Michelle’s Quiz

Our friend Michelle is asking for our help in solving some of these for a blog post she’s working on. Feel up to the challenge? Have at it! πŸ™‚

Right click and select open image in new tab for a larger version.

21 thoughts on “Michelle’s Quiz

  1. 1. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
    3. I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas
    4. O’ Christmas Tree
    5. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    6. Joy to the World
    7. Jingle Bells
    10. We Three Kings
    11. What Child is This
    12. Deck the Halls
    13. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause
    14. Away in a Manger
    15. The Twelve Days of Christmas
    16. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
    17. Let It Snow
    18. Silent Night
    19. Little Town of Bethlehem
    20. The Christmas Song -Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

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  2. Good morning, all.

    Good quiz, Michelle. Good answers, Kim.

    I have spent some time online the past two days doing a virtual writer’s conference. And this morning I dreamed about being at a conference and packing my bags at the end. I also remember that at one point some of the ladies were in a Subway type shop and I was concerned about picking up Covid. At one point I had someone else’s phone and I was again concerned about Covid. So my dream gives me good reason to appreciate the virtual conference.

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  3. Chas is here, but doesn’t know why.
    He clicked on the AA Band and listened for a while. He started to click out when “Joy To The World” came up. First Christmas song this year for me.
    A bit early, but I enjoyed it.

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  4. Morning and oh what a beautiful photo up there! Instantly brought a smile and an ahhhh. I’m trying to remember if we even had an Autumn as I look out upon our snow covered forest….thankful for seasons and that photo! 😊

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  5. We had a chilly night and it’s in the mid-50s in the house this morning, a little bit on the cool side for me. I’ve put on my sweats and some warm fleece slippers (instead of my usual Birkenstocks) as I don’t want to start turning the heater on quite this early in the season. I can usually hold out until mid or even late November and don’t relish the high gas bills for any longer than I need to pay them. I even threw the extra heavy quilt on the bed last night, the cat also did her part; I closed the usually-open window, and didn’t use the ceiling fan, even on low.

    I’m hoping to find time to drop my completed ballot off today, I realized afterward I should have voted No instead of Yes on one of the propositions, but not a big enough deal to try to change course and spend time voting in person.

    We have very long ballots here in California with all the ballot measures thrown in.

    In the Congressional race I voted for the challenger — the choices were both Dems of course, but the incumbent is very liberal while the challenger, a Latina, seemed maybe not so much, the daughter of immigrants and a teacher of special needs children, she seemed to have more family values in her position statements.

    There was only 1 Republican on the entire ballot so I voted for him (state legislature). We desperately need a two-party state again. But with the way our primary system works, it’s almost only just a choice between 2 Democrats.

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  6. I used to see these in my childhood. My father would love this. He likes picture pun puzzles. Among the old school maps that we have used over the years for blinds on the basement windows used to be one that was a blackboard of all the US states, and he labelled it using picture puns, i.e. Pennsylvania was a pencil plus a vein, Minnesota was a soda glass with a very big straw, etc.

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  7. Thank you Kevin. I couldn’t get 2 and 8.
    My father brought things like this home all the time when I was a child. He had some that he recited.
    A man left on a Sunday, stayed gone a month, and returned on the same Sunday. How did he do it?
    He rode a horse named Sunday.

    I man rode across the bridge, yet he walked. His dog was named Yet.
    Silly little things you remember.

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  8. You really think the 12 days of Christmas for #15?

    We thought of that, but there are 30 days on that calendar.

    We were trying something with date, Christmas is coming, Christmas comes but once a year, except the 25th isn’t highlighted in any way.

    That was our stumper after dinner last night.



  9. But the 12 Days of Christmas are Dec 25 thru Jan 6, aren’t they?

    And when I was on earlier I didn’t notice this wasn’t the Open Thread. Real observant, aren’t I.

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