Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 12

Twelve is a dozen. But here at Pickled Pigskins, we’re offering a baker’s dozen of the finest (and some not so fine) college football teams trying to gain honor and glory. It’s an odd year, when traditional losers like Indiana are in the Top Ten, and traditional power houses, like LSU and Auburn, are not.  So, friends, pick your winners, including the extra 3 that are there just in case the virus that won’t go away claims another team and causes a cancelation.

Kevin won last week, but decided to defer to second place to choose the tie breaker. So, Janice gets to pick, unless she decides to defer to AJ. Whatever. There is an alternate tie breaker, so choose the winner and score of both of those games. Just get those guesses in by NOON  EST Saturday, Nov. 21, 2020.

  1.  Michigan State @ Maryland

  2. #9 Indiana @ #3 Ohio State

  3. Iowa @ Penn State

  4. Mizzou @ South Carolina

  5. LSU @ Arkansas

  6. #10 Wisconsin @ #19 Northwestern

  7.  Arizona @ Washington (This is the alternate Tie Breaker- pick the final score and winner)

  8. #14 Oklahoma State @ #18 Oklahoma

  9. B1G Ten Pillow Fight:  Illinois (1-3) @ Nebraska (1-2)

10. Tie Breaker (pick the winner and final score) #21 Liberty @ North Carolina State

Optional picks: #7 Cincinnati @ Central Florida; Appalachian State @ #15 Coastal Carolina; Virginia Tech @ Pittsburgh

14 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2020- Week 12

  1.  1.  Michigan State

      2. Ohio State

      3. Penn State

      4. South Carolina

      5. LSU 

      6. Wisconsin

      7.  Arizona 21-14

      8. Oklahoma St.

      9. Nebraska

    10. Liberty 14-7

    Coastal Carolina Pittsburgh


  2. Chas’ wild guesses

    1 Maryland
    2 Ohio St.
    3 Penn St.
    4 S. Carolina
    5 LSU
    6 Wisconsin
    7 Arizona, 21-14
    8 Oklahoma
    9 Nebraska
    10 NC State 21-14

    Cincinnati, App. State, Pitt.


  3. Go Boise.
    This is the week I get it right so watch and learn:

    Michigan State
    South Carolina
    Arizona 30-21
    Oklahoma State
    North Carolina State 30-21
    Coastal Carolina
    Virginia Tech

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  4. Michigan State
    Ohio State
    Arizona 24-17
    Liberty 35-10

    Cincinnati; Coastal Carolina; Pittsburgh


  5. Lest someone claim “nepotism” as that one always does, is it nepotism if the person running the poll wins? I think that’s called something else in politics and business. But this is neither. So, in order to satisfy the one unnamed person whom we all know, here are the results of the games played (and who picked the correct winner- A=AJ; C=Chas; J=Janice; M=Mumsee; P= yours truly):

    Cincinnati 36-UCF33 (All)
    Ohio State 42-Indiana 35 (C,J,M,P)
    Iowa 41-Penn State 21 (A,M,P)
    Mizzou 17-South Carolina 10 (A,P)
    LSU 27-Arkansas 24 (All)
    Northwestern 17-Wisconsin 7 (No one)
    Washington 44- Arizona 27 (No one)
    Oklahoma 41-Oklahoma State 13 (C,P)
    Illinois 41- Nebraska 23 (A)
    North Carolina State 15-Liberty 14 (C,M)

    Individual Results: P=6; A,C,M=5; J=3

    So, I win this week. The details are so that if a loser takes this to court for a recount I have my evidence to back up the claim. Just following the example of the politicians.


  6. I just typed a long algebra post and lost it in the ether when I hit “Post Comment.” Ah, well, maybe WordPress is as scared of algebra as I am. 😉

    I do enjoy any kind of math that comes before algebra. And I like reading this thread, even though I don’t know college football very much. It’s fun to see all of you PPPPP participants having fun here. 🙂


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