32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-19-20

  1. Morning! Is that the “last rose of summer”? it is beautiful and causes me to smile…..thanks for posting it!
    Looks like no snow for us this weekend..it will stay further south so I hope that at least you will se a tad bit of it Rk 😊

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  2. Good morning! I did the Pigskin Picks.🏉 Go Boise!

    I heard that the Dem senate candidates will be in town where Art’s office is today. Both of them. I told him that was convenient for him to go see them!🤣

    It’s cold here but will warm up nicely. I still need to try and get Karen’s gift to her. It is a nonevent now. I hope she is feeling better.


  3. We’re paperless; even our tithing is automatic and electronic. One safeguard we implemented was a second checking account in which we maintain the smallest possible balance and use for all of our electronic/automatic activity. That way, if that account were ever compromised, it would cause us the least amount of inconvenience. We have an automatic transfer into it set up from our main account to cover the monthly charges. I check and balance both accounts everyday.

    PSA regarding cell phones, we switched to “Visible” a couple months ago. It sounds too good to be true, but it is. For one person, the TOTAL monthly cost is $40 for unlimited talk and data and a hot spot. You can then add three other unrelated users to your “party,” each of which reduces everyone’s cost by $5. So husband, son, DIL, and I are each paying $25 a month. We each get our own bill so there’s no hassle of spitting the charges each month. Switching was easy – me from AT&T and the others from Verizon. The actual service is through Verizon. You’re welcome.

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  4. We go online, but still opt for paper statements. I do this as much as possible.

    I pay all the bills. My husband balances the checkbook. We have done it this way for years. I balanced my own checkbook before I got married, but he balances ours in some other way. Our brains are so different. A few months ago, he found he could not balance the checkbook. After the second month of his saying this, I said I would do it, but he was not happy about that idea. I was not really worried about it, since the bank claimed we had more in our account than we thought. It took all my patience, however, to wait for him to finally straighten it out. I knew the amount in question was an electric payment. He went way back to the beginning and thought no electric payments were taken out one month. I knew I paid it every month (online). We finally deduced that the company took two payments (one large amount) out in one month. This was during the earlier Covid shutdown and I think the employees were not on top of things. He was very relieved that he could still do the checkbook. So was I. I was glad to have the paper statements to work from instead of going online. We do go online more often to keep tabs on things or to transfer funds, if needed.

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  5. Good morning.

    I prayed for Michelle this morning. Ants in the kitchen. We have not had ants in the kitchen since the first couple of years living here.

    Also prayed for NancyJill. We had that gorgeous rosy colored air the other day and still pockets this morning. It was so intense and beautiful. Reminded me of what I believe heaven will be like. Living in a rainbow. Anyway, I mentioned the beautiful air to daughter that day and she responded that they had it in Boise as well. She even invited her coworkers to go look. Spectacular. I wondered what caused it. And then hearing NancyJill had it the next day made me more curious. Could it have to do with solar activity, like auroras? Something about oxygen or nitrogen atoms recombining? They emit light when they do that. Interesting and pointing once again to our Mighty Creator and His limitless creativity.

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  6. Thanks. I’ll take it. Dealing with vertigo this morning and now off to the grocery store! I volunteered for Thanksgiving dinner and just realized–I probably should buy a turkey sooner rather than later! LOL

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  7. I have a nifty spreadsheet that Hubby created for me to balance our accounts. It has columns for date, check number, source (online, card, ATM, mobile), description, credits, debits, “real balance” and “cleared balance,” and a column to indicate that it’s cleared at the bank, in which I enter “C” when the item clears. The real balance column is protected and automatically calculates based on the credit and debit column. The online balance is protected and automatically calculates when I enter “C” on that line. I create a row for every activity, current and future. That way, I can see what our status is way into the future via the “real balance” column and each day, balance to the bank online by simply entering the “C” for each row that cleared the night before.

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  8. Brilliant, Linda. There was a difficult time in our life when I had a matrix telling me when to pay what bill. It was very helpful, but I’m glad that time is done!

    Of course, I just spent $465 at the grocery store, so maybe it isn’t? 😦

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  9. If my parents were still alive (Dad died in late December of 2004, Mom in June of 2010), today would be their 60th wedding anniversary.

    I will turn 60 in January. Mom used to mention an old tongue-in-cheek saying that the first baby can come at any time, but after that, they take nine months. (I was actually due in March, but came early.)

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  10. Thumb (typing) fatigue here, I miss a keyboard. Router is supposedly now on a fedex truck heading my way and set to arrive ‘by 8 pm.’

    My stories are getting shorter as my thumbs get more tired.

    Ah, it can end here, that’s all the information they need.

    More restrictions coming down out here for rising COVID cases. Deja vu

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  11. Thanks Mumsee…I had to sign into Word Press with my other email acct after a few mishaps with the other. I ended up just deleting my MSN acct altogether. I never use it other than I had used it to set accts many years ago..whew!
    Our numbers are rising here as well DJ…we aren’t supposed to gather for Thanksgiving and if we do it should not be more than 2 people! Then there was later an addendum stating “well if you do have more than 2 it should be no more than 10”….. 😏 😜

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  12. Well, after an hour on the phone with an att person who was hard to understand, my devices are connected to the new modem
    /router but the tv isn’t responding and there’s a red light that keeps coming on (on the router).

    They have to call me back tomorrow with another technician — why can’t they make these things simpler? And why are there so many cords around the tv and router area, it’s a total tangle of them.

    But at least my laptop works again, yay.

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  13. We have a statewide curfew in place now and LA county says if things still look bad in 5 days we’ll get another ‘safer/stay at home’ order that could be in place until almost Christmas.


  14. Around here (on the Illinois side) bars and restaurants have to close at 10PM to control the spread of COVID. So the virus is stronger between 10PM and 6AM? Is that daylight saving or standard time? [/sacarsm]

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  15. Chas- you put the same score for the Arizona game as Janice did, and hers was an hour earlier than yours. Please change your guess.


  16. I think the idea is that people become less careful as they’re out partying in the later or wee hours — but out here they’re saying if you must make a shopping or takeout food run, after 10 probably won’t be questioned.


  17. I am, Jo. Our hospital has 12 covid patients admitted at this time. That’s quite a few for a 25 bed hospital. Statewide, it looks the same for every region. No end in sight. And of course, we are shut down for the foreseeable future.

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  18. Morning! Jo our current situation with this virus does bring a heaviness. We are told once again to stay home, don’t gather with friends and family. It goes against everything we do, especially during the holidays! We are trusting the Lord to meet every need and guide us in our decisions. Rk I lift you up before our Lord as you meet the needs of those needing it the most. May He protect you and yours as you fight the good fight….bless you for what you are doing in the effort to combat the effects of this virus ♥️

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