Our Daily Thread 11-26-20

Good Morning!

And Happy Thanksgiving!


Psalm 100:4

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.


1 Chronicles 16:34

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.


Anyone have a QoD?

48 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-26-20

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m thankful that in this pandemic and its isolation, we have multiple forms of technology that allow us to keep in touch with others on some level, from this blog to Zoom Bible studies, from the telephone to e-mail. And for those of us in serious isolation, we do have livestream church services.

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  2. Good morning.
    I have already discussed most of the things I’m thankful for.
    I’m thankful that I can say “I’m thankful” to you all.

    It’s raining in Greensboro. But that doesn’t affect me.

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  3. Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to you.
    The table is set, Mr. P and I are having pumpkin roll and coffee, while Little Miss keeps the dogs in line.
    Today will just be The Mommy and Daddy, BG, and us. Thatโ€™s the way it mostly is for each holiday so it isnโ€™t much different this year than past years.
    I have many things for which to be thankful. It helps to think of those things during this time of isolation.

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    There will be 8 of us this year and the food is prepped, cooking or made. We’re short 3 because of covid. I am enormously thankful to have steady employment in these unstable times.

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  5. Good Morning dear friends…and a most blessed Thanksgiving Day. We have oh so much for which we are thankful. I am thankful and blessed to be here with you all. May your day be one of reflection of His goodness and majesty โค๏ธ For He loves us so….
    A quiet day around here…just the three of us. The house will soon be filled with the sweet aroma of turkey, sweet potato casserole and dinner rolls…I love these cozy holiday festivities ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  6. I’m thankful for everything God gives that I don’t deserve- salvation, a loving wife, health, 3 children who love the Lord (and one who doesn’t but still wants to be around us), a solid church, a roof over my head and food on the table, etc.

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  7. Good morning. Always read the labels. The turkey breast I pulled out yesterday turns out to be beef heart. It wasn’t labeled. I am thankful that we have food in plenty. A friend brought me a pecan pie last night. I am grateful for friends. Daughter and son in law were battling over a mixing bowl. Well, she was battling, he was making pancakes for the children. I am grateful husband was there to intervene and offer son in law a smaller mixing bowl that still met his needs for the pancake batter he had to remove from the larger bowl. Daughter is off to work in a few minutes. I am grateful she has work and we are available and able to care for granddaughter. And so it goes.

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  8. I also am thankful for the contacts via technology. Thanksgiving for me is more a day of meeting up with friends for a meal out, on occasion there’s a home meal w/the cousins, but that’s the exception. The pandemic has been a little extra challenging for single-person households, I think; we have no built-in ‘other people.’ I’ll be seeing the cousins on Saturday for take-out so that’ll be good.

    Otherwise, the “teen” next door said he’s going to bring me “a plate” — they’re Latino and have a big extended family, some of whom live right around the corner, so they always have a crowd for the holidays with barbecues going throughout the day.

    I’ll try to connect with Carol and her nurse today, the nurse’s station didn’t answer yesterday on the two times I tried, I’m sure they’re busy.

    Meanwhile, the cat’s stalking my sourdough toast.

    I’m thankful for much, even though I’ve done my share of grumbling this year.

    This was a good reminder this morning on the discipline of being grateful (and it is a discipline, it does not come ‘naturally’ to us especially in times of trial).


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  9. I know it seems unbelievable, but when Art got home last night he said his mouth is sore so he does not feel like eating much. So I will just fix the dressing and try to figure out something soft, maybe jello? I did fix him a peppermint mocha this morning for a special treat.

    I can not remember if I have ever mentioned it, but because of Art having hypothyroidism that went undiagnosed for too long, he had terrible gum disease and lost all his teeth so he has a nice set of dentures. Sometimes they get a little loose and rub sores in his mouth so that is what is going on with his mouth. I am thankful this is a lowkey Thanksgiving and I did not have great expectations โ™ก I will most certainly enjoy seeing Wesley’s roasted duck as a highlight of this day.

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  10. No roasted animals on the table at my house. lol

    Hoping and praying Art feels better, all of that sounds painful and difficult.

    I am relishing the thought of 4 DAYS OFF in a row, a rarity this year. I skipped my usual weeklong vacations in spring and summer (as did most everyone else) and just took 3-day weekends here and there to keep my vacation hours below their cap. But I’m going to try to grab a full week in December if I can, I just need to be away from the grind even if there won’t be the usual get-togethers with friends, going to craft fairs and holiday dinners out.

    I think back to when all of this began in March/May? (it feels longer ago, though). Who’d have thought it would go so long? Who’d have thought any of this would happen at all? God does know how to grab our attention.

    What some of us thought might be a few months of staying at home will turn into well over a year by the time this is over (when vaccines are actually widely available, expected by mid 2021 now). Mask wars, social media meltdowns and arguments, demonstrations, everything we normally look forward to, even public worship, canceled-canceled-canceled. The unpleasant and angry political atmosphere that engulfed the nation certainly didn’t help.

    Small businesses are gasping for air at this point, many won’t survive. Business owners in some cases have lost their savings trying to stay afloat. And low-income employees are being hit especially hard, also, as part of the chain reaction in it all.

    For me personally, I’ve had to cope with a bizarre knee injury and a car accident, but both could have been so much worse. I’m grateful for modern medicine and physical therapy — and that no one was hurt in the accident and I was able, thanks to insurance and a regular paycheck still, to replace my car.

    And how amazing that promising vaccines have been found so quickly — I remember several months ago hearing that even if one could be found (no guarantee of that at the time) it might only be 50% effective.

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  11. Our local mall will have its Santa in place for Christmas, despite the pandemic — but he and his elves will all be wearing face masks and there’s no touching, no lap-sitting, no getting too close. Everyone has to stand far away and it’ll all be outdoors.

    2020, the most bizarre year …

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  12. Thanks for the focus of the verses, Aj. That is Who our thanks go to.

    I am grateful for my family. I have had lots of time with the youngest and her children. Waiting to see what the Thanksgiving plan will be and that’s fine. Oldest daughter would like to have us over for an outside meal, her sisters family and myself. I have not been to their home since sometime last May, though I have had two meals with them at her sisters. They have been carefully guarding the health of her in laws who live with them. Father in law went to the hospital yesterday. She said that it was a relief as he needed to go for a uti that never got cleared up. So I will let the girls decide on the plans and be grateful for whatever is decided.

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  13. A Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

    I have been thinking about life, and how much just being alive is a gift. So, I am thankful for life. I am still more thankful to have been given that life eternally.

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  14. I wrote a long post and then the site dumped it.

    Rather than go through that again, a little irony for your day.

    While I try to figure out how to cook a turkey, across the country my family is hard at work.

    Stargazer, alone in his Seattle basement apartment, is making a turkey breast with all the fixings. “I figure I’ll eat leftovers for at least two weeks.” He’ll be alone.

    The EMT is in SoCal, just up the freeway from DJ, with four days off (“after working nine days straight. I’m tired), is cooking everything with two roommates. “We’re looking forward to a week of leftovers.”

    Five miles from here my brother-in-law (whose family we will not see unless it’s via Zoom), is cooking one turkey in the oven and the other in his smoker. The three over there are gourmands, so this will be another delight for the taste buds as they toast each other with great wine, compare, and discuss.

    A block away from them, my oldest son is probably reading while four children and the chewing puppy create mayhem around him, smug in the knowledge that for once, a holiday has come in which his wife is not frenzied with cooking and cleaning. She made her pies yesterday and salad is easy.

    A half a mile from here son #2 is probably baking rolls with his girls. They’re the British Baking Show fans and this is a point of honor.

    And at my house? What could Mr. Covid/Fix-it/Father-figure/Steely-eyed-killer-of-the-deep be doing?

    He’s decided today is the perfect day to reinsulated the attic.

    I may not see him for hours . . .

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  15. Dj, During a conversation with God today, it came to mind that the sun does indeed continue in it’s travels, as does the earth and the rest of the solar system and the galaxy and the universe. Because God is solid and nothing that happens here is outside His knowledge, and He said it would. Our little kerfluffles or mighty upheavals are not beyond Him. Our government is not beyond Him. Our children are not beyond Him. We are fine. He is growing His people in His way and in His time. The Church is growing in Him. The trappings may get confused but we will continue to have an impact. The impact may be large or small. Not our call. Ours is to follow Him and obey.

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  16. A friend sent a “Happy Thanksgiving” e-mail. In it re reminded me that God knows what is going on.
    I didn’t respond directly, but God has more patience than I have. I would have ended this mess already. But ‘I’m afraid we will see it get worse.

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  17. We are having a bright and shiny day, so beautiful. Who needs food? I just talked with Karen on the phone while I sat on the porch looking at the golden leaves on the beech tree. Karen brought up political ads and said she does not believe them. I said I did, but then said I knew we were not in a position to know the truth. She was watching the dog show and kept me posted on that. I guess the ads came on and that is why she mentioned them. You’d think we would get a break today, but it’s Thanksgiving in Georgia 2020. She also got another Dekalb county alert to let her know what she is not suppose to do today. Like the lady who has not been out for about eight months needs reminding. She laughed when I said it’s the nanny state as if she’d never heard that expression before.

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  18. Beautiful sunshiney day here as well, but too much snow on the chairs and deck for me to be sitting out there. I am working on the puzzle while baby sleeps and thirteen is prepping the fruit salad and veggies.

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  19. I cooked Monday so today we had plates of leftovers (turkey and the trimmings). But not having to cook gave me freedom to go out for a long walk–a really long walk. I did about eight miles, possibly a little more. It was in the fifties and overcast, so the kind of weather that allows you to walk forever. I saw a flying bald eagle, though it was identified from its photo (It was high and I didn’t know what it was). And a tree full of Thanksgiving turkey . . . vultures. Several birds posed nicely for photos, too.

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  20. I have wrapped Christmas presents and given Duke his antibiotics. I am now lighting matches every so often because of what the a/b do to poor Duke’s tummy. (He injured his toe, resulting in an infection)

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  21. Snow is melting, turkey is roasting and here we sit watching the dog show ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Neighbor just texted us to let us know to watch our doggies as they discovered a deer carcass just beyond their deck this morning. Lulah jumped up out of her bed at 2:30 this morning barking and having fits…husband turned on all the outside lights and stepped out with her. She was sniffing the ground and following a scent but husband brought her back in…weโ€™re think she must have heard what was going down across the road…mountain lion we think… ๐Ÿ˜ณ

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  22. I just spent an hour or more reading, almost took a nap but decided it really was too late (or too early) in the day for that, so got up and am just wandering about. Talked to Real Estate Guy who’s having a already-made Smart and Final roasted chicken for dinner.

    I’d thought of picking up a fresh turkey breast to cook, but by the time it occurred to me I figured they were probably sold out — and just the hassle of going to the store which would be crowded, plus the virus scare ramping up yet again, I thought nah.

    Maybe I’ll get one in a day or so, if there are any left or restocked by then, but probably not.

    So I learned this morning that Carol was discharged from the hospital and is now back at her rehab facility, but I’ve put in 3 calls so far today through the main line and the nurse’s station where she is now (in a different section) never picks up. They said to try again at 1 p.m. so I’ll do that.

    As for the world, it may get worse, it may get better. But I’m with mumsee, it’s in God’s hands, all of it, the world, the viruses, the kings and presidents, for blessings on the people or for another purpose we can’t always see — and his church, whether in faithful or unfaithful times.

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  23. Very nice meal together. The most relaxing Thanksgiving I have had in years. So nice. I hope to repeat it next year though it would be nice if husband could join us.

    The beef heart was a success. The thirteen’s favorite meat type product on the table (the other being turkey) and the only thing baby wanted to eat. She rejected it if it had come in contact with the fruit salad. She does not care for fruit. Of course, I did not mention to thirteen that it was beef heart until later. She just thought it was dark meat from turkey I suppose.

    Very thankful to God for the experience which would not have come about had I planned it.

    Also grateful for the life experiences as we ate off the Italian plates, on the table cloth from Cyprus and drank from the glasses from San Torini on the table from Greece. We have had some adventures. God has blessed more than we can imagine.

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  24. Finally reached Carol (nurse said she was doing fine and that she was one of her ‘favorites’) but Carol was eating and seemed to not want to really talk.

    I asked if she had her cell phone, she said yes (it has been off or uncharged for days now) so I suggested she get that charged and back up again, then she can call me when she feels up to talking. She said “ok” and that was that. Very few words (“yes,” “no,” “ok”) out of her today. But at least it sounds like she’s feeling better, she’s able to eat again, and I’m thankful for that.

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  25. Dinner is done and all left with food. Little Miss informed everyone what was going on that that she helped set the table and cook the food.
    Little Miss spotted Olivia the baby doll in the top of what used to be BG’s closet todat so when BG got here she had to play with Olivia ( a REAL baby like baby doll) with Little Miss. Everything was pleasant. Son helped me get everything down from the attic before they left so sometime this weekend I can start to prepare to get ready to begin to commence to put up the trees. Last year I paid Nephew to do it.

    I have to report on the dry brined turkey. You can find it under Ina Garten Accidental Turkey. It was the BEST I have ever cooked and Mr. P and I agreed we will never cook one any other way now.
    I hear snoring in the living room….hmmm….. I wonder who that could be. It’s 4:30 hear but I think I shall shower and put on my jammies and relax.
    Have a good evening everyone.

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  26. I suppose I am doing vicarious Thanksgiving Dinner. Yum! No calories and no cleanup. Unfortunately, no leftovers. Wesley and the apartment mate are having roast duck, Brussel sprouts and butternut squash with maple syrup sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Great menu! I can hardly get myself in gear to make our dressing. I did heat some biscuits, split and filled them with apple jelly. Then I made popcorn. We had Art’s beloved fried eggs earlier. The most unusual Thanksgiving I have ever had.

    Wesley was telling me about a town in Arkansas (I think that was the location) where they have a turkey toss that means throwing a turkey out from an airplane. He said it is an embarrassment to the town and brings out the animal rights people. That seems so barbaric. Horrid, really. What is with people resorting to such entertainment?

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  27. For what purpose would someone throw a turkey out of an airplane?
    Normally, a turkey doesn’t fly, but it can keep from crashing to the ground.


  28. There was a funny episode of WKRP in Cincinnati (for those who don’t know, a comedy show about a radio station) in which the station sponsored an event where they threw turkeys out of a plane. However, they did not know that turkeys can’t fly, and were unhappily surprised to learn the truth the hard way. Their reporter at the event, narrating it for the radio audience, used that famous phrase, “Oh, the humanity!”

    Considering what Janice posted, it doesn’t sound like it would be so funny, but the humor was in their surprise that turkeys don’t fly. They didn’t mean any harm.

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  29. Nightingale worked today, and Boy was with his dad’s family for much of the day, so I was home alone for that time. That was fine with me. We will have Chickadee over on Saturday for our own family Thanksgiving. Tomorrow Nightingale will be doing as much prep as she can, like making pies and whatever else she can do, and I will be cleaning up the kitchen after her.

    We have a family recipe for a delicious Date-Nut Bread that came down from my MIL’s mother (and maybe even before her). MIL Mary had made it each year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and then Hubby had taken that over when she moved in with us. Nightingale learned how to make it from her dad, and has kept the tradition going.

    Last night, she introduced Boy to the recipe, and helped him make a couple loaves (which she took in to work today). He is the fifth generation to make this recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  30. Just thinking about it, it is possible that someone in the family has been making this recipe for 100 years. Mary’s parents married in 1918. I don’t know when her mother started making it, but it is possible that it was 90 to 100 years ago. Cool to think about.

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  31. Kim, the instructions for that turkey recipe talk about leaving it in the fridge for several days. Does that assume the turkey is already thawed when you begin the process? I’ve never done a brined turkey (and never eaten brined turkey, for that matter, as far as I know).


  32. Good night John Boy.

    Honestly, it’s 7:30 and dark and windy and I keep thinking it’s time to go to bed. Where did my inner night owl go?


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