41 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-6-20

  1. I worry about my country and your future.
    I really do.
    This has never happened before. This country becomes ungovernable and we either have chaos or a dictator.
    We are going to have a president who never campaigned.
    We are going to have a president who owes his existence to someone who doesn’t care about America.

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  2. House Democrats yelled, swore and traded blame in a three-hour caucus phone call after their predicted gains in the election yielded to losses that weakened their majority. “We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again,” said Representative Abigail Spanberger, who narrowly won re-election in Virginia. “We lost good members because of that.”

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  3. We know God has a plan and whoever is president will work within God’s overall plan, whether they want to or not. I will pray for the president along the lines the bible tells us to for our leaders and the purpose God has for governments. I will pray for the citizens and God’s people to do what God wants us to do. I will pray for my family as I always have. So much to pray about and so many to pray for.

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  4. Good morning. I am home from a shopping trip to Sprouts. Early morning shopping really cuts into my preferred morning routine but it’s a good trade off for not having to be out in the hordes and heavy traffic. I have not had coffee and Bible study yet.

    This a.m. after daylight but still very early, a helicopter was hovering in place to the side of where we live for 30 minutes or so. I have no idea why, but curiosity abounds.

    Thankful that we have our ladies’ prayer call later today. It calms us.

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  5. I heard this morning that it was the 4,000 votes in the county where my husband works that tipped Georgia over to blue. That is the county where the airport is. It’s also the county where a while back the schools were losing accreditation. It’s a sad sad day in Georgia and it feels like it’s raining sad all over the world. Yet I will continue to praise God. He has charge over all and we don’t see the half of it!

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  6. Good morning. I have spoken to the surgeon, or rather to the surgeon’s assistant. They will be able to go for the conservative option. So very, very thankful.

    Oh, and it is, of course, official that Second is expecting an addition to the family. She actually ended up telling me sooner than today because she wanted to ask me a question about some symptoms she was having – being the nurse in the family means that one often gets such questions.

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  7. I am here prepping for a blizzard. I have filled water containers (we lose water when we lose power). I have many strings of battery lights out – normally used at Christmas but they make great lighting when the power is out! I know where the candles and matches are (they could be my only heat source). I’ve got a container frozen with a quarter on top in the freezer. There are enough ready to eat items in the house that I won’t starve 🙂 I’ve checked with husband if there is anything else he thinks I should do. Husband is currently teaching recruits down south so…

    I love blizzards, but only when I know all my loved ones are safe.

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  8. Kim,

    ““We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again,” said Representative Abigail Spanberger, who narrowly won re-election in Virginia. “We lost good members because of that.””

    Right. They need to go back to lying and hiding their true goals. That’s the lesson they’ll learn.

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  9. Roscuro, such good news. Is there any kind of date for the surgery yet?

    We aren’t preparing for a blizzard, but we are preparing for an 80% chance of rain tomorrow which is a glorious thought!

    Assuming Biden eeks it out, this isn’t the worst it could have been. The Gop will hold the Senate and it’s gained seats, rather remarkably, in the House. For the Democrats, this wasn’t a great result. Yes, they have the White House, but there was a sharp repudiation, from the looks of it, for the ‘woke’ push the party’s younger and/or more aggressively far-left members were trying to push through in 2002. That phone call must have been interesting, I also read about that last night.

    There is a recount, I see, in Georgia that will take place and there are legal actions already filed, so it’s not over, though it seems unlikely Trump will win. Still, it was a very, very close race — there’s no Democrat mandate in these results.

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  10. This will go on for a while, before results can be sealed. Unless there’s some substantiation of fraud — and so far it’s just an accusation and a suspicion — we will just have to “pause,” take a breath, be careful with the overheated rhetoric, and let the process of a careful review proceed.

    In other news, I saw my first lit-up Christmas tree, standing in the window of one of our neighbors’ homes last night while walking the dogs.

    A tad early even for me. But it still made me smile.

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  11. Well, I see now that the Senate may be less clear, runoffs possible in GA? What happened to GA? I blame each of you for your respective states, you know …

    So keep praying.

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  12. Cheryl, I’ve never done it before, but if you freeze water in a container and then put the coin on top of the frozen water – when the power goes out, you’ll have an idea of how it affected your frozen food? At least I think that’s the theory. Although, if the power is out very long, I will just be able to haul everything outside onto the deck and it will be fine – snowy, but fine.

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  13. DJ, no date for the surgery yet. It might be a while – I have to take a medication prior to surgery and the doctor was talking as if I would need a three month supply, so that probably is the longest I am looking at waiting, barring COVID making it longer. What has been happening for a lot of people waiting for surgery right now is that they get a phonecall to say there is an available spot in two days, and so they have to basically drop everything and get the surgery done. The system is really trying to play catch-up while at the same time dealing with a bigger wave of COVID.

    Cheryl, thanks for the well wishes. I had a phonecall last night from a dear friend from the city church. She and I have been corresponding the old fashioned way as she doesn’t have internet, and I had written to her about my concerns. The phonecall was because she had just read the letter and wanted to reassure me, as she had a similar story to tell. It certainly helps when we can share each other’s burdens.

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  14. So is today your(Roscuro) birthday?

    You aren’t on either of my lists, which leads me to believe you didn’t respond when I made my lists, otherwise you’d at least be on one. You may have been working or something when I asked. I have your name listed on one, but no date.

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  15. AJ, yesterday she mistakenly wished DJ a happy birthday and then said she misremembered the connection between DJ’s and her own. A week or so ago she told us she was taking this week off for her birthday, and also that on her birthday she would hear two bits of news, one about her surgery and one about the baby on the way (which she’d already figured out); today she spoke about hearing those two bits of news.

    So as a passably good detective, I say it is Roscuro’s birthday today.

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  16. The Real, don’t worry, I wasn’t expecting to be on your list. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness in remembering everyone’s special occasions, but I have kept quiet about my birthday – it is hidden on FB too – for the same reason I don’t use my real name here, for privacy. Enough has slipped out over the years that I suppose a dedicated stalker could figure it all out, but names and dates are the two things I feel like I shouldn’t share on the internet.

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  17. How critical race theory is setting up a particularly virulent anti-Semitism. BTW, I linked to the Aquila Report version rather than to the article itself, though I usually follow the TAR link and give the link itself, because the article is printed white on black and it gives me eyestrain to read that particular combination, and other people may face that same issue. If so, stick with the TAR version until it says “Read More” and you can at least limit the white-on-black. This one is long and also hard to read (visually and content wise) but I think it’s important.



  18. Peter: 😆

    Cheryl, I see the whole intersectionality/Critical Race Theory as a human attempt to accomplish a righteous goal, and like every other fleshly attempt to achieve righteousness, it became rigidly legalistic, and legalism is always deadly. We are commanded, repeatedly in the Bible, to help the oppressed, to defend the powerless, to pleas the cause of the poor needy. It is an imperative. But human nature does not naturally tend in that direction. We crave power, and so seek out the powerful. In West African culture, the concept of alliances for survival was embedded into the culture. They offered me marriage or friendship because their colonial history caused them to perceive that as a tubaab, I had power; they wore charms for the same reason, as they tried to ally themselves with the power of the spirits; and it makes evangelization by Westerners incredibly difficult, because there was the continual risk that people will convert outwardly just ally themselves with the power of the West.

    Human nature seeks power, because the Fall stripped us of our original power, causing our natural dominion over Creation to become fraught with difficulties and causing us to seek dominance over other human beings, who were never intended to be under our dominion. But in trying to correct the problem through human effort, intersectionality and Critical Race Theory has simply created a new way to gain power – by declaring those who historically have been weak and disenfranchised to have the right to power and declaring that anyone who seeks alliances with power can only gain it through allying themselves to this theory. They have not changed the real problem.

    The only way to truly correct the problem of human power over other humans is by following Christ. Tragically, the Western Church has damaged its witness badly by allying itself to unjust power by the societies in which that church exists, for example, the residential school system in Canada that was run by churches. Thus, people, whose natural conscience tells them that those systems of power were/are unjust, have rejected Christianity as the solution and are seeking ways of correcting the problem through efforts of will. Like every such human effort, they are creating another unjust system.

    Here is the antidote: https://world.wng.org/2020/11/after_an_election_reconciliation

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  19. I have seen more Christmas trees this year than ever in my life since we got the Hallmark channel. That makes for early Happy Hollydays!

    Art got to watch a new program, Roadkill, with Hugh Laurie. It was okay but I don’t think it will be one I will really engage with as he watches.

    DJ, I hold CA accountable for this GA fiasco since y’all sent Hollywood here. Without all the riffraff that came here seeking fame and fortune one way or the other by whatever means (legally or illegally,), we would not be where we are today. I exempt Clint Eastwood from that category though.

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  20. And thus volume 1 ends, and I’m crying again!

    We’d sold the Volkswagen campervan to an excited teenage boy. I’d packed the Volvo with presents for the boys to open each day we drove across the United States. Cleo’s cage and litter box were ready to go. All we had to do was oversee the packing and we would leave Saturday morning headed west. We had plenty of people to see across the country and we planned to make the best of the trip!

    Our parents could hardly wait for us to get there. The two boys, who had grown up seeing tulips push through the soil in spring, eating blueberries and strawberries from their yard in the summer, playing in raked leaves in the fall, sledding and tossing snowballs in the winter, and always waiting for the boat to bring Daddy home, had a whole new life—and sibling–coming. They had no idea what it would be like to live in California.

    I hadn’t wanted to live on the East Coast, but after six years had fallen completely in love with New England. I was going to miss her.

    But, in the balance, I didn’t care. Robert was home from sea for good.

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  21. A dear, sweet woman at my church is a staunch Trump supporter, and seems to be getting into QAnon stuff. 😦 She also posted a video from some minister guy she has posted videos from before, who is claiming that if Biden wins, it is not God’s will, because supposedly God doesn’t always get what He wants if we humans screw things up. 😦

    Sadly, if I were not a believer, I would not want to go to “her” church.

    Here’s a piece debunking the QAnon thing she had shared:


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  22. Hey, I don’t know who on here has issues with gluten, but surely someone has issues or family members who do. If one was looking to send a care package to a household with gluten problems in several members, with a bit of a range of taste treats, and for, say, $30 or so, what products might you include? I’m thinking maybe some sweet and some salty, but would like to know some specific trustworthy brands and/or a company . . . Thanks.


  23. Cheryl, here are some gluten-free brands I like, with specific favorite items listed after a few of them:

    Enjoy Life
    Kinnikinnick (especially S’moreables graham crackers)

    Crunchmaster crackers
    Blue Diamond Nut Thins (though I know nut allergies/sensitivities are a problem for a fair number of people)
    Glutino (especially their gluten free pretzel twists)
    Simple Mills
    Schar (I like their table crackers for simple munching, in addition to in soups. This brand of crackers is pretty brittle, though, and may not ship well as a result. I only buy in stores, not online, so I don’t know.)

    I also like Udi’s brand bread — I know you didn’t ask about that — but I’m pretty sure that brand is exclusively gluten-free, and they may have snacky-type items in their product line. I believe their products are made in a dedicated GF facility, so that there is no theoretical risk of gluten cross-contamination like there could be with brands who process both GF and non-GF products in the same facility. Some people I know with severe gluten intolerance / celiac disease will only use GF products from dedicated facilities, for safety’s sake. Others, like me, who are gluten sensitive but without celiac, are OK with GF products from any source. (Like Chex brand cereals — a lot are gluten-free, some are not.)

    Check labels and/or look on a brand’s website to find information about dedicated facilities, etc. I’m not sure, offhand, which of the above brands are exclusively GF — I’m pretty sure Glutino is! — and which might have gluten-containing products in their line. I know Bob’s Red Mill (they have flour and oats and hot cereal products) carries both.

    Sorry if this is too much information! (Or not enough, if you need to know which ones are made in dedicated facilities.) If you get everything on this list, though, you will probably be well over the $30 mark, unless there are online deals a lot better than I find in grocery stores.

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