32 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-27-20

  1. It’s nice not having to rely on the faux conservative Roberts any more.

    Thank you President Trump. 🙂


    “High court blocks NY virus limits on houses of worship”

    “With coronavirus cases surging again nationwide, the Supreme Court barred New York from enforcing certain limits on attendance at churches and synagogues in areas designated as hard hit by the virus.

    The justices split 5-4 late Wednesday night, with new Justice Amy Coney Barrett in the majority. It was the conservative’s first publicly discernible vote as a justice. The court’s three liberal justices and Chief Justice John Roberts dissented.

    The move was a shift for the court. Earlier this year, when Barrett’s liberal predecessor, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was still on the court, the justices divided 5-4 to leave in place pandemic-related capacity restrictions affecting churches in California and Nevada.”

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  2. He’s quite devout you know…..


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  3. Pres. Trump actually won the election by a landslide, which caused the Dems to panic and extend their normal election fraud activities in order to make sure that they could overcome his sizeable leads. In doing so, the Dems have actually exposed the stealth election fraud system that they have been running for years. By panicking, they jammed large quantities of hastily prepared fake ballots (even 100,000 at a time) through at their main counting centers such as Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philly and Milwaukee. They also had to remove or isolate the Rep. Official Poll Watchers so that they could run those great quantities of fake ballots through (that’s why the Poll Watchers are supposed to be there – these stunts have been tried many times in the past).

    This process created huge spikes or aberrations on the computer code, which aroused suspicions of fraud, causing computer forensic investigators to ‘scrape’ the code and closely examine it. These investigations (in addition to much more evidence in various states) have revealed that the Dems have actually perpetrated the largest case of fraud against the people and government of the USA in history. The evidence is so strong that no judge could possibly rule otherwise, unless he is so biased that he would simply overlook the laws. We are talking about millions of votes that have been stolen from Pres. Trump and given to Biden through voting machine manipulation and other fraudulent means. What a tragedy for our nation!

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  4. Joe Biden, before the election: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    How many excuses are the msm going to make for this criminal? It’s almost as if he is begging to be found out.

    Biden should go ahead and concede, before it gets much worse for him…

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  5. More of the evidence they keep saying doesn’t exist….

    Note the hearing is under oath. Also note how even when the evidence is presented right on their platform, Twitter still shows their bias with their BS warnings.


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  6. No evidence here…..


    “Huge court win lets Trump present ballot evidence, could overturn Nevada result”

    “A Nevada judge has agreed to let the Trump campaign present its evidence that fraud and illegalities plagued the state’s election, enough to reverse Joe Biden’s win and set an example for other state challenges.

    According to Trump officials, the judge set a Dec. 3 hearing date and is allowing 15 depositions. What’s more, the campaign plans to present its evidence that could result in the rejection of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots in Democratic Clark County, where Biden ballots outnumbered Trump ballots by 91,000 in unofficial results.

    “BIG news in Nevada: a Judge has allowed NV Republicans to present findings of widespread voter fraud in a Dec. 3rd hearing. Americans will now hear evidence from those who saw firsthand what happened—a critical step for transparency and remedying illegal ballots. Stay tuned,” White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tweeted.

    American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp, one of those heading the Nevada case, told Secrets, “It gives us a real chance, if to do nothing else, to begin to show this historic level of fraud.”

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  7. This habitual liar just keeps lying.

    Kids in cages….. which he built and the policy began under him….


    But…. lapdogs love him.


  8. Another court win for Trump.


    “Judge Blocks Certification of Pennsylvania Election Results”

    “A Pennsylvania judge on Nov. 25 ordered state officials to not certify the results of the 2020 election until her court holds a hearing on an election contest on Nov. 27.

    Commonwealth Judge Patricia McCullough ordered the state to not take any further steps to complete the certification of the presidential race, which the state announced on Nov. 24. She also blocked the certification of all the other election results.

    “To the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States of America, respondents are preliminarily enjoined from doing so, pending an evidentiary hearing to be held on Friday,” the judge wrote in her order (pdf).

    “Respondents are preliminarily enjoined from certifying the remaining results of the election, pending the evidentiary hearing.”

    McCullough is presiding over a lawsuit brought by Republican lawmakers and candidates against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, and the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

    The plaintiffs allege that Pennsylvania’s vote-by-mail statute—Act 77—is in violation of the state’s constitution.

    “Act 77 is the most expansive and fundamental change to the Pennsylvania voting code, implemented illegally, to date,” the lawsuit, filed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, states.

    “As with prior historical attempts to illegally expand mail-in voting by statute, which have been struck down going as far back as the Military Absentee Ballot Act of 1839, Act 77 is another illegal attempt to override the limitations on absentee voting prescribed in the Pennsylvania Constitution, without first following the necessary procedure to amend the constitution to allow for the expansion.””

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  9. And the world is a better place for it.


    “Reports: Israel Assassinates “Father” Of Iranian Nuclear Bomb Program Mohsen Fakhrizadeh

    Assassinated east of Tehran: “He was head of Iran’s secret military program and wanted for many years by Mossad. His death is a major psychological and professional blow for Iran.”

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  10. Some of you are going to hate this. But I am sharing it anyway, and asking that you at least consider what it has to say, and keep your eyes open as you watch or read the two sources it mentions, which some of you have mentioned watching/reading.

    The tone can be off-putting, I have to say. Just keep in mind that some of the pieces shared on this news thread have similar attitudes. Those attitudes are easier to swallow, or even applaud (not that we should), when they are from writers expressing views we agree with.

    “Newsmax’s lineup includes shows featuring Sean Spicer, a longtime GOP flack who briefly served as Trump’s communications director and press secretary, and Benny Johnson, who was fired from both BuzzFeed (plagiarism) and the International Journal Review (plagiarism and other ethical violations). OAN, meanwhile, is home to Jack Posobiec, who is best known for promulgating the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and other fake news, and Chanel Rion, who has spread conspiracy theories about not just Pizzagate but also Seth Rich’s murder. YouTube on Tuesday demonetized OAN and banned it from uploading videos for a week after the network posted a video offering a phony cure for COVID-19.”



  11. Kizzie,

    What you posted is left biased garbage, easily detectable in the first sentence you quoted.

    A longtime GOP flack? That’s how they refer to a former Presidential Press Sec.?

    C’mon. That dribble is nothing more than the writer’s opinions of those he disagrees with politically. While he may sprinkle in some truths about a couple of hack writers no one has ever heard of, it’s just editorialized @#$%.


  12. “OAN, meanwhile, is home to Jack Posobiec, who is best known for promulgating the Pizzagate conspiracy theory and other fake news, and Chanel Rion, who has spread conspiracy theories about not just Pizzagate but also Seth Rich’s murder. ”

    His proof?

    None provided, just the authors assurances, which are @#$%. If they did all that, it should be easy to provide some examples of their “promulgating and spreading” of false info, yet he didn’t.

    It’s garbage.


  13. The Kracken is loose.




  14. ——–


  15. Concerning the Senate race, husband works in an adjoining county and received political mail at his office encouraging him to register to vote (from the Black Progressive Action Committee). The voter registration form is included. It does say to use if you are not registered at your home address. But if all these are going out to small businesses, I wonder what would stop unscrupulous people from registering in the county in which they reside and also in the county in which they work. The system is just too lose and temptations and proddings are too great. No identification is required. A flow chart says Fill it‐-Sign it‐‐ Mail it. Easy-peasy!


  16. AJ – (re: the use of “flack” in that piece) That is why I included this in my comment:

    “The tone can be off-putting, I have to say. Just keep in mind that some of the pieces shared on this news thread have similar attitudes. Those attitudes are easier to swallow, or even applaud (not that we should), when they are from writers expressing views we agree with.”


  17. Thanks, Kizzie, for making the point that we all have our biases and do not see perfectly as God sees. I read the article you posted and felt pretty neutral about it. I honestly believe there has been fraud that has tainted the current numbers in the election. I wait on the legal process to reveal what needs to be revealed and for God to place who He wishes in as President for His purposes. I feel pretty shocked at how many are willing to not let the legal work be finalized. They want to bow down to letting the media call the race. I just can’t go there trusting that all the people of our nation are on their best behavior in this one area of their lives. It defies common sense, IMO. We are long overdue for an audit of our voting systems which are not uniform. This is the accountant side of me speaking now.


  18. On Twitter:

    ~ I keep seeing posts and tweets claiming that the media doesn’t decide elections. Which is 100 percent right. The American people do. They vote. Then election officials count the votes. Once the votes are counted, journalists report what happened. We report what voters decided. ~

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  19. I’d recommend the Wall Street Journal and some other sources. News consumers must be discerning these days, but that includes being cautious about the far right start-up sources, to be sure, also. And the far-left sources.

    There is fraud (always, maybe more this time?); it is being investigated — but the results appear clear at this stage. Are you suggesting that Trump “really” won?

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  20. WSJ:

    ~ A federal appeals court Friday denied the Trump campaign’s appeal in Pennsylvania, writing that the case lacked proof and had no merit, and striking another blow to the president’s dwindling legal avenues to contest the outcome of the election.

    The Philadelphia-based Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said in its ruling that the Trump campaign hadn’t claimed fraud or that ballots were cast by illegal voters. The court noted the number of ballots the campaign had challenged were far smaller than Joe Biden’s margin of victory in the state.

    “Calling an election unfair does not make it so,” wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Stephanos Bibas, a Trump appointee, for the three-judge panel. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.” … ~


  21. Forget the media, they don’t “decide” any of this, one way or the other.

    These allegations are making their way through the legal system and they’re simply not getting much traction.


  22. DJ. I don’t know what to think, but I don’t think it’s all baseless conspiracy theories. There was definitely some funny business in some of it. And it’s definitely not proof of fraud, but it’s at least suspicious that Trump got 10 million more votes than he got the first time but his opponent, who didn’t even bother to campaign, still got more. Obama got a lot of people motivated to vote in a serious way, but many more people voted for his boring-then, senile-now vice president? It seems unlikely. (By the way, I’m not meaning to use “senility” as an insult, but as an assessment of inability for the job.)

    I’m inclined to think let it play out in the courts, whatever the results, and I’ll withhold judgment till then. But there does seem to be at least reason to suspect that some of the states were “won” by fraud. Enough to overturn? Likely not. But I haven’t seen the evidence and I don’t know.


  23. By the way when I spoke of hiding what voters decided, I wasn’t saying that for sure people “really” voted for Trump. I’m saying that there are serious enough allegations of fraud that they are worth investigating to see what really did happen in this election. Too many poll workers are saying they saw fraud, and too many numbers are questionable, not to investigate. And if the investigation shows that the fraud was limited and didn’t change the outcome, then at least we know.


  24. Janice – (re: your 5:27) I don’t know how it works in other states, but in Connecticut, any mail-in ballots are checked off the list of registered voters. If someone then shows up to vote in person, or tries mailing in another ballot, it will not be counted.

    A Facebook friend was a poll worker. She explained this, and also mentioned an elderly man who had voted by mail, but then came in to vote on election day because he had forgotten that he had voted already. He was not allowed to vote again.


  25. Republicans did quite well in this election. They gained House seats, which was a surprise. The idea that Democrats somehow managed to hoodwink nationwide results across state lines (but still allowed many GOP gains) is a stretch, to say the least.

    Carry out the challenges, review them, accept or reject them, then certify the vote; then accept the results.

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  26. Kizzie, are the PACs in your area sending voter registration forms to small businesses in majority black/Hispanic areas? I really don’t think we can compare where we live to your situation there. It is really so different here. I think they should only send registration forms to residences within the county. That is prudent. I have been a poll worker myself, but I never dealt with absentee ballots in my role on election days. Yes, we had checklists for voters. As far as I know the people doing those lists were honest but they are not paid much. Who knows if people might be bribed to overlook if people vote twice. God knows. I don’t.


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