January 5.”


  7. This may not change anyone’s mind, but I am putting this here for those who may be interested.

    ~~~”Local TV Investigation Thoroughly Debunks ‘Smoking Gun’ Conspiracy Theory Pushed by Rudy Giuliani About GA Ballot Counting Video

    “We spent a lot of time today with the state’s lead investigator,” Gray noted. “We looked at that video for hours, going through it very carefully, looking not just at that short clip that Rudy Giuliani shared, but also the critical hours before it and after it, going through the chain of custody for those ballots in question the entire time.”

    “We can show. yeah exactly when [the ballot boxes] were placed under there,” she pointed out.

    “If we go back in the video hours before, you can see that table being brought into the room at 8:22 a.m. Nothing underneath. No hidden suitcases. Then we can see at 10:00p.m., with a room full of people, including official monitors in the media, as ballots that have been opened but not counted are placed in the boxes sealed up and stored under the table,” Gray reported.

    Sterling also shot down Giuliani’s distorted misinformation.

    “No magical appearing ballots, these were ballots that were processed in front of monitors,” he explained. “These are just typical everyday election workers who were just doing their jobs. I mean, it’s not like this is an Oceans 11-level scheme has put together in the middle of the night.”



  8. Rep. Jim Jordan asked the Director of the U.S. Marshall Service, “Director Washington, has violent crime increased this year in major urban areas?”

    Director Washington answered, “The data indicates it has increased.”


  9. So now they are trying to spin the evidence with lies to explain away their crimes? The light of the truth is shining on the darkness…

    Why did it take them so long to do their ‘debunking’? Why did the individuals in the video not come forward immediately to explain why they were doing what they were doing?

    Who was the ‘authority’ caller who allegedly told them to continue counting? If that’s true, that person violated Georgia state election law which requires opposing parties to observe the counting. They should obtain a subpoena to get the meta data for that cell phone if individuals do not come forward.

    Why would ballots be placed under a table only to be pulled out after hours? Why not count them during normal hours? And btw, ballots don’t come in suitcases!

    Several poll observers have provided sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury (Georgia law 16-10-70, for making a false statement). It’s a felony, punishable by not more than $1,000 fine or 1-10 years in prison, or both. If your perjury causes another person to go to prison, you can get no more than the max time of his/her sentence. Most people would not risk that on a lie…

    The election workers who committed the fraud have certainly not provided sworn affidavits, now have they?


    “Several poll observers in Georgia said under penalty of perjury that they were effectively told to go home on election night before ballot counting resumed for several hours with no observers present.”

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  10. Covid the Plandemic – made in China but brought to us by Leftists…
    A fraudulent US election brought to us by Leftists (and including these countries so far – Venezuela, China, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Pakistan, Canada)…
    It’s a global corporate coup (attempt)…!


  11. Exactly Tychicus.

    One side has sworn affidavits, the other has “fact checks” that really aren’t.


    “On Tuesday, a truck driver testified that he had driven thousands of ballots from Bethpage, N.Y., to Lancaster, Pa., two weeks before Election Day. Phill Kline, a former attorney general of Kansas and director of The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, said The Amistad Project has corroborated the truck driver’s story.

    “The evidence demonstrates, and it’s through eyewitness testimony that’s been corroborated by others by their eyewitness testimony, that 130,000 to 280,000 completed ballots for the 2020 general election were shipped from Bethpage, New York, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” to a facility incapable of processing them, Kline explained in the press conference. A spokeswoman later clarified that the estimate ranges from 144,000 to 288,000 ballots.

    “This evidence demands investigation. This evidence demands answers,” Kline insisted. He reported that The Amistad Project is working with the FBI and U.S. attorneys in various jurisdictions to get to the bottom of the story.

    Jesse Morgan, the truck driver involved, told his story at the press conference.

    “I drive a tractor-trailer for U.S. postal service, a subcontractor. I drive a route route from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Bethpage, New York, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and back to Lancaster,” he explained.

    “On October 21, when I arrived for my usual route for Bethpage,” he recalled, “an expeditor made three references to ballots that were to be loaded into my trailer, including saying, ‘Hey, you have ballots today.’”

    He recalled receiving 24 Gaylord boxes full of ballots, stacked on top of each other. He saw that “envelopes had handwritten return addresses.”

    “They were complete ballots. I didn’t think much of it at the time,” Morgan said. When he arrived in Harrisburg, he was not allowed to offload the mail. “I was made to wait for roughly 6 hours, from 9:15 a.m. to nearly 3 p.m.,” he recalled.

    “All of this was weird,” Morgan said. After waiting for six hours, he went inside and asked to see the expeditor. “I was told to wait for the transportation supervisor,” an official Morgan had never dealt with. “He’s a top guy, he’s the kind of guy that would speak to my boss.”

    “The supervisor told me to drive to Lancaster without being unloaded in Harrisburg,” Morgan said. “I knew the ballots were loaded for Harrisburg.” He also recalled asking for his ticket, the slip that shows he arrived, and a late slip to prove he had been delayed. The supervisor refused to give him the slip.

    “I then drove to Lancaster, unhooked my trailer in its normal place, and then drove my truck to where I always park it,” he recalled. “The next day, it just got weirder. As I arrived at Lancaster… my trailer was gone, not there anymore.”

    “Since I started driving that Bethpage route, I’ve always had trailer 10-R-1440,” Morgan said. He noticed because he really liked that trailer.

    “What happened on October 21 was a series of unusual events that cannot be a coincidence,” the truck driver insisted. “I know I saw ballots with return addresses filled out, thousands of them, thousands. Loaded onto my trailer in New York and headed for Pennsylvania.”

    “As things became weirder I got to thinking and wondered why I was driving complete ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. I didn’t know why, so I decided to speak up,” Morgan said.”


    He swore to this under penalty of perjury.

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  12. It’s a lot different when the victims fight back, huh? 🙂

    These aren’t police who can’t touch you while you harass them, these people aren’t restrained by stupid politicians.

    Unmask a couple of the thugs next time. The rest of the roaches will then scatter if they think they might be identified.


  13. Kizzie, you get an A+ for persistence. I watched a lot of the actual hearings in Georgia that lasted all day, but I did not catch the part that showed the disputed video. I was 100% convinced by the testimonies I heard that substantial fraud occurred. Yes, I am predjudiced from having lived here all these years and since having heard in the late seventies of who was planning a take over of Atlanta. None of this is a surprise to me. It has been playing out for years and now comes to a head. May the truth be further revealed day by day. This is not about Trump. This is about cleaning up a sickly election system full of ways it can be manipulated. There are those in our land who rather have the election to be manipulated to get Trump out than to have honest elections. This is bigger than Trump.

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  14. Absentee ballots required a prior request which also would have ensured some kind of verification of registration status. Very few voted this way in most years, which made them largely “Republican” (as the theory goes, only Republicans could afford to travel and need them).

    Now many vote by mail, but this year that took off as almost the norm.

    What we saw in the 2020 election, done in light of the pandemic situation and not wanting large gatherings at in-person polling places, included some states (like ours) sending out mail-in ballots in mass, requested or not.

    So there were a lot of blank ballots floating around.

    Unfortunately, this looks likely to become the norm, a monthlong, mail-in ballot process, even post-pandemic.

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  15. We voted by absentee ballot throughout my husband’s military career. Yes, we had to ask for them to be sent but they always came.

    Except for the one year we lived in Hawai’i. So many ballots didn’t come, the Navy launched an investigation on behalf of the sailors stationed there.

    That particular year, the congressional district we were unable to vote for, became very controversial because of voting irregularities. This was in the 90s, but I’ve never forgotten. I didn’t vote for that person. 😦

    I really don’t understand, I never have, why they never ask for my ID.


  16. I agree with a policy that requires a voter ID, we don’t ask in California either. IDs are easy to obtain, I really don’t understand how there could be a legitimate objection to that kind of rule.

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  17. I watched the Senate debate. The answers were pretty canned and mostly repeated the ad rhetoric we’ve heard an unimaginable number of times. No one would have changed their minds based on the debate tonight.

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